diet for 3 days


  • The first day (the most difficult)
  • The second day (mid-way)
  • Day Three (final)
  • Exit diet

The modern pace of life and the constant lack of time for a full meal led many to what we eat we are "on the run" and that is not always good for our health. "Sedentary" lifestyle also adversely affects our health and contributes to a set of extra kilos. Often we think that was a good idea to lose weight, only if before the "big day" left quite a bit of time. Many girls are wondering how to lose weight in 3 days, if it is real, what recommendations should be followed? If you take yourself in hand and a clear goal, you lose weight in three days is absolutely real.

So the first and most important step on the path to rapid weight loss - it is clearly the goal.

You must promise yourself that even if you will be hard to limit myself to the food, you do not give up! Very effective is the following method - Find pictures of girls with a perfect figure, that to which you aspire, and hang them around the apartment. So you will always have your goal before your eyes, and you will be less hungry. Another important rule - would not starve!

Complete rejection of the food - it's stressful for your body, instead of what would rapidly lose weight, the organism activates a defensive reaction, and you will not lose weight, in addition to harm your health! We offer you a plan of behavior, advice and recommendations on the three days of the diet with a complex exercise and beauty treatments for maximum effect.

 second day diet
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The first day (the most difficult)

As soon as the woke up, you go to the kitchen and drink a glass of cold water with lemon juice (three teaspoons). you get a large supply of energy and a lot of useful vitamins! Half an hour later do an exercise, pay attention to the problem areas, usually the abdomen and thigh. The most effective are the following exercises: jumping rope, side bends, mill, rocking the press, squats, and twisting.

Take 20 minutes to exercise, then you can bite fresh salad with oil (no salt!) And go about their business. It will be very good, if you load the days of the diet itself with work, try to take every minute of their free time, so you simply will not have thoughts about food. At lunch, eat a light chicken soup. After dinner, do not sit on the ground, try to move as much as possible. At lunch will be very helpful to eat a grapefruit, it is - fat burner.

In the evening, when you come home, drink a cup of yogurt, if you feel that it is not enough, think about what you need to lose weight for 3 days and the more you can afford not to. Before going to bed type warm bath (~ 38 ° C) and add the baking soda and half a pack of 500 grams of sea salt, turn on some relaxing music and soak in it for 20-25 minutes. This bath is very effective, it will not only help to lose weight quickly, but also to relax after a busy day. Sleep is desirable to lay down no later than 22.00, because healthy sleep is also a positive impact on your health!
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The second day (mid-way)

Your morning as the first day of the diet, should start with a glass of cold water with lemon juice and a set of exercises. The main thing - do not overdo it with the sport to the next day you do not hurt your muscles. For breakfast, eat oatmeal on the water, it is possible to add a small handful of dried fruit. If you have the opportunity, it would be nice to go for a relaxing massage, it helps to distract from the idea that you need to lose weight in 3 days, and relax muscles.

Try not to use public transport and car if you need to go a little bit, and time permits, do not be lazy, spend the day on the move! Another important rule for quick weight loss - drink at least 2 liters of clean water per day (juice, tea, coffee and soup - do not count!). Water helps to speed up metabolism and thirst quencher, which is often confused with hunger. At lunch, eat a small portion of fish or breast with steamed vegetables, drink a cup of green tea without sugar. At lunch perfect three slices of fresh pineapple, it helps burn fat and helps to lose weight quickly. In the evening, drink a glass of kefir.

Before going to bed take a hot shower with a scrub to steam the skin, and make mustard wrap. To do this, mix in a bowl 5 tablespoons dry mustard and 2 teaspoons of sugar. Dilute the mixture with hot water until the consistency of thick cream and add three tablespoons of honey. Spread mustard on the problem areas thick, wrap tightly in plastic wrap and go to bed under a warm winter blanket, turn on the TV and so will lie between 20 minutes to an hour, depending on your feelings.

If the furnace is intolerable - immediately go to wash, so as not to burn the skin, and the next time you add less sugar. After this procedure, it is desirable to put on your skin nourishing cream, the result will be noticeable immediately - the skin is tightened in the waist - minus 1 cm. This wrap make sure if you need to lose weight in 3 days.

