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From experience it is clear that mad with technological progress the world has decided again to make friends with an ancestress of Nature. Naturalness triumphantly returned to the applause of fashion designers, stylists and other beauty guru. The bright coloring and makeup (akin to an Indian war paint), so beloved by the end of the last century gave way to the natural. From the windows disappeared shiny synthetic curtains, and the most popular material becomes flax. Anthem naturalness like a spring breeze, sounds in all spheres of life. This trend has touched so exciting and beautiful half of humanity topics as manicures. Girls once again want healthy natural nails.

The trend of the coming season - not long nails, lacquered white or pink and jacket. Each day, for example, to work in the office, it is best to use neutral colors paints. For friendly parties, suitable varnishes with different design elements. On different occasions you need a special manicure.

Artificial nails

More recently, nail was personal pride many beauties. On the artificial could show off a monumental stucco, flowers bloom, and even in the interior of the nail could "float" is quite plausible aquarium fish. How convenient it is constant, without the right to a day off, to wear their own fingers a work of art - a moot point.

Devotees enthusiastically assured me that a giant nail - not a hindrance either washing or ironing and bathing the baby or change a diaper so even better. SECTION these babies for yourself admiring reviews and other heroes honored to be gentle caress female brush with artificial nails - it is better to ask them. That is only for the owners of this beauty manicure as in the proverb, is really cruel sacrifices.


The popular building material - acrylic. It hardens with lightning speed, and therefore leveling always happens in a hurry. On chemical substances that are contained within, not out loud shows floral aromas. But behind the seemingly strong artificial layer, hiding stung by such procedure, sufferers own nails. The main trouble, threatening the lady, decides to build - it is an allergy.

Over time, the acrylic yellow. Victims beginners nail business can open an unpleasant surprise - acrylic layer with pits and potholes, if time does not align. After his retirement, this substance will leave the real nails thin and brittle, because all the while kept accrued manicure, he invisibly "strangling" them, not being breathable armor.


Helium manicure "smile" ladies with brochures salons hypocritical smile. Why hypocritical? Because he looks really smooth. Salon's client to assure that the gel even afford to let your nails breathe. That's just such a compromise from the woman's health becomes better not. Indeed, in the beginning, when the gel layers only impose their will for a long time to dry under a lamp, nail UV injuring relatives. When it comes time to get rid of flaky masterpiece, the process will again be traumatic - layers are not removed at once, for this long will wield sawing.

 how to strengthen the natural nails

The effects of wearing artificial nails

The sad consequence of capacity - damaged unprofessional matte nail root. When the ladies nail degreased mechanically, it is important not to remove the extra layer. Injured root affects the production of new cells. If the wizard picked up a coarse nail file or too aggressive client the gash assured. And instead of the permissible three to five layers, you can say goodbye to thirty five. As a result of this manipulation of chemicals contained in the material to build, connect to the spongy cells - then the itching or burning - the smallest of the negative effects of the procedure.

Why do ladies are turning to capacity? The only answer - for aesthetic reasons. In fact, their real nails may look very attractive as well, just for that, for them, as well as all the body will have to take care of.

How to cure natural nails?

To revive the victim by increasing the nail will help develop individual tactics. Firstly, do not dream of otraschennyh natural nails, yet again does not recover all of the plate (immediately after the artificial layers it is thin, possibly in divorce and specks). Natural rasp your manicure now have towards the center - then the probability that the nail does not stratified in time, decrease significantly. Cuticle also better for the time being left in place.

For all types, including nails and healthy useful mask. Berry summer - a wonderful occasion to feed the tired strawberries for the year marigolds. The procedure is elementary - pounded to a mushy kind of berry rubbed into the nail. Ten minutes - thanks to firming properties contained a masked acid, nails feel much happier.

The general health of nails

Strengthen nails needed, starting with the whole body. After all, they, like the skin - a mirror of the person living in the disease. Adequate fluid intake - clean water and fresh juices will not slow down affect the nails. Positively, of course. Wet nails (after showering and washing hands) vulnerable dry. Therefore, you need to start a manicure with dry hands. The barbs indicate a lack of protein and vitamin C.

Corrected menu - Aibolit good doctor who will win the harmful burrs. Apricots, carrots, cheese, as well as products with calcium - true friends of healthy natural nails. And, of course, in any case, do not forget about dairy products - yogurt, milk, sour cream, yogurt.

Another aide - salt bath. Just bathe in her hands should not once a year but on a regular basis. Moreover, such basins should be done at least twice a week. To do this, you only need hot water and salt. Dissolve the salt in water based three tablespoons of salt per liter. The water should be as hot as soon as you can stand. The duration of the bath - at least 30 minutes. Then dry the hands and apply any moisturizer.

