how to do make-up

  • Draw eyebrows
  • Applying makeup on eyes
  • We form a perfect smile

To be able to apply the right makeup for it to be successful for any situation - it means always look chic. It is a science, but it is necessary to know every woman. First of all, understand one rule - no foundations can not impose any, even the daily makeup.

All make-up becomes more popular, as close to the natural state of the person. Do not apply kilograms of foundation, blush and gloss - this makeup will look not only inappropriate, but also funny. In order to make the "right person", remember a few simple rules:

  • Foundation necessary to choose such that it is not much different from the color of the skin. Task tone means to hide the flaws and even out the color: to remove dark circles under the eyes, shade too white spots, slightly adjust the shape of the cheekbones and chin.
  • Apply concealer should be lighter strokes, in any case not rubbing the skin. It is better to use a sponge - they are sold in cosmetic shops.
  • Tone cream is applied not only to the person but also on his neck. Moreover, it is necessary to begin with it, and the line between the neck and face carefully shade.
  • If a person has no express shortcomings, you can use transparent powder - it just will correct the overall appearance.

 How to make the right

Draw eyebrows

Beautiful eyebrows can give sight surprise visually open the eyes and create a unique image. Experienced makeup artists adhere to certain rules when podrisovki eyebrows:

  • For podrisovki use only special pencils.
  • Strokes impose careful strides and without making efforts - podrisovki should not be visible.
  • At the nose eyebrows drawn more intensively, but moving in an arc and sinking to the corner of the eye, the brightness should be reversed.
  • It is best to use a pencil in black, only in the evening make-up, or going to a masquerade ball, you can improvise and use colored pencils for eyebrows.

Applying makeup on eyes

It is necessary to take a very close to the process of drawing shadows and eyeliner eyes. Take a good look, what color eyes you have - depends on the shade of shadow. But for a successful avant-garde makeup and flamboyant colors still apply not worth it, stick to natural. If you have any structural features of the eye, then pick up such a combination of colors that hide or highlight their vice versa. To avoid folding shadows, apply a pre little powder on the eyelids. If you wish, you can draw yourself intriguing arrows, which are able to extend a little round eyes and raise dangling upper eyelid. Note that you can not always use a liquid liner, but the pencil is ideal for any type of eye.

Apply mascara on the lashes is necessary in several layers, but the main thing is not to overdo it. For lashes with five layers of mascara look ugly and rude: they stick together, become massive and very unnatural. Should proceed as follows: Apply the first coat of mascara and give it to dry, then apply a second - this should be enough. If necessary, a needle accurately disunite matted cilia. Generally, in the absence of its own luxurious eyelashes, it is appropriate to make yourself accrued - beautiful, practical, it is not necessary to apply makeup each morning.

 How to make your own

We form a perfect smile

Before applying lipstick look at my lips: if you are completely satisfied with their outline, then you can use it immediately. If you have too thick lips, the contour of a pencil, slightly reducing them. And if tonkovat lips, the contour let a little beyond the natural line. Lipstick is better to choose a pale or opt for glory. Lips should not stand in the face and demonstrate its brightness. Remove from the cosmetic purple, orange, dark brown lipstick shades - they are not relevant. Best of pink, pale coffee, raspberry, plum - in general, the most natural.

Remember, every woman should understand how to do make-up so that it just emphasizes the natural beauty and not independently form the eyes, lips and eyebrows on the face. The harmony and moderation to be around - it is so nice to enjoy the natural beauty, not bright and awkward painted lady.

 How to make correctly. Tips and tricks

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 Sexy Makeup


  • Smoky eyes
  • Makeup in the style of Marilyn Monroe
  • Doll Makeover
  • Oriental make-up

In the life of every woman there are moments when you want to impress her lover alluring sexuality. Everyone has long known that men love with their eyes. To create the unique image, which is able to make any man crazy, you need a good try: pick a nice outfit to wear sexy lingerie, make the appropriate hairstyle, manicure and, of course, cause a special makeup. Today we look at a few options for how to make a sexy makeover.

What men like? The list may include a beautiful, velvety skin, alluring eyes, plump lips and long, fluffy eyelashes. All this can be achieved with the help of cosmetics and brushes. But first we must decide what kind of make-up you want to do to please a man. This is a win-win two sexual makeup.

Smoky eyes

Smoky eyes, or as it is called, smoky eyes - these are the languishing eyes that make men's hearts beat faster, and thoughts revolve around sex. This sexy eye makeup, made qualitatively, always looks very boldly and effectively. Smoky eyes give the woman a special playfulness and mystery that wants to unravel any man. Smokey Eyes can be made in a variety of colors, but the technique of its application is always repeated.

