how to use eye shadow liquid eyeliner


  • What is a liquid eyeliner and how to choose
  • Should you use eyeliner?
  • How to use liquid eyeliner?

When overlaying makeup on the face of almost any client stylists always fed my eyes, so give them a more expressive look. And if earlier it was used exclusively for the pencils of different colors, it is now in the "arena" was published liquid eyeliner. It quickly established itself in the beautician not only professional stylists, but also ordinary women.

To learn how to use liquid eyeliner, it is necessary to work out a minimum. The fact is that if such a sum eye means you should get a clear, saturated and bright leased line - promashek, strokes irregularities should not be. That this is the main difficulty.

What is a liquid eyeliner and how to choose

Liquid eyeliner - a small bottle with a brush inside. In appearance it resembles a tube of mascara. Available is a cosmetic product and many companies choose individually is difficult, it is necessary to know some of the nuances:

  • Basis of liquid eyeliner can be alcohol and water - read this information on the label;
  • Brush must be very thin and soft - spin the bottle and try to dip it, remove the excess paint;
  • Check the expiration date on the package.

Note that if you are prone to allergies, then draw the eye eyeliner alcohol - a straight road to irritation, excessive tearing and itching. In this case it is better to choose a water-based agent. There are manufacturers who claim that add various fruit acids, vitamins, and even some vegetable pomace there. If you approach the right to a choice of liquid eyeliner, you should rely solely on their eyes - what color is needed, as the eyes react to cosmetics and generally suitable for you if the liquid version of the tool.

 how to use eye shadow liquid eyeliner

Should you use eyeliner?

Like any makeup, liquid eyeliner can not be totally versatile and suitable for all women. There are certain limitations: carefully read the list of those who do not use a liquid liner, even stylists recommend:

  • Girls who wear glasses - it is better to draw eyes and a soft pencil to shade it;
  • Avoid liquid eyeliner should ladies wearing contact lenses - this is the hygiene requirements;
  • If you have the eyes of a convex shape, it emphasizes the upper eyelids eyeliner liquid also should not be;
  • On the lower eyelid never let this arrow eyeliner, pencil only.

But if you want to give the almond-shaped eyes, visually enlarge them or draw an arrow with a curved tail, the liquid eyeliner is exactly what you need! It is successfully used in the creation of such cosmetics evening make-up for carnival and theme parties.

 how to draw the eye liquid liner

How to use liquid eyeliner?

In order to properly draw the eye liquid liner, you have to practice. It takes a while, but then you'll do it with just one movement. Remember a few simple rules:

  • Apply eyeliner need as well as a pencil - sharp movement, preferably one stroke;
  • So, close your eyes a little stretch the outer corner - the upper eyelid becomes completely smooth;
  • Brush dipped and correct "squeeze" on the edge of the tube - a little scroll it around its axis, pulling to the side;
  • Now begin to draw from the inner corner of the eye - at first only the tip of the brush to the middle of the century, you can extend the line a little bit and bring the arrow to the outer corner of the thin feature;
  • If you want to make a curved tails, we must strike the eye so that the brush was like a little rasplyusnuta. You will understand, when you remember the principles of drawing on paper;
  • The preferred liquid eyeliner to draw arrows "at the elbow" - that is, making emphasis on the elbow, and there will be no fear that the fingers tremble at the most inopportune moment.

In general, working with liquid eyeliner properly be called an artistic drawing. Remember the lessons of school, fantasize and dream - with this cosmetic product, you can create any image. If you apply the right arrow, then you will come a clear, bright and absolutely flat line.

Note that if you get too thick a coat of paint, the line may be printed on the upper eyelid crease. And yet - if you really properly painted eyeliner, then it will last a whole day and night, even if all of a sudden you're going to go to a party. You do not have to constantly look in the mirror for fear that the paint osypletsya and appear dark circles under the eyes.

Stylists are advised before applying eyeliner a little powdered eyelid. Moreover, it would be correct to do it this way:

  • From beginning of shadow brush, apply powder precisely at the spot where presumably be applied eyeliner;
  • Then draw the arrow and wait until the line is completely dry;
  • Now draw a line on the back, apply a little powder;
  • Thus, we can achieve not only perfectly smooth paint layer, but also to extend the term "indelibility" means.

