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  • Natural Makeover
  • Makeup for glasses
  • The right eye make-up, what is it?

Every morning, women do the same - impose makeup. And it's not as easy as it seems at first glance. After all, you should be able to impose precise movements strokes shadow tint cilia and draw arrows. And still it is necessary to clearly feel what shades of make-up will suit you. In general, a lot of hassle and women, at times, difficult to select the options, taking into account all the nuances.

Natural Makeover

"The beauty does not spoil" - this statement is absolutely true, but it's still a little bit to adjust the shape of little face necessary. In fact, nothing complicated about it, and, therefore, a natural eye makeup and is considered the most popular - in the morning, you can easily and quickly put himself in order.

  • Prepare the skin to "work": apply a little tonal framework to face and blend it carefully. If the face has some rashes or bumps, then apply a correction pencil;
  • Now pay attention to the eyebrows - they have to be perfect! If there are extra protruding hairs, then get rid of them. Make a neat brows is not difficult - just in time to adjust their shape and everything. You can do this itself, but you can refer to the beauty salon, then from time to time will have to be only slightly adjust the line;
  • Now we start to do eye makeup. Shadows applied not necessarily enough to be applied to the upper eyelid with a pencil and a couple of strokes to shade them. Use the brown is - it is almost universal, and natural makeup fits perfectly. You can do it, and shadows, but remember that it must look natural and, therefore, no bright and dark spots on the eyelid should not be;
  • Eyelashes normal ink paint, apply two coats - so it will be more beautiful. When you apply, then roll the brush, then will turn the cilia slightly curled.

After that it is necessary to tint the lips and apply a little blush on the cheekbones. By the way, try to trim lipstick too delicate shades - they should not be allocated. But to make a clear path it is necessary to use a pencil for that matching lipstick.

With the make-up and you can safely go to the office, and a walk, and on a date. Convenient natural makeup so that it is easy to fix, and even a little change. For example, if a campaign is scheduled for the evening in a restaurant or a concert, then simply brighter lipstick.

 how to make the most eye makeup

Makeup for glasses

Many women who wear glasses, can hardly imagine how to do eye makeup. But points can be a fashion accessory, not only in the way of vision correction. That is why it is so important to know at least the basic rules applying makeup for glasses:

  • Girls who wear glasses hyperopia, use bright eye shadow. For example, dark green, chocolate, smoky. In no case can not impose a pearlescent shade. For eyelashes, use a gray or brown mascara. Overlay it must carefully and not too thick. Also, do not get carried away with the use of mascara, eyelash extension - can stain the inside of the glasses. You can make arrows, but only on the lower eyelid, but you can remove them from the outer corner - let your eyes become almond-shaped;
  • But those women who suffer from myopia, have to use pastel, natural color shades - when eye makeup is just perfect. If you love to paint arrows, it is best to learn how to do them on the upper eyelid. It is advisable to use a soft eyeliner pencil - here you can buy and black. But from the liquid podvodok should be abandoned. The fact that the glasses, myopia correction, greatly increase the eye make-up and therefore it is necessary to carefully and attentively.

Remember: you can use blush, foundation and lipstick tonal any, to your taste and preferences. But to the eye it is necessary to choose the shade that will not look vulgar and pretentious glasses. If something in doubt, it is best to try several options and choose the most appropriate.

 how to do eye makeup alone

The right eye make-up, what is it?

To learn how to apply the right, beautiful and suitable to your image make-up, it is necessary to know the basic rules. Such knowledge would not want, but to make a choice in the direction of improving their appearance very much help.

