exercises for the legs of cellulite


  • A set of common exercises
  • A set of exercises for the buttocks
  • A set of exercises for the hips
  • How to improve the effectiveness of training?

Cellulite familiar to many women, but not all of them know its causes. And that's bad. After knowing the cause, you can try to eliminate it, in order to prevent the development of disease. Firstly, it is worth noting that cellulite - a disease resulting from a violation of water and fat metabolism. It's not just fat - is an inflammatory process that requires treatment. So, why is the image of "orange peel"?

  • Hormonal nature;
  • The frequent use of "wrong" food too spicy, fatty, salty;
  • Sedentary work;
  • Shoes with high heels excessively;
  • Too tight clothes.

The most favorite place for cellulite are female legs - namely, thighs and buttocks. How to get rid of this unsightly malady? Exercise - this is the main enemy of cellulite. Programs for the feet, it is directed to problem areas, can do wonders. The main thing is to start doing the exercises for cellulite as soon as possible. If run disease may need more harsh treatments: a low-calorie diet, laser therapy and even surgery.

So, you have noticed the once healthy and beautiful legs first signs of cellulite. What should be your next steps? Firstly, be patient and get ready for regular classes. And, secondly, be sure to believe in the success and adhere to the below-described set of exercises for the legs.

 Exercises for cellulite on the legs

A set of common exercises

  • Stand erect, keep your back straight, feet position - shoulder-width apart. Start slowly squat, but not quite - so feel the tension in the calves. Then return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise for cellulite at least 20 times;
  • Sit in a chair with a straight back. Pick up the ball and place it between your legs at the knees, strongly tighten. After 5-10 seconds, relax your knees, but did not let go. Repeat 10 times. This exercise is designed for cellulite inner thigh;
  • The following exercises are performed standing. Keep your back straight, legs apart, hands on your waist. Make sure that the feet are parallel to each other. Begin the squat - do not end up like sit on a chair. Exercise Make no less than 20 times;
  • Continue to stand. Lunging leg, bending it at the knee. Make sure that the thigh is perpendicular to the floor. During the exercise keep your back straight, hands on your waist. To make each leg 10 attacks;
  • Now lie down on a flat surface, place it between your legs (feet) water bottle, turns on his stomach. Keep your legs straight and toes. Bend and straighten them at least 20 times;
  • Stand in the position of the feet - wider shoulders. Sock left foot should look to the side and the right - right. Now drag with the left hand to the left foot and the right - to the right. Perform 20 times;
  • Sit on the floor, pull the leg forward, tighten your muscles. Take my hand to the ankle, the foot begins to climb as high as you can. Then lowered. Repeat for each leg 15 times.

A set of exercises for the buttocks

  • Good walking helps against cellulite on the buttocks. Sit down, keeping your back straightened, his hands behind his head rewound. Stretch your legs and try to move to the pope, first forward, then backward. Do the exercise until you feel tired;
  • Conventional squats are firming and actively fight against cellulite. You can start with 15-20 sit-ups, gradually bring the number up to 100;
  • Let us remember childhood - to get the rope and start jumping. Start with 10 minutes of jumping, gradually increasing the time to perform the exercise to 40 minutes;
  • Get on all fours. Now lift the leg bent at the knee, and move it to the side. Hold this position for a few seconds, then lower the leg. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times. Same do with the other foot;
  • Remains standing on all fours, only to lose heart on his elbows. Slowly lift leg up. Make sure that it is straight, and looked just a sock on the floor. Hold this position, then slowly return to starting. Try to keep the buttocks strained as much as possible - it will speed up the disappearance of cellulite.

 the right exercises for the legs of cellulite

A set of exercises for the hips

  • Lying on his back. Leg Position - bent at the knees. This foot should be shoulder width apart and hands lying along the body. Tighten and lift your hips off the floor, remaining in this position, raise first one leg, then the other. For each leg, repeat 15 times;
  • Roll over on your stomach, arms connect to themselves and put his head on them. Now bend your knees in the area, make sure that the feet are parallel to the floor. Now pull up, tighten and lift your hips off the surface. Stay as 5-7 seconds, slowly lower back. Repeat the exercise perform 10-15 times;
  • Flips on the left side, rests on his elbow. Bend the right leg, bends forward. Sock left the legs pull over and lift the leg as high as you get. Shake the leg in the air and drop. Then flips to the right side and repeat the exercise. For each leg 15 times;
  • Ends complex against cellulite run. Bend your elbows and start jogging in place. Bend legs with force, hitting them on the buttocks. The duration of exercise for 8-10 minutes.

How to improve the effectiveness of training?

  • Try to do the exercises for the legs correctly, even if you make less approaches. The result does not depend on the amount and the quality;
  • Do everything at the same pace. No need to hurry and shoot down the rhythm and breathing;
  • Avoid too sudden movements;
  • During the exercises the leg muscles should be stretched, otherwise the result will not be;
  • Always keep your back straight and draw the belly;
  • If for some reason you missed a workout, start with a small number of repetitions to avoid muscle pain;
  • No need to hold your breath during exercise. Always breathe as usual - steadily and smoothly;
  • Before each workout make sure to warm up. Stretching, bending and turning prepare muscles for more serious stress.

All of these exercises are really cellulite. They are directed on problem areas of the feet, so give effective results after 2-3 months of training. Of course, you have to understand that not only includes the exercise in anti-cellulite program. Try to eat properly, and if necessary, consult with a nutritionist. He will pick a diet that will be most effective in your case.

