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The beauty of a woman - a grace, naturalness and perfection in everything. At least, every girl would like to hear in your address words. However, in order to become ideal, it must be long and exhausting work on themselves, including over her figure. Of course, the best place to start creating your unique image with the correct problem areas. Agree, very few people like sagging or flabby stomach cellulite that covers the hips. No less common problem - a weak press. Today we look at what exercises for the upper press is the most efficient and effective.

How to improve training

But before you jump straight to a discussion of the exercises, read some tips with which you do not just compete laziness, but also come to the desired result, while working out. Try to remember these guidelines every time just getting to the charge:

  • Get a notebook, which will record all the exercises that you perform

Shall describe a clear timetable for work and follow him daily. Exercises on the upper and lower part of the press is required to perform five times a week - then the result will not keep waiting. To some it may seem that the entries in this book - just an empty translation time; but believe me, it really works. When you see what you need to do to achieve the goal, the exercises bring much more benefit and executed with great pleasure.

  • It is important not the number of repetitions and perform the exercises, and their quality

It is better to carry out with great diligence three or four of the most difficult exercises on the upper press, rather than lazily perform ten or fifteen others, lighter, but less effective. The press, like any other part of the body needs a constant part of the training - always remember this. Because, starting to play sports, do not leave class until later and do not miss your workout.

  • Do not lower yourself to the floor before the end of the charging time - always keep the head above the floor.

By this simple way all exercises will be carried out by even more powerful. This allows you to keep your abdominal muscles in constant tension and tone that enhances the effectiveness of the training in general. At first it may seem difficult, but eventually you get used to.

 exercises for the upper press

We worked through the top news

Considering the effective set of exercises, we have chosen for you the most simple, but at the same time useful.

  • Raising the upper body

One of the classic options for strengthening the upper part of the press. You will need a towel folded into a tube - sheet under his back, if you do not on the mat and on the floor. Lie on your back, legs while bending at the knees and put on the floor, place the hands behind the head. Lift the body, and, pausing at the top for a few seconds, fall back. There roller avoids surge back. Perform two sets of twenty times.

  • Ulnar Front

Exercise effective by working through the deep abdominal muscles, and the muscles of the back, shoulders and arms. To perform the rack lie on his stomach on the floor, drawing on his hands, bent at the elbows. Note that the hands must lie parallel to the body. Now lift the body, relying only on your toes and forearms. Pay attention to the fact that there is no deflection in the back, and his body was straight. In this position you need to stay for one minute. Perform two sets of ten repetitions each.

  • Deflections

No less effective to work on the press than the rise of the upper body and elbow desk. Here you need to lie on your stomach and stretch your legs, with the toes rest on the floor as much as possible. His hands clasped behind his back, then inhale and lift as high as possible up the body. In order to maintain the balance, press the legs tighter to the floor. In this position, he made ten breaths, then lower down. It requires two approaches, each containing twelve repeats.

  • The letter T

Continuing with the best exercises for the upper press, and it is worth remembering about the "letter T". When it is running completely involved the whole body, it is important to keep the balance. If you are the first time will be able to perform this exercise, your physical condition is admirable. "Letter T" is as follows: Lie face to the floor, then lift rests on the outstretched arms and toes. First, move your weight on your left hand, turning the body, and raised his right hand above him so that the body with the hands resembles the letter T. Try to stay in this position for a few seconds, then return to starting position. Repeat twenty times for each side.

  • Bend over backwards

Exercise performed sitting. Bend your legs, put them on the floor, straighten your back at the same time. Hands pull ahead. The first thing to stretch the abdominal muscles, then lean back (create an angle of forty-five degrees). At the same time, bend your arms and squeeze your fingers into fists. Imagine, if you hold the rope that passes in front of you. Briefly Hold this position and return to the starting position. Exercise requires ten repetitions.

  • Lunges

Exercise with dumbbells. In the right hand take a dumbbell and lift the top. Please note that your elbow was about ear level. Now take a step left foot and slowly lower down - the thigh should be parallel to the floor. Return to the starting position. It is necessary to perform the two approaches, twelve to fifteen repetitions each.

Try in between how to do exercises to recover your breath - your muscles need rest. Initially, make two or three slow breaths, feeling the press is shrinking. Then breathe freely until it is restored calm breathing. At first, the exercises may seem complicated, but when get used to, you will do is not difficult to do more repetitions and approaches, making the already effective exercises will give an even greater result.

