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Women strongly recovered in the hips, it is difficult to get rid of fat deposits in this part of the body. So nature intended that all calories immediately leave it there. At the same time, no matter how you try to quickly overcome the problem solely by diets fail.

To lose even a little further and to keep fit, the girls need to follow three basic rules. The first - eat less junk food. Second - systematically engage in sports. The third - to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Also do not forget to take care of his body.

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Proper nutrition - the key to success

Today, there are so many different diets and weight loss recipes that even the ladies dazzled. Salt-free, buckwheat, rice, fruit, kefir - all have severe limitations and are based on the rejection of many useful products. As a result, she not only lose weight, but also gets a whole bunch of diseases. Gastritis, ulcers, diarrhea, intestinal problems, kidneys, bulimia - it's just a small list of what awaits hungry beauties.

Therefore, if you want to remove fat from the inside of the thighs, do not sit on one only bread and water. Of course, the ideal option would be to appeal to the specialist. A dietician will examine you, calculate the percentage of overweight and write out the menu for you. If the problem is not so evident, you can manually choose an option, which will be attended by all the necessary for the human body vegetables, fruits and other foods.

Because some products appear fat

  • Chips, crackers

It's one thing when you time in two months for a couple with a friend eat a packet of crisps. Other - when they replace your breakfast, lunch and dinner. High-calorie, a large number of additives and salt - this is not the best way affects the shape and overall health.

  • Mayo

Unfortunately, in our country, mayonnaise filled in all the dishes, not just salads. Sin is not to pour them a sandwich with sausage, do not add a spoonful in so nourishing soup. And the fat that is contained in such products, a smooth transition to the hips, waist, cheeks. A glutamates, stabilizers and other additives cause increased appetite.

Certainly, in the beginning to give up this "delicacy" it is very difficult. But if you want to have a normal shape, gradually moving from seventy percent to thirty percent of mayonnaise. In the future, it may be replaced by a homemade sauce, which are filled with low-calorie salads even in famous restaurants. This may be olive oil with lemon juice, low-fat yogurt with mustard, salty sour cream, yogurt.

  • Margarine

If you ask the average person, not related to the production of margarine that is, it is unlikely to be able to answer correctly. The most interesting is that some of the inhabitants of our country felt that its main ingredient - the usual oil. Of course, this is not true. In fact the product - a mixture of fats of vegetable origin.

But do not rejoice and believe that margarine is completely safe. Thus, for example, part of the palm oil is not derived from the human body. It is added to reduce the cost of the manufacturing process. But abroad, it goes through several stages of pre-processing. We have the same few people concerned about the cleaning of all components.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity, try to replace margarine or butter spread is the usual. And before buying a particular product, always read what is written on the pack. The structure should include a natural milk or cream.

  • Processed cheese

If you want to remove fat from the inside of the thighs, eat only cheese or regular cheese. Processed cheese lovers should take extra care. The problem is not only in a high percentage of fat content, but also in the composition. Gone are the days when the goodies are made from natural ingredients. The maximum shelf life then was about one month. Now, thanks to chemistry, most of these products can be stored for about six months.

  • Sausages

Today is difficult to find a sausage, which would be made only of meat. In some cases, manufacturers add a dishonorable just soybeans. Spices, pepper, salt and stabilizers of taste - all this is your thirst and appetite. As a result, you are at once more than one drink a cup of tea and eat as much as four sandwiches, instead of one.

With regard to the fat content of products, it is usually more than thirty percent. Therefore, nutritionists recommend to replace such products either fish or chicken. In extreme cases, make sausage at home on their own. Of course, too much to eat even home products is also impossible.

  • Sweets

Chocolate, cakes, cake, candy - all of this can be replaced by less high-calorie foods. So, for example, instead of sugar in the tea should be put honey, better to eat sweets instead of dried fruits. Lovers of ice cream are unlikely to notice the difference between butter and diet.

  • Nuts and seeds

One hundred grams of treated seeds is as much as six hundred calories. Of course, if you eat them in moderate portions, no harm will be done. But to stop in time and do not eat the whole pack - it is only by a few. The same applies to the nuts. Thinner girls a week you can eat no more than ten stuff unsalted cashews, pistachios or peanuts.