As you can see, nothing complicated in the use of liquid eyeliner is not. The main thing - correctly, with imagination and patience to approach the creative process. Then you will get a perfect eyes that can "shoot" to attract the attention of men and thus feel themselves simply much!

 How to use eye shadow liquid eyeliner?

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 evening make-up for blondes


  • What's in a blonde beautician
  • What should be avoided in this year blondes

Wherever there was a blonde, her attention is always provided. It does not matter what it is today chosen makeup - a quiet evening, made in pastel colors or bright, and emphasizes the eyes and lips. Blonde beauties make the make-up is much easier than others the fair sex. As said make-up artists, so the girls can do anything, the main thing - to choose the right makeup, and do not overdo it with the colors.

 makeup for blondes evening

What's in a blonde beautician

Many modern ladies prefer to have just two beauticians: small (for casual daytime makeup) and large (for the evening). The first are simple matte shadow, blush bright, normal foundation and lip gloss. It is worn with a bag for work, to be able to fix minor bugs. By filling the second should be approached more responsibly, as stylish and fashionable beauty can not do one or two means.

Base: how to extend the life of make-up

Going to a club or on a stormy party, we hope that the makeup on your face will last at least five or six hours, not less. Who wants to constantly be away to the bathroom to wipe the mascara potekshuyu or re-applied to the eyelid shade? That is why it is so important to use a high-quality foundation based on silicone.

No need to forget the powder, which enshrines the result. Blondes with light skin suit and pale pink skin tones. Those who constantly spends time in the solarium and on the beaches, you should choose a darker version. Finally, on the cheekbones plotted brownish or bronze blush to the face did not look like a clay mask.

What shade suited blondes

In most cases, the shade chosen not according to the color of hair and eye color. For example, it is not necessary to apply gray-eyed brown, dark shades, as they do look empty and dull. In this case, more suitable for the cool tone. Blue-eyed girl is better to stay on the soft, pastel versions, but should avoid blue or azure.

The only rule is that you should keep in mind - the colors should be combined with each other. Causing the shade, do not forget their shade, or a make-up will look too rough. Evening make-up for blondes allows the use of pearl, silver, pink shades with shimmering particles and sparkles, but only if you are not going to be photographed. Otherwise, the photographs are reflections resembling dirt.

How to choose a good mascara blonde

In most cases, double or triple effect is achieved through properly selected brush, not the mascara. Over the composition plays an important role, but the increase in elongation and it has no effect. Cheap and poor-quality cosmetics can take lumps, quickly showered and even cause allergies, so risk their health is still not worth it.

  • Large brush

This mascara is great the fair sex with long or medium rare cilia. It makes them more fluffy and voluminous, the length does not change.

  • Direct, short bristles

Standard brush, which in his youth enjoyed even our mothers, is universal. It is suitable for all the girls without exception. The only time - it only stains the cilia, without changing their shape and size. It is best to apply paint blondes if they want to make an ordinary day, not a bright evening make-up.

  • 3-in-1

Mascara with such brushes went on sale recently, even some fifteen or twenty years ago about it in Russia have not even heard. As promised manufacturer, this know-how will change your idea of ​​an evening makeup. After applying makeup, your cilia twist, extend and acquire the necessary volume. And you do not even have to use special tongs for curling.

  • Double-sided brush

On one side there are arranged a long thick teeth on the other - sparse and short. With this design is much easier to use mascara as you apply the paint first, then - remove residues. Beauties of using such products, never hit the street with matted eyelashes.

  • Brush spiral

Since natural blonde eyelashes is also very bright, paint them much more difficult. The most common mistake when women apply mascara only to the middle and ends, without paying attention to the roots. A similar makeup looks far from harmonious, as if you are stuck in the artificial hairs forever. To avoid this, it is best to use a brush with the double helix. It will fully paint over and gently lift the base of it.

  • The round brush

In this embodiment, the girls should stay with thick and long lashes. The round brush is not only cause the paint evenly on each hairs, but also gives the blonde look expressive.

Liner: Do blondes need arrows

Blonde beauties makeup artists do not recommend the use of black pencils and liquid liner, even for evening makeup. Draw arrows can be gray, brown, green and even blue. As for the line, then it should not be too thick and long.