A few words in farewell

Despite the fact that these exercises for the upper press is quite simple, it will not prevent you from becoming the owner of sexy, beautiful and good press. You can safely walk on the beach without being ashamed of her body flaw - they just will not! The complex of the above exercise is good because he laid out specifically for the study at home, so do them will not be difficult even for beginners.

It is essential that you have worked on it a constant. Agree, beauty - these are the main gifts of nature that for every girl very valuable. Try to eat rationally, take care of the face and body, you love yourself - and you will notice that your reflection in the mirror will like you a lot more!

 Making sexual tummy: exercises for the upper press

 exercises for the muscles of the hands


  • Basic exercises for the hands
  • Exercises for arms with dumbbells for women
  • Strength exercises for the muscles in the arms
  • Effective exercises for breast beauty

Every girl and woman dreams of a beautiful toned figure and to achieve this goal, many visit the gym or train at home. But very often, trying to achieve the perfect press, buttocks or legs, we all forget about their hands. But if he does not pay attention, they can quickly become a problem area.

Doing exercises for the muscles of the hands (or rather, incorporate them into a common set of physical activity) is recommended for all women, regardless of complexion and figure type: Large women often complain that the muscles in his arms look flabby and many slim notice that their pen They look too thin.

With the onset of spring, "the question of beauty hands" is becoming increasingly important for many women: because very soon it was time to open dresses, T-shirts and sundresses. So, in this article we will talk about effective exercises for different groups of muscles in the arms, which you can do at home on their own. With regular training, the first effect is usually noticeable within a month.

Basic exercises for the hands

Let's start with a fairly simple exercise program for women that can be performed during the morning exercise or workout for the day. If you have never worked on the muscles of the hands and did not pay them much attention, then you should start it with these simple exercises doing exercises for 5-10 minutes a day. Gradually increase the load and the need to include a more complex set of exercises for the muscles in the arms.

  1. Squeeze your hands into a fist and rotate them in different directions, making a circular motion. For example, 20 rotations clockwise and 20 against. This exercise trains the muscles of the wrist.
  2. Also, to strengthen the wrist can make swinging hand (if you're waving someone goodbye). Perform a number of approaches can be 15-20 times.
  3. Exercise "snake movement." Try to repeat the trajectory of the hand movement of a snake. You should involve all the muscles from the wrist to the shoulder.
  4. We draw circles with his hands. To do this, pull the hands apart and make a circular motion from the shoulder. Suffice it to repeat for 1 minute on each side.
  5. Push-ups from the wall. This is a simple but nevertheless effective way to give the load on the muscles of the shoulders and arms. Stand in front of the wall at arm's length, lean hands and do 10-20 pushups with your back straight.
  6. Push-ups with knees. Get down on the floor and lean on his knees and his hands: the knees should be at a distance of 20-30 centimeters from each other and the palms - parallel to the shoulders. Slowly bend your arms as long as the floor touches the chest, then slowly unbend. Try to keep your back straight. Suffice it to repeat 8 times.
  7. Starting position: lying on his stomach. Legs slightly dissolve in hand, rest your palms on the floor and slowly tear the body off the floor until it is fully straighten your arms. Freeze in this position for 5-10 seconds and then slowly lower yourself. Suffice repeated 5 times.
  8. Exercise "lock". Get Bent hands behind his back (one - from the bottom, another - over the shoulder) and connect the fingers clasped them to the castle. Now, pull your hands in opposite directions against the resistance. Doing the "lock" for a minute, change hands.
  9. Breeding hand in hand. Stand erect, feet shoulder width apart, arms relaxed and lowered along the body. Raise arms to chest level so that they are parallel to the floor, then lower. This exercise you can do in two ways: dynamic (raise and lower the arms) and static (holding up a hand holding 2-3 minutes in this position).

Most women forget that during training, as in any other loads, it is necessary to breathe correctly: exhale on effort made. So your classes become more productive.

 exercises arm muscles

Exercises for arms with dumbbells for women

Now let's move on to more complex studies that require some physical fitness. You can choose several options from those that will be described, and do them several times a week - as a part of basic training or separately. A large number of exercises performed with hand weights as they contribute to increase the burden on muscles.

