foundation cream for dry skin


  • The main differences between dry skin
  • Features foundation for dry skin
  • Selection Rules tonal framework
  • How to choose the right shade
  • Secrets of the application and use of tonal creams
  • Safety rules: what not to do

Tone Cream - a cosmetic product in the category of Must Have every self-respecting girl. It helps to align the color of the skin, gives a certain hue, hiding any small flaws, whether pimples, scratches, freckles or small scars, and is the foundation of any day and evening makeup. It is composed of fats, oils, water, powder, pigments, substances that protect against certain stimuli. Concealer chosen based on your features, as, for example, means for dry skin not only cause allergies or more drying, but also to some extent will help to overcome this problem.

The main differences between dry skin

In order to determine its type, it is necessary to take a piece of tissue paper or a dry cloth to hold several times in the face and see whether there will be on the surface of fatty streaks. If the skin is dry, no trace should not be. Also try to look closely at her face. A large number of small pores, dull appearance, roughness - all this shows that you think about it in this category. To avoid mistakes, it is recommended to consult with experts, as you may have a combination skin.

Features foundation for dry skin

Many of the fair sex often wonder why it is necessary to choose the foundation of its type. The thing is that due to lack of moisture the skin begins to age, stretch her rapidly form facial wrinkles and age. Choosing the wrong tool, you only accelerate this process, so that in the thirty or forty years will look much older than his age. Makeup should nourish, moisturize, protect against UV.

 correct tonal cream for dry skin

Selection Rules tonal framework

Are you wondering how to find the right foundation? It would seem that could be easier because most manufacturers indicate the packaging for whom their products. But why in the end it turns out that one way of you is perfect, and the other only worsens the condition of a person? It's all a part of. The more humectants, fat and nutrients to the foundation, the better. But the presence of mineral components are not desirable as they are dried skin.

What should be the basis of tonal

  • Jojoba oil

Today, quite a large number of various cosmetic contains Jojoba Oil. This is not surprising, because this oil does not cause any allergic reactions, because of its chemical composition is very similar to human sebum. At the same time such a magical component of a relatively long time is not wasted. And the most important thing - tone cream with jojoba oil can be used every day.

  • Hyaluronic acid

Lately it has become fashionable to use cosmetics, which includes hyaluronic acid. It is believed that it retains moisture in the skin, so makeup will look fresh much longer, and in the evening your face will not resemble the dried mask. Please note that the beauticians recommend the fair sex do not use decorative masking means, as the skin with small pores in this brand needs no introduction. It is better to opt for the normal creams that can be used both day and night.

  • Almond oil

Almond Oil has moisturizing, softening and soothing properties. The almond oil contains a fairly large number of different vitamins and minerals, a positive effect on dry skin. Especially recommended to use the tonal foundation with this component for those who have problems with acne. Such cosmetics never cause allergies and irritation.

  • Aloe Vera Juice

If you apply the foundation as a base for day makeup, choose products, which includes Aloe Vera. Such cosmetics are also encouraged to use the summer to protect the face from sun damage. Aloe Vera Juice accelerates cell regeneration, reduces inflammation of small, makes the skin soft and supple as a baby. Such tonal framework can be used even young girls.

What should not be in your creams

  • Lanolin

It is not necessary to buy tone cream for dry skin, if it contains lanolin. Despite the fact that vengeance advertise on TV products with this magic ingredient, lanolin is very harmful. After several experiments, it was found that the humidifier may cause irritation, itching, rash, and similar problems. To confirm or deny a beneficial effect on the skin lanolin is that no one can.

  • Mineral oils

Second, no less dangerous component - technical oil (also called mineral), which is produced from petroleum. Be careful, because in most products Mineral Oil is used as a moisturizer. After you apply foundation on your face, the skin is formed on the surface of the film, which does not let the moisture out. Perhaps this is the only plus. As for cons, then, there are many more. Firstly, the skin ceases to breathe, and secondly, it accumulates toxins, thirdly, the cells cease to be updated, and this leads to premature aging.

  • Propylene glycol

Unfortunately, this component is a part of virtually all the tonal framework. It is added to give a pleasant smell of creams, make more viscous liquid, and, of course, to moisten. People with sensitive skin often occurs allergy because of Propylene Glycol, even if it is in cosmetics virtually none. The norm is today considered if the concentration of propylene glycol is less than fifty percent.

