how to pick up the tone of foundation


  • How to choose the color for daytime makeup: basic rules
  • Tonal basis for evening make-up

In the twenty-first century it is quite difficult to find at least one successful and enjoyed incredible popularity among men girl who would not know how to properly care for them. Stylish clothes, perfect hair, natural make-up, which helps to emphasize the regular features, hiding with some flaws - this is the modern way of the fair sex.

Every morning beauties perform a ritual that begins with washing huge quantity of various means and ends applying cosmetics on the face. And they will certainly know to the skin even after a hard day and stormy night seemed always perfect, you need to take care of the most important - about the foundation, which will align the color will hide all defects (bruises, pimples, scratches, acne) , will give a fresh face.

 how to choose the tone of foundation

How to choose the color for daytime makeup: basic rules

Rule one: test only on the face

The main flaw of many women trying to choose the right tone of foundation - similar testing of cosmetics on the elbow or on the back of his hand. It should be borne in mind that the skin on the hands and face is very different, and therefore the results are completely opposites.

So, apply a small amount of foundation you need to cheekbones, forehead or chin, it should not be to rub it with your fingers - it uses a special brush or a regular sponge. True tone will appear at once, must pass at least ten to fifteen minutes, during which time the foundation will have time to soak in and dry.

The second rule: the colors do not have to match!

The rule as to what the tone of foundation should match perfectly with the tone of the skin, is not true. For example, if a girl is slightly pinkish face, choose the same color as the foundation is not recommended in this case, better to choose a light-beige shades. Conversely, the fair sex with yellowish or olive skin should avoid orange-brown color, they are more beige-pink tone.

For those who like to constantly sunbathing on beaches and visit the solarium, you must use dark or beige and apricot. Otherwise, the skin will look dull girls, gray and painful. They also should not choose too light cream.

Rule three: select the tone or how not to make a mistake

What complexion and foundations should not be the same, does not mean that you can rush to extremes. Choose the right tone of foundation - is no easy task, as too light colors will give your face a tired, pale and sickly, if you have not slept all night. Very dark - much the old way, to the same woman, to use such a framework, it looks unnatural, as if she had not spent one day in the solarium. Thus, we should stick to one very important rule - the difference between your skin tone and cream should not be too large, otherwise similar to the contrast immediately catches the eye.

Rule Four: all the time

Another mistake, which often allow the fair sex - use a foundation year round. Remember, winter and summer one color can only be a spruce! In the hot season, when the sun is not only light, but also warm, the skin becomes dark, and in winter the opposite - less bright. It is therefore recommended to have a beautician in at least two different means (ideally - three) that you would use from December to March, from April to June and from July to November.

Rule Five: Choose cosmetics with proper lighting

To choose the right color foundation, go shopping in a bright sunny day. Inside the store are usually installed fluorescent or halogen lamps, which, despite the relatively high cost, distort color. Therefore, after you apply on skin, go to the window and carefully examine himself in the mirror. If you find an option you like, feel free to buy cosmetics, if the shade does not suit you or something embarrassing, keep looking on.

Rule six: do not trust the catalogs

What you see in the picture in the normal directory - is the result of a good stylist, designer and Photoshop programs. Select the tone cream in such a way - it is to buy a pig in a poke. Of course, you can lead and will form the basis of really perfect. But there is also a risk that you will spend more than one hundred rubles, and as a result will have to either give cosmetics, or throw in the trash.

 tone foundation

Tonal basis for evening make-up

What to look for when choosing a foundation, if you, for example, plan to use it as a basis for evening make-up? Firstly, on color. It is best to choose the means of a tone darker than the one you usually use in the afternoon. Secondly, the brightness. It must be present sparkling microparticles that make your face look fresh and at dusk, and the so-called club lighting.

But with dark brown shades, so that girls like to use before going to the nightlife, you should be careful as to choose the appropriate option in this case can not please everyone, besides, such a framework must be able to impose. One small mistake when using such a foundation - and the person or like a clay mask, or becomes unhealthy spotted color.