Monitor the health of your body, pamper yourself to a sauna, massage and aromatherapy. If you have a sedentary job, try to walk more walk and breathe fresh air. Believe me, going to the problem with the utmost seriousness and diligence, you will forget about cellulite!

 Exercises for the feet of cellulite at home

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 exercises for breast lift


  • Anatomy of the female breast
  • Alternative means of pulling the chest
  • If you want to be healthy and beautiful ...
  • A set of exercises for tightening
  • Subtleties beautiful breasts

It is believed that men in their private conversations about women, often discuss the chest. In fact, men only 30% of those who attaches particular importance to this project. More talks about it just the same in women. However, the owner of magnificent forms have great success with the opposite sex. This is due to the basic instinct - reproduction. A man subconsciously chooses a mate on such criteria as the ability to give birth and rearing offspring.

Have a beautiful chest of nature - it is a great success, but how to preserve and protect this beauty? It is known that after the birth of children, and age-old breasts lose shape, it becomes flabby and pendulous. To avoid these consequences can perform simple exercises for a breast lift. Alternatively, make use of the pull-ups. That's just about the naturalness and health benefits in the second case it is not.

Anatomy of the female breast

To understand how to properly tighten the chest which muscles are involved in this, you should understand the structure of this part of the female body. Common to both men and women are the major and minor pectoral muscles, as well as the intercostal. Women's breasts differ strongly developed breasts, as well as the presence of a large amount of subcutaneous adipose tissue. It is through these two components, it has the attractive appearance, and most importantly to fulfill its function.

Fight fat in the breast is not necessary, and it is impossible, as under the influence of female hormones he exactly will be formed by protecting the share of milk. But the exercises are aimed at tightening the muscles, it can make a bust up and fit. The resilience of the female breast depends on hormonal levels.

 exercises for tightening breasts

Alternative means of pulling the chest

So, what happened. Chest ceased to please, standing in front of a mirror, you obviously feel that it is not in place - in the armpit leaves, it stretches to the navel. Something must be done urgently. And here begins the mass buying up the entire contents of the shelves of beauty shops. To tighten the breast creams alone are not enough. Their action is directed solely to the skin, making it more elastic, smooth and moisturized. In cancer and other components of the cream can not affect!

Plastic surgery - a failsafe means. An experienced doctor will do surgery so that not only return the old form, and, if desired, to increase or decrease the volume, change the shape. Another thing is that silicone implants - implants it! And we are for the natural beauty.

If you want to be healthy and beautiful ...

As they say, take care of the honor of his youth. But breast with youth. Not any tightening will not help if a young age not to care about their appearance. On the fate of the woman has to many trials. First comes the maturation - and growing breasts poured. Then, a child is born, and the breast is fulfilling its intended purpose, but it is excessively stretched.

In adulthood, when there is the extinction of sexual function, in the absence of a proper amount of hormones dryabnet chest. Naturally, in some cases without the use of drugs can not do. But in most cases, to preserve the beautiful and healthy, toned and firmer breasts, it is sufficient to perform a series of simple exercises. Elementary charge - the key to a long youth.

Discussing exercises for tightening the chest, you can hear a lot of differences. One of the contentious issues is the use of the sports element, as tightening. On the basis of anatomy, it is clear that for any grip, pull-ups do not have a direct effect on the major and minor chest muscle. So pull up the chest with the help of this exercise is unlikely to succeed.

 exercise for breast lift

A set of exercises for tightening

  • The most effective in this regard are the presses. It would seem that complicated about banal push-ups? But they need to do the right to operate the necessary thoracic. Regulation - laying emphasis. Feet should be shoulder width apart. Brushes strictly under the shoulder joints. We have a body parallel to the floor. Bench occurs so that it is strained chest. For this breed is widely elbows to the sides, buttocks and abdomen control, no slack in the lower back;
  • It happens so that the breast has the size that does not allow for the usual push-ups, in this case, to the aid of weights. Do not be afraid to pump iron - it will not make you a bodybuilder in a single day. But under the guidance of a good coach will ensure chic results;
  • Mahi hands and simulated rowing directed to the pectoralis major muscle. Spreading his hands apart, burdening their load (a dumbbell or a squeeze bottle of water), make sure that not strained biceps, namely the chest;
  • The graceful movement to pull the breast are performed as follows. From the position on hands and knees, pull the legs back. Hands shoulder width apart, hands under shoulders. Sag in the back, holding the pelvis to the floor as possible. Crown are drawn back, not throwing back his head. At the moment of breath sag, straining breasts, fix the position of a few seconds, exhale - relax. 10 - 12 sets;
  • Supine position. Hands firmly pressed to the floor, palms down. Between the floor and the lower back should be no gaps. Take a deep breath, slowly withdraws his hands behind his head, opens his hand. Slow exhale through the mouth. Again, slow breath nose - are drawn hands and the crown back, feet in the opposite direction - stretch the body in different directions. Slow mouth breath - relax. On the inhale - return arms to starting position, exhale. Make 7 approaches.

Subtleties beautiful breasts

Perform exercises for breast lift is small, you must abide by the rules.

  • Firstly, the chest and under no circumstances should you drag;
  • Second, it does not wear bras in size;
  • Third, wearing underwear - necessarily, because the chest in freefall exposed to excessive stretching;
  • Fourth, regular sex provides the stimulation of blood circulation and helps produce the necessary hormones.

From the above it is clear tips that pull the breast without surgical intervention is possible. The main thing you ask for, believe in yourself and do not give up. Then you definitely succeed!

 Exercises for a breast lift: perfect figure without surgery

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