a set of exercises for the hands


  • Begin with light exercise without dumbbells
  • It's time to increase the load - use dumbbells
  • We train the biceps with a rubber shock absorber

All women dream to look amazing and have the perfect toned figure. And, first of all, all they think about the state of the legs, buttocks and press. In training somehow forget that the beautiful hands, too, are important, and not small. With the onset of heat we shoot boring turtlenecks and cardigans, preferring a light sundress and blouses, sleeveless. Here then it turns out that our hands do not look quite the way we would like.

Probably one of the easiest ways to achieve beautiful figure are the fitness instructor. The sports centers offer customers a special set designed depending on the individual. There are such classes a little more expensive, but the effect of them you will get faster. Going with a group is also producing results, the main thing to visit them regularly, without skipping a workout. And try to achieve precision in the exercises for the hands and other parts of the body.

And what do women who for whatever reason can not attend the sports section? First, do not worry! After all, training can be done at home. Below are sets of exercises for the hands that will help you achieve effective results independently.

All you need - a little bit of time, weights, and a great attitude. Yes, the latter can not do without! It is very important to tune in to a good result, then your workout certainly bear fruit.

Start classes with simple exercises for the hands, without the use of dumbbells, gradually increasing the load. Choosing an exercise program, you should repeat it every day for 5-6 times in 4-5 sets. Gradually increase the number of repetitions. A little later, you can expand the complex to try and train with weights.

 the right set of exercises for the hands

Begin with light exercise without dumbbells

  • Squeezing. This is an exercise for the hands - one of the most effective. However, if you have not wrung out, to begin with let your support will be a sofa, not the floor. Make sure that the body is fully lowered and raised. Particular attention should be paid to the buttocks. You can help yourself, thinking: time - go down, two - is rectified. At the beginning of training 5-6 times try to do push-ups;
  • Direct reception. Put feet shoulder width apart, hands raise and breed apart. Do not bend your hands, you need to drive them as if drawing a circle. Held for one minute;
  • On the floor. Lean on your knees and palms. The knees at the same time are located far from each other and the palms should lie on the shoulders. Fingers send in different directions, bending hands in such a way to manage the chest touch the floor. Keep your back straight. Repeat the exercise 7-8 times;
  • On the floor, lie on your stomach. Thighs with the position close to the floor, with legs apart. Uprites palm. Fingers in first. Lifts on hand so that they stood up.

It's time to increase the load - use dumbbells

  • "Wiring" - simple, but very effective for hands. Lying on the floor, arms bent at the elbows and apart. Merges them in front of chest, and again divorced. To perform these exercises dumbbell weight should not be less than half a kilogram;
  • "Lift". Use small dumbbells. Standing straight, lower your arms - starting position. Start with exercises that raise the hands up while bending their elbows, and then spreading to the sides. Exercise is done 5-8 times, then you can complicate the complex, increasing the number of approaches;
  • "Bridge" - the perfect solution for those who are already working for a while and wants to increase the load. To exercise ideal dumbbell weighing two kilograms. Stand up straight and pull your hands in front of him. Raise your hands and slide them, as far as possible behind your head. Then lift up again. Repeat at least 8-10 times.

 a good set of exercises for the hands

We train the biceps with a rubber shock absorber

Biceps - a famous muscle even for people far away from the sport. This muscle flexes the arms at the elbow and plays an important role in stabilizing the shoulder joint, preventing it from dislocation.

In order biceps worked well and never failed, it must be trained. And it can be done with the help of special exercises for the hands with rubber shock absorber. Before you start you need to spend a warm-up for warm muscles. To do this, rotate the shoulders and wrists.

  • Sit on a chair or stool (on any hard surface). Make sure that there was nothing around that could interfere with the exercise;
  • Stand with both feet on the middle of the rubber shock absorber, and the ends Pick up. Keep palms shoulder-width apart and elbows close to the body;
  • Exhaling, bend your arms and lift up the ends of the shock absorber. At the same time, remember that you need to keep the back straight, abdominal muscles have to work and back muscles;
  • Exercise repeat 20-25 times in three sets with a short break. This exercise can be modified slightly, bending hands in turn.

A few recommendations:

  • Remember elbows! They must be fixed, place them in the same position - as close as possible to the body;
  • Stay straight - back should be flat;
  • Returning your hands to the starting position, leave them bent, otherwise have a chance to damage the muscle.

Form their own complex, and doing it regularly and diligently, you will get a great result. Always remember that before starting an exercise for the hands should be slightly warm up to warm up the muscles. This can be 30 times the jump, with the lifting arm.

A set of exercises you can fix the usual push-ups, or on the sofa - for beginners, drawing on his knees and hands. Do not forget about the fact that your back is flat and straight, and do not lift your pelvis up.

The entire complex should be properly chosen, executed in along with exercises aimed at the formation of other parts of the body. The only way you get a perfect figure, without a hint of wrinkles, fat and sagging muscles. By the way, do not forget about healthy eating, the right attitude and a good mood. From the latter much depends! Very little effort - and beautiful, smart hands become your pride. Now you have the most open and seductive clothes, you are able to bring to mind any man!

