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  • Where to get grass for the face
  • What herbs for the skin to choose
  • How to make a face mask

For many centuries, women in an effort to be more beautiful and younger used the recipes of traditional medicine. And in today's world, many beauty instead of expensive sanitary prefer Face to use herbs. Well, this is understandable: folk recipes for skin care include a variety of herbs with their pronounced beneficial properties.

Nature no one deprives. It gives us the herbs that help to care for dry or oily skin, have antiseptic, smoothing, stimulating, soothing, nourishing (and so on, and so on) effect. It helps with the help of herbs to deal with the problems of oily skin, to suspend the rapid aging of dry skin and prolong the natural beauty and youth of the normal and trouble-free skin. Incidentally, grass, or rather, their extracts and extracts are widely used in the cosmetic industry. They are used for the manufacture of a wide range of caregiver resources, ranging from traditional creams and finishing serums newfangled.

Where to get grass for the face?

You can, of course, urgently organize troops in flooded meadows and flowering rush in search of medicinal herbs in the forest impassable jungle. You can contact your local herbalist, but only if it is absolutely sure that your herbs are not collected along the nearby motorway and on the outskirts of a nearby chemical plant. But there is a way simpler: buy ready-made natural cosmetics herbal or useful.

By the way, the growing popularity of natural cosmetics and medicinal herbs is due not only to their useful properties. Today, these magical means can be purchased at specialty stores or pharmacies. And interestingly, the market can find themselves face grass and various tools made on their basis: lotions, masks, creams, gels, tonics, tinctures, preparations, ointments, teas.

Given our not very favorable environment, mail order of medicinal herbs is often the only option buy really rare and really useful kinds of herbs. And herbs collected in a truly eco-friendly areas. And if such cosmetics or herbs necessary for you are not sold within walking distance, it's probably really should take advantage of the Internet - shops. However, for greater certainty, it is necessary to ensure an impeccable reputation of the seller.

However, we do not encourage you to immediately rush to search for potential rescuers of youth and beauty of your skin. Perhaps there is a chance to avoid these physical victims (after all, natural cosmetics - not cheap). After all, our ancestor managed to do without cosmetics industry. But in any case, taking the decision to purchase herbs or herbal cosmetics for myself, need to find out what type from your skin (dry, oily, normal or mixed). And if you have long figured out, you should make out with what exactly herbs are useful for your skin.

 herbs for skin

What herbs for the skin you choose?

Here, fortunately, everything is stable. As the grass had certain beneficial properties for thousands of years ago, and today continue their healing practice. Therefore, if for dry skin, our grandmothers did decoctions of some herbs, and for fat - of the other. Every now and then we will follow their experience.

"Top 10" of herbs for dry skin:

  • dandelion,
  • mint,
  • peony petals,
  • rose petals,
  • parsley,
  • chamomile,
  • St. John's wort,
  • coltsfoot,
  • field horsetail,
  • linden blossom.

All of these plants are able to moisturize, smooth and nourish. This is important especially for dry skin.

"Top 10" of herbs for oily skin:

  • sage
  • silver sagebrush,
  • series,
  • Oak bark,
  • nettle,
  • celandine,
  • cranberry leaf,
  • strawberry leaf,
  • calendula,
  • cinquefoil (rhizome).

These herbs are useful, especially those that are able to narrow pores, slow down the sebaceous glands and reduces inflammation.

As you know, for the mixed (combined) of the skin should be combined and the composition of herbal. A normal skin, unfortunately, adults almost never occur. This, alas, is the privilege of childhood. Therefore, purchase natural cosmetics and herbal teas in line with what type from your skin. Because what is good for oily skin, dry harm. And vice versa. And of course, do not focus only on finished vehicles. Firstly, it is not necessary, you will find tools suitable to your skin, and, secondly, personally prepared herbal masks and lotions possess (believe me!) Not less than salubrious effect.

 herbs for dry skin

How to make a face mask?

Almost every women have their favorite folk recipes for the face, which can be easily and quickly produce an effective means in the home. Below are the folk recipes for the face, on which you can cook a great mask for all occasions. Here are some of them:

  1. Mask face from sunburn. In a blender chop chamomile, mixed with yogurt and raw egg yolk. The mixture was put on the face for twenty minutes, then rinse with water.
  2. Cleansing Mask, tightens pores. Grind the sorrel and yarrow, mixed with oatmeal. Apply to cleansed face for fifteen minutes. Rinse with water.
  3. Rejuvenating Mask. Use the following herbs for the face (5 g): nettle leaves, black currant leaves, aloe tree, grass Hypericum perforatum, mountain ash fruits. Rub the pulp to a tablespoon of the collection, adding a little boiling water, aloe vera, one egg, 5 g of honey. The mixture was put on face for twenty minutes, then rinse with cold water.
  4. Degreasing mask. Take two teaspoons of chopped fresh chamomile flowers, add four teaspoons of oatmeal, a little water and stir. Mask put on face. Wash off after twenty minutes. Very useful for inflammation-prone oily skin.
  5. Anti-inflammatory mask. At twenty minutes to put on a face mask of fresh leaves, flowers, herb St. John's wort, chamomile, calendula, aloe prepared in a blender.
  6. Golden Mask. It is made from tolkachika (horsetail). To use the mask cream, prepared on the basis of butter. At 30 grams of oil taken two tablespoons of chopped herbs tolkachika. The grass is mixed with oil, overheat in the oven for about twenty minutes. Ready cream store in refrigerator for no longer than five days.

