fitball exercises for the press


  • Selecting a projectile
  • A set of exercises

People with beautiful body often notice yourself admiring glances. And the owners of neat cubes and beautiful relief tummies press almost always gets rave comments. But to achieve such forms need a lot of work, and therefore have a calm and patience. But if you tune in, a lot of effort and maximum focus, the result does not take long and you will be very pleased with themselves.

Many young mums known problem of sagging abdomen after childbirth. This is "due to" physical stress on the spine, which a woman is exposed during pregnancy. The result - the loss of muscle tone and increased abdominal fat.

Actively deal with the above problem helps swing the press. This simple exercise, not just a pretty effective way to improve your health, but also helps to preserve youthfulness. In addition, this type of exercise does not require any special skills. All fitness professionals put emphasis on exercises for the press exactly on fitball. As shown by recent studies, there is a qualitative result is much faster and more productively from the usual exercise if they perform using fitball.

Why is this propaganda? Because words are confirmed by the result - exercises on the ball give real effect. Exercises on fitball require attention and diligence that eliminates unauthorized switching to something inessential. Also, due to the shape of the ball and the instability is created, it is possible to use additional muscle stabilizers which "skip" in the conventional method of pumping media.

In addition, the exercises allow the ball to protect against lower back and spine injuries. This is not the whole list of positive qualities of the ball for fitness, with which the thin waist and flat stomach perekochuyut discharge from dreams into reality. Outdated methods of pumping the press compared with fitball exercises virtually does not give the desired result.

Selecting a projectile

Before pumping the press on the ball for fitness, it should be selected individually for themselves. The right choice - a serious matter. Remember to grow up to 165 centimeters is ideal ball with the size of 60 centimeters in diameter. With the growth of 165 to 175 centimeters should opt for a projectile with a diameter of 65 centimeters-long. For the above-average growth will require a ball with a diameter of no less than 70 centimeters. The main thing to remember that only with a properly chosen projectile can achieve the desired results and to get a flat stomach and slender waist.

 exercises on the ball for the press

A set of exercises

Now let's proceed directly to the actual exercise on fitball for the press, of which there are quite a few did not.

  • The first exercise is aimed at the effective working of all the abdominal muscles

First you need to take the starting position. To do this, sit on a fitball. This foot should stand on the floor smoothly and arms - arms crossed over his chest. Keeping balance with overstep their feet, be careful down on the ball so that the entire surface of the back turned out to be on the ball and your knees at the same time were under the ankles, the head will have to keep on weight and do not recline. When the starting position is assumed to be an isolated effort of the muscles try to slowly curl, we must not violate the order - head, shoulders, mid back. Full reduction of abdominal muscles suggests that it is time to go in the opposite direction to the starting position - just as slowly.

The initial phase includes 1-2 sets, each consisting of 8-10 repetitions. Rest between sets can be 45 seconds. Once this exercise is mastered, it is time to move to a more complex version. To do this, you must do all of the above movements, but with his arms bent at the elbows, and located on the back of the head. Fingers can not cross. The number of sets is increased to 3 to 12 repeats. You also need to reduce the time to 30 seconds of rest.

For those who have not been on the first day of the ball, the next option is suitable exercises. It should be similar to the original position, but hands should be rectified over his head and placed close to the ears. The arms must first take some weighting with a weight of 1 to 3 kg. This exercise is performed in 2-3 sets of 12-15 repetitions each. If you do not want to use weights, simply increase the number of sets to 4, and the number of repeats in each of them between 15 and 20. In this case, the hand must remain straight.

  • The second exercise is aimed at working of direct and oblique abdominal muscles

In order to take the starting position, you need to sit on fitball so that the feet flat on the floor and his knees were bent. Keeping balance with overstep their feet should go back on the ball and put his right hand on the back of the head. This situation continues to strain the muscles of the buttocks and pushing the pelvis up. It should draw the belly and lift the upper part of the body. Then turn right shoulder to the left side and vice versa. This exercise is to work out 1-2 sets of 8-10 repetitions. Increasing the number of sets and trips depends on the speed of development of muscle strength. Rest between sets for beginners is 30 seconds, and for the more advanced - the minimum number.

  • The third exercise is aimed at the effective working of all the abdominal muscles, attach hip flexors

In order to make the starting position on the need to go back and tighten fitball between ankles while keeping your legs straight. Hands should be behind your head, and it is desirable to cling to any support. The following stretch your abdominal muscles tight and keep the ball down, his knees drawn up to her chest. Buttocks lift off the floor and maintained in that position for a moment. Returning to the original position should be slow.

The initial phase of this exercise involves 1-2 sets of 12-15 repetitions. Further, the number of sets should be increased to 3-4 with 20 repetitions. On rest between sets you can take 30 seconds or less. This exercise can be supplemented by lifting the legs, but it should be done only with the help of abdominal muscles. In this spin should not bend at the waist. To increase the load placed on the ankle weights. This addition prodelyvat 12 times.