 A set of exercises for hands: prepare for the summer

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 exercises for the abs and waist


  • Hoop - an effective tool for weight loss
  • How to diversify exercises for the press
  • Useful tips

Unfortunately, losing weight through a variety of diets do not always produce the desired results. Especially it concerns the waist and hips. Well I do not want to leave out the extra pounds! And if they leave, it is very, very slow.

The best means for keeping the body in good shape always had exercise. In combination with proper nutrition, it is capable of miracles! However, before we proceed directly to the actual drill press and waist, is worth exploring some of the recommendations and prepare the body for physical activity.

  • Avoid drinking water before exercise;
  • And from eating too;
  • For 40-50 minutes before a workout is not necessary to strain, such as lifting heavy things;
  • The main thing is to focus on gymnastics, drive away all other thoughts, especially negative;
  • Sami exercise should be carried out, strictly adhering to the instructions;
  • Make sure to exercise quality;
  • Do not do just before bedtime and immediately upon waking;
  • Do the exercises of varying difficulty;
  • Before starting the exercises and after obleytes cool little water (better still a douche), but be sure to wipe dry so as not to catch a cold;
  • Do not torture yourself exhausting workouts during illness or other ailments;
  • No matter what do not be distracted;
  • Drink plenty of fluids, but not carbonated soft drinks. You can drink coffee or tea, and the best water, juices, fruit drinks and fruit drinks;
  • During the lessons should refrain from airing the room to prevent the common cold;
  • Remember - the main thing is not quantity but quality;
  • Dress in comfortable clothes for all the exercises;
  • Yoga! As soon as time permits, do not be lazy to do some exercises of yoga;
  • Of course, the music! Agree, because it is easier and more fun to engage in music than in absolute silence.

Realizing the above recommendations, you can include a bouncy music and proceed directly to the exercises.

 exercises for the waist and press

Hoop - an effective tool for weight loss

The ideal exercise for the waist is always rightly regarded as the exercises with a hoop. Firstly, a plurality of work of muscles that exercise when only one single exercise. Secondly, the hoop has beneficial effects on the body, improving blood circulation, resulting in a process of losing weight faster.

However, to activate all of these remarkable properties of the tool you need to choose the correct hoop. Here are some rules that will help you not to be mistaken with a choice:

  • No need to start training with a metal hoop to start buy the plastic article. Only by learning and getting used to work with him, you can buy metal;
  • Do not fall for fashionable models with different weighting, or all sorts of spikes. They are too powerful load on the spine;
  • If you want to increase the load, you can use two metal hoops at the same time;
  • The main thing - properly rotate the hoop, stay down, they should not be bent at the knees, work only housing.

How to diversify exercises for the press

Surely, you are convinced, you know all about this exercise, but still worth it to double-check their knowledge. You are mistaken if you think that the implementation of an intensive exercise for the press will make your waist more attractive. Quite the opposite, the waist will become wider due to increase muscle mass.

What to do? To avoid this undesirable outcome, you should not carry power loads and aerobic. That is necessary to avoid a large amplitude, and increase the number of repetitions approaches.

For example, if you perform a routine exercise in the press (lying on your back, tighten the body to the knees), then you need only to pull back a little from the floor. And you need to be repeated at least 30 times for 3 sets. And, of course, you also need to work out, and side and back muscles. For the waist and press exercises are also very important.

In order to achieve the desired effect, not just follow the classic exercise for the press and try to vary it a bit. Lift the body not only directly, but also turns to the one and the other knee. For waist as useful extension back. Lie on your stomach, and try as far as possible to arch your back. Repeat several approaches in different directions.

 the right exercises for the abs and waist

Useful tips

  • All exercises should be performed three ten-minute approach, with an interval of 1-2 minutes;
  • During the first week of classes for beginners it is recommended to perform only one approach, gradually increasing the load;
  • If the training took place correctly, you will feel the pleasant fatigue, which occurs under the influence of the released from the muscles of lactic acid;
  • If you are too tired, then most likely you will need to reduce the burden;
  • The absence of fatigue says only that the exercise is not too intense, and you need to increase the load;
  • Conduct training preferably in the evening, when the body is relaxed and warmed up. Classes in the morning are not recommended. The body has not had time to wake up, and the exercise will be for him too heavy a load. One should not do the exercises abruptly or too vigorously.

Remember one important rule: alone workout for the abs and waist to nothing lead. To the positive effect was immediate definitely reconsider your diet. Try less lean on flour and sweet, avoid eating too fatty, spicy and high-calorie foods.

Over time, you get used to a new way of life and will not be able to imagine themselves without daily training and buns and candy recede into the background. And only then will you understand what to look attractive - it's not hard! You just have to aim and move it to the finish.

 Exercises for the press and the waist will help you stay in perfect shape

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