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  • How to enlarge breasts?
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Women's forums and magazines are full of heated debates on the subject of beauty chest. Owners of small busts often this part of the body charged with quite serious crime - absence of personal relationships. Yes, radiant smile, beautiful eyes, sparkling charm - it's all fine. But, anyway, beautiful breasts adds confidence, because it is - a symbol of beauty and femininity for all ages.

Of course, each of us would like to see external data meet our requirements and of the opposite sex. Generally, the term "beautiful breasts" - quite capacious and vague at the same time. Many men agree that the breast does not necessarily have to be the perfect shape, but neat and tidy this part of the body - an indispensable condition of sexuality. So what do you do to your breasts became a subject of your pride and secret views of a strong half of mankind?

How to enlarge breasts?

Quite a number of women lay down on the operating table, the health risks and sometimes even their lives, just to get the chest of your dreams. But why go to such drastic measures? In order to achieve the desired enough to make regular exercise and proper diet to follow.

Some confuse "breast" and "breasts". Enlarge breasts is not possible with training. Their dimensions are predetermined by genetics, and only a plastic surgeon can make more of them. There is an option to increase the breast by fat, but for this you have to get better, which for many women is totally unacceptable.

But there is a trick: to make the breast more toned and attractive to do specially developed for this exercise with dumbbells. Loads will make the pectoral muscles more prominent and visually increase the volume of the breast as a whole. In addition, the exercise will allow you to keep it in shape, preventing the aging process and prevent sagging chest muscles.

What you need to remember doing exercises for the chest?

You must hack to death on your nose, chest muscles that are big enough and strong, so to increase muscle mass requires serious load. But that does not mean you have to do exercises to exhaustion and total failure of the muscles. Remember that the load is properly distributed - when the muscles the next day after school a little sore, but not when you feel broken old woman who can neither turn nor raise his hands. Total should be in moderation. Three workouts a week is enough, because there is a small caveat: the muscles only grow when resting after loading.

 exercise with dumbbells for chest

Warm up before exercise

Any workout should start with a warm-up. Its purpose - to warm up and stretch your muscles to avoid injury when using the weight. Here are three basic stretching exercises.

  1. Movement shoulders. Feet shoulder-width apart place. Keep your head straight, his hands - along the trunk. Rotate shoulders alternately forward and back. 15 times in each direction.
  2. Mahi hands. Feet are shoulder width apart, keep your head straight, arms at your sides. Rotate your hands back and forth. 15 times in each direction.
  3. Breeding hands. Feet are shoulder width apart. Straighten your arms at chest level and bent at the elbow, and then dissolve back, closing his blades during exhalation. To repeat only 10 times.

Basic exercise with weights: bench and breeding

Dumbbells are often used as a weighting agent during exercise. Although their place in the home using any available materials, such as books, water bottles, bottles of sand, all at the discretion of your imagination and common sense. However, when working with a dumbbell has a definite plus - you advance and accurately know the weight of the projectile. For the pectoral muscles, there are two main types of exercises with weights: bench and breeding.

  1. Performing bench dumbbell lying, you strengthen the median area of ​​the breast. This exercise is one of the key when working on the pectoral muscles. In order to perform bench at home properly, you need to lie on your back, holding dumbbells in your hands. In the starting position with the weighting arms are on either side of the chest. Raise your hands with dumbbells upward, so that they are above the breast. Then return to the starting position. Throughout the exercise arms must be strictly at right angles to the torso. For this you need to follow. Raise the dumbbell should be 8 times - if you pick less than the weight of the projectile must be increased more than 8 - reduce, ie pick up the weight so that 7-8 times to raise them with a noticeable difficulty. Performed in 3 sets of 8 presses.
  2. Dumbbell bench press performed on an incline bench, designed to work on top of the chest. The bench set at an angle of 35 to 45 degrees. Squeeze the dumbbell straight up, relax your elbows and lower the down immediately to its original position. Continue to work without interruption. Performed in 3 sets of 8 presses.
  3. Breeding dumbbells on the incline bench. Adopt a stable position on an incline bench from 35 to 45 degrees. Take a pair of light dumbbells, then slowly lower the arms with dumbbells apart. During the exercise you need to slightly bend your elbows. Perform necessary to slow. Weight must be kept under control, because each repetition stretches the muscles. Performed in 3 sets of 8 dilutions.
  4. Breeding dumbbells sitting. Sit on a chair, hands with dumbbells are in front of chest, bent elbows at your sides. Keeping his elbows on the sides, the most dilute hand in hand (in this case should reach the muscles). Make it 8 times. Then move your elbows away from the body and continue with the exercise. Elbows thus should be bent at a right angle. Make two sets of 12 times.