In fact, the dark tone is necessary in order that the girl could give her facial volume, highlight cheekbones, the lips are too big to hide, disguise some defects, etc. Experiment with your way: try to apply some darker bases on the wings of the nose, the cheeks, and on top - a light foundation. Thus, your face will not seem too flat and flattened.

And finally - if you are planning to go to the club in a dress with open neckline, be sure to apply a little foundation on the neck, décolleté and hands in order to avoid the effect of "cut off" the head. During the day it should not do so for everyday makeup is best to choose less bright and rich tone of the foundations that have not caught the eye in natural light.

 How to choose a tone foundation for day and evening make-up

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 a good foundation


  • Tonal basis: general guidelines
  • How to fix the "wrong" basis

Tone cream - is a unique tool that can hide all the flaws or vice versa - to emphasize them so that no makeup will not distract attention from problem skin. The girl is very important to find the right tool that will be a real tool in the fight for the natural beauty, and thus does not harm the epidermis.

Tonal basis: general guidelines

Today, there are quite a large number of various companies that produce tonal foundations for dry, oily, combination, pale, tanned, problematic, pigmented skin, so choose a good cream, knowing certain rules, there is no trouble.

Rule one: tone should be natural

Girls with a very dark, almost brown face and white neck, whose photos can be seen in the fathomless expanse of the Internet, many of the fair sex cause genuine laughter. But the unspoken rule about what base color that is applied to the protruding parts of the face, should not be different from your color, know everything, but unfortunately, sometimes even the most experienced and professional make-up artists make similar mistakes.

So, how to choose the right shade? The most simple and reliable way - to test cosmetic product for yourself. To do this, apply a very thin layer on the chin, cheek or forehead with a small number of bases, and then wait for a while. After five or ten minutes foundation absorbed and your skin will become final color. Do not trust the directory, as a result, painted in the picture may be very different from what you actually get. Also, do not act in the old way and do not try to remedy cyst or an elbow, as it was accepted earlier.

All self-respecting small manufacturers producing disposable probes to their clients freely and without prejudice to the purse finalize the tone. But reusable tube, which stores write "Tester", it is better not to use because you are unlikely to know how much it means already staid open and who they rubbed their skin is up to you.

But there is one little secret, which very few people have heard. On the wings of the nose and cheekbones can be applied foundation color that is one tone darker. So, if you do it right, and not just a smear on the basis of skin, your face will look like professional models in the photo, and not as an ordinary mask.

If you have any difficulty with what foundation is best suited to your skin type, consult a specialist. Maybe you just need to experiment with a few basics, mix them to find your tone.

 very good foundation

Rule Two: Pick up tool for your skin type

Very often, the fair sex take off the shelf or the most expensive first got the foundation, which they advised the sellers or girlfriends, ignoring the fact that he, for example, is only suitable for dry or oily skin. This error can be very expensive, as incorrectly selected base may exacerbate existing problems.

Determine what your skin type is very simple, just take the normal tissue, hold it on the cheeks, nose, forehead, and then look at its surface. If the skin is dry, no stains on the paper will not be, if the fat - divorces remain. Also do not forget that in thirty years, and forty-five women need completely different cosmetics.

  • Dry skin

After the cold or hot day you feel slight discomfort, you feel as though the skin pulled off, you want to constantly wash? So do you feel about this type and you need a foundation that will nourish, moisturize your skin, and will not allow moisture to leave the epidermis. Please note, it should be watery in order to make it easier to put it on the skin.

The composition of such an agent generally include hyaluronic acid, which in small amounts not harmful to health. However, remember that after six to eight hours is necessary to wash off makeup, because the pores are starting very clogged with dust, dirt, etc., leading to dryness, irritation, acne.

  • Oily skin

Girls belonging to this type are constantly suffering because of the brightness of the skin and increased secretion. They are very difficult to find a basis, because after a couple of hours after application, it loses its basic properties and rolled lumps. Buying this cosmetic product, be sure to check what his composition. A good foundation in this case should not contain an oil, since it will not be absorbed. But the presence of special particles that absorb the fat, on the contrary encouraged.

