How to apply foundation


  • Choose foundation
  • Perfect Tone
  • What it is better to apply the remedy?

Before applying make-up all the women first tinted skin - this is done to hide the flaws, roughness, enlarged pores, and rash. As usual, we use creams? It's simple - the means to recruit and fingers smeared the tone for the entire face, then grab his neck (and not everyone does), and all - believe that means is perfect. In fact, you just need to understand how to apply concealer correctly, the only way to achieve a perfect result. We need to start with a proper choice means.

Choose foundation

Sales consultants are advised to choose the type of foundation under the skin, and they are absolutely right, and must take into account the color - suitable for light skin only light tone, and for the dark - matching.

For oily skin, choose a liquid funds - they are sold in tubes and have the consistency of heavy cream. They will not only cover the skin with a thin layer, but also nourish it with vitamins and minerals.

If you are the owner of the inflamed skin with acne and acne familiar, then give up the cream is better to use dry powder compact. It is sold with the special sponge, which can slightly moisten before use - so dust will fall more smoothly.

For dry and sensitive skin cream will approach - in vials or tubes. Such tonal resources in their composition are vitamins A and E, as well as gilaurinovuyu acid. These additives are useful to nourish the skin, providing a therapeutic effect. For the application of foundation is ideal to use a sponge - if the cream falls flat, and the skin appears matte, with no rough edges and flaws.

To give a more mature age, whose skin is already riddled with fine wrinkles, it is necessary to choose a liquid foundation - it will fall on the face evenly with a thin layer and not to provide wrinkles, but rather fill them, making virtually invisible. By the way, to impose such a cream is not necessary to use special tools, it is possible to resort to using their own fingers, only controls the amount of funds.

So the foundation is selected, and now we have to learn how to apply it to the face - after all you do want to have a perfect appearance?

 how to apply concealer

Perfect Tone

First, be clear about one thing - before you start to apply concealer, it is necessary to clean the face, such as a lotion or just warm water and soap. Using a day cream to make the foundation. Better to use the usual cream - apply on face and wait for five minutes, let it be absorbed, and the excess can be removed with a napkin.

Concealer should be allocated in the face circles - from the center to the cheeks. Do not try to do it in reverse - all your pores and wrinkles absorb a means and will become even more noticeable. You can not just impose large portions - the best small polka dots, so it will be easier to stretch the cream evenly over the entire surface.

It is much more convenient to use a sponge - especially liquid funds for creams thicker consistency you can also use your fingers. Sponge should not be used for a long time - it gets clogged and dirty, can lead to infectious rash, it is necessary to change from time to time.

If you use a compact powder dry, then applying it with a porous sponge is the ideal option. Just pay attention to the fact that a sponge is made from - banal foam will not work, he was so rude that can cause micro-scratches. You can use the brush, the more so because the dry powder will fall more evenly.

If there is peeling on the face, you must first treat the skin with a fat cream, then apply foundation - then the skin will be smooth and flawless. Here, the substrate is also better to use a sponge.

Technique of foundation is not some special, just have to put in a little effort and patience. And be aware that under natural light will be seen even the slightest error in the make-up. Therefore, if you apply a means of artificial light, go to the window and see if it turned out well. To correct bad strokes, you can use a dry powder, to make this brush swings from cheekbones to chin. Once a person is given in the order, be sure to raze it to the color of the neck - a little tonal resources to help hide the difference.

 how to apply concealer

What it is better to apply the remedy?

In the arsenal there'll brush, sponge and own fingers. What to choose, it is necessary to decide individually, but even here there are some nuances. First, be aware that your fingers - this is the most economical way to utilize tonal resources, they do not absorb the excess.

Secondly, the sponge can be used only for liquid foundation, you can select and a sponge, but they are usually made of cheap foam and quite strongly absorb any liquid at all, not to mention the cream.

Third, many women somehow think that the brush should be applied only to the dry powder - they are badly mistaken! After all, you can almost draw a brush on your face, and then the tone will form the basis of straight, extra strokes can be correct, the person will look much nicer. Only choose this brush flat, not round - it will be easier to "draw".

In general, what tools to use - must choose individually, but the application technique of foundation requires some skill. But, knowing the basic nuances, you can be confident in its irresistibility. After all, the rules applying foundation you already know what it is better to put - also made clear, we can only determine diversity among manufacturers.

Do not forget after the publication of take off all make-up and thoroughly clean the face. Whichever way and neither was known cosmetics, when applied, for example, the foundation all the pores become clogged, the skin stops breathing and the dust and dirty air have a negative impact on it. Give your skin a break, and she said thank you - will look radiant, healthy and ready for new experiments in terms of make-up.

