Makeup for brown eyes step by step

  • Select eyeliner
  • We determine the shadows
  • Mascara - black or ...

Brown-eyed women differ especially appealing sight. Owners deep dark eyes always look spectacular and bright makeup only emphasizes the beauty of the view and plays far the most important role in shaping the image. Unlike blondes with blue eyes, brown-eyed girl can afford a minimum of makeup, they do not need to think through every day step by step their way, the main thing to learn how to apply discreet makeup for brown eyes, emphasizing the natural look savor a couple of strokes.

It is quite another thing when a planned any celebration. There can not do without the skillful application of cosmetics, the main thing to do it in stages, paying close attention to every detail. Let's define what should be stored in a purse brown-eyed girl on a case in front of her to expect an Arab party, for example? How to become a oriental beauty? What makeup is able to make her eyes even more enchanting?

Select eyeliner

We begin our step by step to make it eyeliner. Why is that? Because right up eyes - is an important component for a seductive look. Liner is capable of miracles, it can make you sad or cheerful, modest and sexy. And to get a languid and seductive look so peculiar oriental women, eyeliner should be applied at the base of cilia, beginning with the upper eyelid. Along the lower eyelid eyeliner should look very carefully, no greasy lines, only a thin, barely visible outline. Joining the line eyeliner, try to form an eye turned cat, with a playful bend. To do this, lift the outer corners of eyes a little bit.

 step by step make-up for brown eyes

We determine the shadows

In the eastern shadow of the image plays an important component. They need to emphasize the warmth and depth of view, enhance the natural shine brown eyes. In no case do not need to apply the "war paint" using the whole palette of shades available to you. Choose a color you need, you can combine different shades of that color, gradually causing them, starting from the inner corner of the upper eyelid. At first, the most light tone and then ascending saturation. This technique drawing shadows will make your eyes a mysterious and involving.

Shades of shadow for brown eyes may be different. For owners of a light-brown eyes and dark skin, fit all brown and olive scale. If you have light skin tone, you can experiment with brighter colors, such as fuchsia, aquamarine, bright blue. The main thing to try to correlate with the overall makeup look: the color of the dress, the hair shade, lipstick.

 Makeup for brown eyes stages

Mascara - black or ...

The debate on the use of carcasses in creating makeup for brown eyes being the best make-up artists in the world. Do I need to give preference to classic black, or opt for other colors? Burning brunette still worth it to choose the black ink, but girls with light brown hair perfect brown.

And in the first and in the second case, it was a shade of mascara will emphasize the depth and expressiveness of the eyes. Black make the look more attractive, which certainly meets the passionate nature of this brown-eyed brunettes. Brown mascara suits girls more calm and humble. In conjunction with the general way, it gives the look soft, and even obedience.

Generally, women with dark hair and brown eyes boast thick and long lashes. Therefore, with the number of carcasses need to be careful. Do not get too thickly apply makeup, grabbing a few neat strokes. Otherwise, the makeup will look sloppy. Let's open a little secret: in order to avoid agglomerated lumps on the eyelashes, powder the them a bit before applying mascara.

Well, that's ready to make up for brown eyes in the style of oriental beauty. Now, do not forget to choose the right lipstick, accessories and, of course, perfume. At this party you simply irresistible!

 Makeup for brown eyes incrementally transform you into a beauty of oriental tale

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 Makeup for green eyes for brunettes

  • Shades of green eyes
  • The right makeup for brunettes with green eyes

Green eyes always aroused the most contradictory feelings of others - envy and fear, admiration and fear. Once the do not call owners of green eyes - a witch, beauty, a femme fatale, a temptress. But one thing is for sure - no one stays indifferent to green eyes. And their owner deliberately put them on display, proud eyes and try to "decorate" an interesting makeup. Before you learn to apply makeup for brunettes literate with green eyes, you need to figure out exactly what shade of green they inherent.

Shades of green eyes

  • The soft color with gray tints. These eyes seem mysterious and unreal. Girls usually get lost in the search for suitable shadows. But everything is very simple - you need to use only unsaturated colors, can be green - it should be translucent, in any case, not dark. In general, the holders of the green eye shade should abandon dark shadows, they just "shut down" all their beauty and brilliance.
  • Marine shade of green eyes, touch of turquoise. It is the most delicate and unexpected color - under the influence of clothing it can change to a blue sky. So ladies, it is necessary to use light and medium shades of color can be blue tint, experiment with podvodkami - from the green and blue colors turquoise sea in the eyes will be even brighter.
  • Eyes color green forests - rich, deep jade. Owners of Eye shadow should be chosen palette of chocolate brown shade, you can try a graphite color.
  • Light green with golden stripes. This so-called classic green eyes. Choose a shade darker shades can only be better pearlescent and color can be brown to pink. Deleted only blue.

 beautiful makeup for green eyes for brunettes

The right makeup for brunettes with green eyes

Green eyes - it is always nice, but it is distinguished by a special attraction brunette with green eyes. It's just a magical combination that is able to drive mad anyone about these ladies say "in the eyes of the little devils jumping." But not enough to be beautiful by nature, it is necessary to emphasize the beauty and make her shine and glamor. Experienced make-up artists have developed certain rules applying makeup for brunettes with green eyes and clearly follow them:

  • Pencil eyeliner use only charcoal black. Moreover, if the arrow is applied to the upper eyelid, her ponytail should go beyond the eye;
  • For brunettes amazingly fit in the style of makeup smoky eyes - such a kind of haze is to go around the eyes and make-up will air. For best effect should be used shade of bronze or golden hues;
  • Brunette with green eyes can improvise and apply pink, purple and even yellow shade - only this type of women they will look appropriate;
  • The lipstick is applied in two or three layers, for brunettes preferable to deep red. But if a woman does not love those bright colors, then the burning brunette can be used pink lipstick, gloss, colorless or brown pearl - the main task highlight the lips and make them bright against the background.

Owners green eyes and black hair may opt out of the shadows, but just to make up the lashes with black ink only and make an accurate arrow - Get Excellent and discreet make-up day. That will be enough to enhance the beauty of these damn attractive eyes. Make-up with the bronze and gold shadows, lipstick and pearl sharp arrows for the green-eyed brunettes the best option, it is better not to look on anyone! The natural beauty of the magical eyes it is only necessary to emphasize and to enjoy its appeal and hear endless compliments.

 The right makeup for green eyes for brunettes

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