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  • Who is the legislator of fashion?
  • Who needs clarification
  • This clarification of the eyebrows is contraindicated
  • Bleaching at home: how is it done?
  • Lightening eyebrows at home: the rules and precautions

Thick black eyebrows and are, unfortunately, not all of the fair sex, as they give a more serious, adult, and sometimes even vulgar kind. Recently, many beauty salons have begun to provide a new service - lightening brows a few shades to the face of the girls look natural and feminine. The cost of such pleasure sometimes depends on the popularity of the institution in which the artist works, and not on the quality. The same procedure can also be done at home, which saves not only time, but also a significant part of finance.

Who is the legislator of fashion?

For the first time this method has resorted notorious actress of world cinema - Brigitte Bardot, who was forced to change the color of eyebrows after a dyeing. For a long time this trick has been forgotten, but in the year two thousand and ten at one of the fashion shows stylists eyebrows clarified its models, which caused an incredible boom among many well-known persons. But even some five to ten years ago, they did a tattoo on this part of the face, summed each arc thick black pencil, and were trying to isolate them.

Who needs clarification

Firstly, the procedure in any case, should be carried out on the nature of dark-haired girls who were repainted in a light and bright colors or even become blondes. Otherwise, except for the black regrown roots, they will also give out a dark brown, gray or brown eyebrows. It is advisable to shade them completely coincided with a touch of hair.

Secondly, to lighten eyebrows to look more gently, can those whose skin is pinkish or slightly pale. After that, the girls will be able to do even the most bright and flashy make-up, not looking at the same time funny and tasteless. Soft hair after the procedure will melt more pliable, easier to stow, tint and tidy.

 how to lighten eyebrows at home

This clarification of the eyebrows is contraindicated

In pursuit of the fashion of the fair sex forget about their own identity, which is why stayut one gray mass, including not distinguish who is who. So if you decide to change the style and want to lighten eyebrows at home, check beforehand whether you will this color to the face. It is enough to put them concealer, a little powder on top and look in the mirror afterwards. If the result you really like - safely begin to act. Otherwise it is better to consult a specialist to choose the right shade.

However, remember that bleached eyebrows spoil the appearance of tanned girls, because after the procedure a person becomes one continuous blur. So if you have the southern type of appearance, all have to give up this idea. The same applies if you are constantly visiting the solarium, use dark tonal foundation or like to go with black shadows and arrows on the eyes.

Bleaching at home: how is it done?

If you decide to experiment a bit with the color is not in the salon and at home, you can choose one of three basic methods of how to lighten eyebrow bleaching peroxide, cream and herbs. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so the final decision should be taken after weighing the pros and cons. Alternatively you can experience all these three tools (but not all at once) to choose for themselves the best option.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

To begin to prepare everything: shampoo, Vaseline, brush teeth with broad brow (it should be every self-respecting women), ordinary brush, which you apply makeup, warm water and peroxide. Before the procedure, rinse shampoo eyebrows to remove dust, sebum, the remnants of cosmetics, then remove residual moisture with a dry towel. Apply the cream around the hair of the arc to peroxide is not in contact with the skin, or may be left on the face of white spots or irritation appears.

The next step - preparing a solution for the clarification. Add a glass of warm filtered water peroxide (half a teaspoon), then mix well. Obey all proportion, because instead of the expected result, you can get a full or partial baldness. Now you can start the procedure of clarification: neat movements brush, apply the liquid to the eyebrows, and then distributes it using a special brush. Fifteen minutes later, thoroughly wash with copious amounts of lukewarm water.

  • Whitening cream

Prepare your eyebrows for the procedure exactly the same as in the peroxide bleaching to remove dirt and protect the skin from aggressive agents. Apply one (maximum two) minutes of the cream on the brow, then rinse with water. If you keep it, even for a moment longer, then got serious burns of the site. It is unlikely that you want the next three weeks to paint the arc ordinary pencil or like an alien. After the procedure, be sure to put on the treated side of the face nourishing cream to moisten the dried skin.

  • Herbs

A decoction of the herb is probably the easiest and most gentle way of clarification in the home, which was used in ancient times. You can easily prepare a tincture of calendula and chamomile alone, because these plants are sold in any drugstore in packages. To prepare this tool, you have to spend about half an hour. Fill twenty grams inflorescence (about two tablespoons) a glass of water, then leave twenty minutes, so that the liquid has cooled down to room temperature, then add a few drops of lemon juice.

However, this option is only suitable for the patient women, as a means can be applied no more than twice a day, with the need to do so as long as you do not get a positive result. For someone it might take two days, and someone will have to spend at least a week. So if you have a very dark hairs, and you want to do everything quickly and at a time, choose for yourself is completely different, more effective method.

  • Masking

If you do not want to carry out the procedure on their own, and time to go to the salon, or wait until a friend comes, you do not have, you can "hide" his eyebrows masking agents. Make them less noticeable on dark skin is easy with the usual beige shades. If your skin is too light, take the shade of ivory.

First, bring this area of ​​the face in order, good comb hairs so that they lie flat. Soak the brush in the shadows, and then pass it lightly with the tip of his eyebrows. The last stage - Feather to disguise was not so noticeable.

