day makeup for green eyes


  • General rules
  • How to Apply Makeup
  • Some tips

Green-eyed beauty always considered witches - still, with such and such expressive eyes and a piercing gaze! But it will not please the ladies, and they are trying with the help of cosmetics give even greater beauty of his image, great attractiveness and appeal. How to make up for the daily green eyes correct, harmonious and quite decent, but not vulgar?

General rules

All the happy owner of green eyes should remember - no bright colors and elaborate makeup! Options such as the purple shadows, thick black arrows leave for the evening - this is where they will be treated adequately. For daytime make-up you can just touch up the eyelashes - this will be enough to give sight expressiveness and openness. But if you want something more, keep in mind:

  • To use only the shadows brown, pink or yellow and golden hues. You can try and gray tones - when used correctly and that color will be advantageous to emphasize the image;
  • In no case do not use the shade of green. Moreover, it concerns all its shades. You can try a little bit of a sea wave, but only very slightly. For example, light touches of the brush, apply a shadow on the outer corner of the eye;
  • For eyeliner (arrows) is best to use a brown pencil to shade its maximum. Any bright spots and lines evolved - it will distract attention from the eyes themselves;
  • In no case do not use a liquid eyeliner - it will add unnecessary brightness, and a shaded arrow is impossible;
  • For the carcass is not worth opt for black, it is better to use a dark brown color. The fact that black lashes are too contrasting with green eyes and brown ink that's just give them fluffy and volume;
  • Green eyes allow the use of pearlescent shades. However, moderation is important here. Too intense shine effect the vulgar and licentious person.

For green eyes can not be any rules - they set the tone for the entire image, but the above advice is still worth sticking. As you know, even the most beautiful creation of nature can spoil inept cut. Aim for natural, to the maximum keep away from the puppet image.

 options makeup for green eyes

How to Apply Makeup

Everyone knows that the makeup starts with applying foundation - eyes are no exception. For a start, it is necessary to apply foundation on the upper eyelid. First, the shadow will not slide or peel off during the day do not have to constantly look into a mirror, and there is something to correct. And secondly, the base color will tune shadows bright, deep shade, and not lie just faded weight.

After the basics can be applied and the shade - it all depends on the shape of the eye. If they have round, convex, or almond-shaped, it is necessary to apply a light smoky shade on the area under the eyebrows - this will make your eyes more open. If they have a narrow and overhanging upper eyelid, it is best to focus on the outer corner of the eye - it is the visible part, and this is where you need to focus. Feather necessary shade from the outer corner to the middle - the basic tone should come to naught. But in the beginning it is not necessary to make a bright spot - all evenly distributed. For this technique will need some skill - there will only experience and training.

Now go to the pointers - here we must be careful. See that they are not too bright - using a soft pencil, not a liquid liner. And if on the upper eyelid, and you can draw a clear line, at the bottom it is necessary to do shading. You can draw on the eyeliner and mucosa (below) - will look very flirty and sexy. But first try out this kind of arrow at home without going outside. The fact that the effect on the mucous can give excessive tearing and redness of the eye - it is unlikely you this will become nicer.

Ink on cilia apply in several layers - the best option in two layers. Just let the first dry first, and then make a "re-entry". After that it is necessary to see whether the eyelashes are not stuck together and, if necessary, divide them a needle. If by nature you have not got the lush and long eyelashes, you can build them - it is now fashionable and done in any beauty salon.

 beautiful day makeup for green eyes

Some tips

  • Using a variety of options for light makeup, you can improvise: try not only to brown liner, but also white. Causing this color arrow on the upper eyelid, you can visually enlarge the eyes. When the narrow section of the eye, this method would be indispensable;
  • Very good in the shade of green eyes look cool colors - for example, gray. Just do not do too saturated color - even glamorous look is just shrouded in haze. Here for such shadows should be used black pencil arrows - blend it well to line virtually merged with the shadows;
  • When selecting colors for makeup, remember that in your image all be combined harmoniously. If you put on the red suit, it is unlikely that will look appropriate shade of gray - it is better use the color pink.

Shades of green eyes, there are many: olive, hazel, emerald, dark green. For stylists - is immense scope for action and imagination, you too can become for a designer-stylist. Decide on the color of shadows in which your eyes become even more attractive. Just take a little time his beloved - then you will always be irresistible!

 Daytime makeup for green eyes - Application Tips

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 wedding makeup with your hands


  • Step One: prepare for a make-up in advance
  • Step two: do wedding makeup
  • Main nuances of wedding makeup

The fact that the wedding takes a lot of energy and finance, knows any bride who is preparing hard for the most important day in your life. And, unfortunately, not every girl has the extra two or three thousand on the make-up artist, who also can do make-up, it is not suitable for hair or dress. Who knows best about what you do is, if not yourself?

Step One: prepare for a make-up in advance

Some of the fair sex for six months prior to the date begin weekly visits to beauty salons, leaving behind almost all of his salary. But to look your best, not necessarily to go to extremes, it is enough to start to look after themselves.

  • Dietary

You want to have your skin shone on it was not a single pimple and other defects? Then, for two or three weeks before the date sit on a diet: eliminate from their diet fat, fried, smoked, spicy, salty, sweet and sour and give up alcohol, tobacco. During this time, the body will have time to cleanse itself of toxins and pollutants that adversely affect the condition of the epidermis.

  • Masks

Do not forget to twice a week to do the cleaning and moisturizing mask to get rid of dirt in the pores. Be sure to at least once visit the beautician, who will select you a wellness program cleansing your face. In no case do not skimp on cosmetic products, as any flaws, whether pimples, blackheads or shine, the camera can be seen quite clearly.