  • On the upper eyelid to cause light shade is necessary, but the outer corner of the eye, you can highlight and darker shade. Externally, it will look as if gently shaded by century transition from dark to light shade;
  • In no case can not be ignored area under the eyebrows. Only if a natural make-up, you can not touch this area;
  • To underscore his eye shape should be used only light shade. Even better - a little white or pearl;
  • Now in vogue all shades of shadows, but with mother of pearl. Therefore, you can make eye makeup completely pearlescent shades. But here we must take into account and maintain a balance of colors and reflections. Otherwise, the face would "shine" your eyes only. It's not very nice, rather - vulgar. It is possible to cause the area under the eyebrows white pearlescent shadow on the upper eyelids apply darker shades. And do not forget about the shading. But on the lower eyelid can not cast any shadows. Let this area will remain intact. It is better to not thick eyeliner - it will visually pull the eye;
  • It is not necessary to impose too thick shadows - it will be no makeup, but a real makeup and nothing but it will not cause laughter. Look closely in the mirror, ask to evaluate its appearance mom or girlfriend - so it will be more reliable. After all, that like myself, can absolutely look with clothing or even the type of person;
  • General advice: avoid sharp lines. For the eye is better to use methods of a smooth transition from color to color shading. Even the arrow on the lower eyelid stylists advise not to put pencil and suitable shadows;
  • By the way, on the application of mascara - stylists advise ladies after 40 years of not painting the lower lashes - it seems unhealthy dark circles around the eyes. And painted lower lashes draw attention to the eyes - all the wrinkles will be immediately detected;
  • Be sure to pay attention to all the face as a whole. What is necessary to use the tonal foundation before applying make-up and so everyone understands. And what about the ladies blush many doubted. In vain, after correctly applying blush not only give healthy color face, but also can adjust it a little oval;
  • For blush do not use unnatural colors - purple, orange or red. It is best to use a pink or beige shades. And we must be applied as follows: smile, shake off the excess blush with a brush and apply the color to the dimples. Movement should be light and go from the cheekbones down to her chin;
  • And one more thing: the lips. Even if you have learned to do the right eye makeup, the lips can spoil everything. Do not apply too thick a layer of lipstick, do not lip liner and lipstick to take too many colors.

Write about what should be eye makeup, you can endlessly - in the encyclopedia enough. But most importantly give highlights, supporting what shade must be used for different eyes, how to draw arrows, and then it will be much easier to apply all the theoretical knowledge in practice. Hopefully this article will help you to always look great, and deal with the application of make-up just a couple of minutes!

 How to do eye makeup correctly and beautifully?

 Make-up for round eyes


  • Before the club: do make-up properly
  • Refresh the make-up or what to do in the midst of events
  • During the Ball: bug fixes
  • Cinderella after twelve or how to remove make-up

To the evening turned out to be a success, and you managed to attract the attention of a handsome guy in the club, you must take care of their onions in advance. Create a unique image that not only emphasize the elegant round brown eyes, but also hide some skin problems, is not difficult. Just use quality cosmetics makeup and show a little imagination, experimenting with the style of the day before.

Before the club: do make-up properly

Despite the fact that most of the nightlife is quite dim light, in this environment, almost all defects are clearly visible. This is a problem faced not only young and inexperienced girl, first reshivshiesya apply on face make-up, but also quite well-known personalities who constantly use the services of professional make-up artists. Therefore, to avoid the most common mistakes make-up for round eyes should be done in stages.

Step One: Apply concealer

Correctly applying foundation - half of a successful make-up as a healthy, glowing and shimmering skin always looks great, even if you use a minimum of makeup. However, unfortunately, not always foundation rests evenly, especially if the upper layers of the epidermis heavily shelled. Therefore, it is recommended to pre-superficial peeling (at least one day before the celebration), and then - a moisturizing mask.

By the way, be careful, because tobacco smoke in bars and clubs, which are almost never aired, can lead to the rapid aging of the skin. To avoid stress, it is necessary to use a special serum antioxidant (it rubbed the face before applying the tonal framework). Usually, so do celebrities who prefer to spend the evening in such establishments. As you can see, on the morning of their face looks radiant, as if they had spent the night in a beauty salon instead of having fun with friends.

One should know when to stop, otherwise, instead of smooth tones you can get spotted color. Avoid foundation, which placed a thick, give preference to light moisturizers and proofreader. Thus, you will not only hide the redness and rash, but also to provide stable, high-quality make-up for the next six to eight hours.

Step Two: Apply powder

Achieve natural colors in the evening make-up is possible by means of shining blush on Powder Foundation. Cream products in this case is best left for another time. The fact that during the active pastime you'll sweat, because of what cosmetics can leak and smudge.