  1. Stretching hands with dumbbells in hand, bend and unbend them to the shoulders. You can perform the movements with both hands at the same time, it is possible - alternately left and right. Enough to start 20 times.
  2. Lying on the floor, bend your arms at the elbows with dumbbells (90 degrees above the breast) and spread them apart, touching the floor as possible. This option is quite difficult for women, so you can start with 10 times, gradually increasing the load.
  3. Stand up straight and lower your arms along the body with dumbbells. On the "time" bend your elbows on the "two" - dissolve in hand, "three" - bend and "four" lower. Perform 5-8 times.
  4. Stand up straight, hands with dumbbells pull forward. Then, raise your arms above your head slowly and try to make them as far as possible back. Then slowly lower your arms to the starting position. You can start with 5 times.
  5. Lie down on the floor, bend your knees and hands with dumbbells - the elbows and push chest. On the "time" unbend his hands, as if pushing the dumbbells up at the expense of "two" - falls. Efforts are being made to inhale and exhale discouraged. Repeat 10 times.
  6. Hands with dumbbells connect stretched above his head (you can take a dumbbell in both hands). Bend arms so that turned out to be a dumbbell behind your back, then straighten. Repeat up to 20 times.

For all the above exercises are best dumbbell weight 1, 5 kg, since on the one hand, they are not too light and provide sufficient load, but at the same time and not too heavy, which prevents the occurrence of muscle spasm.

Strength exercises for the muscles in the arms

Above we have exercises that will help to women in an effort to bring arms into shape and keep them in good shape. However, some of the fair sex are not only willing to make a hand fit and slim, but also to give them a beautiful muscular relief. It needs to perform more complex embodiments, which give more load on the muscles, in particular the triceps. So, here are some yoga exercises.

  1. Pushups

    To perform this exercise was adopted laying stress: put your hands shoulder-width apart, toes pointing forward, not sideways. Slowly bend your arms, pressing his hands to the body. When the chest touches the floor, hands unbend. For starters, you can do push-ups 3-4, gradually increase the number of times up to 10.

  2. Exercises with dumbbells

    For them, you can take a dumbbell weighing more than 1, 5 kg. Basic exercise: standing, legs slightly bend your knees, lower the dumbbells with arms along the body. Slowly raise arms to shoulder level, then slowly lower. Repeat 10 times.

  3. To make the shoulder muscles more elastic and relief well suited this exercise: arms bent at the elbows at 90 degrees, pull down in front of the breast

    Then, without straightening arms, alternately raise them. Enough to make 10 repetitions on each arm. Performing upgrades, you will feel as tense shoulder muscles and triceps.

  4. "Punching" ball

    If you have a football (big ball for fitness), you can perform this exercise: place your hands to the ball, keep the legs straight, feet slightly apart and try to push it. In this complex involves all the muscles of the shoulder to the hand wrist.

  5. Turns on the bar

    If your home has a beam or horizontal bar, you can several times a week to do the following: hanging on the bar, by turning the torso to the right and to the left. To start will suffice 10 times in each direction. Besides strengthening the muscles in the arms, turns useful for spine and posture.

 exercise for the muscles of the hands

Effective exercises for breast beauty

Helpful advice for women who do not have much time in hand to create the perfect body: Exercise for hands and are also effective for the chest muscles, so you can include them in your complex, killing the "two birds at the same time."

  1. Bend your elbows at chest level so that the palm rest against each other (with the fingers should be pointing upwards). Strain hand resting in the palm of his hand, then Freeze in this position - and gradually relax your hands. Do 20-30 approaches.
  2. You can complicate the exercise by squeezing hands, raising his hands above his head.
  3. Exercise with dumbbells: lift the arms with dumbbells straight up and bend your elbows in turn, setting the stage hands behind his back. Perform it can be like standing and sitting. Try to keep your arms straight and raise your elbows to the sides. Repeat 10 to 20 times.

These exercises we hand composed specifically for women, taking into account the physiological characteristics and based on long-term observations. These training programs will not take much time, but the effect will be visible very soon. When any of the above systems follow their feelings, as in the muscles and the joints. If an action causes pain, you should stop its execution.

Also keep in mind, and that if you're not used to doing sports and even did exercises in the morning, there is no need to start too active to carry out all at once. Start slowly, by just a few simple exercises, do them a minimal amount of time. A week can gradually increase the load. If you just give your body too great a burden, then the next day you simply can not stand.

With regard to strength training for women, they should carry no more than twice a week (for a start will be enough of one). Pay attention to the weight of goods, that you are going to work. The optimum weight is 1, 5-2 kg.

And perhaps the most important rule for women, regardless of complexion - to practice regularly! If you want to achieve visible results and to make arms toned and beautiful, then practiced them every day: a better deal for 10 minutes every day than 1 hour a week. Be healthy and beautiful!

 Exercises for muscles of hands: The minimum amount of time - the maximum effect

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