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Well-groomed face skin should radiate a healthy glow rather than shine. Due to the increased activity of the sebaceous glands make floats and clogged pores, there are "black spots" and acne. Women with this type of skin almost every hour forced defat face with paper towels. To get rid of the need for regular powder oneself, choose high-quality matting foundation.


Oily skin - the "problem" in care option of all existing types of the epidermis. On a mask or lotion designed for dry or normal skin, it "will respond" acne and inflammation. Rich night cream will cause gain sebum. Use the "office" make-APA exclusively mascara and lip gloss, too, will not work - use them to not hide the gray complexion, blackheads and greasy luster.

Your allies in the struggle for perfect skin tone should be the means. In particular, matting cream, which was created precisely to address oily and combination of the epidermis. Texture good toners pretty easy, so the cream falls on your face is thin and weightless veil. Matting cosmetics pores, absorbs excess fat treats inflammation and evens. This foundation will ensure the safety of your make-up until late at night - and no greasy shine and "bands" on the face.

Types of tonal creams with matting effect

Tone cream matting is usually a liquid consistency and is packed in a soft plastic tube. Apply it with a sponge or a general cosmetic brush, evenly distributed across the face. Tonal cream emulsion - the best option for combination skin. In its structure there are moisturizing ingredients that prevent the occurrence of flaking and irritation on the cheeks and nose wings to the specific type of person. The emulsion may be produced as in the classic tube, and a spray that is applied to the skin by spraying.

Concentrated tone for matting is packed in small glass jars. Its dense structure is ideal for mixing with moisturizer. The composition of the concentrate includes a huge number of color and light-reflecting pigments, so use it in "pure" form is impossible. Take a pea funds dilute his favorite cream and apply on your face any way you like. Toning Gel is usually recommended to teenagers, whose skin is particularly prone to acne and "black spots" It added antibacterial ingredients - that's a plus. It has a low opacity in the inflamed areas of the face - is a minus.

Tonal souffles and mousses can be easily replaced, and cream and powder, if you have no skin problems, except for the excessive fat. They are easy to apply with fingertips, they do not cause irritation and feeling of dryness. Souffle can be used daily makeup oily and combination skin.

 Best matting foundation

What should be part of the ideal matting cream?

The main active ingredient of these creams - absorbent fibers. They absorb sebum and permanently keep the skin clean and matte. These properties are cotton tree. It dries inflammation and has a prolonged effect of matting. You long to preserve the freshness of the skin, if choose foundation with witch hazel, coal powder or kaolin.

The tonal part matting agent should not be fatty oils, silicone and dimethicone. They lay down on the skin dense film which is difficult to wash off, and denies the possibility of normal epidermis "breathe." The fat clogs the pores and is oxidized to form comedones and subcutaneous acne and sebaceous glands get an extra "incentive" to increase their own productivity. Cosmetics with silicone causes a feeling of tightness and provokes premature wrinkles. Creams for oily and combination skin produced only water-based. Make sure that the colors on the packaging was labeled "nekomedogenny." This means that the agent does not cause acne and other inflammatory cells.

To combat inflammation in the foundation is usually added salicylic acid and the extracts useful plants. Tea tree, eucalyptus, celandine perfectly cope with pimples and pustules. Fruit acids refresh and tighten the skin, restore its natural glow. If you frequently visit nightclubs or just rarely get enough sleep, look for toners with caffeine and papain.

Oil - enemy oily skin for the same reason as the oil. So if you see on the counter cream, which includes mineral oil, and propylene glycol, set it aside. They generally have allergies can cause serious dermatological problems not only plan, but also asthma or angioedema.

Nuances of choice matting foundation

First, go to the store for a tone only in the daytime. Artificial lighting distorts the true color of the pigment, often "hides" yellowness and heterogeneity of consistency. Evaluate the cream came out of the shop on the street. If you make out it small lumps and solids, do not purchase it - can not be called a tone quality. Girls after 30 is better to choose a weightless fluid souffle or emulsion. Dense means too emphasize wrinkles and skin irregularities.

