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  • Roller press - a panacea for strong muscles
  • What's he like?
  • How to work with a roller?
  • Extension with a roller to press on his knees
  • Extension with a roller to press, lying on his stomach
  • Extension with roller sitting on the floor
  • Extension of the roller on straight legs
  • Warnings and advice for women

Have the perfect press - the dream of every self-respecting woman. And let it not be the so-called "cubes", but the press would like to have not loose. This question is particularly urgent after the winter. But it is not always possible to be like in the fitness-club. The result is that women want to pump up the press at home. But how to do it at home? On the advice of friends, many women have tried to engage in various video - rollers. And as often happens in such cases, not seeing quick results, throwing exercise.

It's no secret that thin people pronounced abdominal muscles, though they did not even try to swing. How can we explain this phenomenon? The fact that the press gives a nice low amount of fat and no heavy exercise. This means that all of the above you need to take him on board? To have a beautiful press, the first is diet, and only then drill press. And again we come to the drill press. If you do not have the ability or desire to be like the gym and wants to have a beautiful press, how to be in this case?

Roller press - a panacea for strong muscles

There are a lot of exercises for training abdominal muscles: and with shells and without shells. One of the common and ordinary ammunition for training the abdominal muscles is a gymnastic roller. He gives a good power load, small-size and takes up little space in the apartment. The exercises can be done with a roller anywhere. The main condition for this - availability of space.

The effect will be noticeable within a week of classes. Before the exercises with the roller you should know that they have their own advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of these sessions is to work all the abdominal muscles and not only ... In the abdominal muscles work deltoids, the muscles of hands, muscle - back extensors and obliques. One drawback - if you are not trained, the roller can be travmoopasen for you, as it gives a heavy load on the lumbar muscles.

If you want to have the body of your dreams, then you go to some of the hardships and limitations. Comments on the results of training exercises with gymnastic roller available on the Internet. Decided? Then go ahead to shop for roller. It costs relatively inexpensive, so that a hole in your budget "does not break."

What's he like?

This is the simplest compact simulator that allows you to train not only the abdominal muscles, but also the arms, legs, hips, back and shoulders. Naturally, pumping the press without any tools would be the most ideal option that does not require solving problems with the acquisition of simulators and learning how they work. But, as experience has shown, the movie is doing exercises for abdominal muscles pumping Bole effective.

Before you get to workout with a roller, you should become familiar with its structure. It is so simple that its inventor and wants to be called a genius. So, we put the wheel on the axle and handed athlete, thirsting to have a beautiful embossed muscles. Oddly enough, but the level of effectiveness of a simple simulator can compete with the most serious and complex.

Over time, the design of roller press has changed for the better. Now on the shelves of specialty sports stores you can find models with one or two rubber wheels and a handle that allows you to reduce noise and eliminate the motion injuries of the skin of hands. Nobody argues that the exercises with the roller are not that easy, but one thing is the awareness of future results should bring pleasure to work with the trainer.

 effective exercises for the press with a roller

How to work with a roller?

Training with the roller will be particularly useful for those women who wish to return to its former shape after pregnancy. But a lot of work must be applied and the effects of these exercises is much more than any other exercise with homemade projectiles. The main thing is the correct exercises with gymnastic roller. What is muscle directed their action?

And the effect is truly universal. When operating in the upper body arms and shoulders are involved, but the greatest burden is on the muscles of the chest and back muscles. The middle part of the muscle groups also received an enormous burden - this flexors - extensors of the press, the lower back, hamstrings and quadriceps - ie the notorious problem areas. But to do this exercise quite difficult.

When you exercise with gymnastic roller is very important proper breathing: the inclination of the body - on the breath, straightening - exhale. Practice each exercise 10-15 times. Perform exercises for the press roller can be from a standing position on your lap, laying on the floor, standing on its feet. For the convenience of the exercises for pumping media need to purchase a gym mat.

Exercises to swing a little press. However, they are sufficient for training abdominal muscles. The main condition of success has regularity and perseverance during training. At first, the muscle will no doubt hurt, but it is impractical to stop activity, and just need to do the exercises every day. Over time, muscle pain go away.