 A three-day diet
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Day Three (final)

The last day of weight loss, start with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, it energize you for the day, besides it has a lot of useful vitamins, which are essential during weight loss. Make an easy exercise, jumping rope 100 and go for. At lunchtime snack vegetable salad and chicken breast steamed portions should be no more than 250 g If during the day you will appear irresistible hunger, drink a cup of yogurt or tomato juice.

In the evening you can afford, or 200 grams of cottage cheese, or 250 grams of baked fish. Before going to bed make a clay wrap, for that dissolve in a glass of hot broth chamomile 200 g of clay (preferably blue), add the three tablespoons of olive oil. Clay apply evenly on the body, turn around and lie down with cling film 1:00 on the sofa or do household chores. An hour later, take a contrast shower and put on body nourishing cream.

 diet results
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Exit diet

This diet is very effective for fast weight loss, and its advantage is that you do not feel constantly hungry, but it's worth noting that it is "urgent" diet in case of emergencies, and it is not necessary to resort to it often. After its completion, try to limit yourself to eating large portions, eat often, but little by little. Try to avoid alcohol, since it is a high-calorie foods and, in addition, it increases appetite.

Harmful to the body is all fried and smoked, you will not get from this food is nothing useful, and the weight will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. A very important part of any diet is exercise, do not be lazy and regularly perform the above set of exercises, gradually increasing the number of sets, so your body will not only fit, but fit.

Try to think less about what you are on a diet and to limit myself in all, not feel sorry for yourself, such thoughts can lead to depression, and you will not notice you start to eat much. The psychological factor is of great importance, therefore, load themselves with work and communicate with nice people, often think about his future beautiful figure. They play an important role and beauty treatments for weight loss, such as a bath with baking soda and sea salt wraps, infrared sauna, massage with essential oils.

Many of these treatments you can do at home on their own, the effect will be worse than in the cabin. If you are thinking about how to lose weight in 3 days, then run your figure, and little time to diet. The next time you try to eat properly, not to resort to such urgent and emergency techniques. After three days of diet, you will notice that your figure was tightened and more slender, and the weight you lose from three to six kilograms.

 Quickly Lose Weight in 3 days

 menu diet Kim Protasov


  • Basic principles and diet recommendations
  • How it works in practice
  • Hearty, tasty and varied
  • Output from the diet - the key to success
  • Effectiveness and reviews

Diet of the same name - the brainchild of Israeli doctor Kim Protasov, sometimes called simply "protasovka." Although the name of the doctor, most likely an alias.

For the first time Kima Protasov's diet, which is very rough menu progressively and to this day, appeared on the pages of the Russian press in 1999.

Until now, not every weight loss diet has in its menu a variety of relatively high-calorie products and a freedom in their use.
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Basic principles and diet recommendations

The fact that its author - a supporter of a comfortable weight loss and an outspoken opponent of lightning losing a dozen kilograms per week. Anyway it becomes somewhat sad that sugar will have to put an end once and for all. You can drink coffee and tea as much as you want, but no sweets, and sugar substitute is also contraindicated. Water should be present in the amount of 1, 5-2 liters.

But not forbidden to have authorized products in any quantity and at any time of the day (yes, and night too), so as not to experience hunger. This raw vegetables, cheese and yoghurt (without sugar and 5% fat). Cheese should not be of a certain kind, as long as it did not exceed the same fat yogurt. Later in the diet will add fish and meat, but lean. Categorical "no" would have to say baking and other sweets, cereals, potatoes and pasta, as well as alcoholic beverages. Prohibited sausages, soups, with the addition of soy products and gelatin, milk products containing various additives and sugar.

 Kim Protasov diet results are already noticeable in a month
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How it works in practice

Protasov's diet, the menu is designed for 5 weeks, involves the steps of the entrance to the diet diet and gradual exit.   Therefore, the first and the second week is the period when the body gets used to the new menus - that's all the products listed above, but also allowed a boiled egg a day and a maximum of 3 varieties of apple green. Output from the diet will take time for the same number of weeks as the diet itself lasts. Stepping on the path of healthy weight loss, you should be patient and realize that this process is not one week, as happens in most hard monodiets.

