morning makeup


  • Preparatory stage: washing and toning
  • Second step: cleansing, moisturizing, protection
  • The third step: applying makeup

Modern woman's life - is not only a concern for "the maintenance of fire" in the home. Today, many women combine their studies, career, parenting, travel and leisure, so they have to try very hard to have time to do everything, everywhere appear and nothing to forget. Naturally, such an intense rhythm of life leaves its imprint on the appearance of women, because most of them because of the variety of cases and the constant lack of time, deprive your body the most important - the eight-hour sleep and a balanced diet.

The regular lack of sleep, accumulated fatigue, lack of vitamins negative impact on the state of women's skin: even the smallest wrinkles become more visible, there are circles under the eyes. But with the help of modern cosmetics face freshness back and give it a shimmering sheen is very simple. The main thing - it is right to do your morning makeup, which consists of several stages:

  • washing;
  • toning;
  • cleansing and moisturizing;
  • protection;
  • and directly applying the very decorative cosmetics (foundation, powder, mascara, lipstick and so on).

Thanks to our recommendations, you will learn how to carry out this procedure quickly and efficiently.

Preparatory stage: washing and toning

The first thing that every person after waking up - it is a wash. Naturally, and makeup in the morning begins with this procedure. After all, originally you need to bring in the skin tone, and after that to apply makeup and mask the signs of lack of sleep, poor health, or the consequences of yesterday's holiday.

Surely if you want to cheer up, to relieve fatigue and chase away sleep, then take a contrast shower. This method is suitable for both body and face. So the first thing recommended to do - wash first with cold and hot water after. Aim a strong jet of her in the face, including alternately one or the other. Finish the procedure with cold liquid, which will help narrow the pores and restore circulation.

Beauticians are advised to wash after spending and other measures aimed at improving and toning the skin. To do this, you must make the infusion of decoction of dried chamomile or rose petals - they are sold in every pharmacy. Just pour the mixture into the boiling water, boil for a few minutes, then cool and strain through a sieve or a clean piece of gauze. Then freeze the liquid in the refrigerator every morning and wipe the face with ice cubes. Teach yourself to this procedure, which improves skin tone, thus prolonging its beauty and youth. If you do this regularly, you will soon notice that the person will be a fresh, radiant, and her cheeks - rosy. You can apply ice to your eyes - so you get rid of swelling and traces of a sleepless night.

By the way, if you're the owner of sensitive skin prone to acne and redness, before bedtime, apply a special mask to the face. To do this, prepare a decoction of chamomile with a small amount of soda (just two teaspoons per liter of water). Then drop it in cheesecloth and apply a wet cloth over her face. This will help reduce inflammation, soothe allergy, slightly lighten dark spots, if any. In fact, to save time for such procedures evening, you can freeze the cooked mixture and wiping her face each morning.

 makeup the morning

Second step: cleansing, moisturizing, protection

One of the basic conditions in which the skin remains healthy and retains its fresh and blooming appearance, it is the cleansing and nutrition. These processes occur particularly active at night, so if the day before you are unable to sleep due to various reasons (eg, insomnia, late bedtime, a protracted party), then in the morning will have to take urgent measures for the return of the lost beauty.

So, after you will wash, wipe the face with ice cubes from a decoction of chamomile or other herbs, be sure to apply a cleansing mask, which will help get rid of comedones and blackheads. There are many tips for preparing such mixtures at home. But it is unlikely in the morning, in a hurry going to work, you will have at this time. Therefore, we recommend to buy a special mask, freely sold in stores and pharmacies - pick it based on your skin type. For example, if you suffer from excessive shine and fat, buy a product with a drying effect, with excessive dryness, on the contrary, prefer nutrient mask.

Once done with the above procedures, do not forget to moisturize the skin. To do this, apply a small layer of face cream. To do this correctly, take the tool with your fingers, rub it in his hands, and then rub gently massaged into the skin. The main thing - do not overdo it, otherwise the pores are clogged and cease to "breathe." What causes acne and inflammation. Therefore, apply a thin layer of moisturizer on all parts, pay attention to the cheeks, since their skin is more vulnerable. Wait a minute or two, until the agent is absorbed, and then remove the excess of its special cloth or cotton pad.

