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  • General recommendations on the makeup for gray - green eyes
  • Makeup gray - green eyes for blondes
  • Makeup gray - green eyes for brunettes
  • Makeup gray - green eyes for redheads

Gray-green eyes are incredibly beautiful. Such eyes Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel, Kristen Stewart. Looking at photos of these stars in the magazine, we admire their attractive appearance, especially noting the beauty of the eyes. In fact, any of us could look no worse than with cash on makeup properly. Knowing how to choose colors for make-apa your eyes, you can look mysterious, attractive, or cold, a femme fatale. It all depends on your mood and the ability to possess the secrets of makeup. All you need to do - learn to make the right makeup for blue-green eyes.

In order to make your eyes look perfect, not necessarily to use the elite, professional cosmetics. Believe me, even with a fairly inexpensive shadows, eyeliner and mascara, you can create a real miracle! The main thing - it's not afraid of a new look and style of your make-up of eyes - a fresh, vibrant and unique.

General recommendations on the makeup for gray-green eyes

In order to color the shadows, eyeliner and mascara perfect fit for you, have a lot to experiment with different color palettes. After all, we are all different: someone's skin is very pale, and someone has it - dark; some have brown hair, and others - light, golden. And for almost every skin type and hair color is right for your unique style make-up. Yet for all the owners of the gray-green eyes, there are common principles that can be used when creating makeup.

To begin with talk about the shadows - the main attribute of the eye makeup. All gray-green-eyed beauties are shadows, similar in tone to the color of the eyes. If your eyes over gray shades, try to impose a green shade. There are many shades of green - this swamp, and olive and lime green. The human eye can distinguish between more than a hundred shades of green - represent what choice the color palette you have to ?! But do not despair: you probably suit most of your selected options. If your eyes over the green, try shades of gray shadows. They are also a great many: it is gray, and silver, anthracite and dark color.

You may well choose not to a single color, but several: from the inner corner of the eye and under the brow imposed the lightest shade, then by the very age - the average intensity of color, and at the outer corner of the eye along the lash line - the darkest of the selected colors . Often, the darkest of the chosen color palette can be replaced by a liquid eyeliner or eyeliner. In addition to all shades of gray and green, you might like golden, purple and violet colors. But what is forgotten - so it's all shades of pink and blue. The same applies to the color eyeliner and mascara.

 beautiful makeup for gray green eyes

Makeup gray - green eyes for blondes

The blonde with gray-green eyes, and with flawless makeup - gorgeous spectacle. In order not to be trapped with a variety of range shadows, we'll give you a few tips:

  1. First of all, you need to consider what is the green that comes out in your eyes in addition to a nice gray color, does not allow you to use a pale pink, strawberry and cold ash-gray shades. When light hair color, and thus light skin, these colors will make your eyes look bloodshot.
  2. For makeup, use of expressive shade of beige, bronze, peach, purple and pale lilac flowers. With them, your eyes shine even brighter.
  3. The more your eyes gray shades, the more saturated the color shades suit you. For those women who have eye color green prevails, more suitable calm, neutral shades of shadows.
  4. If you want to create a dramatic effect in the look, feel free to use the coffee, coral, lilac and gray-brown color shades.
  5. Watch closely so that a pencil or liquid eyeliner color came to the shadows for centuries. They do not necessarily have to be identical, but the condition is that eyeliner is in harmony with the rest of the makeup palette - a must!

Makeup gray - green eyes for brunettes

If you are lucky enough to be born a brunette gray-green eyes, something in front of you is incredible large selection of colors of eye shadow. Unlike blondes, you can afford and copper, and dark blue shades. So, we present you a few tips on how to make the perfect makeup for green-gray eyes:

  1. Purple, plum and metallic shades visually enhance your eyes, so feel free to experiment with this range of shades.
  2. You perfect color makeup. All you need to do to make the brightness and expressive eyes - is to choose a contrasting shade that matches the color of your eyes. For example, on the upper eyelid can cause various shades of brown - from apricot and beige to almost black. The lower eyelid can be summed outline with a pencil or shades of green and shades close to it.
  3. For daytime make-up brunette woman with gray-green eyes perfect olive shade and color of moss.
  4. For evening make-up on your eyes will look perfect all the shades of gold and bronze colors.
  5. In no case do not cover all the upper eyelid saturated green shadows. Due to the fact that in your eyes there is green, your make-up can turn into one big patch of green.

