The best exercises for the press


  • Flat tummy? It's real!
  • What can be supplemented with a set of exercises on the press

Women are absolutely satisfied with their appearance, not so much. Some people are upset because of insufficient slender legs or hips, others - because of too chubby hands or lost elasticity of the stomach. Negative emotions experienced by these women, looking at himself in the mirror, can turn into something more serious: the constant dissatisfaction with the way they look, their love slowly killing ourselves. Offering easy access to various kinds of psychological problems: inadequate response to the criticism of failure to communicate with other people, and even depression.

To avoid this, it is important to remember one simple truth: everything is in our hands. Sports work wonders. And it is not necessary to buy tickets in expensive gyms or pace yourself long training. Engage can be at home for half an hour a day. The main thing - to choose a good exercise program. So let's start with the stomach, because it is this part of your body are unhappy with most of the girls and women. In this article we describe the best exercises for the press.

 the best abdominal exercises

Flat tummy? It's real!

According to experts, the most effective way to restore the elasticity of the abdominal muscles - is to perform twisting (conventional, diagonal and back). According to recent research conducted by one of the American universities, such exercises can be much more effective some simulators. They involve a whole range of muscle and form a taut tummy. At home, twisting exercises performed while lying on the floor for 20 or 30 times.

Exercises torsional

  1. Exercise normal curling

    Before starting the exercises you need to bend your knees. Hands to raise his head so that the tips of the fingers touch the temples and dilute elbows to the sides (hook into the lock hands behind your head is not recommended when you take the test, they will pull the head forward). Is lifted, so that the floor came off only your shoulder blades (part of the back below the shoulder blades keep pressed to the floor). It is important to rise slowly, not abruptly, using the power of the press.

    Stay between the chest and chin length size of your fist. Do not strain the neck and does not pull, look focus ahead. Then, just as slowly lower yourself down. Very good load on the muscles of the press gives the following version of this exercise: the return to the starting position, you freeze in five to ten inches from the floor, and the new repeat exercises already start from this position.

  2. Exercise normal twist - the second option

    Before starting the exercises you need to bend your knees. Gently and slowly lift the hips and just immerse them back. A good result can be obtained only if you carefully monitor the amplitude - it should be small, and your movements are unhurried. It is important not to take the blades off the floor and do not use your leg muscles: only work the abdominals. Remember that how you lower the hips just as important as how you raise them - slowly, without jerks.

  3. The diagonal twist

    Bend your knees. Knee right leg move aside so that the ankle is laid down on the left knee. The left hand bend and slide his head. The right hand fold perpendicular to the torso. Drag elbows bent arms to the knee, which is allocated to the side (left elbow - right knee). The chin is not lowered. Fix the position at the highest point and slowly sank to the floor. Perform the exercise 20-30 times, then change the leg and arm. Make the same number of repeats in the opposite direction (right elbow - the left knee).

  4. <>
    Diagonal curl - second embodiment

    Hands are behind your head, left leg stretched forward and is raised above the floor, right leg bent at the knee and raised as high as possible. Reach out to the knee of the raised leg opposite shoulder (right foot - left shoulder). Keep the chin. Freeze at the top for a few seconds and slowly descend to the floor. Perform 20-30 times. Change the foot and repeat the movement (left foot - right shoulder).

  5. Reverse Crunch

    Knees bent legs raised above the floor. Perform each exercise for three bills. At "one" - pull the knees to the chest, slightly raising his shoulders. Make sure that when the movement strained the press. At the expense of "two" - straighten and pull the legs (arms remain in the raised position). On the count of "three" - gently take the starting position. Keep the chin.

Static exercises for the press

List of the best exercises for the press can be supplemented by so-called static exercises. This is - the most basic exercises, which consist in the fact that you hold a certain position, fix it and try to freeze it as long as possible. They are simple, but very effective. Experts believe that such exercises - a necessary component of any fitness complex for beautiful and elastic stomach. Suffice it to three basic postures. The starting position for any of them the same way: you're lying on the floor, pull the legs straight, hands - along the trunk.

  1. Lift straight legs at 5-10 cm. Try for a minute to keep them suspended. Later gradually increase this time interval.
  2. Exercise similar to the first, but the legs must be held aloft at an angle of about 45 degrees.
  3. In carrying out this exercise, lift your legs even higher and hold at an angle of 60 degrees.

