wedding makeup for brunettes


  • The basic principles applying makeup
  • Brunettes with dark skin and dark eyes
  • Brunettes with fair skin and dark eyes
  • Brunettes with dark skin and light eyes
  • Brunettes with fair skin and light eyes

Wedding - one of the happiest, brightest and most memorable events in the life of every woman, regardless of age, hair color or race. Over the years, wedding photos will admire your parents and yourself, and then - your children and grandchildren. Of course, with the help of Photoshop, you can adjust any photos, but, nevertheless, the bride's make-up has to be perfect.

In order not to spoil this day of celebration are requested to provide all the details and think about all the details, including the concept of makeup. Well, if you have the opportunity to invite an experienced make-up artist, who will be able to more professionally emphasize the natural beauty of your face and to hide his shortcomings, but if not, use our tips to tell us how best to do wedding makeup for brunettes with their hands at home.

The basic principles applying makeup

First, assess your skin tone and eyes - are fundamental factors in the choice of colors make-up. And do not forget that it should be in harmony with your appearance as a whole. On this day, it is best not to exploit the image of the femme fatale or vamp, and opted for soft and gentle makeup. After the wedding - it is so romantic and touching air!

That is why the pastel wedding makeup for brunettes must be selected and applied with great care, although without pereuserdstvovaniya. Excess blush or shadows can add the bride at least several years, and on the day of the wedding ceremony is absolutely useless.

Wedding Makeup for brunettes starts with giving person haze. A cotton swab dipped in a special lotion, wipe the face thoroughly, especially the so-called T-zone, as well as neck and décolleté. Shining and fresh clean skin - the main decoration of the bride. To achieve this effect, a tonal framework we put a small amount of moisturizing day cream, and top carefully and evenly distribute a thin layer of powder. About what color should be color cosmetics, will tell more for each type separately brunette.

 beautiful wedding makeup for brunettes

Brunettes with dark skin and dark eyes

Looks good girl with the likes of the original data, the nature has awarded them a bright appearance. Therefore, the wedding day is only a little accents, highlighting the shape of the eyes or lips bend. The best will opt for the foundation of a natural tan color and the same shade of powder. Blush should take coral or peach, as they are designed to create an illusion of cheekbones blush and do not be a bright spot on the skin.

Dark-eyed girls will approach the shadow of almost all colors, but it is better to stay on the brown-beige or golden tones. Eyeliner and mascara definitely should be black - it will make expressive eyes and an aura of mystery envelops the bride.

Particular attention should be paid to his lips, because today they will be chained views are not only beloved groom, but multiple guest tirelessly chanting "Kiss! ". To lips purchased a flat and smooth surface, they should be covered with a thin layer of foundation and powder lightly. Lip pencil to give the desired contour and cover resistant lipstick or gloss cherry or peach tones.

Brunettes with fair skin and dark eyes

For fair-skinned, dark-eyed girls the perfect solution would be foundation ivory or porcelain - depending on the natural color of the face. Blush - soothing shades of pink. When choosing a lipstick should give preference to beige and chestnut shades.

Shadow also allowed the gray or blue, depending on the overall style and image. Mascara and eyeliner can be used as a black or dark brown, the main thing that they stressed the depth of view.

 trendy wedding makeup for brunettes

Brunettes with dark skin and light eyes

Girls with such good looks attract attention and compel men to turn around after them. Wedding Makeup for brunettes of this type can be made in pearly tones. Choosing pink, beige, lilac and pearl colors, so the bride will look like Cinderella defenseless. If you stop at the silver, turquoise or blue shades - it is quite able to be a cold and majestic snow queen.

Lipstick and blush colors should be natural and not to focus on yourself. Color mascara and eyeliner can be combined with the shadows, and you can remain faithful to anthracite coal, a win-win scenario.

Brunettes with fair skin and light eyes

Spectacular white-faced brunette with light eyes is recommended that the emphasis to focus on the lips, using high-quality lipstick luscious colors - ruby, raspberry, cherry. If eye makeup, you can restrict blue, gray or green shades of muted shades, it will be appropriate, as always, beige palette.

Make your eyes visually longer will carefully shaded white spot just below the eyebrow. Blush is best to use neutral colors, so as not to spoil the natural charm. Black eyeliner in this case yields a dark nut, so it is of refuse.