 How to apply foundation? "Draw" flawless face

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 how to properly make-up


  • Preparation of the skin
  • Complexion
  • Eye Makeup
  • Lip Makeup
  • Blush and bronzer powder

Each woman pays her appearance a lot of time, whether it's care, medical cosmetic procedures or applying makeup. Moreover, it is make-up we do every day, because the woman needs to look attractive, and for this purpose - all to emphasize its strengths and hide weaknesses. With about applying makeup techniques familiar to anyone of us, but many women still makes makeup wrong. How to make a make-up at home?

The perfect technique of applying makeup own professional makeup artists and makeup artists. Have you ever noticed that they put make-up and cosmetics on the face gradually? That is the right make-up includes the separation of the process into sequential steps, following which it is possible to achieve excellence in the mastery of makeup and make it perfect.

No less important is also proper skin care and its preparation for makeup. Additionally, you should choose makeup that is appropriate for you, the best professional. Tools for make-up does not necessarily have to include the whole list of professional, but the most basic set of brushes and applicators you should be. A sequential listing of all steps of the process will tell you how to do make-up itself.

Preparation of the skin

Any cosmetic products must bear a healthy and clear skin. To make-up went smoothly, nice and kept for a long time, you must first prepare your skin.


The first step is preparation of the skin - its thorough cleansing. To do this, use the gel for washing, you can even take a mild scrub or peeling. The skin must be wet with water, apply the scrub, massage in a circular motion and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Avoid aggressive scrubs, so as not to traumatize the skin, do not do too intense movement to prevent redness. Pat face with a towel.


After washing with tap water, which undoubtedly will be tough for the skin, it must be toning. Wipe skin tonic or lotion, to choose the means, depending on your skin type. This step will eliminate dryness and tightness, removes excess sebaceous discharge, prepare the skin for the application of the cream.


Apply a skin moisturizer light texture, it is not necessary to use before makeup fat nutritional agent. Allow it to fully absorb. If the skin is too overdried, apply a layer of cream is plentiful. After soaking it the right amount of moisturizer, residues can be removed with a cotton swab.

 how to do eye makeup


Not every one of us can boast a perfect complexion. To make it so we can get help from a variety of toners. The application of foundation and will be the basis of all make-up, a kind of artist's canvas on which we later "draw" the eyes and lips.

Base makeup

The base or foundation makeup is a cream-based silicone which smoothes the surface and the relief of the skin, hides flaws, provides the perfect "grip" of the whole make-up skin and thus its stability. The base can be unpigmented, transparent or have its presence. Then you need to choose a base color of your skin, respectively, also in harmony with the color of foundation.

Corrector and concealer

Concealer for hiding minor imperfections - acne, age spots, and concealer - to lighten dark circles under the eyes. Concealer is usually white or greenish for concealing redness. A concealer can have in recruiting and yellow, and pink colors. Apply concealer and corrector best thin soft brush or your fingers.


After applying the base, and hide flaws Apply concealer. It should ideally be combined with the color of your skin. Apply concealer should also be on the neck and décolleté that the person does not look mask. There are special sponge sponges for applying foundation, but the latest advice professional makeup artist is applying it to the skin a little wet fingers, allow body heat well and evenly distribute the cream on the face. Give creams absorb and adapt well to the skin - about 10-15 minutes.


Apply loose powder, tucked under your skin tone and color in harmony with the foundation. Compact pressed powder falls denser, it is more suitable for emergencies, to improve the finished makeup. Loose powder will form a layer of invisible light and will not burden the skin, but give it a sufficient opacity. Apply powder brush must be large volume of natural cloth. Walk on the forehead, nose, chin carefully. Cheeks brush should be from top to bottom, as if shaking off the powder from the face.

 how to do make-up lips

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is done carefully and takes time. No matter on what you're doing focus - on the eyes or lips, eye makeup plays an important role in the whole process of makeup.


First of all, it must be emphasized eyebrows. Previously, of course, it is best to give them the required shape by means of correction. But do not make the correction immediately before applying makeup as age sensitive skin may be red and swollen. If you have dark brows and thick, it is enough to comb or brush their raschesochkoy and put a special gel. And that's thin and light eyebrows need to emphasize the eyebrow pencil strokes imitating hairs. Professional makeup artists recommend to sum brow shadows, it will create a background and not be too intrusive.


