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  • We are preparing for a new life
  • Enter the desired mode
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Summer is approaching us with every passing day. Soon it was time to leave, and this means that you need to bring the figure in order. What female body parts first require correction? Of course, thighs and buttocks. And now, on the eve of the beach season, each girl is given one question - what exercises to do to grown thin legs? And how to do them? And how to achieve the desired effect in the short term?

We all know that the "fast" and "quality" - the concept is not entirely compatible. So get ready for what will have to work hard every day. Let slowly, but surely, coming to the cherished goal. In order to stem the dates you have purchased form, training should be your top priority for the next few weeks.

We are preparing for a new life

As you can see, to delay the start of classes are not worth it, because the time left very little. Right now, prepare yourself for the fact that you're starting a new life, where there is no place more than a kilogram. In this life, there is only room for a slender, staggering legs, can bring to mind any man!

So, you are sure that you do not hurt to lose weight, set aside for the long winter on the thighs and buttocks. Now you need to figure out whether you are ready to sacrifice their time, to overcome the natural laziness and start practicing. Ready? Excellent! But remember one more important point: if your goal - beautiful legs forever, so you need to not only load himself physically. It plays an important role, and diet.

We'll have to give up many delicious foods, from grilled meat, spicy sauces, sweet coffee, tea, muffins and sweets. And you're ready for this? Just great! So, we begin a new life is a revision of the food in the refrigerator. Hiding in the far corner of the freezer pork, remove from the shelves of butter, mayonnaise and ketchup, and prominently put fruits and vegetables, chicken and fish. The latter, incidentally, is better to use boiled. But first you can and bake, and boil and eat raw.

Do not worry, no one forces you to give up your favorite foods forever. This should be done only in the classroom. So you will achieve the desired results. But when you achieve them, you can safely return to a normal diet. Just be aware to stop and try to maintain their shape periodically arranging fasting days. That's how you keep harmony and forget what extra kilos.

 What do exercises to thinner legs

Enter the desired mode

Here we are prepared for the changes. Now let's talk about the actual training. If you take the time to visit sports club - perfect! The trainer will tell you which exercises are suitable for a particular muscle group is best, learn how to properly execute them properly distribute the load. If you decide to study at home, then you need to learn a few simple rules:

  • Are you a night owl? In the morning you can not wake up? So the morning workout is not for you. Owls best move for the evening classes, namely - by 19-20 hours. At this time, there is the greatest physical activity;
  • But larks can easily be engaged immediately upon waking. Their time - 8-9 hours in the morning;
  • Remember, the key to successful training - a good workout. Before you expose your body stress, you need to stretch your muscles. Pull the toes, bend the knees alternately, walk in place. 10 minutes to warm up enough;
  • Be sure to pick up for lessons comfortable clothes and shoes;
  • Do not eat before a workout and immediately thereafter;
  • Not in the last place, and emotional. If you start a class in a good mood, and their effect will be even better than you expect.

Form the hip

So start training. First of all, let's work with the hips. All the exercises described below can lead to great results. Home observe regularity and be confident in yourself and your abilities. Each exercise should be repeated at least 10 times.

  • Mahi

    You will need a chair. Stand so that the left side is almost rested on the back of a chair. Grasp the back of your left hand and make the wide swings right foot. First up, then right, then left. Finally, put a foot on a chair and rest a little. Then change sides and repeat the process for the left leg. Try to keep your thigh muscles strained as much as possible;

  • Throwing

    The exercise is performed lying down. Turns to the right side, right arm bent at the elbow, the palm turns to the floor. Lean left hand on the floor to waist level. Now lift your hips off the floor, while resting on his hands. The enclosure must be developed parallel to the floor. Keep legs and body are in line. Return to starting position. Then adjust the side and do the same;

  • Moving

    We sit on the floor, bend your knees, pulling them to him as close as possible. Lean hands on the floor, leaning back slightly. Slowly carry your knees from one side to the other, trying to make them hit the floor;

