wedding makeup for blue eyes


  • Make-up: choose a color
  • Common Errors blue-eyed brides when applying makeup
  • Getting to the process: do the make-up stages
  • Small secrets brides

Nowadays, more and more brides prefer to make a festive make-up personally, because no one but themselves, not be able to highlight the most flavor, hiding all the shortcomings that confuse the girls. Of course, wedding makeup for blue eyes is very different from the usual routine, but many modern of the fair sex have perfected the art of applying makeup to the extent that sometimes their skill beats even the experienced specialist.

Make-up: choose a color

Happy owner of the bottomless blue eyes were more fortunate of all, because they are suitable for almost all naturally occurring shades. However, to further emphasize the extraordinary beauty and color, use a pale pink, blue, gray, brown, silver and gold colors.

  • Blue blue

Please note that choosing the shade of the same color as the eyes, it is considered bad taste. Choosing the blues for blue eyes, the girl is actually a great risk, as in this case, the golden mean is not: will be either very good or so bad that not a beautiful and expensive dress or a stylish haircut or a pretty face bride will not save the situation . This makeup must be applied if you have any element of the same color (barrette in her hair, beads around her neck, ribbons, decorations and attire, etc.). It looks more gentle turquoise - a cross between blue and green.

  • Purple and lavender shade

Used to be bright and irresistible? Then stop your choice on a violet hue. Of course, if you bought a white dress is perfect, this option is irrelevant, but for a thematic wedding best way you can imagine. However, be careful in the use and combination of colors, as is a little too far, and in the photos around your beautiful blue eyes will be visible dark "bruises".

  • Black and gray shade

If you are a fan of Smoky-eyes, you should not deny yourself the pleasure to stay fatal beauty, and in the day. Particularly interesting like wedding makeup will look on a cloudy day or in the cold season, when more light and bright colors are not as noticeable.

  • Golden shade

This option is versatile and suitable for almost all of the fair sex, regardless of age, hair color and skin tone. It is enough to paint over lighter shades inner corners of the movable century, to give an expressive look, and external - cause darker shades and shade.

To help you decide on the final version, the mirror experiment. Also, for a month or two before the date, you can visit the beauty salon, makeup artist to help tweak and finalize your image. Perhaps he will tell you what should be the main focus, how to hide defects and will answer all your questions.

 beautiful wedding makeup for blue eyes

Common Errors blue-eyed brides when applying makeup

  • Using a black pencil

Unfortunately, not all the girls notice that a black pencil for blue eyes just lethal, as it makes them dull, dark and slightly grayish. It is therefore also not advisable to use black eyeliner. In this case, it is best to stay in the dark blue, brown or lighter colors.

  • The application sparkles

Next oversight that allowed the fair sex - wedding make-up with lots of sparkles. Firstly, because they are in photographs flashing on his face, and secondly, on a cloudy day they can look dull and improper lighting similar to dust or dirt.

  • The combination of inappropriate colors

Choosing a wedding makeup for blue eyes, guided by hair color, face shape, and most importantly - to the tone attire. In no event can not take the blue eyeliner, purple shade, brown mascara if you're in the red or green dress. This is acceptable only if you have not quite standard wedding with excessive emphasis on creativity.

 festive wedding makeup for blue eyes

Getting to the process: do the make-up stages

Wedding Makeup for blue eyes should be simple, easy, barely noticeable to the bride looked fresh and appealing, not funny and tired. Besides a ton of foundation, two or three layers of powder and blush, ten kinds of shadows and a lot of mascara on the eyelashes stuck together on a sunny hot day, or in a warm room will leak. As a result, the girl will always have to be away, to put on a little makeup, or at wedding photos and video of her face will shine strongly. In recent years, almost all professional makeup artists stick to the rules - the less makeup, the better.

So, the first step is to prepare a person for the application of makeup. For this you need the foundation shade that matches the color of your skin. Using the sponge, apply to face and neck with a small amount of foundation and wait until it is absorbed. To fix the result, five minutes walk on the surface of a special brush with a small amount of powder.

If you do not want your face like a mask, it added volume will darker tone cream that is applied to the sides of the nose and cheekbones. Another detail, which should be remembered every girl - the area around the eyes is only applied concealer.

Once you are done with the base, you can proceed to the eyebrows. Comb it with a special brush, then apply to hair transparent gel. Unnatural blondes for four or five days before the wedding, it is recommended to lighten eyebrows slightly, brunettes - tint with a special paint.

Only after all of these procedures, you are ready to spray shadows, observing the rule - from light to darker tones. At the end of their recommended shade with a soft brush, moving from the nose toward the temple, to smooth the balance between colors. The next step - applying mascara. To make it more evenly distributed and adds volume to eyelashes, pre-comb it with a brush, then use a colorless mascara.