That's all the wisdom on the choice of make-up for a wedding. Choose an image that is suitable for you and go for it! This day is just yours, so you have to look irresistible, stylish and even enchanting! And then be sure to pass a holiday as you always dreamed of.

 Wedding Makeup for brunettes. Choose your image!

 foundation for combination skin


  • Combination skin: define your style
  • How to choose a concealer
  • How to use the tonal foundation: Apply the cream correctly
  • We store and use cosmetics properly
  • Contraindications or who is to abandon such cosmetics
  • Buy creams with intelligence

Girls with a combined skin type is difficult to find the right tonal basis that would not cause excessive dryness or does not increase the fat problem areas of the face. In some cases, the fair sex have to buy two or three cosmetic products to combine them together.

Combination skin: define your style


How do you know that you have combination, not just oily or dry skin? It's enough to wipe the face of normal tissue when you spend it on the T-zone, be sure to show up on the surface of a dark yellow spots and stains, but after the jaw, neck and cheeks paper will be completely clean.

Visual inspection

Carefully inspect yourself in a mirror: if around the eyes, on the cheeks, near the ears, on the sides there is a slight peeling, on the nose, forehead and chin - dark spots, pimples and acne, as well as, if the T-zone constantly appears shine, means You belong to this category.

The visit to the beautician

In case you still have not been able to determine what your skin type, be sure to visit a specialist. Not only does it confirm or disprove your assumptions, but also help you choose the right cosmetics, will tell you about the proper care of your face. If you do not start using those creams, masks, balms, tonics, powders, etc., it will only aggravate the problems.

 the best foundation for combination skin

How to choose a concealer

Today, there are quite a number of tonal resources, which are not only good disguise defects, pimples, acne, bruises and scratches, but also eliminate the unhealthy shine oily skin or relieve it from dryness. Which one is better to choose - depends entirely on your objectives, financial capabilities and the ability to use cosmetics.

Types of tonal resources

  • Cream powder

If you are looking for a suitable foundation for combination skin, a better option than a cream-powder, you can imagine. It is applied easily falls evenly, perfectly absorbs grease separation, so that the skin becomes dull and does not shine all day long. The undoubted advantage is that in this case the dry areas of the face did not suffer. Cream powder dries very quickly, so in the morning or evening make-up you will not have to spend a lot of time.

  • The cream-stick

A distinctive feature of this foundation is that it is ideal for dry and normal skin. The only negative - have similar funds too dense structure, which is why inexperienced basis of the fair sex can place unevenly.

  • Cream with antibacterial effect

Girls who have problems with acne and pimples, you should use a special foundation, which not only conceals the defects, but also helps to eliminate them. It soothes irritated skin, relieves irritation, prevents the further spread of the problem.

  • Cream mousse

This means more suitable for girls with dry or normal skin, as special components that make up the cream, moisturize and nourish it, without causing unnecessary fat. Cream mousse can be used as a lady aged wishing to disguise wrinkles and young girls.

  • Pencil

Typically, masking a pencil is used in certain parts of the skin, when, for example, to hide jumped before appointment or interview a pimple, a small scratch or a bruise. Note that this tool is very clogs the pores, and the existing problems are not eliminated, and hidden. Besides, if it is too often applied to the skin, it may greatly deteriorate.

How to use the tonal foundation: Apply the cream correctly

Unfortunately, many of the fair sex do not know how to use a similar makeup, causing foundation is applied to dry skin, and then complain that because of the foundations badly damaged face. Remember, no matter how good it was not the tool, its improper application in any case leads to tragic consequences.

  • Washing

Before applying makeup girl should clean your face from dirt, dust, grease, and everything else that accumulates in the pores of the epidermis and prevents normal breathing. Groomed skin ages faster, her constant pimples and blackheads. For washing is recommended to use lotion and gels whose composition does not include alcohol, or in T-zone sebum begins to be produced even stronger.

  • Humidification

Apply a small amount of normal day cream for combination skin, wait twenty minutes, then remove the remains not soak cloth or cotton swab. If a person does not moisten the end of the day you will feel the tightness, dryness and discomfort, and the basis for a couple of hours will start to crumble and crack much. In addition, the treated skin tone cream lay down more evenly and will not cover its lumps and spots.

  • Drawing or fingers off!