  • Walking on the buttocks

    Sit on the floor, legs outstretched and arms forward. Keep your back straight, your head - a little elevated. Now start to move on the priest, keeping the balance with his hands. Move to at least 2 meters, for the first training session that will be enough. Then gradually increase the distance;

  • Cradle

    Sitting on the floor, his hands are around the hips, legs - straight. Strain your abdominal muscles as much as possible, and tipping back, without changing the position of the feet. Then return back. This exercise not only strengthens the thighs, and abdomen;

  • Half-bridge

    Lying on the floor, stretch your arms at your sides, palms to the hips expand and force push. At the expense of time - bend your knees, keeping your feet from the surface. Two - lift your hips resting on the feet and head. Being in this position, tighten your buttock muscles for a couple of seconds. On the count of three - lower thigh. Four - return leg to starting position. When performing this exercise you need to pay special attention to breathing. Try it to be smooth and easy.

Forming caviar

With hips understood, now need to work with the gastrocnemius muscle. To do this, perform a total of six simple exercises.

  • We stand on the fingers

    Stand near a chair, legs straight, hands rest on the back. Bend your right leg at the knee and take the fingers of the left leg. Hold on to this position for at least 3 seconds. Perform 20 times for each leg;

  • Swing

    This exercise is done sitting on a chair. Keep your back straight, feet flat on the floor. Take a couple of heavy books, put them on your knees and legs torn off from the floor, and then sinks back. Repeat 20-25 times;

  • Jogging on the spot

    This exercise strengthens the excellent caviar. Within 5-10 minutes of run around on the spot or hiking. You can alternate running and walking;

  • Stepper

    For the next exercise stepper is needed - a special simulator. But if it is not, you can do the usual steps. Walk the stairs up and down, and the feet should rest on the surface completely. For this exercise, enough for 10-12 minutes;

  • The rotation of the knee

    Stand straight, hands on his hips abut. Raise one leg, bend the knee and rotate for 2-3 minutes. The same is repeated for the other leg. During the exercise, keep the calf muscles were severely strained;

  • Rotation lodyzhkiZdes you need a chair. Lean back of his hands, pull the leg in front of him and "draw" a circle in the air, turning the ankle. Do 20 of these circles. For the other leg, repeat the same thing.

 what exercises to do to thinner legs

Leave a new life with head held high

Catching so 4-5 weeks, you will see how the once curvaceous legs turned into a seductive and sexy. Now you can safely open the beach season, and do not forget to buy the most frank swimsuit. He further emphasize all the advantages of your figure.

But do not think that you can stop this! To keep in shape you need to engage in physical exercise regularly. Of course, you may have to abandon the complicated and heavy loads, but the daily charge never hurts. Let's look at some simple exercises that will help you stay slim.

  • Jump to the rope. Every day, 10-15 minutes. It works well on all the leg muscles and improves blood circulation;
  • Squat, just do it right. Feet must fully rest on the floor, the back should be straight - it's the most important thing! Crouching, pull your hands in front of him, so it will be easier to keep your balance. You can start with 10 sit-ups a day, gradually bringing them to 100;
  • More you walk. If you feel that sat just strode to the hold in place for 10 minutes;
  • If possible, buy an exercise bike. Catching up on it every day, you will forget about the extra kilos in the hips and buttocks;
  • You can simulate and cycling. To do this, lie down on the floor, lift your legs bent at the knees and begin to turn the imaginary pedal.

Here are some simple exercises will ensure your health and beauty. Catching up on a regular basis, you get used to them so that they will become for you as important as timely breakfast. Take time to legs, do not forget about the other parts of the body. After all, beauty is to be harmonious. In the spring and summer, be sure to make walking and cycling. In winter, go to the pool. Regular swimming strengthens all muscle groups.

You have to understand that taking care of the beauty - it's just your own business. Without desire, you will not be able to achieve results. If you find it difficult to engage in alone, ask a friend to be your partner in this difficult matter. After all, as you know, join the fun. Yes, and an additional incentive to appear. Live and enjoy your life, to smile in any situation is something good! And then it is added to the outer and inner beauty. And this, of course, will change your life only for the better!

 What exercises to do to grown thin legs? Getting ready for beach season

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