The first two weeks, when only vegetarian recipes that enable the body to cleanse and prepare to receive a balanced diet. However, the free mode of consumption of vegetables relieve hunger and give a sense of lightness and tidal energy.

To no meat and fish products are not "bored", allowed to eat vegetables in the form in which all people comfortably. If you like to just chew on a cucumber, cabbage, lettuce and carrots, so be it. And if in the form of salad nicer, it can make it a big bowl of all kinds of vegetables, cut or grate to grated egg with cheese and pour the yogurt all.

It is best to take the recommendations of Kim Protasov in the summer, because the summer is a lot of vegetables and fruits, and you can be confident in their freshness and absolute good. Of course, all products are available today and in the winter, but it will be more expensive, and still vegetables grown in a greenhouse, much inferior in their properties to natural summer fruits grown under the sun.

Thus, diet limits intake of carbohydrates, but due to the presence in the diet yogurt and eggs provides the necessary intake of protein and calcium. So do not be afraid of the negative posledstviyv as brittle hair and nails. Low-calorie meats, whole-grain bread and a little confectionery during the day is possible, but all those who suffered the effects of a diet of Protasov, argue that by the end of the second week of craving for high-calorie foods disappears by itself, so that even a boiled egg has become superfluous.

When injected meat and fish, eating cheese, which refers to a fairly high-calorie foods, you need to cut. Disappearances kilograms should not be expected before the beginning of the third week of the diet, and it will be very slow. Slimming begin to notice significant results only in the last weeks. Although the duration of the whole process, to comply with the recommendations of the diet is much simpler than any other. But the transition to the traditional menu (ravioli, pasta, fried foods) will not happen overnight. This is not because the body is unaccustomed. Normalize the metabolism and change the rhythm of the pancreas, which is responsible for cravings. A maximum of vegetables adjusts activity of the intestine. Apples, mandatory consumption, promote uptake of pectins and carbohydrates.

Tentative menu one day looks like this:

1st and 2nd week:

  • Breakfast: cheese, seasoned with grated apple, yogurt or low-fat sour cream, tea without sugar.
  • Lunch: an apple or fresh vegetables.
  • Lunch: vegetable salad, slice of cheese, a glass of tomato juice
  • Afternoon snack: an apple.
  • Dinner: soup with fresh vegetables, dressed with yogurt or yogurt, egg and tea.

3rd - 5th week:

  • Breakfast: egg salad with yogurt and tea.
  • Lunch: vegetable salad with added chicken.
  • Lunch: grilled chicken (100 g.) With lettuce, tea.
  • Snack: 2 apples, a cup of yogurt.
  • Dinner: boiled or steam fish (100 gr.), Vegetables.

Meanwhile, snacking can be a lot more, but they only consist of dairy products and raw vegetables. On the pages of the Internet can find a diet Protasov, where the menu includes soups with potatoes and salads dressed with vegetable oil. I must say that it is has nothing to do with the above diet. At 5 weeks, any soups, pureed vegetables other than in the form of mashed potatoes, and vegetable oil are excluded. Only after the fifth week of the diet gradually begin to appear other products.

Many nutritionists are absolutely in agreement that the diet Protasov frees man from dependence on sweets. Be refined menu after the course weight loss include other fruits and cereals, it is possible to make a steady diet of healthy food. Fat in the diet is also limited, but not eliminated altogether. They are present in the diet, a few weeks later, in the form of lean meat, which is not completely devoid of fat.

 Sample menu diet
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Hearty, tasty and varied

In addition to general recommendations, contains diet Kim Protasov and recipes. Menu of the third week is somewhat different from the first two, but the fact that the vegetables, apples, cheese, and yogurt, you can add 300 grams of lean meat, chicken or fish. The amount of cheese and yoghurt is reduced, but not eliminated altogether. Thus diet is within three weeks. For life on vegetables and herbs did not seem very monotonous, you can turn the culinary imagination and invent a lot of options for all kinds of salads.

For example, the traditional salad ingredients, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and onions can add grated on a coarse grater or julienne radish. And to spice it all better with salt and drizzle with vinegar. To tasted richer to send as a boiled egg.