More exercises with dumbbells

  1. "Pullover". This exercise is popular among fans of fitness, is as follows. Lie down across the bench, which must remain just neck and shoulders. Dumbbell standing behind you on the floor, her neck must be perpendicular to the floor. Grasp a dumbbell with both hands on the top pancake. Hands slightly bent at the elbows. Lift the dumbbell so that it was above your head. Next, lower the dumbbell so that it almost touched the floor. Weight should be small. Do 3-4 sets of 15 repetitions.
  2. Mahi hands: feet shoulder width apart, keep your head straight, hands with dumbbells are at your sides. Perform alternate swings his arms up and down. Alternately change hands sometimes - lower the upper and lower lift. Try not to bend your elbows. Exercise should be done with force. Repeat 12-15 times. Weight weighting must not exceed 5 kg.
  3. Stand erect. Arm parallel to the floor. Elbows bent and apart. Do not straightening your elbows, we start hands behind his head, straining his pectoral muscle as much as possible. Should feel tension in the muscles. Repeat 12-15 times.
  4. Stand erect. Feet shoulder-width apart place. One dumbbell weighing 6 kg grab with both hands and pull out in front of him. Pressed his hands to his chest with a dumbbell. Elbows should be bent and apart. Do 3 sets of 10 times.
  5. This exercise you perform easily, if ever in my life seen people go skiing. The principle of roughly the same: keep your back straight, holding dumbbells in both hands repetitive movements like repels with two sticks simultaneously. But do you need it as slowly as possible. From hip gradually raise outstretched arms up to chest level, stay in this position for several seconds, then just as slowly descend. Make 3 sets of 6 times.

 exercises with dumbbells in the chest

Tips for Breast Beauty

  1. Wear a bra. The subject of women's wardrobe created in order to support the breast and help it retain its shape. Bra protects the skin from the breast stretch marks, and she herself from accidental mechanical damage.
  2. After the daily evening water treatment rinse breast with cool water. This keeps skin elasticity.
  3. You can also wipe the skin of the chest, neck and face frozen broth of herbs, once a week is necessary to use nourishing creams and masks.
  4. Massage positively affects the skin bristle brush, improving the condition of the skin, making it more elastic.
  5. Another, seemingly small thing, which many girls forget. This posture. Yes, it is regally straight back. Firstly, you are going to look much more attractive and higher. And, secondly, with a straight back breast droops less, and looks more high-toned.
  6. For those who do not like exercise, but on the contrary - want to relax, there is a compromise - swimming. It is proved that the movement of hands while swimming strengthens the pectoral muscles.
  7. The beach is better to be in a bathing suit. Sunbathing "topless" is not healthy, especially for women after 30, because ultraviolet rays can trigger cancer. Besides direct sunlight lead to the rapid aging of the skin.
  8. Avoid sudden changes in weight. For breast is fraught with consequences due to the fact that its fat cells are broken down among the first, which is why the breasts may finally lose shape.

Remember that breast - your business card. Do the exercise with dumbbells, take care of yourself, follow the simple, but effective, tips, and your breasts will be the envy of many women and admired by many men.

Good training to you!

 Exercises for the chest with dumbbells: just to be beautiful

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