Generally, useful herbs for the face - a unique gift of Mother Nature for our dry or oily skin. Herbs (as well as roots, fruits, leaves, bark) have a truly magical properties. For example above Horsetail can accumulate in the soil gold and its ash contains the precious metal even more than the same amount of gold ores. Is not it a miracle? And we notorious gold threads implanted in the skin when there is a magic field horsetail? It is only necessary to be able to take what they give you. And, mind you, almost for free!

 Herbs for face: traditional recipes with a modern twist

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 Exercises for beautiful buttocks


  • The best exercises for the buttocks
  • As the berries but mushrooms have to go with the mind

Rounded female ass, smooth, supple, beautiful form- here is a brief description of the dream of millions of women. How much effort is taken the girls to improve this nature or to perfect existing form! This is understandable: first, this is really nice.

And secondly, men rather admire the owner of Pop in a position to compete with J. Lo. The secret of firm buttocks are not hidden behind seven seals. Like most brilliant things, it is easy. Physical activity always helps to keep the body in good shape. If you want to direct all its efforts on the improvement of its set, do special exercises to firm buttocks.

 exercises for shapely buttocks

The best exercises for the buttocks

Exercises for training and inflating beautiful buttocks there are many; we chose the most effective and the most interesting of them.

Classic all time

Squatting - that's a powerful weapon in the struggle for acquiring the buttocks excellent shape. If you're doing squats - dangling sadly afraid you do not have priests. This exercise can be done in the gym, using a weighting, and at home. Since the home, in contrast to the gym is not possible to gradually increase the weight for the progression will have to increase the load in another way. For example, instead of thirty times, fifty sit. Or do squats with a jump up at the same time. But this later. In the meantime, let's learn how to perform squats correctly to avoid injury. It's quite difficult in terms of technology exercise. But the effect will exceed all your expectations.

Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider, socks parallel or slightly outward. The emphasis should be on the whole plane of the foot. The feet do not have to straighten completely - let your knees are slightly bent. The back is straight, the waist is fixed, press tense. Begin to squat. Imagine that you are standing behind the bench below the height of your knees - and your job is to sit on it. Important: you have to go down so that the thigh is parallel with the floor, with the knee in any case should not extend beyond the edge of the foot. If you are at home, you can keep your hands in front of him to straighten above his head or put aside. Breast fed need a little forward, but the movement is not the top of the body, and gradually, over a deflection in the hip joint.

If you are in the room, then you have several options to do squats with weighting. You can do exercise, using a barbell or dumbbells. Be sure to ask your instructor check your room technique of this exercise. Do not increase the weight as you do not make sure that the squat with perfect technique set.

The next type of squats - plies. It is characterized by a statement of the position of the legs and back. Legs should be put to the best possible for you width apart. Feet dissolve socks out. We must sit down to parallel with the floor, making sure your knees and feet were pointing in the same direction. In no case do not let your knees converge inward. You should always keep your back perfectly straight. In this embodiment, only the exercises involved lower body.

The third type of squats - sumo. What is it different from the other two? Firstly, the statement of the legs. It is broader than in the first embodiment, and narrower than in the second embodiment. The foot is placed with a great turn of the outside than in the classical manner of execution, but not so much turned inside as when the plies. When you do squat-Sumo, you can sit lower than in the first two variations. The back is still fixed, there should be no deflection. Upper body and leaned forward, as when the classic sit-ups.

If you are doing sit-ups in a gym, then depending on the tasks assigned to you you will need to make at least three sets of one type of exercise, and at least ten to fifteen times in the approach. Since the house rarely has the opportunity to use weights with a significant weight, the number of sets and reps they should be increased. For example, you can start with the same three approaches, but to sit at least thirty times. Over time, increase the number of sets of five or six, and of repeats - up to forty or fifty.

This is an attack!

Lunges - the second most important exercise that has a positive effect on the appearance of your "buns". Its importance is as follows: squat "is trying to" increase the mass of your ass, and give them only attacks appetizing form, lifting up all this wealth. VERSIONS this magical exercise too little. This is yet another distinct advantage of such an exercise for beautiful buttocks: the body does not have time to adapt and constantly responds to changes in physical activity.

