Makeup for blue eyes


  • We select the image of the color of hair
  • Equipment applying makeup for blue eyes

Blue eyes ... Hills

Silver moonlight

And shaking the Indian summer

Waltz, inviting in the midst of darkness ...

Rudyard Kipling.

Eyes - mirror of the soul. We all know the expression. In his eyes you can read a person's thoughts and understand his intentions, his feelings, his mood. Eye color - is our individuality, we become accustomed to the birth, take for granted, but as adults, we try to give it more color and brightness of the "mood". Blue eyes. ... Looking at them, you can "drown in a transparent tender sea waves or fly into pure cloudless sky, and a well thought out and properly applying makeup is able to reinforce this impression at times. What is he, the perfect makeup for blue eyes?

We select the image of the color of hair

Spectacular blonde

Blond girl in a light suit, laid-back make-up, looking naturally and gently. Choosing a shade shadow everyday way, stop for a soft lilac or silver. Mascara choose gray or brown. For parties, use darker colors - purple, turquoise purple ooze. They perfectly underline the depth of the eyes, giving the look of expression and transparency. You can also use the eyeliner or bronze shades of plum and blue ink.

Blondes must be wary of sand and green shades of shadows, as they will face pale and his eyes dull and expressionless.

Red beast

Redhead perfectly suited all shades of brown, from light sand to "thick" chocolate. Then you need to start from the tone of the hair. Evening make-up also requires a bronze tones and colors of burgundy. Complement your glowing eyes eyeliner pencil chocolate or wine, and dark brown mascara. With the make-up you will become the owner of languid, gaze, from which no man can break.

The fatal brunette

Passionate and burning brunette with blue eyes, probably the dream of many men. This unusual combination is particularly intriguing when applied to the eyelid shade of deep blue, supplementing them with black eyeliner. From that your opinion will be even deeper. You can also use a quiet tone shades: gray and pale blue. Mascara, of course, black.

Whatever hair color you do not have, do not be afraid to experiment. All of these tips are common, as your own image can be anything. It should take into account not only the color of the hair, but the skin tone. Every woman knows how to choose his own, individual way, the main thing is not to stop and go to the end. Never give up on those or other colors simply because they did not like you visually. Be sure to try it out for yourself, and suddenly this, nondescript at first glance, a shade is right for you.

 beautiful makeup for blue eyes

Equipment applying makeup for blue eyes

Let's try to "draw" one of the images of blue-eyed beauties. So ...

  • Draw a line on the eyelid by a blue shadow or pencil. The upper eyelid "draw" in gray shaded and horizontally;
  • Apply the colored ink, in such a manner will be well looked brown shade;
  • To enhance the effect, ink is applied in several layers.
  • If you want to visually enlarge the eyes, choose a shade of blue shades, and enhance eye color to help golden or bronze color.

And a few more tips:

  • To his eyes seemed deeper, you can use black eyeliner, drawing a raised arrow and black ink;
  • Memorable catchy image is created with pink, purple or turquoise shades of shadows;
  • To not look vulgar, avoid excessive application of cosmetics. Do not use a grease pencil, try to apply the liner as thin as possible;
  • Be sure to carefully shade transitions between shades, so that they become almost invisible, and one color smoothly into the other;
  • Well, if the basic shade will match the color of your skin.

And remember, if you have blue eyes, you are lucky enough. It's one of the rarest colors. Your eyes can fascinate and captivate everyone, and despite the slight cool look, they have a memorable attraction.

 Makeup for blue eyes - select an ideal image

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 evening makeup for brown eyes

  • Selecting the shadows
  • Color mascara
  • The basic rules applying evening makeup
  • Options for evening make-up

Lady with brown eyes doomed to attract attention. Any light is amber-colored eyes and thick, dark brown, almost black. They still fascinate. A correct make-up even further emphasize the attractiveness of natural hazel eyes.

Selecting the shadows

Lucky kareokim beauties and that the make-up they can choose almost any color shadows, not being afraid to look at this challenging and funny. But, of course, have to do it, starting from the hair color, skin tone, and in fact, the eyes themselves. Besides a large selection creates additional complexity. After the color need to know how to combine. So, what shade will look great with brown eyes?

Brunettes are ideal:

  • Silver
  • Black
  • Dark brown
  • Purple
  • Lilac
  • Golden Bronze

They turn dark-haired kareglazku in fatal beauty.

The socialite lady with blonde hair and brown eyes transformed:

  • All possible shades of green
  • Rose
  • Beige, both light and dark
  • Sand

If we talk about the colors in relation to shade themselves eye, for light-brown suit saturated blue and purple tones. For the owner of a dark-brown eyes will look great red, yellow, pink. If eye shades nutty, golden, honey, the ladies can choose from green, beige, brown, gold palette.

But there are some limitations. Thus, when brown eyes should not use orange shadows. You have to be careful with the pink.

 beautiful evening makeup for brown eyes

Color mascara

Another important element of decorative cosmetics - a mascara. For evening make-up, it must necessarily be of high quality and water resistant so as not have to worry about the most inopportune moment about the safety of makeup. Color mascara brown-eyed beauties can also be different. Brunettes perfect black mascara. And in the case of light or brown hair would be preferable to brown. Well also look brown eyes framed by lashes tinted blue ink. They acquire special brightness and fascination.