Recipes for salads can vary so that none of your friends, and do not believe that it is permitted dietary meals. So original and unusual taste salad omelette, fried without oil. One egg in fact allowed, that should beat him with milk, and fry in a pan with non-stick coating a thin omelet, which is subsequently cut into squares or strips and randomly mixed with vegetables, grated processed cheese and yogurt. Just bear in mind that becomes quite nutritious salad and eat it to be in the middle of the day. Do not abuse this dish throughout the day, which is not the salads, which are present only vegetables.

It is not forbidden to prepare a salad with canned fish in oil, but the oil is drained before it is kneaded fish with a fork. Salad preparing layers, wherein one of the layers can create a protein and the other egg yolk, then any favorite vegetables. Each layer is smeared yogurt. The dish turns out hearty and tasty.

The approximate menu of salads you can include any variety of cabbage: a colored, white or Brussels, which blends well with the grated carrots, green peas, greens. This salad can be prepared with the participation of both yogurt and a frayed all ingredients with salt and sprinkle on top of vinegar or lemon juice.

One option could be called dietary salads salad of canned corn. It is encouraging that about Kim Protasov menu does not exclude the use of spices, garlic, vinegar and citric acid (in very small quantities), which gives the dish a spicy, not sweet taste. Who likes, can be added to salads, cinnamon, ginger.

So, for the preparation of salad with corn, the first thing crushed garlic on chesnokodavke or grated and mixed with pepper, salt and lemon juice. To this mixture is connected to corn, which is beautifully placed on a lettuce leaf. Well than not a restaurant meal ?!

Very appetizing kind of "sandwiches", issued on the tomato slices. To do this, mixed in yogurt cheese, garlic, pepper and displayed on top of the tomato.

As for the cooking of meat, when it is introduced into the vegetarian menu, it is better to fry without fat or bake in the oven. Perfectly suited for this purpose baking recipes for an hour in the salt chicken or chicken breast in cream sauce.

When the meat is available to power, it can also be added to salads. Slices of chicken fried in a dry frying pan, cooled and sent to any salad. Well it is combined with cabbage. Sample menu Protasova ingredient does not exclude such as shrimps, comprising salads. And who tried once okroshka on kefir or serum instead of kvass, will not mind and "protasovskoy" hash on yogurt.

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Output from the diet - the key to success

Recommendations for gradual transition to a normal diet is not new, but not everyone lose weight after weight loss rate is gradually increasing calories. And for good reason. Many say that a diet Kim Protasov was so good that a long period of rehabilitation. After a five-week diet diet remains the same, but you can fill the salad vegetable oil or replace other kinds of apple fruit except bananas.

Meanwhile, 5% of yogurt, on the contrary, is replaced by non-fat. After another week administered for breakfast cereals, as water and milk. You should begin with just 2-3 tablespoons. Pleasure will take a handful of nuts.

We must try to stretch the output is not less than 5 weeks, gradually increasing the proportion of fat in the diet, while maintaining it at a level of 30-40%. Soups should be present only in the last week. At 2 months should forget about pasta, sweet bread and rice.
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Effectiveness and reviews

Information about diet Kim Protasov poses no mystery, but the author does not want to show his face to the public. However, his diet is recognized not only simple inhabitants, but also experts in the field of nutrition, because the diet does not have any whatsoever strict contraindications, it cleanses and revitalizes the entire body. Precautions should approach the diet for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

It is recommended to pay attention to the amount of salt and fat cheeses. Some nutritionists believe that the text translator Kim Protasov diet probably admit inaccuracy, calling granular curd cheese. In Israel, very common compressed, low-fat cottage cheese, which the author, and has in mind.

Instead of the recommended yogurt is fine fat yogurt 3, 2, or fermented baked milk. Milk and yogurt with additives excluded. But taking a multivitamin and trace elements, and moderate exercise will only benefit.

To experience the effect of the diet suggest tremendous weight loss in 10 weeks, from 8 to 12 kg. Even with some eating disorders, weight loss of at least 5 kg in the allotted period. At the same time significantly reduced waist circumference and hip.

And yet, with all the positive reviews, the diet recommended for use no more than 1 time per year, from mid-summer until the end of the autumn season, when it is easier from a financial point of view and useful in terms of product quality. It is important that the results achieved for a long time stored.

 "Protasovka" - a diet of good nutrition