exercise with dumbbells for the press


  • General recommendations for sporting activities
  • What are the weights
  • Bricks, blocks, or "build" the press dreams

Good physical shape of his own body is the basis for good health and cheerful mood. Beautiful female figure line meeting modern canons of appeal, give its owner more confidence in his own irresistibility. Gone are the extremes: massive and transparency are not equally fashionable. At the peak of the popularity of slim athletic figure that looks toned and energetic: flat press, buttocks tightened, beautiful relief of back, arms and legs. It remains to be seen, how do need to act, to create in a short time at this data.

Of course, the main issue of harmony in the process of obtaining the desired model of the body will be food. But physical activity also plays a significant role. Uncover all the details in one article only seems little possible. So here we talk about training complexes, which can afford to each lady. Even if you have never been to the sport to "you", memories of physical education classes only cause unpleasant emotions, and a fitness club is closed for visiting area, exercises with dumbbells interest you with its simplicity and efficiency. Even if you do not want or can not go to gyms, engaging with dumbbells at home, you will reach the very obvious results.

 abdominal exercises with dumbbells

General recommendations for sporting activities

Do the exercises in sequence, starting with the largest muscles (legs and back), and then move on to the chest and arms, and training needed to finish inflating the press. Prior studies are needed to warm - warm muscles before giving them to load. After the end of the training session, do not be lazy to stretch tired muscles. Do not do either on an empty or on a full stomach. In the first case you will not have enough energy for a spectacular training, and the second - just to be difficult to deal with. After a workout, soak time of about an hour before you start eating.

While performing any exercise - whether you have it with dumbbells or doing without them - controls breathing. Breathe quietly, clutching the air in the lungs. This is especially important when you train the press. Try to breathe feeding. Watch for the accuracy and correctness of performance art. It is - the key to the effectiveness of the training process. It is better to make a small number of technically correct exercise, rather than a lot of time to make the wrong move. In addition to the lack of the required result, it can cause quite a definite physical harm to your body. For example, if you do not practice the right exercises at the press, especially in the prone position, there is a danger to injure the spine in the cervical and lumbar spine.

What are the weights

Why is it better to engage with dumbbells? Of course, any physical activity is good for your body and brings benefit. But if you need to get results a little faster and more clearly, take a basis that more heavy exercise always effective. This is because the energy of the body during exercise dumbbell will be higher. For example, you can download the press at least an hour every day, but did not see the desired blocks. Spending less time on the drill press, performed with dumbbells, you will see progress much sooner. In addition, it is more than a budget sports equipment. Dumbbells get from one to three kilograms can be in any Specialty stores. This weight is enough for long-term employment.

 exercises with dumbbells in the press

Bricks, blocks, or "build" the press dreams

For the vast majority of women subject of ardent dreams are strong abdominal muscles. Some girls even dream of depriving your tummy feminine roundness and softness, giving it relief - they like to press hard pumped. Of course, the matter of their own taste - with one hand. On the other - the question of genetic predisposition and fierce tenacity. But on either side, flat and smooth girlish delight of the press is the same in both men and women. Make perfect abdominal muscles (or closely approach the ideal of) the following exercises will help us with dumbbells:

  • Lie down on the floor

    The back firmly against the surface of the mat. Legs bent at the knees and placed shoulder-width apart. Heel rest on the floor. Hands behind your head, you are holding a dumbbell. Do not try to start with the big weight. Start climbing up, at the same time raising his hands and twisting the press. Keep your lower back on the floor. Inflation is due to the concentration and pinching abdominal muscles. Not fully rectifies, bringing the body to a vertical position. Remain in position at an angle to the floor. At the extreme point of pause for two to five seconds, then start the reverse movement. Once the blades touch the floor once again begin to rise.

  • You're still lying on the floor, without changing the position of the hands

    But you raise your legs vertically and hold together. Socks direct themselves. The body begins to rise again feeling the pull of his twisting abdominal muscles. The point at the top, you can do a little springy movement. Make sure that the position of the legs has not changed. This exercise is the variation of performance. You can start at the same time lifting the arms and legs up. Strictly follow the order to lower back has always been pressed to the floor.