What do you think, what stores sell brushes and sponges for tonal creams? Right to use these tools to apply foundation on your face! Unfortunately, quite a large number of representatives of the fair sex prefers to use fingers for that, which is why they make can hardly be called mediocre. But makeup artists will never neglect such ancillary products, so that the client always look their best.

If you want to spread the foundation evenly, slightly wet sponge. Apply this means smooth and easy movements, moving from the middle of the face to the ear shells and temples. Once the base is dry, dab the tip of a fluffy powder brush and gently walk her skin to fix the result. Note that the area around the eye is painted the same foundation and powder, because the more makeup you to this part of the face, apply the more defects will be visible to all.

  • Adding colors

Have you noticed that most of the made-up girls look the same type and their face resembles a flat clay mask? This problem occurs when the foundations for the creation of only one foundation. In fact, on the wings of the nose, the cheeks and on the temporal part of the need to apply the darker shades that will make the image of expressive and alive.

Remember that combine these cosmetics can only be achieved if they are issued by the same manufacturer and belong to the same series. They must be virtually identical composition, or you may be an allergic reaction or make deteriorate prematurely. To such a contrast is not too obvious, first use darker shades, and on top - the lighter.

  • Wash off the tonal foundation

If you are using a conventional low-cost basis, then you need to wash off make-up a maximum of four hours. With more expensive and reception, which are professional cosmetics, you can walk about a day. But remember that even the best foundation you can not wear too long, because it dries the skin much.

 a good foundation for combination skin

We store and use cosmetics properly

Firstly, creams, masks, mascara and other cosmetic products should be stored in a dry, dark and cool place. Some girls, for example, put all his wealth in the fridge on the bottom shelf. In no case do not leave the makeup on the table, a mirror, a window sill, as the effects of sunlight and high temperature will lead to the fact that its contents have completely thrown out.

Second, never, under any circumstances, take the cream hands. Use sponges, brushes, in extreme cases - cotton or cloth, but never climb into the tube with your fingers. Try to keep the inside of bottles or cans not fall bacteria that lead to premature deterioration of any such means. Do not forget to wash and dry all the accessories immediately after graduating from a make-up, or they may be got fungus. Every time with the help of cotton wool and wipes remove the remnants of the cream at the opening of the tube and on the cover to prevent it from oxidation.

Third, never use cosmetics, which has an unpleasant odor or if it has changed the texture, color, even if it has not expired. How do not you felt sorry for her, to risk their health and condition of the skin is not necessary, or later have to spend finances for medical treatment. Soured cream foundation can because of improper storage, constant extreme temperatures, poor quality ingredients, etc.

How long can you keep the foundation

Typically, the shelf life of the producers indicate on the package (up to two or three years, depending on the manufacturer), so be sure to purchase note when the product is released. Always buy products that can be used for at least another ten to twelve months, however, because sometimes some companies "accidentally" put the wrong date of manufacture.

Be aware that at certain times of the year you do not use foundation as summer or winter her tone does not match with the tone of tanned leather or too white. Do not buy cosmetics in large packages, so to speak as a reserve, even if it is a discount or distributed action "Ten percent of the free", as it is unlikely you will have time to use a large tube of foundation.

Contraindications or who is to abandon such cosmetics

Unfortunately, the use of concealer can not all the fair sex. It is strictly forbidden to put it on the girl's face, in which there is an allergic reaction to this product or to one of its components suffering from eczema, dermatitis, as well as those who have herpes.

 quality foundation for combination skin

Buy creams with intelligence

Before you buy be sure to check out the staff, and if there is glycerin, wax and similar substances from such funds should be abandoned, since such a framework is very difficult to apply, poorly kept and looks unnatural. Also a good quality cosmetics should not contain harmful or even dangerous to the health of the components.

Foundation must be certified, so always ask the seller to show you the documents. If such securities are not available or are they "are now in the safe with the authorities", it indicates a low quality. By law, sellers are required to provide a certificate upon request of the buyer - remember this the next time you go to buy a new cosmetics, including tonal basis.

Also pay attention to how items are stored, whether all rules and requirements. In no case do not buy such a product on the market or in transit, especially in hot weather, otherwise you can be "happy" owner of toxic cosmetics.

 Tone Cream for combination skin: choose the right makeup