Shadows must be selected according to the type of makeup - day or evening, eye color or hair color of clothes, style and image in general. Gray and blue-eyed women fit cold colors, but the green-and brown-eyed - warm. Shadow worth taking a few shades of the same color - from light to darker, you can use contrasting colors. The bright shade applied as a base on the entire eyelid and the dark emphasizes the outer corner eye and lower eyelids. The bright pearlescent shade can also put itself under the eyebrow, it will give the look shine. Do not use creamy shade, they tend to roll, it is better to choose high-quality dry shade.

Pencil and Eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner and used to make the look even more expressive. They are most appropriate in the evening make-up, especially their black color. Pencil good draw arrows on the outer corner of the eye and the lower eyelid, which are then shaded with dark shadows and brushes. In this way, an effect of smoky makeup - "Smokey Eyes". But the liner is used in the now trendy retro make-up - it resistant paint bright arrow along the lash line across the upper eyelid, pulling the corner of his eye to the eyebrow. Pencil eyeliner and can use a variety of colors, in harmony with color shadows. There is even a special holiday options with sparkles and shining effect.


It would seem - there is nothing easier than to apply mascara on the lashes. However, here too there are some nuances. A variety of brushes mascara - classic brush or rubber raschesochka - allows you to select the most appropriate. But you need to apply mascara in a special way. If you do not have a strong lashes bend, you can tweak them with special tongs. Apply mascara is necessary in several layers, allowing each to dry well the previous layer. Do not overdo it to the lashes were not sticky, it is best to comb them with a dry brush or raschesochkoy. Many layers of mascara can flake off later, so do not apply more than three.

 how to make a face makeup

Lip Makeup

To make up the lips, especially for an evening version, should be treated no less responsible than the eye makeup. Before you apply lipstick, lip must be prepared.

Eating the skin of the lips

No lipstick, even the best quality and good will not look beautiful on the lips when they are dry and cracked. It would be good, even in the preparation of the skin for make-up, lip make soft peeling. To do this, use sugar or coffee grounds. The main thing - do not overdo it so as not to injure the delicate and thin skin of the lips. Then apply a nourishing lip balm on and let it soften your lips well, a little soak.


When applying foundation on the face, it should be applied to the lips and a light layer. This will give them a colorless, so the lipstick that you will choose will be on the lips of his true color. Use a lip liner that matches the color of the chosen lipstick or a tone darker than her. Draw a pencil outline, starting from the middle of the upper lip and moving to the outer corners. Lower lip emphasize the movement from left to right.


Lipstick is smeared with a special brush, it gives stability and uniformity of the coating. Apply not thick layer of lipstick, let it soak a little, easy to dab her lips thin cloth a little powder the. Then apply a second layer of lipstick more saturated. Movement of the brush should be done from the center to the corners of the lips, evenly distributing pigment, and without departing from the path outlined by a pencil. Admission to the powder and make-up of lips with a napkin is much more resistant.

Lip gloss

Lip gloss is able to give the lips extra volume, seductive glow effect sexual wet lips. For daytime make-up lip gloss can be applied to the lips without lipstick. But in the evening make-up glitter applied on the middle of the lower lip over the basic lipstick, giving it volume and plumpness. For a festive make-ups, there are also shines with small sequins, glittering pigment, pearl of various colors.

Blush and bronzer powder

The final step in the makeup is applying blush. Without them, the makeup will look like painted on canvas, they give the face vitality and completeness.


Blush is usually applied on the cheeks, with their help allocate cheekbones. However, with proper use of them, you can even adjust the shape of the face. Blush not in any case should not go to a spot on the skin. Use a wide brush for the bulk of their application and blend well. To begin to dial the brush quite a bit of blush, not to overdo it, and if that's not enough, you can add color. For any color suit natural peach-colored blush, but you can use pink and terracotta.

Bronze Powder

Bronzer or powder with light reflecting particles, gold or bronze color, can make the skin radiance and glow effect. This powder is well to emphasize the cheekbones, apply a little on the upper eyelid under the eyebrow or on the chin. So you reproduce the effect of sun tanning. Very often interfere with a powder blush or applied for them.

At the very end is once again lightly go over the face with a brush matting powder to brush the skin with the remnants of shadows or reduce the intensity of the color of blush and bronze powder, remove excess shine. Do not forget about your neck and chest area, and if you have a hairstyle with hair raised, is to touch a brush and ears. This technique will give the skin a velvety body and caught up with its color complexion. Your flawless makeup ready! Fulfilling its stages, according to all the advice given, you can easily achieve a beautiful and spectacular make-up is no different from a professional.

 How do makeup? Step by step

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