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  • Causes of facial contours
  • Elimination of defects

It is believed that the double chin - it is a problem extremely overweight. But it is not as though the weight is one of the reasons for its occurrence. Sagging, ugly chin can ruin a whole is very attractive face of a young slim man, regardless of gender. However, there is always a way out, and get rid of so unpleasant flaw possible. It is in this article are ways to get rid of double chin.

 exercise of double chin
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Causes of facial contours

First you need to understand what is actually the second chin. He appears as a result of weakening of the muscles that hold the body fat on the chin. This is quite natural and inevitable. With age, subcutaneous fat, which is used to evenly distributed across the face tends downward lost muscle tone does not prevent its "run-off", the skin loses its elasticity.

Zoom appearance of extra folds on the body is very simple, just careless about their appearance.

Do not let the bad news, let's deal with the causes:

  • First and foremost of them - is bad posture. Invalid the equipped workplace that constantly have to tilt your head (low cost monitor or desk), the habit of lying down with a laptop at home, awkward sleeping position, and more.
  • Weight: fat people are more susceptible to the problem of double chin. And if you add to this the inheritance, then get rid of the hated fold back face handsome features will be very difficult. In addition to excess weight, it could be as a sharp increase in body weight, and its decline.
  • Age-related changes.

 exercises for face contour

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Elimination of defects

Different sources found a wide variety of methods to get rid of the problem. Starting from a variety of simulators, creams, beauty services, and ending with the plastic surgery. Resourceful US scientists have created a special device - something like a garter, which should support the chin. Allegedly, sagging skin is a side effect of the run!

Explaining this, they cite the following facts: running, quickly lose those extra kilos, and the skin does not have time to catch up with them. Besides shaking while running only aggravates the situation. Who knows, maybe they will win the invention of the consumer. And now let's talk about what you can take steps at home to get rid of excess folds.

  1. Diet. Drink plenty of water (preferably 2 liters per day), eliminate fat.
  2. I try to keep a level posture not bow our heads. At first I have to straighten myself constantly, but fast enough to keep your back straight into the habit. I must say, very beautiful, graceful habit.
  3. And the most effective method to get rid of double chin - a very simple exercise. They will need to be given just 15 minutes every day, and the results did not take long to wait.

How to get rid of double chin at home? The first and most simple, where we should start - this simple massage, pat. We make the reverse side of their hands. This brush should be tense, his fingers tightly together. Movement should be quick. An indication of the correct action would be a slight numbness of the chin. Minimum time of this massage - 2 minutes, but the longer the better. This procedure is convenient because it can be done at any time convenient for you: in the morning, after washing the front of the mirror in the evening before going to bed, sitting at the computer or watching a movie.

The next thing you can do - is to take up a book. Only for its intended purpose in this case they do not help us. Therefore, put her head, it is desirable to take the book heavier (Encyclopedia certainly will do) and walk around the room. When you need to keep the back straight, head balanced so that his chin was a little bullied up. Only 6-7 minutes a day, and you not only will remove a double chin, but also get a substantial bonus of excellent posture.

Then a little exercise that no one would notice, even if his conduct at work or school. Tip of the tongue should be alternately press down on the top to the bottom the sky, making great efforts to get a good feel how tense the muscles of the chin. It is also a good exercise would be that we all remember from school, namely, "and you can get the tongue to your nose? ". To do this, it's worth to retire. And so the language are drawn to the tip of the nose, try to keep it in that position as long as possible, at least 15 seconds You can just stick the language and make it a circular motion, first in one direction and then the other side, draw eight, moving from side to side. The main thing - to make efforts.

Now, sit straight, fists up against the chin and power of muscle straining, trying to lower it or to open his mouth, and the stop yourself fists, pushing up. We are delayed for 10-15 seconds and release, execute 5 approaches.

At the end we sing. Have fun grimacing, pull forward the lips, as clearly as possible pull the letter O, V, VI Each letter of 10 times.

Paying these exercises a few minutes a day and introducing a habit to keep your back straight, exactly sit at the table, you will soon get rid of a double chin.

