Creative makeup


  • Preparing for makeup
  • The main "trump card" makeup - eye
  • The lips complete the look
  • How to make even more stylish?
  • Example makeup "Ladybug"

Make-up is intended to adorn and complement the image of women. There are several types of make-up: day, evening, creative. The most interesting one where you can give free rein to imagination and apply almost any color and decoration - it is creative. Of course, with the make-up is not possible to go to work, and in a simple weekday it will look at least inappropriate. But if you are going for a theme party or just discobar - Creative make-up will show all of your individuality and originality. In order to properly apply makeup, you have to know all the secrets of this procedure.

Preparing for makeup

Only a truly modern and scandalous person can afford to make such a deal - she will always be surrounded by attention. Before the beginning of action should be little to cheer and refresh the skin - make herbal mask, and then wipe the face with a piece of ice - you'll look great!

Now you need to apply foundation - foundation, dry powder, to correct irregularities masking pencil, making the skin smooth and velvety. Only after applying foundation can begin to eye makeup. First eyebrows - paint on their black or brown pencil, and seal it carefully comb the hair cosmetic gel. It is not advisable to draw too thick lines - his eyebrows are not the main point on the face, all attention should be focused on the eyes and eyebrows are designed simply to emphasize the open look.

 Creative Eye Makeup

The main "trump card" makeup - eye

Creative eye makeup applied only pencils, although you can try to apply a shadow, but there are two nuances: first, the shadows tend to slide on the upper eyelid, and secondly, saturated colors and smooth rastushevaniya can not be achieved.

So, first on the upper eyelid plot the white matte shadow - it will help more evenly apply the base color. Pencils are only mild, with sharp sharpened end. Draw the arrow as close to the lash line, pressing hard on the pencil. Use a liquid liner in any case can not be - the desired effect will not be. You can hold an arrow and below the lower eyelid - so will visually lengthen the shape of the eyes, and if you're in the eastern way, this technique can be very useful.

After applying basic guide, you can begin to be creative - choose yourself any color pencil and create! Just remember one immutable rule - under the brow is not desirable to apply bright colors - better use for this area pastel and pearlescent colors. Generally, there are no limits on color, do not "attached" to the eye color - like red or purple shades, green or orange - all in your hands!

Now ink - on the eyelashes, she should rest evenly in any case not crumble or stick together cilia. You can use the accrued cilia can simply decorate their crystals - the main thing that they were visible and bright. Here you can even experiment and use different ink colors, combine colors and amaze all of their taste and style. It is not advisable to paint the lower lashes - so your eyes will appear to have, and in fact they should be open, bright and eye-catching.

The lips complete the look

Lips also possible to paint the most vivid colors of lipstick - that's really where it is possible to realize their dreams. If your usual make-up is necessary to impose no bright crimson or cherry lipstick (because of the nature of the skin or the image), then it is possible to "break away" - everything is allowed!

How to make even more stylish?

You want to look not only bright, but also the unusual? Then use feathers, rhinestones, or apply a pattern around the eyes. Here the choice is huge - from small strazikov, loose outstretched around the eye before applying make-up in the form of a ladybug or slices of watermelon. Professional stylists and use feathers, butterflies and small, her lips painted a crab can be applied to the face easy vintage drawing - izgibistye thin line will create the necessary outrageous.

Embody fantasies to life and you can own, but for the first time this procedure is better to entrust the competent expert. Contact the salon and watch how the master - then again it will be much easier.

 beautiful creative makeup

Example makeup "Ladybug"

Thus, the main points you made clear, we must now try to apply this makeup. The main thing is to follow all the points:

  • Apply foundation on the upper eyelid and shade it;
  • Take a black pencil and draw an arrow on the upper eyelid, as close to the lashes. The arrow should not go beyond the boundaries of the eye;
  • Now, take a pencil and draw a red ladybug body - pencil pushing strongly to the skin, try to put precise strokes. Pencil is better to take bold and scarlet;
  • Leaving the area under the eyebrows is not necessary, but a little bit to go beyond the outer corner of the eye is necessary;
  • Now again we take a black pencil and start drawing insect legs: on the lower eyelid, on a uniform distance from each other. Just bukovku "g" inverted do, should get 4-5 feet;
  • Further, at the outer corner of the eye to the edge of the red pencil pririsovyvat head slightly elongated, oval shape;
  • It remains only to draw a mustache and spots on the body - this is done by the same pencil, just need more draws;
  • At the end of a special cosmetic adhesive Push pearl or strazik ladybug on his head.

This is all done is not complicated, but the effect is stunning!

This make-up is considered to be quite heavy for the skin, so do not abuse it. In any case, after the parties have to remove make-up (can be a special lotion or milk, and can be normal with soap and water) and applied to the skin moisturizer. If you have a predisposition to allergies, then with great care attitude to cosmetics, and after use, lubricate the face of anti-inflammatory agent.

 Creative makeup - be irresistible at any party!