What foods should be introduced into the diet

  • Water

Remember, on the day a person should consume at least two liters of liquid. Best of all, if it's an ordinary purified water without gas. It helps to quench the appetite time, speeds up metabolism and removes toxins from the body. Do you want to remove the fat from the inner thighs? Then drink a glass of warm mineral water for half an hour before a meal. Because of this you will eat as much as you need to maintain power, but no more.

  • Chicken, fish, milk

In general, you should eat as much protein products. When selecting an ingredient and preparation method, specify, easy to be absorbed by the food. So, for example, boiled or baked fish fillets will contain more nutrients and fewer calories. The fried foods contain not only fat but also carcinogens, which badly affect the human body.

In developing the menu and learn to properly combine foods together. Boiled chicken worth eating rice and salmon or mackerel - with buckwheat. Not bad will happen if at least once a week, you'll drink a banana or strawberry milkshake. Please note that if you exclude from your diet the rest of the ingredients, which contain carbohydrates and fats, you can undermine their health.

  • Fruit

Every time you want to eat at the wrong time, eat an apple. Not bad quenches appetite watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes. In winter, it is best to buy the kiwi and citrus. These fruits will not only help to remove fat from the inside of the thighs, and saturate your body with vitamins.

  • Dried fruits

Slimming ladies can eat dried fruits, dried conventional antiquated method - under the sun. Delicatessen, despite the brightness and attraction, in most cases very harmful. Manufacturers are preparing them for the new technology, that is first sprayed with a chemical solution is then placed in a special container. There's fruit reach the desired condition for a couple of days. In this product virtually does not contain anything useful.

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Sport helps to cope with any problem

  • Walk

Unfortunately, the industrial progress very bad effect on human health. Buses, cars, elevators - on the one hand all this makes life easier, and with another - leads to atrophy of the muscles and the appearance of excess weight. Note that most of the fat on the inside of the thighs and buttocks begin to grow after the girl transplanted to private transport. Of course, to get to the nearest store is much faster and easier than five minutes walk. But the health benefits of this will not have any.

So, first try to move as much as possible. The highlight at least half an hour a day for a walk in the park. To muscles tense, always set the fast pace. At the end you should feel a slight pleasant tiredness in the legs. Upon returning home poparte feet in broth chamomile and apply on the skin nourishing cream.

Even if you live on the fifth floor, try to overcome this distance on their own. Girls who do not have health problems, it is recommended ten minutes to run up the stairs and down. Footwear thus should be as comfortable as possible to prevent damage to the ankle.

  • Bike ride

Biking - a great alternative to the car. Firstly, you do not have to stand in long hours of traffic jams. You will drive anytime and anywhere. Do you think it is beneath your dignity? In the Netherlands, even deputies and businessmen prefer two-wheeled friend. Such vehicles are not only allows good save on gasoline, but do not harm the environment.

Second, it's fun. And, importantly, a month after you board on a bike, your body will begin to change. Removes fat from the inside of the thighs, buttocks tightened pumped calves. However, the drive will have to abandon the fair sex, who have problems with the cardiovascular system and joints.

  • Roller skating

If in our country, the rollers are treated as amusement young, in Europe they increasingly prefer people over age category. The fact that during skating load is given not only to the leg muscles but also on the entire body. As a result, improves the function of the musculoskeletal system, takes fat from the buttocks, knees, inner side of the leg, there is a great insistence. By the way, skates (roller or conventional) - a pretty good alternative to running.

  • Swimming

If there are problems with being overweight, be sure to buy a subscription to the pool. If you wish, you can sign up for water aerobics, where you will perform sports items under the supervision of an instructor. It's not just swimming to the side of the rim. This is - a set of exercises designed by experts.

People who decide to train themselves and chose a wild reservoir (river, lake), where there are no lifeguards, should be particularly careful. Never swim in the deep, cold water, or if you just warmed up. In this case, a muscle spasm can be reduced.

  • Dancing

Latin, Salsa, Pole-dance, tap dance - in all these areas, it is a double burden on the lower part of the body. You do not even have to go on a diet to remove fat from the inside of the calves and feet. Excess weight will go much faster than if you sign in the gym.

