How to remove fat from the thighs


  • Exercise for weight loss thighs
  • Diet for slender legs

We all want to be slim and beautiful, the men turned around to go, and the women dreamed of being like us. But most of all happens exactly the opposite. Lovely nymphs on television catching up to us nostalgia, but a mirror even more convinced that before us is far from ideal. And all the fault of those extra kilos, lightly recruited during the winter months. Like a woman and realizes that the third cake on the night - it's a bad idea, but sweet look so appetizing on the plate, it is difficult to resist. And then what?

The folds on the sides, the problem with wardrobe (favorite dress is hopelessly small) and endless speculation about how to remove fat from the thighs and abdomen. Bleak prospect, is not it? Of course, it would be easier not to eat those same cookies at night, but what's done is done. Now is the time to do them and try as much as possible to fix the shape before the bathing season. Let's get started.

 How to remove fat from the hips correctly

Exercise for weight loss thighs

Somehow only one cake, eaten late at night, can "reward" a woman kilogram overweight. Even nutritionists can not explain this nonsense, but the fact remains. So do not look that eclair placed her hands on half and stuffed with whipped cream instead of heavy oil cream. Want to lose weight? Give the cake to her husband or children. And even better - Get yourself and try to lose weight. The first item in our plan slimming exercises follow.

  • Pool

    Remember when you were sick as a child, my mother gave you for a swim? And it was the right decision, because the water charges vigor, improves health, tightens the body and ... eliminates the extra kilos. Today you are 8 years old, but nothing prevents use the healing properties of water, right? The more that the way to lose weight is not only affordable, but also incredibly nice. Swim on your health and become slim. You can bring your whole family, then weight loss will become a joint leisure activities, which is also good.

  • Running in the morning

    Almost every movie show as the heroine in a beautiful track suit running in the morning to meet his slim figure. But for some reason, most women prefer to lose weight with the help of tablets, powders and tea of ​​dubious origin. Why is that? Maybe they are too lazy to get up in the morning? Or they hesitate to carry out jogging in front of the neighbors? This question everyone is responsible for themselves. But tell me, why poison your body with unknown ingredients, if you can just get up early and run three laps around the house?

  • Cold and hot shower

    After jogging just in time to shower. And to ensure that it contributed to the weight loss thighs, make it contrast. Two minutes of body massage with warm running water for two minutes - cool. Just do not overdo it otherwise, instead of a slim figure will earn colds.

  • Dancing

    Lose weight while dancing? Easily. And it does not matter what kind of dance you play, the main thing - do it regularly and with the mood.

  • Massage

    Lose weight will not only help the treadmill, but firm hands of the masseur. For starters make full body massage, the body back to normal. After that you should perform a full course of anti-cellulite massage, which will reduce the amount of your thighs for at least 2 centimeters.

  • Stairs

    We have in mind is not a gymnastic ladder, as usual, which helps us to rise to the desired floor if the lift off. In such cases, people are usually unhappy frown, waiting give energy to use it again to lift. While those who want to lose weight, about usual at each entrance to forget the miracle of technology. Rise to the desired floor on foot, even if you have to overcome a lot of hops.

 How to remove fat from the hips alone

Diet for slender legs

If you think that going to the swimming pool and dances for the slender hips is enough, we hasten to upset you. Have all of the above and still go on a diet. However, you will not go hungry, as modern nutritionists have long come to the conclusion that hunger only aggravates the situation and forces women to have more. All you need is:

  1. I try not to eat after 6 pm;
  2. Reject the sweet, starchy foods, greasy, spicy. And try not to just throw away from the house pastries and sweets, but also do not put sugar in tea and coffee. At first, this step may seem complicated, but the slim hips are a victim.
  3. Stick to a low-carb diet, because it is the lack of carbohydrates causes the body to spend hypodermic stock, and with it all the extra weight that has accumulated on the hips.
  4. If you have no way to count calories or figure out the amount of carbohydrate in a particular product, you can just divide in half the usual dose. Of course, you can eat only half a dinner. Many people are afraid of this simple reception and begin to argue that they were not gorged. However, it's only your fears. Believe me, it is that the stomach is full, and to "ate" and his eyes, chew slowly. This small deception will convince the body that actually eaten much more than lay on a plate.