  • Thimerosal

Found as part of this component? Then put the foundation back on the shelf, as it is very harmful. Thimerosal - a ticking time bomb that can work at any time. The substance is toxic and dangerous, and its continued use could even lead to skin cancer. About irritation, allergies, rashes and itching in this case is not worth saying.

Do not forget to look out for any age category is suitable or that foundation. Young girl with dry skin the most important - it is moisturizing, the older the fair sex is better to pay attention to cosmetics, which includes anti-aging substance. There are also universal creams that can be used, and the young beauty, and those who are well over fifty.

An important role for many women, the cost of playing. Of course, no one says that you have to buy the most expensive and popular cosmetics, but if you do not have finance for mid-priced products, it is better to do on the foundation to refuse. In too cheap based, which are normally sold at a huge discount, contains a list of all the harmful components. Do not risk their own health and beauty, in addition to the treatment and elimination of the consequences of the budget in the future makeup you have to spend much more.

The next thing you should look for when choosing a foundation - it is its purpose. It all depends on what, at what time of day and year you plan to use it. For example, for day makeup suited more tender and bright colors, fully matching the tone of the color of your skin, you can take the club foundation slightly darker. In summer, use cosmetics that will protect you from UV radiation, SPF is not less than fifteen. Winter creams contain ingredients that protect against cold, wind, humidity, etc.

 a good foundation for dry skin

How to choose the right shade

When choosing a foundation to remember one very important rule, which, unfortunately, many women either do not know or forget - the color of the foundations must be fully combined with a touch of your skin. Otherwise, your face will be either too stand out from the body (neck, arms, décolleté) or be visible defects. Sometimes, however, the fair sex, to look more tan, use a cream tone, the color of which is darker on the order. Dark brown option is suitable only for those girls that have had several visits to the solarium or have just returned from a holiday at sea.

If you decide to buy a similar makeup for the first time, it is better to do it in specialized retail establishments, as ordered through a catalog of products in life can look very different. In addition, the final outcome affects your natural complexion. So, the first step is to apply a small drop of foundation on your skin, smudge smooth movements and wait ten minutes. If the tone is the same, then it - perfect. Please note that the testing tool should not be in the crook of the elbow or on the back of the hand, as it was made to do before, but only on the face (chin or cheeks).

Secrets of the application and use of tonal creams

Before you proceed to the application of tonal framework, wash with soap and water or with a special tool to remove particles of dust or dirt. Wipe the face with a cotton swab and tonic, you use regularly, then apply the usual day cream and wait until it is completely absorbed. Fifteen minutes later, remove residual dry cloth or a soft towel, and then proceed to the procedure itself. In the evening make-up comes off using a cleaning agent, and then it is recommended to make a hydrating mask. Also, do not forget about the night cream that is necessary to begin to use after twenty-five.

The very foundation in any case do not rub the skin, only apply in a circular motion brush sponzhikom or fingertips. Remember that you can only move from the center to the periphery, otherwise all the small defects (wrinkles, spots, pores) are clearly visible. After the foundation will be superimposed on top should go powder. This is necessary to ensure that the facial skin look as natural as possible.

Particular attention should be given to areas where they begin to grow hair (forehead, temples). Carefully concealer shade that there is not formed lumps. As for the neck, ears, and décolleté, if you to choose the right means to put it on these sites is not worth it, because the color is not too different. Once you have done all these manipulations, go to the window and see what it looks like in daylight.

If your skin has become more pale, which usually happens in winter, mix concealer with a special lighter or experiment with lighter basics. The resulting consistency apply to the face and wait until it is absorbed. If you choose the correct proportions, will make perfect. Thus, you do not have to spend extra money to buy a new cosmetics.

Safety rules: what not to do

In no case can not go to bed without first removing all the makeup, because it is very harmful for your skin. Never apply over the foundations of another layer of foundation, otherwise your face will be spotty. Many experts do not recommend to apply a similar makeup to the area around the eyes, as some components may cause severe irritation and inflammation.

Also, do not try to apply evening make-up on an existing daily, with which you took more than one hour. Remember that you can walk to the base no longer than eight hours, followed by a wash. Your skin needs to breathe and relax!

 Tone Cream for dry skin: how to choose a foundation?

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