  • The fourth exercise is aimed at the effective working of all the abdominal muscles connecting the muscles of the buttocks, middle back and hips flexors and hamstrings

In order to make the starting position should be down on their knees, the body and the thigh should be perpendicular to the floor, and hands clasped in castle. Keeping this situation thighs, you need both hands to lean on fitball. This is followed by a very slow pumping the ball forward until the 45 degree angle of inclination of the body. After a short stop and a deep breath, it is necessary to involve the stomach and slowly roll back the ball away from you until you feel tension in the muscles of the abdomen. This curvature of the spine should be natural. Complete the exercise should return to its original position. The initial phase includes 2 sets of 12 repetitions. Given the speed of muscle strength, the number of sets can be increased to 3, and repeats - 15 for up to rest only 30 seconds.

This exercise can be done with a focus in fitbol clenched hands.

  • The fifth exercise is aimed at the effective working of the abdominal muscles

In order to make the starting position, you lie on your back and stretch your legs. Fitbol be raised over his head, while keeping your arms straight. This situation continues to stress the press and separation from the floor of the head, neck and shoulder blades. At the same time the ball must move at the same time to the legs. Then comes the turn of twisting the body to the maximum, and clip the ball with his feet. Then you need to drop to the floor and upper body at the same time raise your feet up, and the ball must remain squeezed them.

Catching the ball with his hands, his feet should be lowered to its original position. The initial phase includes 1-2 sets of 12-15 repetitions. Depending on how you will develop muscle strength, the number of sets can be increased to 3, and fitball replace heavier weighting or medical ball at the ankles.

  • Six exercises aimed at working of all the abdominal muscles, but mainly transverse and oblique internal muscles

In order to make the starting position should be down on the floor and make his hands behind his head so that they remain straight. Fitball should hold calves and abdominal muscles tighten and cause the spine in a neutral position. Next, you need to take a deep breath and slightly bent at the knees, raise fitball at 45 degrees from the floor. Then, with slow exhalation, and with the help of muscle strength, raise the shoulders, head and pulled his hands to the ball. As long legs held in the air, head and shoulders sink into its original position. The legs are lowered last. The initial phase includes 1 set of 10 repetitions. Depending on the speed of muscle strength, increasing the number of sets to 2 repeats 12-15. On rest between sets aside only 30 seconds.

Remember that each proposed exercise, all movements should be slow and smooth. This will help develop a skill for their proper implementation. If at first to rush out and use excessive additional load, there is a risk of acquiring a hernia. Have patience and keep the balance on the ball.

To prevent injuries and muscle pain after the entire set of exercises on the ball, you must pass "procedure" stretch. Fitball for this ideal, as the entire mass of the body is moved to it. At the same time the muscles relax and release excessive load on joints.

Exercise on fitball for full extensions will not require much effort. So, for the adoption of the original provisions should sit on the ball and smoothly put the feet slightly wider than shoulder near him. The hips should be lowered so that the area of ​​the back, waist and buttocks rested at a slight angle on the ball. Thus knees should be bent, and hands to be free standing.

Next, a deep breath, you need to straighten your legs and bend the arc so that fitball was in the area of ​​the back and buttocks. Here are the feet of real estate. Making a deep breath, straight arms diverted his head to touch your fingers to the floor. Such a stretched position is maintained for 30 seconds. Exercise ends with the return to the starting position.

Since during exercise for the press on the ball involve many muscle groups, the total stretching is not enough. Therefore we recommend to perform the exercises for stretching below.

To stretch the back muscles need to take a fitball, hugged her round the knees and back. Then you need to pull the shoulder blades back. Then you need to completely relax all the muscles of the back, shoulders and neck. In the forward tilt position is to be delayed for about 30 seconds, and then return to its original position.

To stretch shoulder muscles should sit up straight, take the elbow of his left hand and bend it a little bit in front of chest. Further, keeping the stationary housing and the rising shoulder of elongated arms, it is necessary to pull in the opposite direction and stay in this position for about 30 seconds. These movements should be repeated for the right hand.

To stretch the chest muscles need to sit up and raise arms bent at the elbows. This brush should be placed on a line with your shoulders and lower back should not sag. Then the hands are retracted to a maximum of opening the chest. This position is necessary to stay for about 30 seconds, and then return to its original position.

To stretch the muscles of the buttocks and back of the thighs should sit on a fitball, bend one leg at an angle of 90 degrees, and the second to straighten. At the same time there should be a stop on the heel and palm lie on the thighs. Keeping the back straight position, you need to lean forward over the body as much as possible until you feel tension in the muscles at the back of the thigh straight leg. In this position should be about 30 seconds and then return to the original. Similar movements should be done for the second leg.

Any stretching is performed on an exhalation, while maintaining posture, breathing should be calm and steady. These kinds of extensions to be applied after a complex operation with each muscle group. For example, after pumping the chest muscles, it is desirable to perform all the exercises for stretching the chest muscles, and so on.

Remember that only the exercises on the ball with the help of which uses specific muscle groups will help you to easily and quickly make your tummy nice and flat with the least load on the spine. To do this, it is not necessary to exhaust yourself hours of training in the fitness - clubs and gyms. You just need to buy this wonderful simulator and following our recommendations, proceed to perform regular exercise program to the press on fitball at home.

 Exercises for the press on fitball - secret slim waist