make-up without problems step guide


  • Step one: cleansing
  • Step two: the application's Skin tools and makeup base
  • Step Three: skin toning and correction of imperfections
  • Step Four: eye makeup and eyebrows
  • Step Five: lips

Technician makeup there are so many. Should be selected individually based on your tsvetotipa and destination make-up (day, evening, festive). However, the procedures and rules for the use of makeup remains unchanged in any case. In our article "Make no problem: step guide" you will get acquainted with the general instructions for applying make-up.

Step one: cleansing

Do not be surprised, beautiful makeup begins with proper cleansing the face from dirt, dust, the sebaceous secretions. Surely you are interested in the question: whether to wash, if you've just woken up and before going to bed thoroughly washed away the remnants of makeup? During the time while you are sleeping, your epidermis is time to highlight the very large number of sebum, which is clogged pores and cause inflammation if you apply it over the tone or powder.

Ideal for cleaning the skin before make-up - foaming gel or foam with a neutral ph-level. Overly aggressive cleaning medium can cause a feeling of tightness and peeling - then a person will have an even tone to forget. When buying make sure also to ensure that a part of funds was not dimethicone and mineral oils - these components are badly washed out and the skin covered with a greasy film.

If you love natural cosmetics or just want to save money, prepare the gel for washing yourself. Take a piece of "Children" soap, grate it on a coarse grater, and dissolved in 300 g. of boiling water. Add 25-30 drops of essential oils, suitable for your skin type. Tea tree, for example, dries pimples and reduces redness, ylang-ylang perfectly mattes, and rosemary oil soothes dry epidermis.

Before washing, apply a few drops of liquid on the sponge for washing. Massage them to wet skin for 1-2 minutes, then rinse with warm water. The hot wash is not necessary - it activates the sebaceous glands, so half an hour after cleansing will be a greasy shine. Pat's face with a towel.

 eye makeup step guide

Step two: the application's Skin tools and makeup base

If you want your skin has always been smooth and well-groomed, be sure to use a day cream every day. Tonal basis will fall on his thin even layer, and you do not have it for a long time to shade. A small amount of cream on the skin, apply a thin layer and wait a few minutes so that he could absorb.

For oily and combination epidermis is better to use light gel or a fluid with matting properties. It will protect you from the appearance of oily shine on forehead and nose tip for the day. Dry skin moisturizing cream in the summer pet, winter it replaces nutrient dense product with a rich texture.

Surplus cream blot with paper towel or cotton pad. On damp skin with fingertips, apply a base for make-up. It prolongs the life of makeup, prevents the absorption of tonal resources into the skin and evens the complexion. For dry skin, the base is produced in the form of a transparent powder, which is distributed in the skin puff or a broad brush. For normal to oily epidermis are gelled base under make-up.

Step Three: skin toning and correction of imperfections

The correct choice of tonal resources - the key to beautiful makeup. Oily skin tone align liquid in the form of a cream or foam, normal improving solid Stick or mousse, moisturize dry tinted spray. If you make a mistake during the selection of the desired shade in the store, buy the tone of the same brand, but one unit lighter / darker, depending on the color of the first means. You can dilute a few drops of foundation moisturizing gel or fixing makeup base.

There are several methods of applying on the skin tone. Professionals recommend using for this purpose a wide flat brush. Squeeze a bit of money from a tube on the back of his hand. Dipping the tip of the brush in the tone, put the four "points" - on the forehead, nose and cheeks. Moving from the center of the face to the cheeks, blend foundation on the face. Blot any excess with a damp cloth.

Most uneconomical method - a cosmetic sponge. A piece of foam absorbs greater cream than you have time to put on the face. The tone and sebum - the ideal environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, the sponge should be washed with warm soapy water after each use. A few drops of pitch to squeeze sponge moistened cosmetic cream - it will facilitate the application. Spread a thin layer of cream on the face, paying special attention to the area around the eyes and face with a neck border.

Beginners easy to use as a cosmetic tool own fingers. So you better get to cover pimples, burst flasks and enlarged pores. One "but" - do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before going to apply makeup.

If you want to hide from prying eyes large inflammation, freckles, dark circles around the eyes, or the vascular net - have to use a color corrector. It is applied after the application of tonal resources, but the final touch in the form of dusting. Green concealer neutralizes redness, purple mask bloodshot vessels and yellow shielding wrinkles and age spots. To give the face a fresh look and natural shine after yesterday's party, use a highlighter.

 beautiful eye makeup step guide

Step Four: eye makeup and eyebrows

Before applying shadows moisturize the skin around the eyes a special foundation for the eyelids. Similarly, as the base for make-up, it extends the term of the shadow on the eyelids and facilitates their application. For daytime make-up, use the shade of brown and gray scale. If you want to give a look shine, apply to the inner corner of the eye shadow with a little dry silver Shimmer. To divert attention from the dark circles around the eyes, swipe the lower eyelid thin line sharpened pencil colors creme brulee or champagne.

