concealer for face


  • What concealer and how to choose?
  • Types concealers
  • Applying concealer

Only a lucky few can boast of perfect skin. Everyone else has to constantly deal with the imperfections of the face - acne, age spots, dark circles under the eyes. Unfortunately, not all problems can be resolved on the skin. Then come to the aid of a disguise. Concealer - a real lifesaver in these cases.

What concealer and how to choose?

Concealer - a cosmetic concealer that hides the visible skin imperfections: acne, redness, age spots, dark circles and fine lines.

Beyond its direct masking function, many concealers also have medicinal properties (dried inflammation, pigmentation lightens have lifting effect and so forth.).

Choose the right shade of concealer even harder than foundation or powder.

  1. Do not test a shade on the outside of the hand - the skin at the site contrary to the opinion of the majority, is very different from the color of skin. Therefore, the store put a modicum of concealer tester on a cotton swab and test it on your face.
  2. Try desired shade is necessary only when the natural lighting.
  3. Always choose the right concealer one shade lighter your skin.

 good concealer for face

Types concealers

To date, it produced several types of concealers, differing in texture, composition and form. Each concealer designed to mask certain deficiencies.

  • Concealer Pencil

This concealer has a dense texture. Excellent for masking inflammation, redness and small freckles. Concealer Stick - ideal for masking flaws oily skin. It is better if the concealer to the skin is a very dense texture - so long it does not flow. In addition, the composition of the stick usually comprises antibacterial components (tea tree oil, plant extracts, salicylic acid). They are dried and reduce inflammation. Apply a concealer can only point.

  • Concealer in a tube with a brush

These concealers have liquid structure. There are concealers in a tube with a special pull-out mechanism that takes the concealer directly to the brush. This concealer, thanks to its light texture, perfect for masking circles under the eyes, as well as deficiencies in the dry and sensitive skin. The truth is a masking agent have shade sponge or fingers - this concealer brush is very soft and spray on the skin is too thick. It is applied as a point, and the more extensive areas of skin.

  • Creamy concealer

Typically, these concealers produced in small jars or powder compact. According to the density it is located between the liquid and concealer stick. Among the masking products, this concealer for face - the most versatile. It is suitable for masking and wrinkles and acne and dark circles under the eyes. It is used both locally and for large areas of the face. Furthermore, this concealer ideally mixed with other masking agents. However, to apply and shade, or it will have a special brush or sponge.

  • Paletka concealers several shades and colors

It has the same texture as the creamy concealer. Universally suitable for professional use.

Color palettes concealer to mask certain lack:

  • green camouflage concealer for pimples and redness;
  • yellow and orange - to eliminate dark circles under the eyes;
  • cirenevy (in contrast to the other colors in the set has a dry texture) conceals dark spots;
  • money loaned shades of concealer designed to mask the convex inflamed pimples.

 the right concealer for face

Applying concealer

To concealer went unnoticed, you must follow a few rules:

  1. Apply colored concealers (except yellow) needed before using tonal resources and concealers beige shades - after the foundation, but before powder.
  2. To use quite a bit of masking agents. Too thick a layer of concealer will be noticeable on the skin and further demonstrate the disadvantage that you want to hide.
  3. Concealer should be carefully shade, gently hammering it into the skin with fingertips or a brush.
  4. Once you have done concealer, let it dry out a bit. So it is better to merge with the skin and the longer it will stay on.

Proper application of concealer depends on the problem of the skin that you want to mask.

Circles under the eyes and wrinkles

Note the color circles under the eyes:

  • If circles bluish - suitable peach concealer;
  • if you have a blue-green circles, then save concealer orange or yellow (depending on the intensity of color circles);
  • purple and brown circles under the eyes "hide" beige concealer (his tone to be half a tone lighter than your natural skin color);

After your soak Eye Contour Cream, apply concealer. It is applied neat movements in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. In no case do not pull the skin! Then lightly powder the eyelid skin.

