Being a woman is not just

Modern woman simply has to look great. And the reason for this is not only a constant and hype or articles on the website, which focuses on the wonder drug for skin care and illustrate the photo and video materials from the ideal model.

Every real woman and without it will always take care of yourself and try to look great. It is not necessary to visit daily fitness salons. You can very well deal with at home, or do two or three times a week cycling. Agree to find the time for them is not so difficult. As good purchase two-wheeled vehicle. For example, are selling online bike shop "VeloStrana.Ru."

With the bike is the perfect place to strengthen the body, lose weight and gain a perfect fit. Cycling opportunity to strengthen his legs and stimulates the respiratory and circulatory system seredcheno and, consequently, serve as prevention of many diseases. You can, of course, choose a different sport - jogging, but they are not as exciting and interesting as cycling. It is not necessary to dwell on conventional bikes - exercise indoors does not please you, the more that the air in the room is not fresh.

For these walks now bikes are specially designed for women. Their design has several programs, they are convenient and easy to use. Before buying a bicycle is advisable to consult the seller how to adjust it to the peculiarities of your body, or better yet ask him to do it yourself, in your presence. For the first workout is better to choose well-known routes on which you have not once went. It is also not recommended to call away from home until you are confident of their physical shape. After all, you do not have a tricycle, and a two-wheeled, and in which case, it is much more difficult to bring home.

Here, in principle, and all the simple rules that relate to cycling for women. The main thing is to want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle then you will always look beautiful, young and healthy, regardless of the true age. But this not the dream of every real woman? So, everything is in your hands and feet! Especially when the window spring, which beckons to the street!

 Being a woman is not just

 Exercises for arms with dumbbells for women


  • How to choose the optimal load
  • Classic exercises with dumbbells
  • Power yoga
  • Contraindications

Hands - one of the sexiest parts of the female body. Elastic elastic skin, muscles taut and smooth curve of the shoulder line is definitely eye-catching men. Caring for your hands should always be, but especially important their appearance becomes before the opening of the beach season. Stubby wings on cuffs, dresses and frivolous straps weightless sarafanchik unable to hide the fat, behind which hides all winter sculptural beauty female hands.

If you decide to immediately rectify the situation, it should do exercise now. Strength training with dumbbells are very effective for weight loss hand, provided that they are systematic and regular. At the same time, it is recommended to strengthen the muscles of the chest, abdomen, back, thighs and buttocks. Then your toned and athletic figure can only envy.

How to choose the optimal load

To make a beautiful form of hands, it is very important to choose the optimum load. Exercises with dumbbells weighing 1, 5-3 kilograms not intended for very heavy loads. Therefore, they will only strengthen the muscle of the forearm, gradually forming their beautiful terrain. Muscles pumped up biceps and triceps state bodybuilders using dumbbells alone will not work, because without supplements it is impossible. The natural levels of testosterone in women is relatively low, so do not be afraid of the loss of feminine shapes.

As sports equipment, dumbbells are extremely easy to perform some exercises. A variety of models for countless women make it easy to choose the right weight and shape. Specialists advise not to engage in fitness training with dumbbells hands often than 2-3 times a week, because the body needs some time to recuperate. The duration of one session of 45-50 minutes. As a rule, the program provides after 6-8 weeks of training.

 the right exercises for arms with dumbbells for women

Classic exercises with dumbbells

Before you start to do the exercises with dumbbells must be a good warm up your muscles. Warm-up for women includes a dozen jumps 2-3 on toes and rotating arms, imitating the motion with a rope. You can also use the deep mahi each leg with simultaneous tilting forward or waving his arms with a tilted housing.

The bulk of the training gives you the power load and contains a fat burning exercise. The regularity of such studies can strengthen all muscle corset that holds the internal organs of women in their places. In addition, developing joint flexibility that prevents their brittleness and fragility. This is especially important for women who are older than 35 years.

  • Traditional desk

    Arms extended in front of him, dumbbells are directed at the floor. On the inhale both hands to lift up and pull back as much as possible. The effect of the exercise will be stronger if one leg pull back too strongly caved. It is necessary to hold your breath for a few seconds, recording the muscle tension. On the exhale, return to the starting position;

  • Poluprisedanie with curls

    With dumbbells in his hands slowly lower the hips parallel to the floor and, plunging the press. Fix in this position. Start smooth flexion and extension elbow to the two accounts. Perform each exercise without sudden movements. Try forearm tightly pressed to the body. A total of 20 repetitions in this position will help to burn more calories and lose weight faster than you expected;

  • The exercises in the supine position

    Lie on the floor, bending your knees. Hands with dumbbells dissolve in hand, bent at the elbows at right angles. Straining muscles of the arms, closes them before feeding, fixing the position for some time. Repeat 15-20 times;

  • Lunges

    Drop down into a lunge on one leg so that the hip was in parallel with the floor. Hands with dumbbells along the lower body, pull your stomach. On two accounts hands slowly up or dissolve the sides parallel to the thigh. Then return them back. After 10 repetitions, change the leg;

  • Stretching hands with dumbbells on bent knees

    Spreading his elbows bent to the side, holding a dumbbell in front of the chest. Fix the position for a few seconds. Slowly lift your hands up, stretching his whole body, and rising on tiptoe. Just slowly back to the starting position. Repeat 15-20 times;

  • Windmill

    Tilt your body parallel to the floor, fix the position for a few moments. Direct hands with dumbbells freely lower. Do circular sweeps each hand, achieving perpendicularity with the floor. For each hand, do at least 15 repetitions;

  • Exercises with a chair for obese women

    Lean one hand and knee on the seat of the chair, the second leg is slightly rewound back. Second hand with the dumbbell push to the body, bend at the elbow. Without making any sudden movements, they turn away from the shell back, biceps straining. Secure the elbow, then slowly return back to the hand. Repeat 10 times for each arm.

Power yoga

Yoga classes may also be carried out with dumbbells. The program is quite simple and does not require specific skills or years of experience. This kind of exercise is good for women, strong in spirit and striving for harmony.

  • Utkatasana

    Stand up, hands with dumbbells along the lower body, tighten them. Now sit down. The back should be straight, the angle between the thigh and lower leg 90 degrees. To keep the balance of opinion concentrate on one point ahead. Hands connect the front. Breathing in, jerk bend one arm by pushing it up and back. On the exhale, straighten your arm. Take first turn wrenches for each hand, then both hands simultaneously;

  • Tree Pose

    Standing on one leg, Abut the second leg in the thigh first. Hands with dumbbells apart. On the inhale slowly raise your hands alternately, as you exhale - falls. Repeat 10-15 times, working hands simultaneously;

  • Pose warrior

    Take one leg back and torso leaning forward. One arm extended, the other holding a dumbbell at the armpits. Make sure that the elbow has been turned up. On the exhale, change the arm and leg. This posture is very effective for women with a weak shoulder girdle, as it contributes to strengthening and giving relief.

 useful exercises for arms with dumbbells for women


  • Do not swing the arm muscles at home if you have a number of chronic diseases. These include heart disease, kidney disease, asthma, or hypertension;
  • When a woman has problems with the thyroid gland or spine exercise should be minimal. It would be better if you carry out these exercises you will be under the supervision of a physician;
  • Also, do not overload yourself dumbbells during the critical days of pregnancy or lactation.

Dedication, commitment and desire to achieve a stable positive effect will help reduce the time to recover form. Comprehensive measures in conjunction with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle will help to fix the result for many years.

 Exercises for arms with dumbbells for women - are getting ready to fly

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