For special occasions suitable makeup technique "Smokey Aes." Apply one coat of eyelid moving cream shadows saturated colors - graphite, chocolate or charcoal black. Thoroughly blend the tones to a cotton swab or cosmetic disk. Spend along the lash line with black pencil, the boundary between it and the shadows and blend well.

The main rule of makeup eyebrows - naturalness. For their selection and correction, you can use a pencil or dry shade, the shade of which will be for a maximum of six shades darker than natural. Agree, black eyebrows on the face of white-skinned blond look more than ridiculous.

Step Five: lips

Day make-up is to use lipstick or gloss natural color. Ideal "office" options - beige, flesh, light pink or golden. Seductive volume of the lips and give a clear silvery sheen. To lipstick flows into the cracks on the lips, and not pushed, apply before using it a couple of layers of moisturizing balm.

To learn how to perform make-up stages, requires constant practice. It is possible that the first time it will not turn to choose the most successful shade shadows or hide hormonal acne.

 Make no problem: step guide

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 how to use creams


  • Whether it is harmful to the skin or as a foundation to avoid unpleasant consequences
  • How to choose the foundation
  • What you need to correctly apply the cream on your face?
  • Applying foundation on the face: tricks of the trade

Tone cream - an ideal base for make-up, regardless of the individual skin type. It must always be in the purse, even if your face without make-up can safely be placed on the cover of a glossy women's magazine. Because of menstrual disorders, even in a perfect little face may pop a pimple, and insomnia associated with the deadline, usually "happy" girls lackluster complexion and peeling. To cope with all these imperfections can only qualitative means. How to use creams to always look perfect?

Whether it is harmful to the skin or as a foundation to avoid unpleasant consequences

Regular use tones cosmetologists not recommended. Mineral oil and oil products, which are part of the mass of creams and middle-market due to its cheapness, clog pores, and prolonged use cause acne and comedones. They badly washed out of the skin, especially ultrastoykie compositions. Due to the fact that disrupted the supply of oxygen of the upper layers of the epidermis, appear early wrinkles and disrupted the sebaceous glands. Conclusion: to save on the purchase of foundation is extremely undesirable.

To reduce the negative effects of constant use of tonal resources to a minimum, use exfoliating regularly. "Pull" the remnants of the cream and dirt from the pores, you can only refresh the skin with a scrub with large polymer particles or enzyme peels. Once or twice a week, clean the face with a gel cleanser, then apply a small amount of it exfoliant. Massage the skin with fingertips for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water composition and blot the face with a towel.

If you have large pores, which are particularly prone to clogging - pay attention to the package cream when get it at the store. It should be pointed out that the facility does not contain comedogenic ingredients in the composition. This means that the cream has a light and non-greasy texture, do not provoke the emergence of "black spots" on the nose, forehead and chin. Carry a thermal water and regularly sprayed her face - is further moisturize and soothe the skin.

The tone will not penetrate into the epidermis, if you use a special base for make-up. This translucent foundation that has matting and leveling properties. She lies on a thin layer of the skin and prevents the absorption of tonal resources. In addition, it significantly extends the life of your makeup, and it's a big plus. If your face often looks dull and colorless, purchase basis for a make-up with shiny particles - so-called "highlighter".

However, the application of foundation has some advantages. Residents of cities, causing skin toners, protect it from dust and harmful effects of exhaust gases, hot air offices, equipped with heating systems. Cream with SPF-factor is not "passed" the ultraviolet radiation that causes premature aging. Antibacterial toners for oily skin treat inflammation and Matira so you do not have to use every hour matting napkins and sugar.

 how to use creams

How to choose the foundation

  • Focus on your skin type

Most skin problems occur due to improper selection's Skin and makeup. Choosing a cream for dry-type, prefer moisturizing and nourishing options. Means must contain shea butter, vitamin E, proteins and lactic acids. This cream is usually unusual liquid, because the skin parched early form fine lines and dense composition of the "numb" in them and makes them more visible.

Foundation for combination and oily skin usually comes in the form of fluid, spray or gel. These textures can be deleted from the fatty oils that are completely useless in the increased activity of the sebaceous glands. Makeup for oily skin should have anti-inflammatory properties to dry a little pimples, pustules and small inflammation. Usually, their packaging is stated that the cream contains tea tree oil or witch hazel extract.