The final procedure is the second stage of the morning make-up - the application of protective cosmetics. On TV screens, from the pages of printed publications, scientists have repeatedly warned that the sun's rays have a negative impact on the skin. This not only leads to its premature aging, the appearance of age spots and wrinkles, but also can cause more serious consequences: burns and, even worse, cancer. To avoid this, you must use special safety equipment. In winter and spring, when UV light is not too bad, apply on the face cream with SPF of at least a factor of fifteen and for the summer pick up a stronger makeup, in which protection is 30 or higher. If you want to stay young and beautiful as long as possible, carry out this procedure daily. When selecting funds give preference to that which is easily absorbed and leaves no traces.

Today, there are moisturizers that combine several functions, including protection from the sun. Pick a tool and then you do not have to put on the face two kinds of cream - and one will be enough.

 beautiful morning makeup

The third step: applying makeup

Camouflage traces of a sleepless night, of course, difficult, but not impossible for a woman does not exist! Firstly, in this case the main thing - do not overdo it with the brightness, as the saturated colors of shadows or other cosmetics do not hide, but rather to emphasize fatigue. Therefore, the morning make-up should be done in warm pastel colors and look as natural as possible. Second, keep in mind that the time it will take about fifteen minutes. So, if you want to look good and not be late for work, get up early. So, let's look from start to finish the whole procedure of applying makeup:

  • The first thing you need to do - is to hide dark circles under the eyes and swelling. To do this, use a concealer: apply it in several points under the lower eyelid and gently rub with your fingers or a sponge, which is desirable to pre-moisten.
  • There is another tool called concealer. Many people confuse these two things, while it is quite different cosmetics. Concealer is applied to the key-based and allows you to correct the shortcomings of color, such as dark circles, redness, spots. Its release in the tubes as a liquid, and in the form of a pencil. In texture it is very dense, often it consists of reflective particles that make correction data means more reliable.
  • Camouflage pimples, acne and other skin imperfections by using concealer, which, unlike the equalizer, the tone is applied over the substrate. Today it is produced in the form of liquid funds with a brush, which is very easy to apply makeup. However, do not treat the entire surface of the face, but directly to the problem areas. Some modern concealers contain salicylic acid, and help not only to mask, but also to cure acne. This is cosmetics, which includes vitamins and antioxidants, is ideal for mature women with skin begins to fade.
  • The next step - applying foundation. It should be one tone lighter than the one you normally use. This will visually make the face look fresh and rejuvenate it. Apply the product with a damp sponge, cloth, remove the remains of the foundations. To fix the make-up and make the face glow, use a powder with light reflecting particles.
  • Now nakraste eyelashes black or dark brown ink, and on the cheeks, apply blush with a brush. Choose natural colors, combined with the color of your skin. Suitable as a means with a light peach or pale pink shade that allows to hide the signs of fatigue and give the face a fresh healthy look.

Morning make-up should be as natural and in any case does not call. If you want to take advantage of shadows, then give preference to pastel tones and richer can be applied to the outer corner of the upper eyelid. Be sure to use mascara - it will help visually "open" look and will focus on the beauty of your eyes. If you have chosen a means of black, the eyeliner should be light green, gray, blue, or blue.

Paints her lips bright red lipstick in the morning is not recommended. This option is more suitable for the evening. Therefore, use makeup pale pink, pale peach, beige, or other pastel colors. Stylists are advised to opt for natural lip gloss colors. Your main task - to make the morning a make-up that will look attractive, despite the fact that you have spent a sleepless night. It is enough to cleanse and moisturize the skin, then align the tone, powder and lightly tint. Emphasize notable vivid detail (such as the eyes, blush), thereby diverting the eye from the surrounding minor flaws appearance. A friendly smile, be friendly, and you can always look ten years younger! And remember that a healthy appearance and elasticity of the skin is not attached to cosmetics, and a good sleep, a balanced diet and exercise.

 Wake up: The application rules

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