Spider veins, rosacea and redness

Tread vessels and redness on the skin easy to mask the yellow concealer shade hides stains blue rosacea concealer.

Concealer with a blue tint applied to clean moisturized skin directly to redness. He applied a narrow brush and gently shaded moist sponzhikom or fingers. Then applied layer of foundation.

The yellow concealer is used after applying tonal funds. Then the tone of the face aligned compact or loose powder.

Pimples, blackheads

To hide the redness of inflammation, make-up artists use concealers shades of green or dark beige. Apply concealer need locally, gently driving a vehicle into the skin. Do not smear the concealer over the entire surface of the pimple - so it will be even more noticeable. Allow to dry and apply a matting tonal basis.

Freckles and dark spots

To hide these flaws before using concealers, apply on the skin for make-up base. With her disguise to get even better. Apply concealer must be directly over the freckles and spots. Gently blend the concealer on the skin using fingertips or a brush. Then powder the skin.

 How to choose and use a concealer for face

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 beautiful makeup


  • Golden Rules beautiful makeup
  • Day and evening make-up: differences
  • Eye Makeup

Every woman aspires to look perfect. And in this we often not only helps correct facial and body treatments, and beautiful makeup. It's no secret that women spend a lot of time in front of a mirror not only to the festive outputs, but every day, trying to hide all visible flaws, emphasize strengths, making better and more beautiful. No fancy dress and elegant hair style will not be able to create a complete image, if it does not present a beautiful makeup. Surely every woman knows exactly what color shades and tones of powder and blush to her face. However, not only in well-chosen colors is the secret of success.

How to make a beautiful makeup? Makeup should be relevant to the time and place. That is, a bright evening make-up, for example, will be completely out of place in the business environment during working hours. And here's a simple and discreet make-up day will be quite noticeable in artificial light at a party. In addition, the makeup should be age-appropriate women as possible to emphasize the dignity of all. Beautiful make-up should not seem like a theatrical make-up, because you're not on stage, but in everyday life. Also, make-up must be suitable to the chosen clothes and be in harmony with it.

Golden Rules beautiful makeup

We talked about the relevance of makeup. But in order to make-up was perfect, it must be done properly. How to make a beautiful makeup? To do this is to follow a few rules.

  1. We use quality cosmetics

    Not all expensive make-up will be equally good. However, the most well-known companies and brands have a huge selection of cosmetics and make-up palettes - is appreciated even by professionals. Accordingly, these funds will be of high price, but the quality will be much higher. It is best to use all the means to make up a single firm or a line.

  2. Prepare to face make-up

    The secret of success persistence and natural make-up lies in its application to the prepared skin. If you have time, well before applying makeup pamper your skin nourishing or moisturizing mask express that will provide your skin a healthy appearance. To do this, wash your face with a cleanser, wipe the tonic. Apply a moisturizer, allow it to fully sink in, and if necessary, remove any excess.

  3. Gives the skin the right tone

    After you prepare your skin for makeup can be applied tonal framework, which should ideally be combined with a touch of your skin, to avoid any effect of "mask." Dark circles under the eyes and on the skin of the shortcomings should be hidden by the corrector or concealer and then apply foundation. To fix the colors and giving the skin a matte, use loose powder, it is much lighter in texture than matte.

  4. Makes one focus on face

    When the make-up, especially the evening, emphasis should be placed on either the eyes or the lips. If stress once and then, and more, may be the effect of vulgarity. If you emphasize your eyes, they can make up hard and bright, but the lips in this case it is necessary to emphasize the natural light lipstick or gloss transparent. But if you have decided to highlight the lips on his face, it can be done with a bright lipstick and sparkling shine, and his eyes then it must be stressed only slightly.

