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They love our women to get everything at once. They lie on the beach an hour or two, and had stared at herself in the mirror in search of sun. Yesterday, I sat on a diet, and today stand in awe at the scale, if the decision to lose weight might somehow reduce the weight of the body. It is something, of course, it is clear that modern life requires us to lightning-fast decisions, but, unfortunately, neither to lose weight or just not get smarter. For all takes time, patience and desire.

Take, for example, the volume of the legs. Almost every girl wanted to do more slender legs. But how can this be achieved? After all, from the usual diet thinner body, and legs (according to the law of meanness) Relieve the latest volume, when depleted the body is ready to chew everything that gets in sight. Do not be upset! Let us learn to lose weight properly.

Lose Weight intelligently: the secrets of beautiful legs

First, let's agree not to starve. Absolutely. Of course, the diet you have, but do not stay hungry, I promise. And it's not that the volume of the legs - a mere trifle, and it can be reduced by excluding from the diet of a single product. This, of course is not true. But the fact that many girls break after futile attempts to lose weight and then gain weight (often greater than it was before) - a common occurrence. So do not feel your body and nervous system for strength. Choose for yourself a sparing diet, coupled with a complex exercise, and can not only reduce the volume of the legs, but also to make the entire body slim.

But the main secret of success - is patience and perseverance. It happens that the two girls with different weights decide to lose weight, but dieting alone and engaged in the gym, while the other is still asking for advice from nutritionists. What do you think, who will throw weight before? That's right, the one that did not spare himself. Therefore, if you want to make the volume lower legs, please be patient.

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Recipes fitness trainer

As long as you tune to a new system of moral power, let us pool. Of course, not all exercises are focused on slimming legs. Therefore, we choose the most effective available.

  1. The first exercise can be done without leaving your computer. Take a book, hold it between your knees and tighten your leg muscles. Hold this position for 15 seconds, then lift feet (without releasing the book) and again soak time. You feel how the muscles are sick? Repeat complex movements 10 times.
  2. Now get up from the table, put his hands on her waist and start to make alternate kicks by 8 times in each direction (forward, sideways, backward). Moreover, the higher you can lift the leg off the floor, the better.
  3. The third exercise, we spend on the floor. Lie on your back, bend your knees and slowly lift the hips off the floor so that neither the head nor the feet never left the gym mat. You start with 10 reps, increasing the number each time.
  4. Turn on your side, bend your legs at an angle of 90 degrees. Start slowly lift the bent leg on the floor. To enhance the exercise can stay at the top for 10-15 seconds to muscles ached and asked for mercy.
  5. By the way, no extra legroom will and exercises in the pool. The main thing - do not splash around at a side, and all the time to swim.
  6. Jogging, too, can work wonders. I do not like to run? Cycling or (better yet) rollers. The main thing - is to give to his feet more loads and do not throw started midway.

Diets for weight loss leg

Now let's talk about diets. Did you know that not all of them can affect the shapely legs? Most girls, choosing the power supply system, wonder what kind and weight dropped and his legs have been full, so such, and left. Nothing in this surprising. After all, a huge variety of diets - is not a way to assert themselves a nutritionist, but a vital necessity. So which system is focused on the problem of the legs? Now a look.

  • Low-carb diet

    This is - a real lifesaver for losing weight because it helps get rid of the extra kilos are absolutely all parts of the body. The main thing - to limit yourself in the consumption of carbohydrates. Fall under the ban, many vegetables, fruits, cereals and any fatty foods. But you can have any number of meats, cheese, yogurt drink. By the way, would have to give up sugar.

  • Low protein diet

    If the restriction of carbohydrate intake does not help, try to eliminate from the diet of proteins. This pork, sour cream, cream, milk, butter, ice cream. Chocolate and sweets all too taboo. But what will be no problems, so it is with vegetables, rice and seafood. They can have a virtually unlimited quantities. Therefore, you can safely accept the invitation at a sushi studio, without fear of losing shapely legs.

  • Seasonal Diet

    This is the year the power supply system when the nutritionists advised to eat for dinner and snacks during the melons. Of course, seizing a piece of watermelon chocolate fail. And from the pies have to give. But, fulfilling all basic requirements of nutritionists, the amount guaranteed to be able to reduce the leg.

If none of the diets do not you liking, do not worry. You can choose any system of power to your taste. The main thing - is to stick to certain rules:

  • fat - delete;
  • sweet - the battle;
  • after 6 pm is not;
  • diet should be available (it is not necessary to choose a diet of foods that you've only seen on TV);
  • not to starve (to feel hungry, eat an apple or drink a glass of kefir).

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And again about shapely legs

What else can help our long-suffering legs? Already they were sitting on a diet, and exercise was performed, but the result still does not meet expectations. Add to the list of methods of struggle for health and shapely legs several cosmetic procedures.

  • Acetic wrap

    Mix water and vinegar in a ratio of 1: 1. Generously moisten the mixture feet, until the vinegar has evaporated completely, wrap in plastic wrap legs. You feel the pleasant coolness of the body? It will make your body enable samoobogreva and legs begin to perspire heavily, fleeing from the cold. Where's the sweat, there is a welcome weight loss.

  • Seaweed Wrap

    There do not have to freeze. Seaweed wrap - very pleasant procedure. Less it is necessary to find that the algae themselves, but even more so to do wrap - is simply unrealistic. Therefore, this method of losing weight is relevant only for those who go to beauty salons. You do not have? What prevents you to make an appointment to the beautician?

  • Acupuncture

    This method is also not for home use. Well, except that you call home cosmetologist. Although not recommended, as any procedure should be carried out in special circumstances. We are sure that your sofa couch little resemblance to the beauty parlor, and a first aid kit with bandages and iodine far from the medical kit for emergency aid.

  • Massage

    Do you want to combine business with pleasure? Call masseuse. It is you and will correct for overall health, and of excess centimeters on the feet to help get rid of. What type of massage to choose, you decide. The main thing that he was focused on his feet and lasted at least an hour. Then the result will be the person ... or on your feet as you like.

If you failed to lose weight, do not despair. Many women, faced with an unsolvable problem, rush to the aid of plastic surgery. And for good reason. Any liposuction - is primarily a surgical procedure, which can harm your health. Why take such a risk? Is not it better to learn how to dress properly, to make the problem less noticeable? Moreover, it is not difficult. Visually make the volume of the legs may be less than normal tan or any clothes black. Wear long skirts, slacks, not tight-fitting problem area. In addition, it is not recommended to use too bright colors that will attract attention to the feet.

Finally I want to advise: do not give up. Walk on foot, on the heels and refuse to lift, go swimming, then your legs will not only slim but also healthy. But health is more important readings on floor scales, or the possibility to get into your favorite jeans, believe me.

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