It happens that the fat on the hips - is not the result of eating too much sweets or a woman love for fried and spicy dishes. Most girls get better because of their genetic predisposition. Then the struggle with excess weight can be really unpredictable. Like the woman and tries to become slim and hip is still not fit into your favorite jeans. What to do? First of all, do not throw attempts to improve his body. Secondly, you should love yourself exactly in the title, in which you are now. After all, personal happiness does not depend on the size of the clothes that you wear.

 Simple rules, how to remove fat from the thighs

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 exercises for the leg muscles


  • Effective squats for elastic buttocks
  • Exercises for intensive work with the muscles of the legs
  • Practising inner thighs
  • Exercises for calves
  • What to do with the double benefit?

As soon as spring begins to come into its own, we begin to shoot the boring winter clothes and enjoy the sun. Boasted figures, new clothes, legs. But sometimes it happens that the winter holidays, and a sedentary lifestyle does not add to our stature grace. That "ears" on the hips appeared, the elasticity of the muscles is gone, what else attack happened. But in the famous phrase, "Nice legs - a woman's face" has its share of truth.

Many of us do not even realize why the man's attention so intently focused on women's legs. It's simple: well-groomed feet with elastic muscles indicate that their mistress has no serious health problems, it should not only face, but also for the whole body as a whole.

But even if the mirror showed some minor muscle defects can not give up. The French have an interesting saying, "Beautiful legs turned more than one page of history." A little care and exercises, and - your feet will help you to do what was previously thought impossible. Performing offered simple exercises for the muscles of the legs, you will quickly come to the stunning form.

Effective squats for elastic buttocks

Already in the month of training you will get noticeable results of the eye. Gluteal muscles are very quickly become accustomed to regular exercise, so already after 4 weeks if to train every day, you will see the result of their efforts.

Be sure to start exercises for the legs to warm up the muscles. Knead foot, making the rotational motion of clockwise and counterclockwise, and making the slopes to the right and to the left. This is to avoid muscle strain.

We suggest to start with the buttocks, this part of the body often accompany long look after. That they are resilient and attractive you need a little time to pay a charge.

  1. Sit on a chair. Back straight. Slowly pull your right leg to his stomach to form an angle of 45 degrees between the leg and abdomen. In carrying out this exercise, remember that the heel should not touch the floor. Repeat 8-10 times, then change legs.
  2. The next exercise is performed standing up, back straight. Stretch your hands up, lean forward (hands still stretched up), clasp your ankles and try to bring the head to the knees as close as possible. Remain at this position for 10-12 seconds. Take a deep breath and go back to its original position. Repeat 10-12 times.
  3. Slowly take a deep squat with arms outstretched in front of him. Keep your back flat, hip - parallel to the floor, feet on the floor not to tear off! Repeat 10-12 times.

A little advice: Stop position to help train and inner and outer side of the thigh. If your feet wider than shoulder width arranged - more trains inside of the thighs, in the formulation at the shoulders - Muscle outside. Start with 15 squats, gradually bringing them up to 50. The most effective sit-ups with an additional load.

These are the basic exercises that take little time, but regular performance will give the desired effect.

If you want to "sculpt" his beautiful legs to the envy and admiration of others as soon as possible, then the following set - for you.

 exercises for the leg muscles

Exercises for intensive work with the muscles of the legs

To achieve faster results, use a set of goods (but please, do not overdo it with the weight, because this may appear muscle pain).

After each exercise-do gentle stretching.

  1. Get on all fours. Lift the right leg at the same level with the back. Now raise it above the level of the back lower, but to keep it aloft. Repeat 12-15 times. Change the pace.
  2. We continue to stand on all fours. Raising his leg up, do it in a circle motion: 5 times to the left, middle, and 2 times 5 times on the right.
  3. Bend your elbows and become on all fours. Hold the leg at the back, bend it at the knee. Raise and lower leg, keeping it constantly shed. Repeat 12-15 times. Change the pace.
  4. The initial exercise is the same as in the third exercise. Bent leg draw a circle in the familiar sequence: 5 times to the left, 2 times in the middle, right 5 times.
  5. Lying on his side, stretched out his left leg, bend it at the knee. Pick it up, press the knee to the stomach and make the foot push up. Repeat 12-15 times. Change the pace.
  6. On his knees, straighten one leg parallel to the floor and do the swing back. Also, repeat with the other leg. Repeat 12-15 times. With this exercise, you can make the elasticity of the muscles of the buttocks.
  7. "Walking on the buttocks." Sitting on the floor, move back and forth on the priest. Repeat for a few minutes.