  5. We carry out eye makeup

    Proper eye makeup application begins with the basics of a shadow that will ensure durability. If you do not have a basis, slightly crumbly powder powder the eyelids. After that, apply the shadow, then - the eyeliner or eye pencil, and only at the very end - mascara. To get a more intense color shades, it is worth to apply them lightly with a damp brush or applicator. Mascara should be applied in several layers, giving each the previous dry well. However, do not overdo it to the dried ink does not have the effect of "spider legs" and not showered.

  6. Do not forget the eyebrows

    Eye makeup will not seem complete without emphasizing the eyebrows. Firstly, brows must have the correct shape, under the appropriate section of the eye and in harmony with the other features. If you have dark and thick eyebrows, comb it and place with gel and brush for eyebrows. Light and thin eyebrows worth emphasizing eyebrow pencil drawing strokes that mimic the hairs, or shadows that create the background.

  7. We provide make-up lips

    No lipstick can make lips the desired effect if they are exposed to the wind, too dry and cracked. Make easy peeling lips, trying not to injure the delicate skin, apply a nourishing lip balm, hold for a while. Then apply a little lip is foundation and powder as well as lipstick color would be the right shade. Circle the contour lip pencil, apply lipstick with a brush. On top put a little clear glitter that will add the volume of the lips.

  8. Apply blush

    Applying blush - a finishing touch makeup. Without a blush your face with applying makeup will look like a mask. Blush give liveliness, emphasize cheekbones. Pick blush color depending on the color of eyes, hair, skin, lipstick. All suitable natural peach blush. To make the face radiant species should apply a little gold or bronze powder.

 how to make a beautiful makeup

Day and evening make-up: differences

The sequence and technique of any make-up is the same. And the evening and the day make-up should be in harmony with the clothes, the style and fashion in general. Cosmetics should be applied on clean skin prepared. However, in the evening and daytime make-up will be a lot of differences - from the colors and shades of saturation and brightness, to the method of application of a pencil, a shade or a lipstick. Properly executed daytime makeup can be a few strokes turned into a beautiful evening.

Daily Makeover

How to make a beautiful makeup for each day? Daytime makeup suggests natural tones and paint them as negligible and minimal contrast. This is the easiest and fastest by type of makeup. Casual makeup, especially the business also requires a single focus - on the lips or eyes. But do not over-allocate them.

Makeup eye in daylight version performed natural colors of shadows, light and bright. Pencil eyeliner or better not to use at all. Mascara should be dark gray or brown, as thick black ink, Multiple coats longer appropriate in the evening make-up. It should also draw eyebrows slightly.

Lips for daytime makeup can be highlighted light pencil on the contour, and the easiest way - to cover their transparent brilliance. Or use lipstick, the color of which is most suitable to the natural color of your lips - pale pink, peach, soft coral.

evening make-up

Evening make-up requires some skill in its application. It uses brighter colors and shades, contrast, saturation. Singling out the lips or eyes, you can highlight their most vibrant colors, including darker. In the evening make-up allowed the use of glitter, dark and very bright podvodok, false eyelashes. However beautiful makeup for an evening out, just like any other, should be in harmony with the clothes, hairstyles, fashion.

Eyes can draw arrows contrasting black eyeliner in a retro style. This ink should be black, you can also use false eyelashes. Fashion trend now - smockey eyes - when the eyes are emphasized by the upper and lower eyelid with black shadows shading. For bright eyes, you can use a dark gray or brown shade.

Lips can draw a dark or bright lipstick, such as scarlet or coral. You can also use a lip gloss with mirror effect or sequins. On the skin should apply a bronze or gold powder to give skin a glow. And do not forget about the matting powder as shiny skin is clearly visible in artificial light. Such coverage requires a more saturated and contrasting colors of makeup.

 beautiful eye makeup

Eye Makeup

Eyes - mirror of the soul. It does not matter whether you do focus on the eyes or lips, but his eyes still can not help but draw attention to the face. Eye makeup - is the foundation makeup face. Types of makeup to classify the color of eyes and hair. There are even whole palette of different color shades for the eyes. It should be borne in mind that for brunettes and blondes have the same eye color makeup is slightly different. Blondes should use lighter shades and muted, but brunettes can afford some brightness and saturation, the main thing - do not overdo it. How to make a beautiful eye makeup depending on their color?