The basic rules applying evening makeup

There are some basic rules to be followed when applying evening makeup for brown eyes.

  1. Evening make-up has to be thought out in advance. To the last moment before going to worry because of uneven arrows and redo everything again, is to practice for a few days before the celebrations.
  2. To be sure the whole evening in his perfection, choose makeup for evening make-up should be of the highest quality.
  3. Evening make-up should be chosen depending on the event and planned lighting there. So in a restaurant in bright light you can stay in a natural make-up, and to visit a night club suit intense colors and even sequins. Owners brown eyes should be especially careful. After all, they can afford the most vivid colors, and with such an abundance of opportunities is difficult not to overdo it and not to be mistaken.
  4. Evening make-up is a must clean skin of the face. Only in this case he will fall flat. That is, of any remnants of the day make-up is not out of the question. Before applying the tonal resources necessary to use the base. Suitable moisturizer.
  5. It is worth paying attention to the eyebrows. For the night, they have to be more vivid. This can be achieved with the help of the shadows. The line of the eyebrows need to be modeled, comb and fix a special gel.
  6. In order to give greater brightness evening make-up, you can use colored eyeliner and glitter.

 regular evening makeup for brown eyes

Options for evening make-up

Basic Equipment

Consider the basic technique, how you can make an evening makeup for brown eyes.

  1. Moisturize the skin. To eliminate the edema, bags under the eyes need to use special tools. From the constant lack of sleep and fatigue appear in many so-called bruises or circles. Camouflage can be with the help of corrector, which is useful, and to hide small wrinkles. After that, the skin is applied to the fluid or cream foundation. Powder is better not to use on the eyelids - it will only accentuate existing bumps on the skin and wrinkles. Foundation should be a little lighter than the natural skin tone.
  2. Determine the color of shadows, begin to spray. The lightest shade applied to the upper eyelid to the eyebrow line. Then on the mobile eyelid - from its middle to the outside edge - imposed darkest shadows. And for the remainder of the moving average falls century shade of shadow. Lower eyelid emphasizes dark color line growth of cilia.
  3. When finished with the shadows it remains complete makeover with the help of eyeliner and mascara. It can be a liquid hoses. Or perhaps use the eyeliner. The main thing is that the color combined with the tone of the shadows. For example, when you use pink shades suit Purple Crayon, and for green or lilac shades will be perfect black eyeliner. Apply it as close to the lash line and shaded again.
  4. If at first the cilia powder, and then use ink, they will gain greater visual volume and will not stick together. It is important to carefully paint over them. This is done in zigzag movements in the direction from the roots to the tips. If you do otherwise, and make up tips first and then the rest, the cilia will be more curved and long.

Elegant Makeup

Another evening make-up is applied as follows:

  1. On moving the upper eyelid applied basis. It will further strengthen the color of shadows.
  2. From the center of the upper eyelid to the outer edge of the black eyeliner neatly drawn arrow. At the end of it is raised slightly to the eyebrows.
  3. Further applied black eye shadow to the outer corner of the eye - from the middle of the century rolling stock to the outer edge. Do not go beyond the boundaries of the arrow, it is necessary to shade to shade.
  4. White shadow superimposed on the inner corner of the movable century to the eyebrows. Also shaded, making transitions between tones blurred. It can be the center of the century, add a little pearl shades. This will give the look extra shine.
  5. Thin brush, using a basis under shadows, draw a black arrow another, starting from the outer corner of the eye. In the end it must be slightly extended. In this second arrow we put white shadow.
  6. Then again, the basis draws the contour of the lower eyelid. Over - blue shadows. The circuit continues under the arrow. That is, a white arrow drawn blue.
  7. Trace the outline of the eye eyeliner or pencil outline. The circuit should be as close to the lashes.
  8. In the upper loop, you can apply a little black eye shadow and shade.
  9. All lines and transitions should be smooth, and that is achieved by shading.
  10. Apply mascara or glue false eyelashes.
  11. We attach the desired shape eyebrows.
  12. This can be considered a complete makeover

Makeup in oriental style

Brown-eyed lady look great in the way the eastern odalisque. It also has its own technique of makeup:

  1. Before you start, it is necessary to align the complexion using tonal resources.
  2. In the east make-up is very important eyebrows length - the longer the better. Therefore they must be pulled in both directions. The line of the eyebrows should be clear and bright.
  3. On the upper and lower eyelids subtly applied eyeliner. To the outside corner of the eye, it should be lifted. Color is better to choose black or brown. Slightly elevated, clearly traced arrows give sight feline grace.
  4. Shadows can be used brown, olive, gold, brown. Applied to all of the upper eyelid, from the bright colors at the inner corner of the eye to the most dark and saturated at the outer. Lower eyelid also highlights the shadows of the darkest hue. All the lines, of course, must be carefully shaded.
  5. Mascara is applied in several layers, each carefully prokrashivaya cilium.
  6. A complete image of oriental beauty tan blush and lipstick is soft, matte or pearl.

Summarizing, we can say that no matter what makeup was selected winner of brown eyes, it must be done carefully. For brown eyes attract the eye, and the slightest flaws in the make-up will be visible.

 How to make the evening make-up for brown eyes?

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