 Best exercises for the press

What can be supplemented with a set of exercises on the press

We advise you not to be limited to exercises described above. Add the additional set of elements, and its effectiveness is greatly increased. Something may seem elementary, something - unusual. Complementing these elements twisting exercises, you get an effective recipe for how to achieve the elastic press.

    & gt; Torsion hoop

    It would be good if in your exercise program, you would include twisting hoop (better - weighted). Intense twisting hoop on both sides increases the tone perfectly obliques. If you decide to buy a weighted hula hoop, start with a small weight (for example, 1, 5 kg), otherwise you run the risk of bruises or injuries.

  1. Proper breathing

    It is important to remember proper breathing during exercise. Improper breathing means that your muscles will not get the required amount of oxygen and, therefore, will be less work. The most important rule of breathing: breathe in through your nose and exhale through the mouth. Breathe deeply and evenly.

  2. Balanced diet

    Do not forget about proper nutrition. Some are physical activities will not be enough, if you will favor buns and cream cakes. Limit consumption of so-called "fast carbs" (flour and sweet). Forget the meal on the night and try to drink at least two liters of plain water a day.

  3. Visualization

    Some coaches believe that even the best exercises will be more effective if they are supplemented by visualization. Imagine yourself the way you want to be really, and brings to mind the image each time in the classroom. It will help you cope with boredom and laziness that inevitably arise at a certain stage of training, or with the desire to dine chocolate cake.

Of course, any exercise will seem lighter, and might be tempted to confine them. Do not do that - the impact of training achieved is an integrated approach. But do not bring themselves to exhaustion, again and again repeat. Best - metered load, gradually increasing its way to arrive at the desired number of repetitions in about a week. Monitor your health.

We do not promise that the road to a good figure to be light and short-lived. This happens only in fairy tales and television advertising. Just remember that all the efforts will pay off. Your tummy will be perfect - flat and elastic. How cool would say "no" shapeless clothes to wear jeans with a low waist and tight-fitting sweater and a pretty smile at himself in the mirror!

 The best exercises for the press: the good mood will not leave more than you

 exercises to firm buttocks


  • A set of exercises for the thighs and buttocks tightened
  • A few tips for last

Many girls will sooner or later face the unpleasant cellulite, flabby muscles and inelastic skin. All of these issues relate more to the abdomen, thighs, and, of course, the buttocks - the most problematic areas of the body. The reasons for this mass - this environment, and poor nutrition, and sedentary, a sedentary lifestyle. In the summer, at the time of holidays and beaches when you want to take a stroll along the coast in a bikini, the question of harmony is particularly relevant. Because today we look at the most effective exercises to firm buttocks, which will allow you to show off on the beach, do not hesitate to his priests and thighs.

Of course, in order to bring the forms in superb condition, no need to one month; however, the need to start somewhere? But before turning to the exercise, it is worth noting some important points, without which the classes will be ineffective. To achieve maximum effect, you must work through the main, the gluteus maximus muscle. That it is also responsible for the elasticity and the smartness of the thighs and buttocks. Muscle isolated in everyday life load practically not exposed (except for climbing stairs) because it requires careful attention.

In addition to the study of large muscles, watch your daily diet. Begin any of the loads, remember that the harmful snack food -not remember about sweets and soda, fried potatoes, or a fatty ham, -inache all efforts will be futile. On alcohol and smoking and talking is not necessary - it's the main enemies of the ideal figure.

A set of exercises for the hips, and the priests, presented below, will not only get rid of the "orange peel" in the initial stage, but also get rid of the gluteal folds, will be removed "ears" and make the skin on problem areas supple and more elastic. The exercises will take no more than 30 minutes, but the changes in the figure, you will notice very soon.

 exercises for the buttocks and thighs of elasticity

A set of exercises for the thighs and buttocks tightened

Here are the basic exercises that will help you keep in shape:

  • Steps sideways

To perform the exercise with your feet slightly apart, knees bent. Now lean forward and slightly bent down, as if to jump by bending your elbows. Being in such a gnarled posture, make a sharp right foot step to the side. The left leg at the same time, lift the toe and stepped on the toes of the right foot. Now take a side step left foot stepped on her toe with the toe of the right foot. If you want to complicate the exercise, you should speed up the pace of movement. This exercise is very easy and enjoyable to perform a fast, upbeat music.

