wedding makeup for brown eyes


  • Makeup Technique
  • Tips for applying wedding make-up

Wedding - is perhaps the most significant day in the life of any person. And for the bride the day means more than the groom. She wants to look like a queen, being the most beautiful, feminine and desirable. And for this we need to create a unique image that will be remembered for a lifetime. Of course, the dress, gloves, shoes and veil will do the job and will make any a princess, but we must take care and make-up.

You can and most make-up for any type of face and eye color, but it was brown-eyed girls begin "meta" in search of a better wedding image. The thing is that the brown eyes themselves are beautiful and profound, they just need to emphasize and make it very easy, believe me!

 beautiful wedding makeup for brown eyes

Makeup Technique


First apply foundation - make your face silky smooth and flawless. Using a concealer, foundation - lightly gently spray on the entire face without forgetting the neck and upper chest. You can use a sponge, you can do it fingers, but you can apply a broad brush.

The right eyebrow

Now draw eyebrows - take it carefully, because it is the eyebrows are the basis of the image. Bring them in the order - pull out excess hair, comb it and a bit of paint on. Only just a little - the eyebrows, of course, need to be expressive, but not pretentious.

Eyes - the main component of makeup

Well, that came to her eyes - there will have to work hard.

  • Remember - the classic wedding makeup for brown eyes done in golden-chocolate tones;
  • Prepare three shades of this color - the light is applied to the area under the eyebrows, the tone of medium intensity is applied to the middle of the upper eyelid and the inner corner of the eye, but the darkest tone emphasizes the outer corner;
  • In no case do not allow explicitly limited spots on the century. All shades have a smooth transition from dark to light and shade under the brow should be the color so that it became smoky;
  • If you constantly draw arrows, it is possible and necessary to put them here. Since the festive make-up, you can make liquid eyeliner;
  • This will try to expand the middle of the upper eyelid and the line itself and the outer corner slightly lift it - so visually stretches the eye and take the almond-shaped;
  • Now pay attention to the lower eyelid - here a thin arrow, or shade shadows;
  • Please note - if you have bulging eyes, the arrow on the lower eyelid can not draw. Better to touch lightly brush with shadows and some of their blend. Let the shadows in this place will be barely noticeable. Smoke will look lovely and tenderly;
  • With all of the lashes is simple and clear: gently apply mascara in layers, making sure the cilia are not stuck together.

The final touch - lips and blush

Lipstick select matching shades, be sure to adjust the shape of a pencil and lipstick applied in several layers - often have to kiss, and flawless appearance must be preserved until the end of the holiday. Apply blush on the cheekbones to the movement of the chin - easy strides and with a wide brush. They should not be clearly visible, just emphasize the line of the face.

 the right wedding makeup for brown eyes

Tips for applying wedding make-up

  • Brown eyes can not stand pink, purple and red tones - they should not be used in make-up, because the eyes appear bloodshot and unnatural. Stick to the classics - gray, coffee, dark green, black, gold;
  • If your eyebrows have not put in order, it is better to refer to a beauty salon - there will conduct the procedure correctly and without further inflammation. Even easier - to make a tattoo, but this needs to be addressed long before the solemn event;
  • When using pencils arrows, note that it is not necessary to experiment and apply different colored shades - it is better to simple black tone. In general, a wedding - it is quite a traditional and classic ritual celebration that nothing should overshadow. Believe me, if you try on that day, "try on" something new out of makeup, the whole holiday will be ruined;
  • If you want to permanently keep the lipstick on her lips, then proceed as follows: apply a little powder on the lips - then lipstick, repeat the procedure again.
  • Only use powder dry - that it will keep all the beauty. Lipstick can be a pearl, but not necessarily in the tone of the entire makeup;
  • Before you begin to apply makeup, prepare a person - wipe it with an ice cube, do a little arbitrary massage fingertips and cheer up the skin. Then apply a moisturizer (the usual that you've used) and only after complete absorption can proceed to the application of a tonal framework;
  • If you use ordinary days, dry powder, even in this day it is possible to correct all the little makeup.