Lunge forward with one leg

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. The feet are parallel or slightly diluted. Take a step forward. Legs are straight. Begin to bend the back leg so that the knee touch the floor. Watch the front foot: the thigh should be parallel to the floor, with knee should not speak for the sock feet. Rise up is carried out by the force of his feet to the rear. The body must be rectified permanently. Do not tilt it forward or back or from side to side. The loin should be recorded, press tense. Make at least fifteen repetitions on each leg.

Lunges forward and backward alternately

The feet are placed shoulder-width apart. Lunges, as described in the first embodiment, but the leg returns to its original position. Thus it is desirable to alternate the legs. If you're doing lunges forward, then you can begin to move forward, simulating the walking - but it is more appropriate to the gym, where there is room for vyshagivany. All other performance criteria are similar to - the position of the back, the knees, the feet are identical. Hands in both cases to keep straightened along the body. To complicate the exercise may be the fact that his hands raised above his head or lift up the chest. Of course, for the buttocks is of no importance, but for the beauty of the hands is a clear benefit.

Gluteal bridge

The first option is do this: lie on your back, firmly pressing it to the floor. The legs bend at the knees and put shoulder-width apart or slightly wider, toes slightly. Heels put close enough to the buttocks. Then begins the movement of the pelvis up, feeling the strain of the buttocks. Press too stressful. The second version of this wonderful exercise done using the bench. In it you will go to the upper back, about blades and above.

Feet in this variation, it is desirable to set wider than shoulder width apart and toes to breed stronger, too. Get down to the floor and re-start the climb up the pelvis, until you reach the position of the body in parallel with the floor. In the gym you can increase the load resting on the pelvis or other type of dumbbell weight material. Do at least twenty-five lifts the pelvis up.

Pop like a ball, if you use the ball for priests

To train the bottom ninety in the next exercise, we need to use a fitball. Lie down on his stomach. Hands must be well to fix its position. You can turn to raise one and then the other leg to the same line with the torso. It can be both at the same time. The trick and the salt is: reaching the top, do not hurry to drop the leg down. Hold it for two or three seconds in the state of stress, and then immerse. To do this kind of exercise should be no less than thirty times each leg. Gradually increase the load, there is no limit to the number of times.


Everyone knows that stair climbing can improve the appearance of your buttocks. So either we start everywhere and always ignore the elevator or take a stable bench and start zashagivat it. Calculate the height of the equipment, you can: step on it. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor or above the pelvis. And there is? Excellent - then go ahead. Chagall. No less than fifteen times on each leg.

We get up on all fours

This is the starting position of the next exercise, shaping and firming your buttocks. Once you accept it, lift one leg up. Shoulder, back, hip - your body should be a straight line. Bend the knee at 90 ° C. Heel seek up sock feet pointing downwards. Begin the movement of the pelvis, point the heel up, feeling at the same time even more tense muscles of the buttocks. When the return leg to its original position, make sure that the newly formed one straight line from shoulder to hip. Do not lower the thigh is too low. Make each leg at least twenty repetitions.

Performing any exercise, monitors the correct breathing: in any case, do not hold him, try to keep it smooth and rhythmic. Exhale is on the effort required to memorize it. Properly delivered breath facilitates physically challenging exercises, saves power is practicing. Do not forget to intense stress, which is accompanied by sweating, drink water in small sips. Avoid dehydration - it reduces your productivity and your goal - to give everything to the fullest in training. After the buttocks require this like no other part of the body.

 beautiful buttocks exercises

As the berries but mushrooms have to go with the mind

All these exercises will be effective under certain conditions. First of all, it is the regularity of training. If you are by yourself or with an instructor in the gym, do three workouts per week. If you practice home lesson, not less than three to five. Employment should be accompanied by pre-workout and the final stretch. This will prevent injuries and help muscles recover faster after the load. Secondly, remember that the types of loads can be alternated. For example, horse riding, cycling, intense dancing and figure skating also help to strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

Do not neglect and beauty treatments. To achieve perfect smoothness the pope, it is necessary to make regular skrabiruyuschie treatments, masks, and even massages. In addition, it is understood that no matter how you try and no sweat in training, but if you eat rolls and chocolates, drinking is soda, then a priest normal size you have to forget. So think not only about what exercises to do, but also about the quality of your food.

Carrying out all of our recommendations, using all of the training exercises and properly distribute the load, you will certainly reach the most amazing results. Admiring glances of men you provided is guaranteed.

It is possible that you will be able to arrange itself J. Lo. The main thing is not to delay and begin classes right now. We wish you as soon as possible to achieve its goals and objectives, and enjoy his success, that is a magnificent buttocks.

 Pop hits: exercise for beautiful buttocks