As for lipstick, then there are three options. If you plan to make natural wedding makeup and choose blue eyes gentle tone, lip gloss make up better. By the purple, orange, pearl shades chosen pinkish or light brown lipstick, otherwise the person would look too provocative. But the girls opt for Smoky-eyes, that the image was harmonious, need bright lipstick.

And the final touch: pull his lips and spoke cheekbones apply a small amount of blush. Be careful not to choose a dark purple, brown or red colors, because very few people know how to properly combine them with a specific tone lipsticks and shadows. Remember, the brighter you choose makeup for blue eyes, the less the tool you need.

 trendy wedding makeup for blue eyes

Small secrets brides

If you want your lipstick lasted as long as possible before applying it lightly powder the lips. Once you make up, bite down gently wipe to remove residue that can smudge. Also do not forget to paint the outlines with a pencil, which will add splendor thin or too thick to remove the volume of lips.

To while staining ink has not got forever, and you or your friend did not have to wash and apply makeup again, close your eyes, put your finger under the lashes and gently swipe the brush along the entire length from base to tip. After this procedure, it will be enough to wash your hands with soap and water that will take much less time than if you start from the beginning.

Make-up is complete, but you are dissatisfied with the result, as you think you have done too much shadow or blush? Correct the situation will help you to powder, which is slightly mute the bright colors. You can also mask the error with the help of make-up tone means.

 Wedding Makeup for blue eyes. Blue Ocean

 Makeup for green eyes squares


  • Strict daily makeup: we are painted to work
  • Hazel eyes subtleties makeup

Light, barely noticeable makeup, with properly selected palette of shadows, able to emphasize the dignity of the square green eyes. Unfortunately, the owner of the treasure do not always understand how their wealth bestowed nature, and use a number of cosmetics that about any personality can not be considered. But in order to choose the right type of person for your option, you need to experiment a bit before the mirror.

Strict daily makeup: we are painted to work

  • Basis

The first step is to prepare the girl's face: clear skin lotion or tonic water, to remove dirt from the pores, apply a nourishing cream, and after twenty minutes - tone. The final touch - matt powder, needed to secure the base. Note rouge in this case is not used.

  • Arrows

So, should first hold a pencil thin black line inside the lower eyelid to make the shape of the eyes more clear and vivid. Often, the girls make a serious mistake by drawing arrows liner, oblivious to the fact that the thick line look too vulgar, provocative and aggressive and subtle look too pale.

  • Shadows

On the mobile eyelid with a brush applied special matte dark brown shade in the inner corner - one or two shades lighter. However, it should do everything carefully to such a contrast is not too conspicuous. To avoid such errors is recommended to use the products of the same brand. If necessary, you can smooth the transition with a brush for shading.

  • Eyebrows

How would you not want to emphasize this part of the face, do not do it with a pencil, better stock up with special dark shadows and stiff brush. If your eyebrows are too light, and the like MakeUp you do often dye their special paint. This procedure does not take much time, but in the future will save you five to ten minutes in the morning make-up.

  • Ink

If the dark-haired beauties can afford to choose any color ranging from black, brown finishing, the natural blonde is better to opt for a bright and gentle colors. The sharp contrast between the blond eyebrows and black lashes will look pretty strange, so makeup should be a little more restrained.

Not everyone knows, but there is a little trick, which are fair-haired fair sex to emphasize an unusual eye color, make it brighter and more saturated - they paint eyelashes green ink. On a bright sunny day and it looks particularly impressive.

  • Lips

The rule regarding the fact that the main emphasis should be on either the lips or eyes, in this case is no exception. Therefore it is recommended to use natural shades of lipstick, the most suitable for your skin color. It is also good on the lips looks ordinary colorless or slightly pinkish glow.

 green makeup for brown eyes

Hazel eyes subtleties makeup

What would be nice you do not have eyes, poor quality makeup can make them dull and dark, poet, picking up the color palette of shadows, follow a few basic rules. First, say no light and dark blue tones, even if you are blonde and blue think that you are crazy. In this case, you will be like the girl of the eighties, which finally bought a lot of cheap cosmetics deficient and does not know how to use it.

Second, find yourself on the smoky eyes. Remember, black and gray are simply aggravate brighter, more saturated colors, so this makeup for green eyes squares totally inappropriate. If you wish to accentuate the beautiful shape of the eyes, you can use a pencil, which subsequently shaded special brush.

Third, do not apply too much pink shades as purple, violet, lilac, etc. color, unfortunately, are far from all the fair sex. If you still chose this palette, in any case, do not use blush or bright lipstick as a daily makeup for green eyes squares should not resemble the war paint Barbie dolls.

Another mistake, which allows for a fairly large number of girls - a combination of many different colors. Remember, no matter what your type of face, eye color and skin, you can use a maximum of three colors, and they must be combined with each other.

 Makeup for green eyes squares for each day