 trendy makeup for gray green eyes

Makeup gray - green eyes for redheads

Bright red hair and soft gray-green eyes - it's just a terrific combination. It is unlikely that even a girl with such good looks go unnoticed, especially if she has mastered the art of eye makeup. And just for you we make the following recommendations:

  1. Red-haired beauty is particularly important that under the eyes were not dark, swollen circles. If you do not get enough sleep or for some other reason can not boast of an ideal skin color under the eyes, then you just need to find time to compress. Apply a cotton ball soaked in cold tea leaves, for ten minutes, and you will be like new. If unable to remove the swelling, try to hide it with a tone means or concealer.
  2. You can use the brightest colors of eye shadow makeup, what you like best. The only rule: Like all other girl with gray-green eyes, avoid make-up match in pink and blue colors.
  3. For evening make-up ideal dark shades like shadow and eyeliner and mascara. Do not forget about the many colors, but follow the main principle: the colors should blend smoothly into each other.
  4. You perfectly eyeliner and marsh violet. Highlighting these eye contour cute drawing flowers and arrows, you can easily do in make-up and all without shadows. This is a good option for daytime makeup.
  5. For red-haired women is contraindicated eyeliner along the edge of the lower eyelid conjunctiva. As a rule, it looks a bit vulgar and tasteless.

Whoever you are - a blonde, brunette or red-haired, your eye color - it is a beautiful decoration of your face. Do not overdo it with make-up and do not apply too much makeup, or the beauty lost under a layer of colored paint. In order to choose the perfect color palette for make-up, you will have to experiment a lot, but trust me: it's worth it! Literate makeup for gray green eyes - a real find, needed every girl.

 Makeup for green eyes gray

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 proofreader for face


  • How to choose the right concealer
  • How to use a proofreader

Alas, we are all not perfect. Someone dark spots on the face, someone does not have time to get rid of another pimple, while others unsuccessfully struggling with dark circles under his eyes swollen. List of "joy" is not a complete, surely each of us at least once, but complained of the nature-mother for a variety of defects appearance, bestowed upon us. And how to live with all this? Settle in a beauty salon for all eternity to all this trouble constantly correct? Or maybe spit on the whole affair, and firmly convinced themselves and others that these shortcomings - the secret virtues?

Fortunately, there is a more efficient solution to this problem. If you can not make your skin not covered by pimples, then you can disguise them easily. And so, dear mom will not notice. The same is true with respect to age spots, bags under the eyes, redness, vascular networks and other "beauty". All that you need - this is a good concealer for face, perfect for your skin color.

How to choose the right concealer

Choice of color corrector depends on what problems you have decided on the face mask. Sometimes beautician woman may be several proofreaders, appropriate to a particular situation. Of course, the most popular color corrector - all shades of beige. Select the right color is not too difficult - it must be one or two shades lighter than your normal tone means. Before you buy the right concealer, try to grind a couple of drops of the probe on his wrist. If the color of money almost merges with the skin color, this is your proofreader. Otherwise, try to find a more suitable option.

Color correctors

Besides shades of beige and there is a variety of color correctors. The idea is that knowing how to use them correctly, you can spend absolutely correct any fault on his face. We present you the list of the primary colors, which you should pay attention:

  • If you have fair skin and you want to disguise different kinds of redness (inflammation, pimples, blackheads, burst blood vessels), your best bet - this green concealer.
  • Pink concealer gives a person the freshness. This is especially good choice for owners of oily skin, as it hides a greasy shine, creating beautiful matting effect.
  • Peach and apricot colors are suitable for those girls who have dark skin slightly. With such a color corrector will be more bright and cold.
  • Purple color corrector is best to buy those ladies who, for whatever reason, jaundiced complexion. That purple perfectly removes yellowing and give the skin a healthy, radiant appearance.
  • Blue and Blue proofreaders - girl's best friend, overdo tanning face. The fact that they are perfectly clean carrot - orange complexion, so characteristic of all those who do not know how to use bronzatorami.
  • Bronze and gold color corrector give the skin a light tan, hiding the small flaws in the form of freckles and acne.
  • Silver Concealer is perfect for the evening time of day - by the light of lanterns it gives the skin a stunning bright, cool shade. In bright sunlight, the same concealer will look unnatural.

Keep in mind that the color correctors - not every day, they are used for special occasions. Even if small burst blood vessels and acne - your daily problem, it is not necessary to use a green corrector every day, otherwise you risk to dry up the skin in problem areas. The same applies to other color correctors. On ordinary days, it is best to use the beige shades that suit your skin the most.