Makeup for brown eyes

Brown eyes always look bright on the face, draw their dark color. However, hazel color shades can be many - from almost black to light gold. Shadow dark brown eyes suit brown and beige, gold and bronze, black and silver, blue and purple. For lighter shades suit golden sand, marsh, green, gray, blue shadows. It is necessary to choose two shades of shadows, in harmony with each other - dark and light. Dark shades generally emphasize the outer corner of the eye, and light - and the inner corner of the eyelid fixed.

Or pencil eyeliner for brown eyes should be chosen according to the color of shadows, a little darker or brighter. For evening make-up, you can use black color. Pencil or eyeliner arrow drawn along the upper eyelid or only at the outer corner of the eye, or the stresses and lower eyelids too. Arrow can be shaded, and can be left clear. Mascara bright brown eyes better choose brown, it will give the look soft, but can be used for dark and black. For daytime makeup eyelash comb brush is that they were separated, and for the evening can be applied in several layers of mascara.

Makeup for blue eyes

For blue eyes fit all the shades that are capable of maximum stress glow blue. It's all shades of blue, purple, silver and gold. Shades of blue and blue give a unique view of brightness, draw attention to the color of their eyes. Very bright blue eyes, the so-called ice blue, will look spectacular with pearl-white, silver-gray shadows on the eyelids. The outer corner of the eye can be emphasized more saturated and vibrant shades, and internal - bright pearl. The same bright shade is applied to the eyelid just below the eyebrow, it will make the eyes open and radiant.

Eyeliner pencil and blue eyes do not use black. An exception can only be the evening makeup. Pencil and eyeliner should be in harmony with the color of shadows, they may be identical in color to be darker and brighter. Pencil can emphasize the outer corner of the eyes instead of dark shadows, drag the arrow on the upper and lower eyelid and shade it. Mascara should be dark gray, and for evening makeup, you can use a black or bright blue.

Makeup for green eyes

Beautiful green eye makeup palette provides warm colors - grass-green, brown, beige, terracotta, copper, gold. For daytime makeup can be used a matte shadow Flesh Tone, pale peach, gray and beige. For evening make-up is very well suited rich tones of purple and plum, graphite gray and black, brown and bronze and polished brass.

Pencil eyeliner and should definitely be in harmony with the shadows. You can use the white pencil, which is necessary to bring the extension of the lower eyelid. This method will make the eyes look more open and eyes - big and open. Mascara is used brown, it will give a soft look. For evening make-up, of course, you can use black mascara and eyeliner.

Makeup for gray eyes

For gray eyes fit almost all shades listed above. Gray, especially the iris, is very volatile. If this is the classic gray, its hue is closer to the color of the clothes you are wearing. Wearing a blue dress and highlighting the eyes gray-blue makeup, you can create the illusion of blue eyes. But in a green dress with emerald or terracotta shades, your eyes sparkle with all shades of green. If the eyes have not pure gray, and, for example, blue-gray, use shades of shadows, suitable for blue eyes. If you have gray eyes golden nutty undertone or blotches, the suitable colors for brown and green eyes.

Ink, pencil and eyeliner should be in harmony with selected for the gray eye shadows. Simple make-up can be carried out as follows. On the eyelid cause matte shadow beige or flesh-colored. From the middle of the upper eyelid to the end, draw a dark gray arrow pencil and blend it. Do the same for the lower eyelid. The lower eyelid can be further emphasize dark gray-brown shadows. But in the middle of the upper movable century is to put a drop of brilliant pearl shadow, gray-pearly or golden shade. Complete Makeover gray eyes need graphite or chocolate mascara.

 Beautiful Makeover: Secrets and Tips

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