Finally, you can recall the silly habit - nail biting. More often - a consequence of an unbalanced state of mind. If a woman has convicted himself in a similar, better look for another way to relieve stress. Such action (and often had roots growing from the childhood), if it is constantly able to hurt a lot more nail plate than even a one-time capacity. It is not necessary to hurt your nails, then they will respond to reciprocate care - health and a pleasant shine.

 In a fashion includes natural nails

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 firm buttocks


  • How to make buttocks elastic using cosmetics
  • Exercise "Elastic buttocks"
  • Healthy lifestyle

According to surveys conducted among men of different ages, nationalities and religion, the buttocks are one of the most attractive female body parts. They even - which is absolutely incredible! - Managed to beat such a serious "competitor", as the breast. Epithets awards the stronger sex female ass - "smart", "appetizing", "sexy", "luxury" - it's nice to hear! But, unfortunately, quite often the case that in the study of his own reflection in the mirror of your mind come to a completely different definition of ...

Why this injustice? In fact, things work very well. Initially, the role of men and women in society were strictly separated. Therefore, their physique is very different. The man - a hunter, warrior, "hope and support." The woman - a mother and "homemakers". Simply put, the man often had to run, and a woman - "to sit on the priest." Elastic buttocks - is, of course, very cool ... But to sit comfortably on a soft ass. And another important point. Hated fat - is not nothing but a "canned" energy. It is necessary for the woman to pregnancy and feeding a child. And to give birth much easier for those who have wide hips. So everything is very cleverly thought out.

By the way, originally, and until recently, the ideals of feminine beauty in full compliance with "idea" of Mother Nature. Remember, though, Titian women. You do not think that the artist has worked with models that were to sicken others? Of course not. It is this figure and considered perfect. However, it is not necessary to go so far - just look old movies 50-60x years. All recognized quite curvaceous beauties. And the epithet "thin" was seen as "sick", "ugly". And the word itself comes from the word "evil." The point, I think, is clear.

But at every age - his ideals of feminine beauty. Today the notorious standard 90h60h90 firmly entrenched in the women's heads. And, it seems, it is in the women's. One can hardly imagine a normal man - if he is not the tailor - who rushed to be with you like a lady inch hands. However, women - being stubborn. They continue to strive hard to the sacred figures. And if you can not reach them - or at least, closer - there is an inferiority complex and depression begins. How to solve this problem?

 Elastic buttocks

How to make buttocks elastic using cosmetics?

Unfortunately, if this is not taken care of nature - in fact there are those lucky! - The make of your ass you could say "elastic" not easy. It is not easy - but possible. It just takes a lot of time and effort. But if the goal is set - it should strive. However, you must first choose the path of achievement. Their there are at least three.

The easiest but most expensive - an appeal for help to the professionals. Here, too, there are options. The first approach determined woman. Those who live by the principle "I want everything at once." It - plastic surgery. However, before you decide on such drastic measures should think ten times.

Of course, modern plastic surgery is not in place. New methods, high-tech equipment ... Add to that the hype and the personal example of the various "stars", and it becomes clear why more women decide to take this step. Of course it is tempting - "do" for a new, sexy ass in just one day, without making any effort! So that this method quite a lot of supporters. However, if you are one of them, be aware that any surgery has a lot of contraindications and fraught with the most serious complications.

Methods of surgical correction of the buttocks, there are several. Perhaps the most famous are liposuction and glyuteoplastika.

  • Liposuction

Liposuction involves pumping oil from the "problem" areas. Operation is quite serious. The recovery period - about two weeks. The final result can be seen only after two to three months after surgery. Unfortunately, not all he pleases. Quite often, instead of the elastic beautiful ass can get "something" literally "pitted" incomprehensible "pits and hillocks."

  • Glyuteoplastika

Glyuteoplastika - this correction shape of the buttocks using implants. The rehabilitation period - about two weeks. Full recovery will take about three months. After surgery, you can not sit for a long time and it is recommended to wear a special support shorts. In general, to resort or not to such radical measures to solve, of course, you. At least, before you do that, you need to collect all the information carefully and very seriously to the choice of the clinic.

The second option of professional assistance - salon treatment. In any salon offers a varied range of services that will make firm buttocks are not a dream but a reality. What did not come for this purpose! A variety of masks, body wraps, mesotherapy, apparatus cosmetology, and many others - and not very pleasant - procedures. By the way, some of them also have many contraindications. Therefore, before "surrender into the hands of" experts, it is imperative to consult a doctor. Consider some of them.