  1. Align the tone of a person using a tonal framework, apply a small amount on top of loose powder, and around the eyes, apply a light concealer to cover up dark circles under the eyes.
  2. Draw the eyebrows using a sharp eyebrow pencil, working through each hair so it looked real.
  3. Bring a soft black pencil along the upper eyelid lash line and blend it gently with a brush.
  4. Use a flat brush to apply all of the upper eyelid light brown or beige shade up to the brow.
  5. In the inner corner of the eye and all the mobile eyelid, apply a medium-dark gray shade.
  6. The outer corner of the eye and work through the crease of the upper eyelid with black shadows and blend well abroad.
  7. On the cheekbones apply a little blush peach.
  8. For the lips, use light pink or beige shine.

 sexy eye makeup

Makeup in the style of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe - female legend, at the foot of which there were crowds of men. Until now, many women want to be like this beauty. For several decades, the girls used makeup in the style of Monroe, but the men and now went crazy with this image. And to make this make-up is not so difficult as it seems.

  1. Align the tone of a person using a tonal framework, apply a small amount on top of loose powder in the area around the eyes, apply concealer.
  2. Eyebrows in a make-up need to be perfect. So be sure to pull out them, giving them the desired shape using a gel, emphasize the eyebrow pencil.
  3. Apply to upper eyelid white, silver or beige shade.
  4. Black liquid eyeliner make the arrow on the upper eyelid, the tip slightly raised up.
  5. Curl lashes tweezers, carefully paint over them with black ink in two layers. As a result, you should get a long and fluffy eyelashes.
  6. On the cheekbones, apply blush peach.
  7. Make a loop lip pencil in the tone of lipstick.
  8. Apply enough bright shade of lipstick red, coral, cherry, scarlet, etc. The shade will depend on the type of your appearance.
  9. On top of lipstick, apply lip gloss shades close to it.

  Doll Makeover

A lot of men love the image of a sweet, defenseless pupae. Girl with make-up you just pat eyelashes, and a man will be ready to fulfill her every whim. Feature doll makeup is that it creates a warm, gentle tones. It's the sexiest makeup for blondes and light-brown hair girls.

  1. Align the color of the skin with a light foundation.
  2. Put on mobile eyelid shade of pastel colors like light blue, pink, turquoise, purple or violet.
  3. With brown podvodochnogo Draw pencil line growth of eyelashes to make them look thicker.
  4. Eyebrows also cautious Draw a pencil or shadow, approximate in color to natural hair.
  5. On the cheeks, apply a pink or peach blush.
  6. Lipstick choose pink or caramel shades.
  7. The most important point - the fluffy eyelashes. To achieve the effect of puppet apply 3-4 coats of mascara, combing cilia special brush after every layer. You can try to use false eyelashes.

 how to make a sexy makeover

Oriental make-up

If your passion is belly dancing, you can arrange for your beloved husband evening in oriental style, which he sure will please. If you want to create an image of oriental beauty, then you have to spend enough time and effort, because it is the eastern makeup - one of the toughest.

  1. Apply a very light tone and powder. In the east make-up does not apply bright blush, so tonal framework should be light.
  2. Choose bright shades of oriental pearl shades of the palette. This can be pink, green, gold, brown, etc. It is important to make emphasis on the eyes. Apply the selected colors to the mobile and fixed eyelid dense layer. The space under the brow whitewashed. Good blend border.
  3. Make enough thick line of black liquid eyeliner, giving eyes almond-shaped. In the east make-up is applied and the upper and lower eyelids.
  4. Eyebrows Draw clear and bright, but not the whole line, and with short strokes. It is important that the eyebrows looked impressive, in the east.
  5. Lips cover matte lipstick natural shades.
  6. On the cheekbones, cheeks and eyebrows can be stuck around a few rhinestones to great effect.
  7. Nakraste several layers of mascara upper lashes, but preferably in a lower layer or not paint at all.

It is possible to experiment with arrows, wherein the arrow on both the upper eyelid and along the bottom of the ciliary series. For example, the arrow as a natural extension of my eyes, flowing lines arrows, separate from the eye. All in your hands. Remember that it is important to not only put make-up erotic beautiful, but also feel the most attractive and seductive. That's when the men begin throwing admiring look you in the track. I am always happy and desirable, do not be afraid to express themselves!

 How to do makeup for a sexy evening with your loved ones

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