Extension with a roller to press on his knees

The starting position for this exercise - Stand on your knees. Exercise video you need to put on the floor in front of him. Straighten your arms and lean on the roller wheel. Move it forward at the same time lower the body as long as the breast touches the thighs. Complete the exercise by returning to its original position a reverse movement. Repeat 10-15 times in the two approaches.

Take a starting position for this exercise - Stand on your knees. Put a gymnastic roller on the surface of the floor in front of him. Straighten your arms and lean on the roller. At the same time gently move it in front of you and tilt the body as much as possible for as long as it touches the chest the floor. After touching the floor, pause for a few seconds. After a pause, go back to its original position a reverse movement. Repeat 10-15 times in the two approaches.

Extension with a roller to press, lying on his stomach

Starting position - lie down on his stomach. Exercise Roller press is in outstretched hands. Deflection and not taking his hips off the floor, tighten the clip to her. Pause and return movement back to the starting position. Repeat 10-15 times in the two approaches.

Extension with roller sitting on the floor

Starting position - sit down on the floor, straighten your legs and pull forward. Exercise Roller press is the right of you. Keeping his feet on the floor, arms straight move the clip to the side as long as the floor touches the chest. Then return to the starting position of the reverse movement. The same repeat of the position of the roller to the left of you. During this exercise, there is a load on the obliques. Exercise should be done slowly. Repeat 10 times in each direction in the two approaches.
Starting position - sit down on the floor. The legs bend at the knees. Exercise video in your hands and move under foot. Holding clip in the hands, feet lean on its handle. Slow motion straighten the leg until it touches the chest with his knee. Reverse movement back to the starting position. Repeat 10-15 times in the two approaches.

Extension of the roller on straight legs

Starting position - be right upright, feet should be shoulder width apart. Gymnastic wheel to set the slope of the floor in front of him. Lean on him straight arms. Slowly move gymnastic roller forward, as long as it touches the chest floor. Pause for a few seconds. Reverse movement back to the starting position. Repeat 10-15 times in the two approaches.

Training with a gymnastic roller very well help to restore a flat tummy women who pronounced the problem areas. To put himself in the proper form will be enough to pay daily training ten minutes. Exercises with a roller to allow the press to keep the abdominal muscles to tighten state.

As mentioned earlier, proper breathing - it is a basic requirement during a workout with the roller. Improper breathing decreases the effect of exercise as the muscles do not get the required amount of oxygen.

At the same time we should not forget that should be moderate in their desires. It should not be too "zealous" to achieve their goals. Because incorrect breathing coupled with improper execution of the exercise will lead to a result that is absolutely opposite to the expected. Pay particular attention to those aspects when exercising abdominal muscles during training.

 the right exercises with the roller-press

Warnings and advice for women

From the data of medical statistics shows that women who train frequently and for long hours, have problems in the field of gynecology. Most often the problem related to the omission of women's bodies facing athletes, dancers.

Similar problems arise as a result of the work of coaches do not pay enough attention to the correct implementation of training exercises for the abdominals. Women involved in this exercise, not warned that excessive force when voltage media, as it were pushed out urinary organs of the reproductive system. This is explained by the fact that a strong reduction in the press causes an increase in intra-abdominal pressure. The internal pressure presses on the uterus, vagina and bladder, trying to push them out. Only a reduction in pelvic muscles does not fall down and these bodies.

Women should know that to prevent this undesirable phenomenon will only exercise the pelvic floor muscles. Performing exercises for the abdominals, it is necessary to work much pelvic floor muscles before any tension press. Such a design exercise for the abdominals is the only correct one. Nowadays the situation has changed, though not always the woman explained the technique of performing the exercises. To date, not all trainers warn women about the need to reduce the pelvic floor muscles during exercise for the abdominal muscles before any voltage.

So we know that the pelvic muscles perform a protective function for us from the appearance of gynecological problems associated with physical exertion. For high-quality performance of this function, the pelvic floor muscles just need to be strengthened. To do this, there are also special exercises. But that's another story. And now, dear women, remember a few truths:

Never forget that your health is in your hands. Be healthy, be beautiful and loved.

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