The consistency it should be thick and dense. But we should show a little dexterity when applying this framework, otherwise your face will resemble a mask out of clay. To do this, use a special brush, and that's what it is better to give preference typically manufacturers indicate in their catalogs.

  • Mixed

To this type, when the skin is dry on the cheeks and oily on the forehead, nasolabial folds, is a very large number of women (eighty percent). In order to achieve a positive result using the foundation, they have to exercise maximum patience and perseverance.

Best option in this case - the use of two bases that differ slightly in color. First, apply the darker to the nose and cheekbones, and then use a light foundation. Thus, you will look very natural, no matter what makeup is not caused.

  • Mature skin

If you are far behind, say, thirty, and you have begun to appear first facial wrinkles or age, use special creams with lifting effect. He is not only very good disguises all the shortcomings, but also tightens fine lines, so your skin will look young and beautiful more than a dozen years.

As part of such a framework is always a glycolic acid, caffeine, extracts of plants that favorably affect the epidermis. However, be very careful, because in some cases it may be an allergic reaction to a similar makeup. Pre-test tone cream on a small area skin and if rash, itching or redness is not followed, feel free to use this tool.

Rule three: dark and shimmering basis is applied not only to the person

Remember that if you, for example, are going to go to the club and use for evening make-up foundation, which is a tone or two different from the color of your skin, or the basis for a flickering effect, apply a means also on the ears, neck, décolleté and other open areas to look more natural. But do not forget that the cream is very dark ages.

Rule Four: protection of the skin - especially

Ultraviolet light is not the best friend of the epidermis, know about it, even children. Sunbathing can cause premature aging, skin cancer and other no less serious problems. Therefore, no matter what the brand foundation you choose, it must be stated «SPF 15" (or higher). In winter you can use the tool with minimal parameters (15), in the summer is better to buy a version with increased protection.

Rule Five: expensive, not always quality

Even if you are used to primarily focus on the cost of production, whether cosmetic or ordinary things, in this case, pay attention to other factors: the composition, the reviews of other girls, etc. Very often, the price affects the brand name, the country in which the foundation is made, rather than the effectiveness and efficiency.

Of course, throw to extremes and buy the cheapest product is not worth it, because it can not be manufactured from the finest ingredients. Choose a middle ground, test, experiment, and eventually you pick up suitable option for themselves.

 what a good foundation

Rule six: in any cosmetic products have a shelf life

The best product - is one that will not harm your health, but cosmetics, which has long had to be in the bin, but it still kept in your purse, just in case, contain toxins. Always check the expiration date, and it's not just foundation, and mascara, shadows, powder, etc.

Buying basis, be sure to check the date of manufacture, as well as how much time it is stored. Note that it is possible at certain times of the year, for example, in the winter, you can not use it, so be sure to reserve should be at least six or seven months.

How to fix the "wrong" basis

Frequently bought in the summer of foundation is not suitable at another time, when the skin is so tanned. If the tone is different only two colors, this problem can be solved easily, but if more - leave cosmetic until better times, when you, for example, visit the solarium or visit the beach.

To achieve the desired color, mix the foundation with a lighter or darker tone cream, depending on the desired result. However, remember that such products may be combined only if it is from the same manufacturer, otherwise the interaction of two totally different may cause an allergic reaction. But the likelihood that your first time be able to find the right proportion is quite low.

Even worse is the situation, if you picked the wrong color that the skin becomes yellow or pink. Guess with which creams its best to dilute, from a layman does not, as in the case of a failed experiment, your face will look unhealthy, lemon as in patients with jaundice or pink, after the frost.

Thick foundation, which lays down an uneven layer, because of what may resemble a mask should be diluted with ordinary day cream, but only if you do not have oily skin. You can also use a wet sponge, which will help lay the foundation thinner layer.

 A good foundation - the basis of the right makeup

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