  • Mahi

A popular and effective exercise effective for both thighs and buttocks for. We went on all fours, leaning on his elbows and knees. Pay attention to the hand from the elbow down to the wrist and was pressed to the floor. Now slowly lift your left leg, without straightening it. Thigh have to be parallel to the floor, the shin - is perpendicular. Do about 15 swings each foot, up and down.

  • Lunges

A good exercise for the thighs, buttocks and back legs- attacks. For its implementation become straight, legs spread wide. Left back lunges, knee trying to get the floor. At this time, bend your right leg at the knee so that the thigh was parallel to the floor, but the thigh of the left leg - right angles. After a pause, go back to the starting position and continue the exercise.

  • Raise the trunk

Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees. Put your feet close together and straighten your arms at your sides. Squeezing the buttocks, tense press. At the same time gradually raise the groin up - try to raise as high as possible. Wait three accounts. In the same state of stress fall on the floor. Descend slowly, from the back to the coccyx. Do you want to complicate the exercise? Change the starting position with his feet on the ball ankles. Pay attention to the fact that the feet were straight.

  • A simple exercise for the lazy

Such an exercise for the buttocks for those who do not like to torture ourselves serious loads. This kind of charging does not take long, however, will train your "outstanding" form. It's simple - during the day and slowly squeeze the buttock muscles then relax. Of course, this exercise is not to pump your perfect buttocks, but will increase their elasticity. Try to do at least one hundred cuts.

  • Squats

A classic exercise for the thighs and buttocks, which does not require you any special exercise equipment or a lot of time. However, it is considered the most effective squatting exercise for the elasticity of the priests. No need to immediately set itself a maximum of 200-300 sit-ups - start with 20 and gradually increase the load to about 100. The result will be evident soon!

  • Lead Foot

This exercise effectively for buttocks, thighs, and so for a shapely legs. In total there are several options for its implementation. The first - is to raise the legs bent at the knee laterally. This exercise should be run 20 times for the right and left leg. The second option - simpler: lift straight leg. We also perform 20 times.

A third variation of the exercise - lifting the straightened legs back. The peculiarity is that when lowering can not touch the floor. Replays - 20 times on the left and right leg. And last, the fourth option - is raising the legs bent at the knees up. A very effective exercise, allowing quick feet give harmony and elegance, as well as pump up the buttocks. Repeat 15 times.

  • Girth

Firmly grasp right knee hands while gently pulling it to his chest. In this position, lock the 20 seconds, then change knee. Such an exercise for the hips requires 10 sets of 5 repetitions. Do not be deceived the simplicity of this exercise, "girth" effectively treats cellulite and flabby muscles - take note.

 the right exercises to firm buttocks

A few tips for last

Feeling the next morning, a slight pain in the muscles of the buttocks or thighs, do not be afraid - this is normal. In particular, this applies to those for whom such an unusual load. Do not stop the workout and try to "squeeze" out of a maximum of - muscle pain soon pass. And for the body to feel comfortable, take a hot bath at night or leave in the morning for an easy jog. As they say, fight fire with fire!

Before proceeding to the active implementation of exercises on any particular part of the body, do a little warm-up for 10-15 minutes - so you prepare the body to load. Such a charge should become a habit, and the exercises become systematic. Try to do them every day - even a little bit, but still do, otherwise your efforts may go down the drain.

Of course, it must be said about the food - it should be as qualitative and balanced. Avoid fatty foods and replace it with fiber, fruits and vegetables. Instead, carbonated beverages, try to drink more fresh juices or unsweetened stewed fruit without sugar. Forget the old wives cakes and chocolate bars - replace cereal bars.

Proper nutrition, daily workload and special cosmetic care - it is something without which it is impossible to successful weight loss. Beautiful body itself is not formed - necessarily have to make the effort. Then you notice how your figure will get different shape, become more feminine and sexy - is only a little bit to try!

 Exercises for firm buttocks: sculpt a perfect figure