Method of production corrector

In addition to the separation of colors, proofreaders issued in the form of liquid funds in the form of a pencil and a creamy. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of them:

  • Liquid Concealer (concealer) is available in elongated narrow tubes with roller or foam applicator. Through gentle and soft texture, such a tool is perfect for masking the eye area. However, to conceal redness and pimples by using concealer is difficult, as it is applied very thin layer.
  • Corrector, available in the form of a pencil (sticker), has a dense texture and excellent job with the camouflage acne, freckles and even small scars on his face. But to apply it in delicate eye area is not recommended, as there is a risk of stretch and traumatize the skin. As a result, it is possible not only to make more visible existing wrinkles, but also to buy a couple of new ones.
  • Correctors, sold in the form of a cream, combine the advantages and concealer and stikkerov. They come in small jars of colors is striking in its diversity. This creamy correctors like to use professional makeup artists. This means a little more expensive than usual, but the result is worth it, because it is easy to cope with almost any flaw in the surface of the skin.

 correctors face

  How to use a proofreader

As we understand, the rules of use of this cosmetic product depends on what kind of equalizer, we have chosen. But they all share one common rule: do not spread, and especially rubbing correcting means all over his face. All we needed for the desired effect - a light touch to the skin of the fingertips, brush or sponge. Only in this case, the makeup will look natural and accurate.

Now consider ways of applying the corrector - on the basis of what kind of problem on the person we would like to mask:

Freckles and dark spots

No matter how much we surround assured that freckles - it's beautiful, but small pigmented spots are almost invisible, most of us are dreaming to get rid of these imperfections. And if not permanently, then at least temporarily mask their best proofreader.

To cope with this problem, we need a correction sticker or a creamy concealer. If you choose the latter to remember that the more dense and dry means have texture, the more effective it will be on the problem areas. Apply on the face of the base or foundation, then select the dot freckles and age spots corrector. Carefully blend tool, apply a light layer of transparent powder.

Pimples, small inflammation

To hide these flaws, we need stikker or cream concealer. It is best to use a tool that contains salicylic acid - it not only disguise, but and heal the pimple. We remember that acne is best to cope corrector green.

Spot Corrector of sediment movement on the red area around the pimple (elevation with inflammation of the glans is better not to gloss over, otherwise you will make acne more noticeable). In no case do not smear correcting means, gently blend it, and then powder the. If you feel that a little too far from the proof-reader, you will have piece of work: dip the brush in the makeup remover and gently remove the equalizer. Then again apply a remedy.

Redness, burst blood vessels

To camouflage redness and vascular networks, we need a green concealer. First of all, it should be noted that in this case correcting means is applied to clean skin, and only then, you can use foundation. So, we put concealer on spider veins and other redness (may be on the wings of the nose - for those who have this place all the time red). Gently shade means to put the database, and do not forget a little light powder, transparent powder.

Circles under the eyes

Best Concealer for delicate skin century - a concealer with a light, liquid texture. In no case do not use dry stickers, or desiccate the skin and earn those extra wrinkles. Best hue correction means in this case - the color half tone lighter than the skin.

Before using the corrector, is applied to the skin light cream or gel, moisturizing the skin around the eyes. After that point on the lower eyelid lightly applied concealer. It should be gently and carefully shade means without pulling the skin.

Small scars and pockmarks

The scars on the face may remain after the acne and after various traumas. And so unpleasant after traces of smallpox, and we are not talking - these hillocks just need to cleverly disguise. Procedure To hide the scars following:

  1. Thoroughly clean the skin of impurities, remove greasy luster to the skin was not oily secretions.
  2. If your skin is dry and flaky, it is necessary to grease it with a moisturizing cream (very thin layer), as the scaly skin particles correcting means will look sloppy.
  3. If your scars are reddish in color, choose a green concealer if purple - yellow concealer. You can lightly mix concealer with foundation (it helps make more inconspicuous disguise), and gently apply the resulting mixture in place of the scar or scar.
  4. Let Correction how to absorb, this leave it on the skin for ten to fifteen minutes.
  5. If your scar is uneven and has a different depth, then tap the brush to the deepest part of the proof-reader of the scar, let it dry, then repeat the procedure.
  6. Use your usual foundation, apply a little translucent powder on the places you are disguised.

As you can see, learn to use the proofreader is not so difficult. Despite the diversity of its forms, colors and shades, the rules applying to the various problem areas are quite similar. Of course, it will take time and patience to master this wonderful cosmetic. But if you do, you will be able to daily to surprise and delight the people around you a flawless, clear skin. Is not this your dream?

 Proof Face: say "no" to your skin flaws

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