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 learn how to do make-up


  • Determine your skin type
  • Save properly
  • Emphasizes the dignity and hide flaws

Make-up - a real weapon in the hands of skilled women. Using different techniques of applying a make-up, can be brought before others in the form of a passionate woman vamp, romantic or sexual ladies businesswomen. Unfortunately, a rare representative of the fairer sex can boast of such skills. How to learn how to do make-up, to always look "one hundred percent"?

Determine your skin type

All's Skin and decorative cosmetic products differ according to the type of skin. Even if the package this information is not provided, you should be aware - this tool is right for you or not. Otherwise, do not be surprised if an expensive foundation "floated" on your oily skin, and transparent powder did not help hide the redness on the skin.

Means for oily skin and have absorbent matting properties for problem - antibacterial and dried, dry - protective and nourishing. How can you make a beautiful make-up, not knowing whether the cosmetics meets the requirements of your type of epidermis?

To find an individual type of skin, use a simple indicator - a paper napkin. Clean your face from dirt and remnants of make-up, carefully wipe it. Two hours later, after washing attach the napkin to the chin and forehead. Bold epidermis leave marks on paper, bright skin secretions, normal - slightly noticeable spots. Dry skin in such a short period of time to simply highlight a drop of secretion.

Knowing the type of the epidermis, you will be able to choose the right cosmetics. Oily and combination skin requires applying a special fixing base under makeup. Before you take advantage of the pitch and correction facilities, dry or normal epidermis is necessary to moisten.

Doing make-up, use the toners in the form of a gel or fluid, if you suffer from increased activity of the sebaceous glands. You haunted by the feeling of tightness and torture peeling cheeks? Buy a busy tone for dry skin with nutrients.

How to learn how to do make-up, if you have greasy skin? Girls with bold type epidermis familiar with the problem of selection of shades. Creamy and powdery texture quickly mixed with sebum and absorbed into the skin of the eyelids or slide down and fall off. To avoid this, powder the lids loose powder before applying makeup, and use gel or water-resistant shade.

 how to learn to do beautiful makeup

Save properly

  • Do not experiment with inexpensive tonalnika

On the foundation to save in any case impossible. Beautiful makeup powder on the basis of 60 rubles. I do not do. Moreover, cheap tinting cosmetics made from substandard and sometimes hazardous ingredients - such as mineral oil. This mineral oil clog pores, causing the appearance of "black spots" and acne. Quality products contain vitamin complexes and medical components - for example, tea tree essential oil or shea butter. Such a tone lays down a thin, smooth and homogeneous layer and lasts a long time.

  • Cheap cheap lipstick and gloss - what's the difference?

Inexpensive lipstick slips quickly and hammered into the corners of the lips and cracks. Once you have a glass of wine or a glass of cola, a shade lighter and it becomes almost invisible. This is because the color pigment used in the manufacture of lipsticks any price, is very expensive. The company, which produces cosmetics level of "mass-market" saves on the amount of pigment and carnauba wax. Therefore, the color of her rich will not name, and the consistency of the contents of the tube is poor.

Another thing - brilliance. Most brands produce virtually identical compositions and colors, changing only the packaging design and product name. The translucent sheen texture does not require high pigment content in it, why buy an expensive sheen makes no sense. The main selection criteria - ease of brush and no effect "stickiness" on the lips after application.

  • Dear mascara - yes! Dear lacquers - no!

Luxury ink more stable and less likely to crumble under the eyes black flakes than its cheaper counterparts. Pay attention to the water-resistant versions - with them you are not afraid of rain and snow. The expensive carcasses often contains proteins that promote growth and strengthen lashes.

Spend on nail polish is not necessary. Firstly, it dries very quickly, regardless of the value of the promised vial. Second, use the last drop will still fail.

  • Buy high-quality makeup brushes

To make-up turned out beautiful, it is necessary to properly apply makeup. What you need to do? That's right, high-quality brushes. Some girls manage fingertips shade shadow tone and equalizer. Using a brush, you use fewer resources and simplifies the process of applying makeup. Choose a brush with natural bristles - they are more durable. Remains of color cosmetics - an ideal breeding ground for bacteria that cause skin diseases. Therefore, all necessary makeup brushes once a week to wash with soap under warm running water and then dried.

Emphasizes the dignity and hide flaws

  • Eyes

To make a beautiful makeup, learn to emphasize the eye. If they are small, paint the lashes mascara from coal-black pigments. Under the lower eyelids traces of yesterday's party? Apply to them the green concealer, gently hammer it into the skin and powder the top crumbly powder. Make it look radiant help white or silver pencil century. Spend it a thin line along the lash line - this trick will help "open the" eyes and visually enlarge them.

  • Lips

The best way to give the volume of thin lips - shine. Once the cause lipstick gives them sexual moisture with a transparent gloss. If you want to emphasize the aristocratic white teeth, use bright red lipstick. Hide hated yellowness will shine with a golden or silver Shimmer. To extend the life of your favorite lipstick, apply 2-3 coats lips, covering them with powder every time. The last layer of powder is not necessary.

Ability to apply makeup can not be learned in one day. The main thing - practice: develop an individual technique of using decorative cosmetics, you will be able to cope with the most complex make-up in a matter of minutes.

 How to learn to make do on their own?

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