how to choose the right makeup


  • Who are you - or spring snow queen fairy?
  • That "feast" well, "the world" will not go
  • Tricks of the Trade

George Bernard Shaw once said, "The color of her face shows that she was not in vain studied painting." Yes, every woman a little artist. But what! After all, almost all of us every day to apply paint, draws the shade and select a palette. It is, of course, on the make-up. That's just how good of us get the artists? How to choose makeup? How to avoid mistakes in the selection of colors, in bright colors? How to learn to emphasize the advantages and disadvantages to hide? That's about it and talk.

When we choose the make-up, you should consider several criteria - age, time of day and season of the year, for which case it is selected. Palette for a business meeting and Christmas party will be radically different. In the end, much depends on your own tastes and habits. But above all, it is necessary to understand to what tsvetotipu you are.

 how to choose the right makeup

Who are you - or spring snow queen fairy?

Why purple one is ideal, and the other the color does look like a dried mummy? Why someone yellow is refreshing and the young, and the other - makes the tired and old? The thing tsvetotip. According to this theory, every person belongs to a certain range of colors, depending on the features of their appearance - eye color, hair and skin.

Stylists tsvetotip conventionally identified with the seasons. But only conditionally! Note that this does not have a special relationship to climate indicators. It would seem that summer - the hottest season. But tsvetotip Summer as winter is cold to the color palette. But tsvetotip Autumn refers to the warm tones, as well as Spring. Of course, within each "season" there are exceptions and nuances, but nevertheless experts are four main tsvetotipa. In order to correctly match colors and shades, both in clothes and make-up, you need to understand which of them are you.

May Rose

Tsvetotip Spring - a warm, clear and pure colors. His representatives bright, almost transparent skin with a yellowish tinge. Hair light and thin, with a golden sheen. The eyes of the spring the girls a variety of colors, but more bright colors - blue, green, golden-brown. The woman's makeup spring tsvetotipa should use fresh and warm colors. For eye shadows well suited young foliage color, sky blue, light purple, emerald green, salmon and cream tones. Lipstick should be natural shades, a little yellowish - peach, coral, brown-beige.

Elegant coldness

Paints tsvetotipa summer and cold, as if the little pripylennye, muffled. Summer women are most often found in our latitudes. Their skin is pale blue-veined or olive hue. Hair ash. Eyes are often gray colors - blue-gray, gray-green, although there are also brown, walnut shade. Women tsvetotipa summer makeup should not use bright, intense colors. Suit tender, smoky, non-uniform color. For the eyes - gray-blue, gray-green, silver, smoky blue. In advantageous lips will look natural cool colors, such as pale pink.

Red beast

In the warm autumn colors and muted. In representatives of this type of skin is golden, peach, often with freckles. Hair color, usually red, with different variations - from carrot to brown. The eyes are always very expressive. Most often, amber, honey, light green. But there are bright blue, olive and dark hazel color. The make-up of women of color type, you can use all the fall colors with warm colors - golden-red, amber, mustard, yellow-beige. Lipstick brown suit, bright red, golden-bronze. This is the only tsvetotip which to face the bright orange lipstick.

Snow White

Tsvetotip Winter - it's cold, clear contrast and color. The skin of "winter" women transparent, like porcelain, with a blue tint. However, common and dark skin with olive tinge. Hair often dark - from dark brown to blue-black. Eye color intense, without impurities - blue, emerald green, black. Iris is in stark contrast to proteins. Makeup winter women should choose bright and intense colors. Eyes are perfect deep blue, dark green, dark purple color. And for the most pressing of the lips are bright red, dark cherry and fuchsia.

A little more about color

Even if you find it difficult to determine their tsvetotip or come to rely solely on your gut feel when choosing makeup, still remember an important rule. The warm palette is dominated by shades of yellow, and cold - blue. And it is extremely undesirable to mix warm colors cold. They rarely look harmoniously together, so try to stick to one color range.