Forget about the habit to test the foundation on the back of his hand. After all, you'll use it to mask imperfections on the face, not the hand. Bring a cotton ball or disc and spread the cream from the store tester at the site of the skin at the edge of the face and neck. The best option the cream, which will be virtually invisible under daylight or in artificial light.

If you still bought the wrong color, do not despair. "Adjust" the amount of color pigments by adding a conventional cream or other tonalnik. Buying matting tone, remember that the dark coating ages and light - refreshing. Palette with different shades of cream concentrates can be used to adjust the face oval.

Foundation must have ultrastoykoy formula. Only this can guarantee the long-term means of perfection and safety cover. Resistant cream absorbs quickly, so you have to adapt himself to use it properly - it is better to put aside sponges and powder puffs, you spread your fingers across the skin tone is much faster.

Matting cream foundation: the secrets of drawing

Regardless of how and what you will apply the tone for the face, apply it to clean skin, if you do not want to aggravate the condition of the sebaceous glands. Face Cleansing begins with washing - can use a gel, foam or a special daily scrub. Then wipe the face porosuzhivayuschim alcohol-free tonic.

Tone Cream perfectly lays down on a moisturizer or a special base. Fixing the foundation makeup also has matting and leveling properties, extends the "life" of eye makeup and eyebrows. It is usually clear, but there are color options. It is preferable to choose the colorless, as found perfectly matching shades and tones of the base almost impossible. The gel structure provides ease of use. Spread a small amount in the skin, and wait for 5-10 minutes and remove the excess with a paper towel. The base is usually applied to particular fatty areas of the face - forehead, nose and chin. In winter, even very greasy skin starts to peel off, so during the cold season, use a thick nutritional foundation makeup.

Do not smear matting cream on the face with a thick layer - from this it does not increase the ability of the coating. No matter how easy and nekomedogennym had no means a large amount of it will block the access of oxygen to the upper layers of the skin. Make-up artists are advised to apply the cream thinly and evenly. If possible, do not "carry" the cream on your face more than 7-8 hours.

Spread foundation on massage lines. Start with the lower part of the face - the boundary between the face and neck requires very careful shading. Apply a little tone to the lips - lipstick or gloss hold out much longer. Above tone used if necessary correcting means. The result secured friable powder.

Wash matting tonal basis with a person is not so easy, especially the one which is composed of the "wrong" components. It can be used for this purpose hydrophilic oil as a conventional gel, and tonic be insufficient. Among the ingredients of the cleaning agent must be AHA-acids - they dissolve the remnants of tone and remove them from far. Get rid of the tonal framework and help folk remedies.

 good matting foundation

Recipes means to remove residual matting pitch

Tone cream can be washed away with liquid funds on the basis of children's soap. 100 gr. Grate the soap and dissolve in 200 g. boiling water, stir thoroughly. Add 2 tablespoons baking soda and 2 tsp lemon juice. The composition can be stored in refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

150 gr. yogurt without salt and sugar mixed with 1 tablespoon liquid honey, 2 tablespoons whey and 2 tablespoons orange juice. Dairy and fruit acids rejuvenate the skin and eliminate toxins. The tool can be used instead of cleansing milk: put a small amount on a cotton pad and wipe his face.

1 cup of oatmeal in a blender Peremel and mix with 100 gr. Hot water. Add 1 tbsp soda, 2 tablespoons any vegetable oil and mix. Oatmeal is great substitute for daily scrub and do not cause allergies.

With the remnants of the cream and consult herbal infusion. Yarrow, chamomile, clover and St. John's wort brew water at the rate of 2 tablespoons collection in 1 cup of boiling water. The broth must be insisted for 2-3 hours, then cooled and used for washing every evening after removing make-up.

Matting foundation successfully solves the problems of both young and mature oily skin. Using it, you will achieve the perfect tone and smooth face and hide the rash and pimples. And remember: the guarantee of a beautiful makeup - moderation in the use of cosmetics.

 Secrets of disguise: matting foundation

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