Another little secret, which is constantly used by experienced makeup artists will help make eyes more expressive. At the same time you do not look too provocative and vulgar, if you decide to allocate more and lips. So, instead, apply shadows shimmering powder, sand color, draw arrows and eyelashes nakraste brown ink.

Care eyebrows: nothing more

If you are blonde by nature, it can be seen immediately. In this case, the color of the vegetation body and the face will not be too different. Dyeing the beauties in most cases just do not give regrowth that time are not in order, and that same arcuate strip over the eyes. That is why it is so important to clarify both strands, and eyebrows.

When the evening make-up is done, you must first comb the hairs so they do not bristled, then a little paint on their light-brown pencil or shadow of a suitable color. Do better strokes, rather than a single continuous line. At the end of a special fixing applied colorless gel, which does not give messed eyebrows.

Lipstick for evening makeup: brightness, saturation and color buynost

In fact, evening makeup for blondes includes a number of rules to be followed by fair-haired beauties. First, in any case can not be selected faded, bedding tones, as they merge with the color of skin and hair. Girls using yellowish-purple shades, with subdued lighting looks blankly. However, red lipstick should not be used if the lips are too thin.

  • Fair-haired lady

So beauties should use saturated coral color. This slightly increases the lipstick lips teeth while the girls look more white. But in this case, burgundy should not be used because it adds vulgarity image.

  • Honey (wheat) Lady

If you fall into this category, then you should opt for a beige-pink lipstick. By the way, creating an evening make-up for blondes, makeup artists always take into account accessories and dress in which she is planning to go to a restaurant or to a party. Therefore, pre-think what you could add some color, if you will, for example, use a pink or peach tones.

  • Pepelnovolosaya Lady

As for the girls who dye their hair in a gray color, then it is much more fortunate. Whether it's day or evening make-up for blondes no difference what color lipstick will be used. The main thing - it is constantly trying something new and not be afraid to experiment with style.

 evening make-up for blondes

What should be avoided in this year blondes

Tonal basis should not be very different from the color of the skin, even if you do evening makeup. Otherwise, you will achieve the effect of a severed head with your arms, neck, décolleté different from the tone of the face. If you have decided on such a desperate step and use a dark cream, and apply it to all exposed areas of the body.

Not everyone knows, but lashes have long been out of fashion. By the way, men have never liked long webs in her eyes, which looked not very natural. Few masters cope with the task perfectly, the value of their work without each of the fair sex would be unaffordable.

As a last resort, you should get a good and expensive ink and not to stick to the face artificial hairs. But here it is not so simple as it seems at first glance. Sometimes ladies put such quantity of paint on his eyes that the eyelids stick together in two or three thick pieces. Such mistakes make-up, even schoolgirls unforgivable not to mention adults and successful lady. By the way, you need to wipe the traces of mascara before leaving the house, which is, unfortunately, many people forget. Invalid bust in the number of shadows, otherwise they will just slide into the folds.

Very roughly look lips circled in pencil, the color of which is very different from the lipstick. So it was decided to do fifty or sixty years ago. In the twenty-first century is valued harmony throughout. And make-up in this case is no exception to the rule.

The fact that the units are able to apply blush, you might guess by looking at the made-up girls in clubs. In most cases, they are doing quite prominent circles in the cheeks, without shading their while. Two hundred or three hundred years ago in Russia were made to rub cheeks beet to achieve a healthy blush. The effect, of course, was amazing, but the beauty, as they say, requires sacrifice.

Now a completely different time, so follow this tradition is very silly. Those who want to use blush, but is afraid to look funny, is beginning to use a peach or pink color. Pull the lips into a tube, apply a little makeup on the cheeks, then smile broadly and blend all the fluffy brush. Direction - to temples.

To learn how to apply makeup properly, enough to spend a day to experiment with fashion. Find a photo of a girl with a good evening makeup and try to repeat all the details. In an extreme case, visit the beauty salon and ask for a makeup artist to give you a couple of lessons. A little effort and patience - and a party you will shine brighter than all the rest.

 Evening make-up for blondes: Secrets of stylish women

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