If you are not sure which colors to choose, there is a small trick. Think about that for the lighting in the place where you are going. With a cold light, like a cloudy day or in the light of neon lamps, advantageously will look makeup in cool colors. In sunny weather, or under incandescent lighting is to give preference to warm colors.

 how to choose their own make-up

That "feast" well, "the world" will not go

When choosing makeup you need to know not only the rules of selecting colors. No less important to consider the time of day. Also be aware that the situation is suitable for a particular style. Agree that make for a festive party is unlikely to be appropriate for a business meeting. During the day, try to trim the natural makeup, pastels and muted tones. Cosmetics should not contain light. If you work in an office, the bright pink, blue and other colored shades in the palette are absolutely inappropriate. For daytime make-up suit matte lipstick. Lips should be well defined. Above the pitch, you can apply a little chapstick - it is very refreshing.

In the evening make-up may be limited only by your imagination. Shades can be bright and vivid. But be careful. You do not want to face was like a theatrical mask, right? Remember the accents. If you choose to emphasize the eyes, it is not necessary to allocate the lips and vice versa. If you use bright colors for eye and lip make-up that will look vulgar. If you go in the evening on a romantic date, be sure to focus on the eyes. Well in this case, suitable makeup «smoky-eyes». This will give the look of mystery and languor and sexuality. For the lips, in this case suitable translucent luster.

Tricks of the Trade

  • If you are painting the lips thick with lipstick, then apply them to this tone - then lipstick will last much longer. If you are going to apply the lip gloss, the tone is not needed.
  • When applying blush, take care to avoid any stain. To do this, apply them in small portions and carefully shaded.
  • When the tint eyebrows, do not obscure their continuous layer - it will look very unnatural and noticeable.
  • To tonal tool that you use, not the skin has dried, mix it with a couple of drops of moisturizer.

When a woman looks good, she is sure of herself. When a woman is convinced myself it like others. And to look perfect, like myself and others, makeup must be perfect. You can be a Michelangelo, but you can draw cartoons in transit. Taking into account all the nuances and tips, you will be present in the art of make-up artist.

 Secrets of the perfect appearance - how to choose the right makeup

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 eye makeup secrets


  • About Color
  • Adjust the shape of the eye
  • Bending waves
  • Useful things

Someone once said that a woman's eyes - a telescopic sight, through which it definitely beats the heart of a man. Well, there is some truth in this. After all, a woman is able to pass through the eyes of a variety of emotions. Can sly squint, rolling his eyes in indignation, wink gentleman to bring a man into complete confusion. Let then wonders what she meant ... And how many female eyes epithets - bottomless, mermaid, daring, fox, smoky ... Let's see what secrets and tricks to help make women's eyes attractive and inviting. This will help us to the art of makeup.

Before proceeding directly to the eye make-up, you need to prepare thoroughly. Put on eyes chilled tea bags or ice cubes and keep them for 10-15 minutes. It removes puffiness and refresh the eye. In order to align the color, to create an ideal surface and hide imperfections, apply a tonal basis. Then powder the eyelid friable powder.

Go to the very make-up techniques. Shadow is best applied with a brush - then tone lies smoothly and accurately. Brush direct from the inner edge to the outer eye. Be sure to blend well to avoid abrupt transitions and visible lines. Under the eyebrows, apply white transparent shade - it enlarges the eyes and eyebrows bending stresses.

About Color

In order to achieve a particular desired effect, in the art of make-up has its own little secrets. For example, using different colors. White "open" look and emphasizes the zone to which it is applied. Black - makes the look more expressive, but it is not for everyone. Beige color is universal, it will be a good basis for the application of other shades. Drop pink make eyes more clear and give them shine.

The choice of color shades depends on many factors. Palettes for blondes and brunettes are very different. The choice of make-up also affects the color of the clothes that you're going to wear. But first of all make-up colors depending on the color of your eyes. After all, we want to emphasize them, made more vivid and attractive.

  • For blue eyes perfect: gray, lilac, pale pink, peach, gold and blue.
  • On brown eyes look good dark brown, golden, green and coral shade.
  • For green eyes fit apricot, beige, brown, light green, purple.
  • Makeup for a beautiful gray eyes, choose blue, green, silver, and blue shadows.

 Secrets of a beautiful makeup

Adjust the shape of the eye

The correct make-up will be almost imperceptible. He will emphasize the glow of their eyes and expression. Thus with the help of the beautiful make-up can be given to your "mirror of the soul" shape. Here are some secrets to help correct the natural disadvantages.