For these purposes, you can use the usual matting or compact powder, which will make the color of eyebrows less bright and saturated. But in this case do not forget to do a full day or evening make-up, otherwise all of your tricks and manipulations will be visible to the naked eye.

 lightening eyebrows

Lightening eyebrows at home: the rules and precautions

If you want to not completely desaturate your eyebrows, and want to make them only to the tone or two lighter keep the paint is much less time than is specified on the package. If all the colors are too bright, use a specially processed henna, on the packaging which indicates that it is designed to do.

Always pay attention to the shelf life of creams to lighten, the appearance of the packaging and the brand manufacturer. Keep all tools in a dark, cool and dry place, otherwise they may spoil prematurely. Do not buy the products of illegal crossings and points of sale, as its quality and safety, in this case, you no guarantee.

 How to lighten eyebrows at home?

 Makeup for blue eyes brunettes


  • Daily Makeover
  • Little about the shades
  • evening make-up

Brunettes have always been female seductress, insidious beauties. And if they still and blue eyes (which is considered a rarity), they attributed magical properties. Yes, these women are very beautiful, but they need a makeover, at least in order to accentuate their natural beauty, open it fully.

Daily Makeover

Day especially not to frills, so here we must learn to do the humble and as much as possible the natural makeup. So, we start with the alignment tone. Use foundation is necessary, which is ideal for the type and color of skin. Be sure to consider what your skin: dry or oily, with or without wrinkles, whether her peeling.

Remember - your foundation becomes a "person", he has to hide all the flaws and provide a smooth skin without flaws and irregularities. If you guess right with a touch, then this makeup will look unnatural. Feather tonal basis? Now move on to the eyes. There is a more complex algorithm, it is necessary to strictly adhere to certain rules:

  • Be sure to paint on brown or black eyebrow pencil. But we do not select them, but just a little adjust. Before you do the eyebrows, look - not grown any extra hairs do not stick out whether they are in opposite directions. The fact that the unkempt eyebrows can negate all the efforts and even superprofessionalnyh makeup will look disgusting;
  • Now we put the mobile eyelid matte white shadow. They will be an excellent basis for the basic make-up. We work from the inner corner to the outer, and then down a little - under the most cilia;
  • Under eyebrow inflict pearlescent shade of light colors. Gently brush distributed over the entire surface. For the outer corner of the eyebrows and the eyes not to go, but on the eyelid itself does not fall - strictly under the brow line;
  • At first we put the mobile eyelid lighter shade, and in the outermost corner of the eye - darker. This shaded darker tone to the middle of the eye. Then there should be only light-shade foundation. On what color shades are right for blue-eyed brunette, will be described below;
  • Now we put arrow-liner, then give advice seriously - we must build on what form your eyes. But usually they do eyeliner on the upper eyelid and a little tip of the output abroad eyes. Eyeliner is applied to the shadows, so it will "stand" is not a separate unit in the general form of make-up, as it were, to merge with it. Only use liquid eyeliner because it is impossible to put a pencil to shade a flat arrow;
  • Further, ink, and here brunettes lucky. Under blue eyes you can apply any color mascara: blue, brown, purple and classic black. Algorithm applying mascara has long been known, so will not be repeated;
  • Finishing Touches - blush and lipstick. Such typecasting suit dark, rich colors. Brunettes do not go too pale tones. But frilly lips should not appear, because we do make-up day.

 Makeup for blue-eyed brunettes

Little about the shades

Makeup for blue-eyed brunettes involves the use of coffee, gold, sand, smoke colored shadows. The main thing is to comply with the order: first, impose lighter shade, then dark - the outer corner of the eye. Only in this way and not otherwise! This combination of shadows should be harmonious, not scandalously provocative. Accordingly, it is necessary to choose a lipstick under their shade. Do not use bright reds, and a raspberry-purple will not do. It is best reserved for evening their publication. But all the other colors - please experiment and go for it! Sometimes not so incongruous colors can look so that the eye does not tear!

 beautiful makeup for blue eyes brunettes

evening make-up

Here brunettes very large field of activities fit everything in color. You can improvise and apply decorations, glitter, rhinestones - make a night! By the way, you can try to enhance the effect by using pearlescent shadows. And do not keep daylight makeup - light shade can not be applied - emphasize the depth of your eyes deliberately dark shades of dark blue, smoky, dark green, brown.

But remember one rule: if you have fair skin, you will need to apply foundation a few shades darker, but if you have a dark face, here experiment and do not need. Skilled craftsmen, evening make-up make-up artists for these women offer to impose, using different decorations - creative option is always held in high esteem. Of course, this does not apply to those moments when you go for a romantic dinner or a gala banquet in honor of the conclusion of the next transaction. For such cases, come up and make an ordinary day, just make more vivid lips and a little tweak arrows, refresh them legible again.

Yes, the brunette with blue eyes - happy woman. For such persons always pay attention to the men, their opinion is able to bring to mind any. But such beauty it is necessary to take care, protect it and try to keep for years to come. Do not forget to remove makeup every day, face cleansing lotion or warm water and soap. Be sure to jog in the face fingers to do a light massage, and then apply a moisturizing and nourishing cream. The face will thank you for these simple methods and will always look at the "five-plus."

 Makeup for blue eyes brunettes - emphasize the natural advantages

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