Pencils-sticks and thick cream intended for the normal type. As such the epidermis does not have any problems, you can use the tonal resources of various types and consistencies. If you have such a skin, but you usually do not use the tone, get cream powder. It is virtually harmless and easy to apply.

  • Pick the most suitable shade of cream

Correct use of the tone that coincides with the color of your face. However, in order to choose the perfect color, will have to try a lot of money. To avoid becoming a subject of ridicule because of the noticeable "border" around her neck, go to the store for the tone in the first half of the day. The fact that the toners may be quite different to look in daylight and artificial light.

Apply a little tone of the tester with a cotton pad on the bottom of the cheeks and look in the mirror. Why not on the back of his hand, as is usually done sales consultants? Because "wear" cream you just on your face, not on the hand where the skin color may differ materially. The cream, which seems to merge with the person, but has a slightly yellowish tinge in the light of a lamp shop, is most preferred. Caution: this should be a light yellowish color, not orange tone. In order to make the correct choice, just go outside.

If you are still paid off with the color tone means and chose too dark version, buy the tone of the same brand, but two shades lighter. Before applying to the face just mix in the palm of your hand or a special panel, two peas in different colors. The pigment can also "soften", diluting tonalnik usual day cream.

 how to use the right creams

What you need to correctly apply the cream on your face?

  • Foam sponge

This is the easiest method of applying tonal funds to face. Normally, put the sponge in its original packaging together with a tube that he was always right at your fingertips. With this piece of foam foundation evenly distributed across the face without much effort - by simply swiping across the skin like a sponge. However, regular use of a cosmetic sponge contributes to the accumulation of residues of cream in it, which are the best "habitat" for pathogenic bacteria that cause dermatological problems. Therefore, the sponge should be washed with warm soapy water about once or twice a month.

  • Own fingers

This method of distribution foundation for beginners - it will help them learn how to makeup shade. Apply a few drops of the face, then gently spread with fingertips tone on the massage lines, like "hammering" in his skin.

  • Flat broad brush

It is used by professionals master at drawing stage or podium make-apa. Brush used to tone went flat and thin, not flow into the nasolabial folds or rolled. Mandatory condition - after the finish make-up, rinse off the remains of foundation brush with warm water and dry it. Not every cream can be applied with a brush - dense structure means better set aside.

Squeeze the required number of tones from a bottle on hand. Put the brush tip "points" on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. By turning the flat side of the brush, traffic intensity blend the cream in the face. The boundary tone on the neck rub with your fingers, then treat with a brush for loose powder.

 how to use the creams yourself

Applying foundation on the face: tricks of the trade

  • Thoroughly clean the skin before overlaying makeup

Be sure to wash yourself before thinking to do make-up. Cleanse the skin with a gel or foam for washing saves you from dead skin cells and sebum particles. After washing, wipe the face tonic. If you are lazy and skip at least one stage, a cream or a flow will fall unevenly. After all, to make-up turned out perfect, the skin should be properly prepared for applying makeup.

  • Of course - it is right

If the tone on your face looks like a "mask", do not rush to blame the manufacturer of cosmetics. Most likely, you simply apply too thick a layer of tools during the make-up. Some girls do it consciously, trying in this way to hide pimples or "black spots", thereby only exacerbating the condition of the skin. The epidermis, under a layer of "plaster" begins to "rebel", increasing the production of sebum. To make a natural look, mix the tone with a moisturizing cream in a ratio of 1: 3, and spread the mixture on the face.

  • Tone Cream is not designed to mask major inflammation and bruises

Tone cream - not a magic wand to solve all the problems, he absolutely can not. In order to "hide" the bruises under his eyes, burst vials and hypodermic pimples, use color correctors. They must apply before applying foundation to muffle the bright pigment means. Dark circles under the lower eyelids "seal the" green crayon, red spots on rosacea - purple and ulcers and post-acne cover with a thin layer of green concealer. Blend with your fingers, apply a top foundation and powder the.

  • Eliminate excess

If you are overdone and caused too much cream, the situation can be corrected. Blot the face with a damp cloth, then powder the skin loose powder. The compact is not suitable as absorbent particles therein typically not contained, because it is used only to make up for the correction of the day.

  • Stable and pull-up toners use only for "the release of"

Creams with lifting effect and waterproof formulas are not suitable for daily use. A huge dose of caffeine and hydrolyzed animal collagen in their structure disrupts the natural metabolic processes in the skin. Over time, from this "diet" epidermis starts to flake and yellow. Correct use of such creams a maximum of two to three times a month, no more.

Before going to bed foundation is required to rinse with warm water and gel, suitable for your skin type. At night, apply a rich nourishing cream to prevent the occurrence of cosmetic problems because of your addiction to color cosmetics.

 How to use the creams?

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