Step three: paint the eyes

Evening make-up for round eyes is best done in bright colors and catchy, while the lip is best to paint neutral, as the emphasis should be only one part of the face. To shadows rolled and crumbled previously on the upper eyelids and under the eyebrows, apply foundation. For brown eyes is better to choose bronze, dark gray, earthy brown hues that accentuate the natural color. But the gentle, soft bedding and tone (purple, light pink, white) is best left for an office or a daytime make-apa.

Make-up for the little round eyes better to make a dark eyeliner pencil or persistent. Fine elegant line on the upper eyelid to add expression to your look, and a little "pull" cut. But at the bottom, do not use such cosmetics as it is visually reduce the size of your beautiful brown eyes. The final stage - applying waterproof mascara that does not ruin your makeup, even if you will dance all night till you drop.

Step Four: do sensual lips

If the round brown eyes you chose saturated colors, the better to paint the usual lip gloss. Also acceptable pearly lipstick color that will add a little at times lacked volume. If you choose bright colors, then you have to constantly be away to the bathroom to touch up makeup. In addition, if you overdo it with makeup, the result could have unpleasant surprise, since the image is either too vulgar, or you will be like a circus clown.

 Make-up for round brown eyes

Refresh the make-up or what to do in the midst of events

Two or three hours dancing, lots of cocktails, unrestrained laughter - and your face will appear the first signs of fatigue. To be able to fix the make-up, be sure to bring your makeup with improvised means: powder, gloss, lipstick, eye shadow, brown eyes.

  • Bright eyes

Stuffy room, the constant movement, causes an increase in sebum leads to the fact that the little eye shadow, no matter how resistant they were not much roll and collected in the folds. By the end of this kind of evening, to put it mildly, can scare off even the most picky gentleman. So be sure to grab a club palette that you have used makeup brown eyes.

And remember a few secrets that you will definitely come in handy. The first tip - always carry in purse cotton swabs, because they can remove the remnants of mascara, shadows, foundation. Second, no less useful - if during your festivities cilia stick together, separate them with a toothpick, which you can borrow from the table. Thus, you will be able to solve two problems in one fell swoop, without washing for that makeover.

  • Clean face

A few hours later, looking in the mirror, you can discover the shine in the T-zone. To control the appearance of secretions can be using a conventional matting napkin, which is to take with a club. Due to the dense packing and relatively small size, you can store more stuff, even in small clutches. Also, be sure to take the right color compact powder to fix the foundation.

You should first wet the problem areas with a clean cloth to get rid of old makeup that falls on the face of dust, dirt and sebum. Then walk a few times powder and apply blush on cheekbones, which, in extreme cases, can be replaced by pearl shades. But be careful, if you picked up the brown eyes of the same color, it should not be used on other areas of the face.

During the Ball: bug fixes

If you come to the club, you will notice that in this light your makeup looks awful, rush to the bathroom to fix his mistake. So you can bring brown eyes in the corners of the golden outline with a pencil or shadow. Such a move would not only give expression to your fateful look, but adds the image brightness. On the lips, apply lipstick or gloss bright colors.

 makeup for small eyes round

Cinderella after twelve or how to remove make-up

All night you shone and danced as an institution, and in the morning do not feel the ground under their feet? Fatigue - that's no reason to go to bed, not having visited previously a bathroom and not wash a ton of makeup to the cute little face. Clean the skin and moisturize it - your primary task.

Step One: we wash

Typically, girls use soap or gel cleanser to remove make-up from the face, leaving the skin severely dry and flaky. And only a few dare to do it with the help of special tools, prepared in a cream base. These products not only removes the remains of powder and tonal framework, but also nourishes the upper layers of the epidermis.

Step two: Clear

Cucumber and chamomile tonic - in this case the best option. Firstly, it restores the acid-base balance of the skin. Secondly, it disinfects and prevents pimples and blackheads. Third, it completely cleans the pores from sebum.

Step Three: Moisturizing

To the morning to look your best before bedtime necessarily apply to the face mask, and then a nourishing night cream. This will help saturate the skin with nutrients, to restore lost moisture, stabilize the sebum glands. In the morning, as soon as you wake up, be sure to drink a glass of purified water or fresh juice.

But on the night of the liquid is better not to eat if you do not want to wake up with the swelling and bags under his eyes.

 Makeup for round eyes: going to a party