  • Stand up straight

    In each hand dumbbell. Arms extended along the body. Starts to fall to the side, very smoothly, with no jerks or abrupt slopes. Alternate direction - go down once to the left and once to the right. These movements you train the oblique abdominal muscles, which "draws" waist. Not all women are doing this exercise, fearing subsequently receive less narrow waist, since it can hardly increase the obliques. You should not so much afraid of it. Perhaps, measuring yourself and you will see an increase of one centimeter, but this was due to the tightened muscles, but not at the expense of fat.

  • This exercise will also make a stand, but his hands with dumbbells out to the sides

    You cant, moving his hand toward the opposite leg. During the ascent tense your abs, keep your back straight, without bending. Hands should also be kept in suspense and rectified.

  • Again, go to the floor, but not on the back and on the side

    Get up in the side bar, leaning on his elbow. The free hand you hold the dumbbell. At the same time bending the opposite arm and leg, try to pull up the leg to the chest. Bent at the elbow, the hand moves to her appointment. Repeat, turning over to the other side. In the center of the press, in the solar plexus, the voltage must increase.

All of the exercises to be performed in an amount not less than thirty times. Perform a full range of the best exercises for the muscles of the body, but even if you only pay attention to the media particularly, the result will not take long. The main thing - to be persistent, regularly performing the exercises. Make them at least three times a week. Experienced athletes prefer to give the body the load in the first half of the day. Since the implementation of this complex does not require a lot of time, try to do his work. You get the first day of cheerfulness, and over time will begin to hear compliments on how flat your stomach began to look. We wish you a big sports victories!

 Girls also love metal: exercises with dumbbells for the press

 exercises to lift buttocks


  • We begin with stretching
  • Tightens gluteal muscles: an exercise

It seems that all the girls now and then engaged in that fight with overweight and cellulite diet and replace a second - if only more likely to lose weight and forget about annoying deposits that accumulate in the most attractive areas - legs, thighs, abdomen and buttocks. The reason for this could be the environment, and an inactive lifestyle, and an unbalanced diet.

But do not worry if you are faced with such problems - there is always a solution. And the first of them - it is a sport, a top aide in the fight for a beautiful figure. Today we talk about the muscles of the buttocks and thighs - the most problematic areas. Let us look at what exercises to tighten the buttocks are more effective and that it is necessary to pay attention to get the desired result.

And the first question that must be answered immediately - this place is busy. What to choose - a professional fitness center and classes at home? Here the decision is up to you. Of course, if you are not too financially constrained and can afford the expensive services of a qualified instructor, you should be like in the gym. But if you want to save money and still achieve the desired effect and tighten the buttocks, just for you we have picked up the most effective, useful and effective exercises to work through the muscle of interest. This complex is quite possible to carry out at home.

We begin with stretching

All sports will be ineffective if the muscles are not preheated. For this ideal normal charging and elementary stretching, which also prepare the muscles for continuous exercise with a significant load. To carry out stretching, you need to sit on the floor and bend the left knee, then you need to take it back. As a result, the inner side of the thigh should be on the floor. At this time, right leg bent at the knee, lying on the floor, but outside. We begin to press the foot of the right leg to the front of the thigh (left). After that, in the right leg which is flexed, slowly lean forward.

Now change the position, replacing leg. Such a position of the body contribute to the effective glute stretch. Try once again to bend lower and lower - improve your body, making it flexible. By the way, stretching affects the gait - it becomes smoother. The body is warmed up? Now you can proceed to physical stress.

 exercises for tightening the buttocks

Tightens gluteal muscles: an exercise

How to exercise to tighten the buttocks, nor there, the most effective are still the usual sit-ups. But it is very important to be able to perform them correctly - there are some nuances that are sure to pay attention, otherwise the efficiency will drop immediately. The first - the location of the feet. Be sure to put them on the shoulder-width apart. Expand the socks out. This arms extended, to maintain a balance - do not lower them. Now, taking his hips back slowly descend. Make sure that the load is distributed mainly on the heel. If the center of gravity moves to the socks, the load goes to the hip.