 Forget the chin, like a bad dream

 causes of ingrown hair on legs


  • Causes of ingrown hair
  • How to deal with "the problem of ingrown"?
  • Preventing ingrown hairs

All the girls take care of their feet, the hair is removed. But some are perfectly flat and smooth skin, and others - on the contrary. Why is this happening?

Blame ingrown hairs on the legs. They not only spoil the appearance of the legs, but can cause serious infections.
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Causes of ingrown hair

  1. The main reason - the wrong hair removal. This applies not only to the girls, use the shaver, and applying techniques such as waxing, electrolysis. Incorrect procedures lead to the fact that the hair begins to grow into the skin. As a result, begins to inflame the hair follicle. It will create the feeling that the legs irritation.
  2. Sometimes it happens that ingrown hairs emerge from nature. This is due to the fact that the body hairs rigid, coarse skin.

This problem happens in men, they have it from nature. But most uncomfortable experiences with ingrown hairs is female due to improper removal of hair.

 shave the hair on the feet is desired for hair growth
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How to deal with "the problem of ingrown"?

Redness on the legs can be removed using a compress prepared. In warm water to dissolve crumbled aspirin. Moisten a cloth and put on the inflamed area. Hold compress should be at least an hour.

Ingrown hairs must be prevented, otherwise inflammation will grow, the appearance of the feet to deteriorate. You can even get to the hospital with an infection. Save you from the problems can tweezers or a needle. First we need to sterilize the tool in hydrogen peroxide. In place of growing skin well steamed, puncture needle, the tip of the tweezers to pull hairs and gently pull. Do not forget about disinfection. If the hair is rooted so deeply that not pull yourself, consult an expert.

You can turn to traditional medicine. Try to rub into the skin diluted in water badyagu. Sold it at any pharmacy, the price is very low. Badyaga improves circulation, relieves redness. The only negative - dry the skin, so it is recommended to use it once every 2 weeks.

One can prepare the following solution: 30 g of the alcohol 10 g of ammonia, 1 g of iodine, 5 g of castor oil. This mixture is well rubbed into the feet, then opalaskivat and lubricate the moisturizer.

If you want to hide redness or irritation, walk in the solarium. It will align the color of your feet, give them a nice appearance. But it does not resolve the issue of ingrown hairs.

If ingrown hairs often appear, once you get rid of them, change the time on the way of hair removal.

Remember that the depilatory gives greater assurance of ingrown hairs than shaving razor. However, after shaving the hair grows much faster. Therefore it is better to use wax strips, but this procedure is not pleasant.

 moisturizing after-shave
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Preventing ingrown hairs

  1. The best way to prevent is to carry out hair removal in the salon. Who is the safest method is laser hair removal. It may cost you a little expensive, but it is very safe.
  2. Every week, do not forget to use the scrub. It deeply cleanses the skin, removes dead cells. Before waxing peels make sure! You can cook at home scrub, the effect will be even better. Take the coffee and honey, stir them in equal proportions and apply on the body. Skin after such a procedure would be very soft. Instead of coffee you can take sea salt or sugar.
  3. If the skin has scratches or scars, it is better to take time off from the hair removal.
  4. Steamed skin is better served epilation.
  5. Shaving legs follows the growth of hair, wax strips remove hair - against.
  6. Shaving legs, be sure to use the foam or shaving gel, in any case, do not shave dry feet. On the razor not much push, razor wire at the same part of the body several times.
  7. Change your razor blades!
  8. After hair removal, apply a moisturizer to the skin.
  9. After depilation during the day, it is desirable not to appear in the sun and not to wet skin.
  10. Use a special cream that slows hair growth.
  11. Shave your legs before going to sleep better, then the skin will be able to relax over a night. Before you wear pantyhose or stockings, from depilation should be abandoned.
  12. You can smear legs means against acne. They contain salicylic acid, which prevent ingrown hairs.
  13. Depilation make sure to clean the skin before the procedure, be sure to take a bath or shower, or better yet, visit the bath or sauna.

If the girl will follow these tips, especially on prevention, it should have no problems of ingrown hairs.   Be attentive to their appearance and always stay beautiful!

 How to get rid of ingrown hairs