Recently, makeup artists suggest using rhinestones decoration and figures, even the use of feathers and a mini-insects. Yes, it is beautiful and unusual, but is unlikely to be relevant at the wedding. Ideal - accrued cilia. Here you can donate your time and go on to the master process. Just take care of it two weeks before the planned celebration - let your eyes get used to this enhancement, you will also be easier.

Yes, the wedding - it is a special day, everything should be flawless and perfect, so that your image should be harmonious, exquisite and embody the love and youth.

 Bridal make-up for brown eyes: emphasize the depth and radiance look

 makeup for big eyes


  • Technique
  • Some tips

Big eyes - it is always nice. They look sensual, gentle, sometimes even naive. Make-up for the big eye is able to emphasize individuality and charm - most importantly, it must be correct. And for the perfect kind, it is necessary to know what type of makeup is right for you.

Go to the mirror and look at your eyes - to determine which form of the name, and then you will be easy to do the right makeup. So:

  • If you have large almond-shaped eyes, the suit absolutely any make-up - you just have to emphasize the expressiveness and depth of view. Only now pick up the correct color and all - you're irresistible;
  • Remember, blue and gray eyes - turquoise and purple shadows. Brown - chocolate, smoky nuances; green - gray, emerald. For blue eyes, well-suited wine shades. But gold, red and silver are used only for an evening of creative makeup;
  • If you are the owner of convex eyes, you have to hide this little nyuansik. To do this, use on the upper eyelid only dark matte shadow, and they should be shaded almost to his eyebrows. The arrows are made only at the top, the lower eyelid is generally better not to touch, otherwise the eyes will become even more prominent.
  • Beautiful make-up can be done for the round eyes - simply apply a shadow on the middle part of the upper eyelid, and the arrow swipe from the inner corner of the eye and extend it to the outside.

It would seem so simple and obvious, but many women do not know the algorithm of the procedure, why, and it turns out not too aesthetic appearance - the arrow is smeared, the selected color of shadows is not true.

 beautiful makeup for big eyes


The basic rule for any type of eye - perfect eyebrows. They allow the result to get a really beautiful makeup. Eyebrows are "starting point" in the process. So tweak eyebrows plucked excess hair, comb it and a bit of paint on. Just do not overdo it - they should be expressive, but not bright.

Now look at the upper eyelid - large eye shadow used exclusively matt shades, and, deep colors: blue, smoky, dark green, purple. Stick to the rules for your eye shape, then you can adjust its appearance.

Provision should be to draw on the upper eyelid, lower is better to leave without emphasizing - otherwise the eyes will become even greater. You can make the bottom of the light shading shadows - only it is easier, if the haze.

Now cilia - there is nothing supernatural there, apply several layers of mascara, make sure that the cilia are not stuck together. You can slightly curl the cilia or increase - if the eyes do not grow, and become more expressive.

 the right makeup for big eyes

Some tips

  • Remember, beautiful makeup - not to bright and pathetic. It is possible to manage and pastel colors (only saturated), but the creative leave for theme parties;
  • If you use glitter, rhinestones or drawings makeup, you should know that such things are not better strengthen lashes, and next;
  • If you use a liner, then give preference to the liquid - it is in the case of almond-shaped and round eyes;
  • But with bulging eyes, use only a soft pencil - it will be shaded and not to focus on the upper eyelid strict arrow;
  • With a wide set eyes, use a trick - make eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye and bring it to the outside. Then gently move the lower eyelid, only a thin dash and how to expand it to the middle. It was under these eyes can do eyeliner below - it will be visually linking the eye, reducing the distance between them.

In general, a beautiful makeup for big eyes hard to do. The most important - choose the time and train yourself in the mirror. Then, your movements will be worked out to automaticity, and at any time in a few minutes you will be ready to enter into the light. And do not forget to tint the lips and apply a little blush - any make-up should be completed just one eye painted on his pale face and colorless lips look "not comme il faut."

 How to make the right makeup for big eyes?

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