  • Mesotherapy

This procedure is suitable for those who are not afraid of injections. The principle is very simple - under the skin are special medications that destroy fat cells. This allows you to get rid of the local "savings" and at the same time tighten the skin. It is believed that to achieve the effect must be made at least four treatments. In fact, most of all, this amount is not limited. Navigate is 10-15 sessions.

  • Hardware cosmetology

You talk in detail about the various machines and offer a variety of methods - ultrasound liposuction, elektrolipoliz, hardware vacuum massage, infrared, etc. They differ in the degree of pain, strength, impact and, of course, price. The choice is yours. However, you must know that whatever option you choose, you will need to undergo several procedures.

  • "Hand molding"

This is a relatively new and very effective way of modeling the figure. It is particularly suitable for those whose ass has a so-called "ears". As a rule, the procedure is carried out once a week and takes about three hours. The disadvantages of "manual molding" is the fact that these manipulations are very painful, and "processed" in this way places swollen and covered with bruises. However, as a result, you not only get rid of excess Zhirkov, but also gain seductive forms that will continue for a long time.

To the category of not only effective but also enjoyable ways of modeling the buttocks include various anti-cellulite body wraps and masks. They can also be done in the cabin, with professional cosmetics. However, even beauticians confirm that home masks are less effective. And here we come to the second way of achieving this goal.

Exercise "Elastic buttocks"

Is it possible to achieve elastic buttocks at home? Of course! But this task is not an easy call, and approaches to its solution will have a complex. Instead of expensive and painful procedures, you can use simple and effective exercises. The main thing - to do exercises to firm buttocks regularly. Only in this case, training will benefit.

  1. Lying on his back, his left ankle on his right knee drop (to enhance the load can be lifted up the left leg). Slowly raise and lower hips without touching the floor, and pausing in the top position. For each leg - 15 times.
  2. Standing and holding onto the back of a chair, laid back leg while the foot expand sideways. Perform 20 swings each leg, without bending at the waist and tighten your abdominal muscles.
  3. Take a dumbbell in each hand, his feet - shoulder-width apart, stand back to the chair. Slightly bent hands, gently sit down when you touch the chair seat, straightened. Do 15 sit-ups, holding the attention of the blades together, the back - flat.
  4. Lie down on your stomach. Clasp your hands together in a "lock" and place them under the chin. Bend your knees as if you want to touch your heel to the buttocks. But no need to touch, just drag your feet in this direction. Exercise is done at a fast pace, and at least fifty times. Optionally, the feet can be attached weight material. But do not overdo it - the weight must not exceed two kilograms for each leg.
  5. The starting position is the same - lying on his stomach, arms - under the chin. Bend your legs so that they are arranged perpendicular to the floor. The maximum strain the muscles of the legs and buttocks and try to pull your knees off the floor for one or two centimeters. This should be done gently and slowly. Also, slowly, drop down to the initial position. Be very careful, otherwise you can damage the kneecap. The exercise is performed 10 times in a row. The number of approaches - three.

 exercise firm buttocks

    Healthy lifestyle

    So in conclusion I would like to tell you how to make the buttocks elastic through proper nutrition and care for your body.

    • Massage

    Believe me, this is not necessarily to go somewhere or to call the masseur at home. Independent mini-massages, provided that they are carried out regularly, give very good results. So, twice a day, morning and evening before going to the shower, you need a little "pinch" the skin of the buttocks. Get a little redness. This will ensure a better flow of blood. Then, already in the shower, massage the buttocks with a stiff brush or sponge. After a shower, be sure to apply the cream. Depending on the condition of the skin, you can use anti-cellulite, nourishing, moisturizing cream or a lifting effect.

    • Food

    Revise the menu. Try to reduce the amount of starchy foods, sweet and fatty. Eat more grains and vegetables. Break up the daily diet of five or six intake and eat it slowly, in small portions. Try to arrange your daily routine so that dinner at least four hours before bedtime.

    • In order to enhance the effect of exercise and massage using "popular" recipes of anti-cellulite masks

    In the salons, there are even entire programs. But you can do on their own. For example, such a suit. The mask of blue clay. It will not only help to "pull" the skin of excess fluid, but also to get rid of toxins. Take three large tablespoons of clay, pour a little warm water and stir. Should get a paste. Add two large spoons of ground coffee beans and essential oils. For example, 3 and 5 drops of rosemary - thyme. Put on your buttocks and hold for 10-12 minutes.

    • Try to lead an active life

    Biking or skiing, roller skating, dance classes, aerobics, swimming - everything is good strengthens muscles and makes the elastic buttocks.

    Of course, do not look for what you will be able to "get" firm buttocks week - it will take much more time. But as you know, if a woman is something very much wants to be sure that it will achieve. Oh well we are organized.

     Elastic buttocks - a step towards the dream

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