Practising inner thighs

Sometimes we are faced with the problem of sagging and reduce tone inner thighs. This is reasonable, since this part of the leg is not involved in daily use, and not all exercise programs they are working properly. By following a few simple exercises, you will achieve supple and taut inner thigh.

Again, for the more effective when you can do 30 repetitions of the exercise, you can add weights, it will make the workout more intense and less time consuming.

  1. Standing, feet are building in one line, heels are deployed to each other, between a long distance, hands on his belt. You should try to sit as low as possible, but make sure that the knee does not go beyond the level of the toes. If there is a possibility to go down even lower and bend his knees already heavily - Separate your legs wider. When the exercise is very important that the foot formed a line. Repeat 20-30 times.
  2. Lie down on your side with your back straight and knees. Put the lower arm under his head, the top - for the balance of thrusting. Bending the upper leg at the knee, set either forwards or backwards, whatever you like. The slow pace raise and lower it, not the bed to the floor. Knee lower legs should be straight, the body should not overwhelm neither backward nor forward. Repeat 15 times.
  3. "Scissors." This exercise would "kill two birds with one stone", and pumping legs and lower abdomen. Lying on your back, press your lower back to the floor, arrange arms out for balance, raise the serried feet to an angle of 90 degrees, pulling socks. Slowly pulling the toes toward you, and plant your feet on the most comfortable distance and return to the starting position (again stretched socks). Remember that the angle between the legs and the floor must remain straight, and lower back - pressed to the floor. Repeat 25 times.

 leg muscles exercises

Exercises for calves

The next stage of training will make your calves more prominent and beautiful. To achieve the best effect Train a day for 10-15 minutes. It should be noted that the eggs are sufficiently tight muscles, improving their form requires some effort. Working through the eggs, try not to give a heavy load on his back.

  1. Stand about three feet from a wall with your feet together. His hands against the wall, lean on her ankle, keeping heels on the floor. When you exercise, you should feel tension in your calves. Belly retract. To enhance the tension bend your elbows, breasts closer to the wall. Repeat 10 times.
  2. Sit on the edge of his chair, his feet tucked under a thick book. Back straight. Put a dumbbell between your knees and bend your legs so that the book dealt with only fingertips. Lowering the heel of about 5 centimeters closer to the floor in slow motion lift the heel until you are on your toes. Return to the original position. Repeat 10-12 times.
  3. Put a chair, putting behind him the book thicker on the floor (the thicker - the better: that, down at the heel, you have not turned on the floor, and just touched him). Taking a dumbbell in your right hand, stand on the book so that the heels were on the weight. Raise your left leg so that her foot was the level with the knee right foot, and then lower the right heel as low as possible. Stand on the sock. Return to the original position. Repeat 12-20 times, and change the leg and reload the dumbbell in the other hand.
  4. Set the left foot forward, slightly crouched at her, pull your right leg back until it stops. Holding hands above your head, take your elbows to the sides, keep your back straight. Make whole body tilts forward to his left leg, while trying to touch the knee. Repeat 20-25 times. Change the pace. Allowed slight tingling sensation in the thighs after careful this exercise.

After the set of exercises for the calf muscles and legs shake a little jump.

What to do with the double benefit?

Do you want to combine business with pleasure? This is easy to do! While watching the beloved TV series or shows you can do simple exercises for the beauty of your feet, never taking his eyes from the screen. So you can save time by spending it later on something nice.

  1. Running on the spot. Try to alternate 10 minutes of running and 10 minutes of rest. This can be done as during the series, and during the commercial break.
  2. Training on simulators. If you have a treadmill, stepper or exercise bike - engaged in them by watching your favorite TV series.
  3. Squats. Do a few sets of 20 times. Your buttocks will tell you, "Thank you."
  4. On the toes! (Exercise for the calf). Sit on the couch, feet on the toes, walk on tiptoes across the room.

A couple of tricky exercise to give relief calves.

  1. Climb the stairs up the steps on toes. It is unusual, but effective.
  2. Go up the stairs as slowly as possible, trying to feel the tension in the calf muscles.

About beautiful legs, like a flying graceful gait, composed many poems and songs. Regularly doing the above exercise, you will succeed in honing its exciting beauty legs. But the most important regular physical action your mood. Turn on your favorite music, smile at yourself in the mirror and tell me what you - the most beautiful and unusual! And your faith in his irresistibility soon translate into beautiful legs that will attract the views of others.

 The exercises for the muscles of the legs: the beauty in just one month

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