  • Too small eyes

    To maximize small eyes, use light shades. Put them on the eyelid from lash to brow. Then put a dark shadow on the outer corner of the eye and blend well towards the eyebrows - it will lengthen the eye. Lower eyelid move the light pencil. Complete makeup to paint over the lashes well.

  • Close-set eyes

    To visually increase the distance you need to lighten up the interior of the eye and darken outside. Apply light shadow on the inner corners. The darker the shade, apply by mid-century to the outer edge. Good blend line. Apply a little mascara on the lashes in the inner corners of the eyes and well paint the lashes at the outer corner.

  • Widely spaced eyes

    There are acting contrary - shading internal corners and external lighten. First, use a basic pastel tone. Then, on the inner corners of the eyes toward the eyebrows, apply a darker shade and blend well. On the outer corner of the eye, place a lighter tone. Intensively nakraste lashes in the inner corners.

  • Deep-set eyes

    For make-up of the eye, use light colors. Apply a shade from the roots of eyelashes toward the eyebrows. Blend well - they should be barely noticeable. If you use a pencil, draw a thin line at the base of the eyelashes. Apply mascara on the lashes, moving from the bottom up- it will give open view.

  • Protruding eyes

    Spend a neat black pencil line along the edge of the upper eyelashes. Gradually expand the line to the outer edge of the eye. Then apply a shade of dark tones on the mobile eyelid. Lower eyelid move a thin line from the center to the outer edge.

  • Eyes with overhanging century

    Apply a darker shade on the outer corner of the eye upwards. Under the eyebrows, apply light shade. The lines blend well to avoid abrupt transitions. Ink color only the upper eyelashes. Lower eyelid move the gray pencil.

Bending waves

Many women do not pay enough attention to the eyebrows. And it is in vain. Recall, brilliant Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara. She coyly raised eyebrow could slay any man on the spot. That compared with a look rifles northerners! When eyebrow correction task is not only to make them neat, but still give the correct form. Remember the sage advice from an old secretary Vera's film "The eyebrow should be thin, thin, thread-like, raised in surprise"? Now forget it! Today too thin eyebrows are not in fashion. Although, of course, the width and shape of the eyebrows is dependent on the particular individual.

It is best to pluck her eyebrows at the salon. But you can make a correction on their own. To the procedure was less painful, lubricate the skin around the eyebrow and a piece of ice. Before the procedure, Draw pencil shape. Plucking eyebrows strictly bottom-line growth in hair. Remove the hairs one by one, instead of bundles, otherwise the risk to buy bald spots.

Before applying the colors on the brow comb and give them shape. You can use a pencil. But for a beautiful natural look is best suited Special shadows and brush for eyebrows. Apply the tone for the brow, as if imitating the hairs are not drawn too deeply. Color eyeliner Pick up the color of your eyebrows. After the completion of make-up fix the shape of eyebrows using special tools or normal hair gel.


  • rounded eyebrows soften the look;
  • eyebrows in the form of the house give the look of playfulness;
  • too long eyebrows make the face wider, and short - narrow;
  • eyebrows too low lowered the outer edge makes the person sad and old.

 useful secrets of eye makeup

Useful things

  • To give the beautiful almond-shaped eyes, you need to apply eyeliner fine brush only one-third of the upper eyelid, from center to outer corner of the eyes strictly on the lash line.
  • To eyeliner did not look too rough, makeup artists advise not to put her pencil, and using shadows.
  • Eyelashes look most natural if they dye ink in the direction of growth. Pay special attention to the outer corner, it carefully prokrashivaya. While the ink is not dried up, straighten cilia and remove clumps of mascara brush clean.
  • A little pearl in the middle of the upper eyelid shadows will look brighter.
  • If you are too bright nakrasili eyebrows, do not try to delete too much. Simply apply with a cotton swab over a little loose powder.

Guided by the basic rules, do not be afraid to experiment. For makeup - it is art. And it is known, does not tolerate stereotypes. Using different techniques, tricks and secrets in the eye make-up, you can make your look irresistible. And then there will be only a good aim and combat on the spot!

 Secret weapon woman - eye make-up secrets

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