  • Morning and evening charge

Catching your own home, you are unlikely to reset more than two to three kilograms. But to sustain itself in the form of still worth doing every morning the elementary charge. This will allow you to cheer up, and will not fall asleep on the job. Also, if you do not visit the gym twice a week to do a set of exercises to bring the muscles in tone.

  • Exercise one: lifting feet

Lie on your right side, lean on his elbow, his other hand lay his head. At the expense of time left foot climb up to the account of the two - goes down. Make three sets of fifty times. During a break ankles do not put on the floor and keep fifteen centimeters from the surface.

  • Exercise Two: kitty

Get on all fours. The fast pace of raising forty times the right and left leg. The back of this should bend and head to climb as high as possible (ideally, it should come into contact with the toe). This will not only burn fat, but also to develop flexibility.

  • Exercise three: chair

Put feet shoulder-width apart, bend your legs at the knees, as if you sat on the chair. Watch your posture - back should be kept straight. In this position stand for about five minutes, until the muscles begin to ache. Then place your palms on your knees and buttocks begin to jiggle up and down. Two minutes later lean on the floor and continued to do these movements.

In the first two or three months you will be difficult to achieve even half of these exercises. In the future, you can gradually increase the load. To take the correct position, first use an ordinary stool. So, it is convenient to sit down, then gently remove it from under him. If after that you do not lose your balance, then you did the right thing.

  • Exercise four: rise of the pelvis

Lie on your back, put your feet near the buttocks and clasp their hands. The fast pace fifty times raise and lower pelvis. In a break between sets hold your body at the top of two minutes. Repeat three or four times, depending on the fitness.

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Modern ladies and HLS

Refusal of bad habits

Unfortunately, nowadays only a few lead a healthy lifestyle. According to statistics, almost every second woman at least once in their lives have tried alcohol and cigarettes. Bad habits that acquire beauty, greatly affect their body. And if you still want the fair sex to get rid of dependence, the body begins to react strongly to the lack of nicotine. As a result, there are extra weight, and begins to grow fat.

To reduce the negative consequences to a minimum and do not get better after giving up cigarettes during this period is recommended guzzle a course of vitamins. It is not necessary to buy expensive pills can be purchased at the pharmacy usual pills. They are affordable for every girl.

Body care

If your feet abruptly began to appear fat, while other parts of the body are normal and do not change, you should immediately consult your doctor. By the way, a complete physical examination should be done at least once a year. And, of course, at least once a month is recommended to go to the bath or spa. Previously not forget to consult with a specialist.

  • Banya

Before steam room body is rubbed with honey or alcohol, thereby accelerating the process of metabolism, increased sweating. As a result, the fat is melted and is literally through the pores. For greater effect, asked to go on the problem areas with a broom.

  • Sauna

It features a sauna bath of dry hot air (up to twenty percent humidity), which, by the way, just affects the human body. It is recommended to walk the girls who have problems with metabolism and skin. After throwing a massage to get rid of fat or cellulite.

  • Scrub and Wraps

Do body wraps can be both in beauty salons or at home. In the first case beauticians will use special creams and oils. Taki tools promote fast weight loss. But if you do not have the ability or desire to go to the spa, such procedures can be carried out independently.

So, first mix the blue clay (fifty grams), water (quarter cup) essential oil (a few drops). At the end, add the usual cinnamon (no more than ten grams). With seasoning beware. Even a little overdone, you can get burned or you have allergies manifest.

Now the problem area smear a thin layer of the resulting slurry, then wrap all food film. Two hours later, rinse the skin with plenty of water. Repeat this procedure should be a day and up until all the fat disappears. If the treated area is strongly bakes or scratched, immediately rinse the tool. Tingling sensation not so bad.

Note wraps can only do those girls who do not have health problems. If you have varicose veins or vascular disease, will have to find another way to lose weight. In this case it is better to try to prepare a mixture of seaweed.

  • Massages

Writing for a massage, be sure to check that certificates and diplomas certifying qualifications. Only a professional who may receive education, be able to banish fat from your body.