On the eve of the wedding does not make any excrement skin, as night irritation and redness will not work, and you have to cover up all the flaws of a thick layer of foundation and powder. Unchecked cream or a tonic for the face, leave for later, when you can sit out a couple of days at home. Also three weeks worth refuse cleaning and peeling, as you can sprinkle more.

  • Makeup

Making wedding makeup by hand, using mascara, lipstick and shadows that you have available already two years, it's like that, instead of a wedding dress to wear old white sundress that you wore all summer (maybe even more than one season). Ugly, cheaply, plus at any time can go bad.

To start, make a list of what you need to be sure that day: foundation, powder, eye shadow, lip liner, eyeliner, lipstick, gloss, etc. By purchasing a particular makeup, be sure to try it out to the last day you did not have to run for a lipstick that "like this one, just a little bit brighter." In addition, there is a risk of an allergic reaction, especially if you have not so much color or other preferred brand.

Also, do not forget about the devices in which it is applied to all: brushes, cotton pads, sticks and many other small things. Stand it is not cheap, but without makeup will look clumsy and ridiculous. It is unlikely that you will be able to properly shade the shadow of a finger or an ordinary brush that is designed only for the application of powder.

 beautiful wedding make-up with their hands

Step two: do wedding makeup

  • Cleanses the face

So as soon as you wake up, immediately wash with cold water, gently pat the skin dry with a towel, not to leave traces, wipe the face tonic, and then apply the cream. It will take at least twenty to thirty minutes, all soaked, and then you can begin to make-up. Remember that any cosmetic products that you will treat the skin shall not contain alcohol and other aggressive substances, otherwise it may cause irritation.

  • Apply foundation

The first step is to mask all the flaws that may occur because of the excitement. Black eye (certificate sleepless night or a great bachelorette party), acne, acne - all easily hidden under a thin layer of foundation. If the skin is dry, then apply foundation using best sponzhikom if fat - using a brush.

Too big spots must first be to gloss over the specific means (for example, a thin pencil), which is slightly lighter tone cream, and only then can you apply foundation. But make sure that all is well dried up, or you simply smeared makeup, because of what will become a fully spotted. Now you can walk on top of powder, the color of which coincides with a touch tone base. If there is something you do not like or resembles the face mask, wash off makeup and start the procedure again. Those who had never dealt with such should be the day before to hone their skills.

Remember that the tone of the basics should not differ from the skin tone, or the bride's face will look unnatural, besides some parts of the body (décolleté, neck, arms) in this case also have to cover up. A wedding dress in a location where it will be in contact with the cream, will get a bit of yellowish tint.

  • We handle eyebrows

Two days before the wedding to be plucked eyebrows to give them the right shape, while avoiding severe irritation. But do not try to radically change your image, leaving a thin strip over the eyes and a tattoo, as in this case, you have to completely change your make-up. If you want to color the eyebrows with a special paint that is sold in any shop of professional cosmetics. Do not forget to bring all the pencil to emphasize the graceful curve, but do not overdo, to not look too hard.

  • Paint eyes

If the wedding is not thematic (rocker, stilyazhnaya), the ideal option would be gentle and not too bright make-up, which will emphasize the beautiful eyes, but do not give too much vulgarity. At first with a pencil or eyeliner make small arrow, and then apply the shadows: in the corners - a light to the edges - darker. The color palette depends on many factors: the color of eyes, hair, skin, dress. The only caveat, which should be remembered - a brilliant cosmetics spoils the picture.

At least carefully applied mascara, which must be waterproof, as a happy bride will at times be difficult to hold back tears of joy. And hardly the girl wants to run every five minutes with the towels in the ladies' room to touch up makeup fuck up.

Remember that mascara should be borne evenly, gently, no lumps, matted cilia should not be. If an ordinary day it is excusable, the holiday when you work videographer and photographer, this error is unacceptable. To avoid this, use a special brush for combing. The direction of the brush when painting - from the roots to the tips.

  • Emphasize lips

Win-win, that always looks impressive - a lipstick, the color is slightly darker than your lips. Be sure to move the contour pencil to the sexiest part of a woman's face looked more richly and carefully. As for brightness, it should be careful, as the glare of the camera will not look very good. To lipstick as long as possible remained, at first lightly powder the lips, and in the end be sure to pat them cloth.

  • Rouge

The final touch of the wedding makeup - is applying blush. As in any other case, there should also show a sense of proportion, so as not to be like the young ladies, who a few centuries ago painted cheeks beet. Without this element, you can do, but if your face can be too pale, uniform, like a mask.

To properly apply blush enough to stand in front of the mirror, pulled his lips into a tube, and then a special brush several times to walk on the cheeks. Thus, you will add volume, which is so lacking after the foundation, so that the photos will look natural and not flat.

 the right wedding makeup with your hands

Main nuances of wedding makeup

If the wedding is planned for the warmer months, be prepared for what will have to periodically correct potekshuyu ink, as even the most persistent and expensive cosmetics will not stand sunlight and sweat. Creams, tonal framework does not have to be bold, otherwise you do not have time to leave the house as soon as you feel the first signs of spoiled makeup.

Do not forget to grab a small set, which is bound to be lipstick, powder and wipes. Put makeup can be either a small handbag or clutch bridesmaids, so that if necessary you can quickly refresh the face. If a girl is planning a photo shoot and after painting wash daily makeup to put a bright afternoon, you need to think about where and how it will do. In that case, she will need the means for removing makeup cotton pads and a small towel to during the procedure does not smear the wedding dress.

 Wedding make-up with their hands