Another exercise is equally useful for the gluteus maximus - is polumostik. You need to lie on your back, hands outstretched. Palms stronger push to the hips. On the first tab pull the knees upwards. In the second, firmly relying on the head and feet, lift the hips. In the third expense of lower thigh, and the fourth - straighten your legs. Try to breathe evenly during "polumostika." Repeat fifteen times.

After some time, you can just complicate this exercise. Lying on his back, his legs move from the floor to the edge of the chair. At the same time, arms extended along the body. On the first score, completely relying on his head and heels, thigh lift. On the second - tense your buttocks and try to stay in this position for five to seven seconds. In the third expense of lower thigh, and then - back to the starting position to repeat the exercise again. It takes ten repetitions.

Side mahi effectively have worked for the gluteal muscles. Suitable such exercise and to tighten hips, making them elastic. You need to be straight, turned sideways to a chair or a wall - is important to have support. Holding on to the support, lift the leg to the side, trying to keep it at the same level with the torso line. Be sure to keep the leg straight and bend their knees. Do not tilt the body. Try to lift the leg as high as possible. Mahi need to perform two or three sets, each of which - fifteen or eighteen repetitions for each leg.

Another option swings - swings back towards pulling more muscle - the largest of all of the gluteal muscles. Stand facing the pole, keeping your back straight. First, pull the leg back a little, and then - up. Your goal - to raise a maximum of hip to feel the strain. Now, lower your leg and repeat mahi fifteen times. Repeat for the other leg. All you need to perform three sets.

The final version of the strides that runs standing knees relying on hand. First - bent arms, lean on the floor, keeping your back straight. Now bend your leg and lift it up, hold on a level with the body. Tighten your muscles to the maximum. In this position you need to stay on for three seconds. Now, down the leg back to the starting position. In carrying out these swings heel should be directed towards the ceiling. All you need to do three full approach, each of which - ten repetitions.

Notorious exercise - "bicycle", which in itself is quite effective. It allows you to tighten the muscles and buttocks and thighs, and make more graceful and seductive legs - that is, gives a comprehensive effect. But this simple exercise it is necessary to perform correctly, lying on his back and stretching his arms along the body. Lift the legs at an angle of forty-five degrees and begin to carry out exercises simulating a bicycle ride. Ensure that the tibia keep straight. Observe the maximum amplitude.

Not bad tightens thighs and buttocks ordinary rope. Nothing complicated, but the effect will exceed your expectations. Jump to the rope should be on toes, starting slowly and gradually increasing the tempo. Pay attention to breathing evenly. Jumping for five minutes will be enough to tone the muscles.

It is advisable to perform attacks. For this place feet in such a way that one is in front and the other - the rear. Slowly sit down, putting your foot to the rear, on the toe. Try to touch the floor with his knee. But the knee, which looks ahead, in any case should not go beyond the line of fingers. Start slowly, with five to seven attacks for each leg, and increase to fifteen repetitions.

Tighten your buttocks to help "walking" on the priest - a very simple and very useful exercise. Sit on the floor and stretch your legs. Tearing them off the floor and keeping the balance by hand, scroll to the pope first forward, then - back. Due to the fact that during this "walk" all work gluteal muscle and this effect is achieved.

Alternative "walking" on the pope - walking on his toes. Rise on your toes, straining the muscles of the buttocks at the same time, and begin to move forward in small steps. During the exercise, do not bend your knees. It will be enough to make a hundred, a hundred and twenty paces. After a week of this walk you check what your legs become toned and buttocks - elastic.

To buttocks tightened, it is important to work out the side of the thigh. Lie on your back, spine pressed to the floor. Having got his hands behind his head and linked them to the castle. Lift straight legs up, spreading them as widely as possible. Now pinch legs and repeat. This complex will be enough to make your buttocks become more sporty, sexy look.

However, remember that no matter what exercise you perform no matter how cosmetic products and procedures or use, all this will not make sense if you do not start eating properly and efficiently. No exercise to tighten the buttocks will not help if you have a sweet and heavy, fatty and fried foods. The maximum fill your daily diet of fruits and green vegetables, drink enough water and reduce consumption of sugar - it is better to replace no less tasty fruit. This will be enough to become your figure slim and attractive!

 Exercises to lift buttocks: tips for a slim figure