how to choose the foundation

  • Concealer for different skin types
  • How to choose the right shade
  • In what situations is better to abandon the foundation
  • How best to apply foundation

Perfect make-up is only possible if the skin looks flawless, but, unfortunately, this skin has a unit of women. The rest have no choice but to pick up a foundation that will align the color and texture of the skin, giving it a velvety, youthful, radiant and fresh look.

In addition to the visible effects, a good foundation protects the skin from negative influences, but it contains substances such as chamomile, calendula, aloe gel, hyaluronic acid, help the speedy healing of micro traumas, moisturize the skin. Therefore, when choosing the means to take, be sure to carefully study the nuances and its composition.

Concealer for different skin types

For normal skin without obvious defects is best suited moisturizing and toning cream fluids, slightly coloring the skin.

Problematic skin tone can mask the gel, it is not as bold as the cream is easily absorbed and leaves no traces. Above the substrate in this case can also apply a thin layer of loose powder.

For combination skin suitable liquid foundation, and it is better to use various tools for individual sites. Problem areas - this is mainly the forehead, chin and nose wings gel process, and the rest applied for dry skin. Since the foundation will look smoother, and make-up perfectly on the face lie.

Dry skin is suitable foundation, has a moisturizing effect, it will look more natural on the face. For over-dry skin is better to use creamy tonal resources that contain emollient oils. Apply best means a wet sponge that wrinkles do not stand out, do not use loose powder and compact, having a silky texture.

 how to choose the foundation yourself

How to choose the right shade

While selecting the desired shade of foundation is not necessary to test it on your wrist, because the color on his arm and face are completely different. The best option - to buy in the store a few probes and at home to see which one is best suited. The cream should be applied a thin layer and under different lighting check if he did not pay too much sickly pallor, or vice versa, looking artificially swarthiness. And after go out and buy the shade that best fit.

If you can not buy probes, the color of foundation is best to check on the skin of the forehead. Do not rush immediately to buy a cream or refuse it, better wait a few minutes until it is absorbed into the skin. Sometimes, under the influence of oxygen and skin secretions may change the color of money, and eventually you will get something quite different from what was calculated.

Too dark or light tone can be corrected by buying the cream of the same manufacturer but different shade, creams may be mixed in the correct proportions, achieving an ideal combination for the skin.

In what situations is better to abandon the foundation

Tone Cream should not be used for young girls from 15 to 25 years. Their skin is still sufficiently collagen. Besides tonal basis poorly transmits oxygen and young skin, he just needs to stay even longer fresh and attractive. And the few young girls ensures that the cream was done correctly and using it only to spoil the skin.

The strong summer heat of the foundation is better to refuse. It causes sweating and full face makeup "float", which, of course, will not add appeal. But in winter frost without foundation is not enough. It will protect your skin from chapping, and it survives the cold without any additional loss and wrinkles.

 how to choose the right foundation

How best to apply foundation

In order to lay the foundation evenly and gives the face a perfect color, it is best applied with a slightly damp sponge, because if the shade with her fingers, can be left on the face of the strip. They will not be visible in the room, but when you step out into the daylight, all the flaws immediately manifest.

In areas that require additional layers of makeup to hide the redness and age spots, before applying foundation is best to use special corrector. And after he cast the foundation.

 How to choose a concealer. A few simple tips

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 cat eye make-up

  • Draw arrows
  • Paint eyelashes

To be bright and cheerful party? Going on a romantic date? You want to look not just attractive, but to seduce and entice men? Then, without a professional make-up you can not do! Try make-up "cat's eye" - the effect is guaranteed. Cat's eyes has magical properties - it attracts so many looks and compliments, gathers the most beautiful ladies males.

This make-up suits any woman, it will lengthen the eyes, due to which they will appear in the Eastern tempting. Little effort - and you fatal beauty! So, make-up "cat's eye" - how to put it? Let's try to understand.

In order to properly make such an evening make-up, you will need:

  • A good mascara;
  • Pencil or liquid eyeliner;
  • Dark Shadows;
  • Raschesochka for eyelashes.

Before you start to apply the shadow on the eyelid, it is necessary to apply to the skin tone foundation. This is what we are pursuing two objectives - firstly, the shadow will not slide; secondly, will fall flat and will look even brighter. Shadow put on the upper eyelid, strictly through the cilia. Then shade them throughout the century. On the lower eyelid as we put the shade of the same color - preferably use brown, green, black or smoky shades.

More bright colors (yellow, purple, emerald) are only used to paint strokes, to give a general image of extravagance. In the inner corner of the eye applied gold or white pearlescent shade - it gives mystery. The skin directly under the eyebrows leave not made up, at least to put the light shade of pastel shades.

 how to make cat makeup

Draw arrows

This is the crucial moment, the correct performance of which depends on the beauty and originality, which will give you a makeover "cat's eye." At this point, carefully mark the corners of the eyes, then gently and slowly drawn arrow with a pencil or eyeliner. Initially, apply first a thin line, because then you can always adjust the desired thickness, depending on the images that are going to achieve. If, during the application of the line there were some oversights or mistakes, do not worry, take a small cotton swab and gently erase everything.

Also note that the eyeliner brush that you use does not contain lumps, dried paint or hair. First draws an arrow on the upper eyelid, do not forget to walk and inner corner of the eye, and then gradually go to the lower eyelid. Remember, the lines must be clear and accurate.

But do not overdo it and extend the line of more than 0, 5 cm from the corner of the eye, as an excessive amount of eyeliner will give unwanted vulgarity and theatricality to your image. To make it easier to draw arrows, you can delay slightly the upper eyelid - then the skin will tighten and you spend the right line as if on a sheet of paper.

Paint eyelashes

To complete the image should make up eyelashes, using mascara, which increases the volume visually. Mascara, apply gently to the cilia are not stuck together and looked untidy. The emphasis is on the outer corner of the eye - then look really become a cat. It is not necessary to apply many layers of mascara, better do it once, let dry thoroughly and apply a second coat. That will be quite enough, just do not forget using a special comb raschesochki their cilia - then they are divided and will be given to the openness of view. By the way, you can paste a little artificial cilia in the outer corner of the eye, and then your cat's eyes will also spicy.

All your evening make-up in the style of "cat's eye" is ready! Just remember that the harmony and sense of style to be always and everywhere. We have to do a make-up, so you not only have shaken all with my own eyes, but did not look like a clown and shocking actor, but as a socialite or forest Bagheera - elegant, refined and adequately.

And one more thing - do not overdo it often so complicated and heavy make-up, be sure to remove all the paint at night and wipe the face lotion, cream, lubricate and then your skin will respond gratefully and be ready for any experiments! You remember, like a cat washes necessarily every night ...

 "Cat's Eye" - Makeup for the brave women

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