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  • What are the proofreaders face?
  • How does green concealer?
  • It is not customary use corrector
  • Facial or how to rid yourself of the hassle

Before you apply makeup, you need to hide minor skin imperfections. These include red mesh on the cheeks, black eyes, pale, dark spots and freckles. In general, if you want to look attractive, have to work hard on yourself. Modern cosmetology went to meet women. Today releases a sufficient amount of funds that can mask small flaws. Beauticians and makeup artists are advised to use for this purpose special correctors (concealers). They exist several types, each used for a particular purpose.

What are the proofreaders face?

  • Lilac Concealer - he can disguise unhealthy yellowness of the eyes and give a fresh face;
  • Yellow - hide dark circles under your eyes, hide the redness in the form of spots, and even subcutaneous bruising after small breaks capillaries;
  • Pink - This corrector give the skin a natural shade in the case of excessive paleness;
  • Green - is used to mask the red spider veins and various inflammations, sunburn unsuccessful, fresh scars and abrasions.

Besides pencils correctors, used to mask more and different gels, creams and tonal base. Our today's article is devoted to one of these useful tools - Green corrector. Let's see how it works and how to use it correctly.

 Green Concealer

How does green concealer?

Concealer comes in a tube, it is somewhat similar to the lipstick. This tool is used on all areas of the face. There are several rules for using green corrector:

  • Never apply the concealer directly from the pencil to the skin, otherwise the vehicle will be difficult to distribute;
  • Use the special brushes - they are convenient shade concealer;
  • Apply the vehicle must be driven, lightly;
  • In a rash, apply concealer dotted;
  • Green concealer is never applied to disguise the bruises under his eyes - it will give a purple hue;
  • If you use concealer against red spots, then these powder the top places - the effect will be better;
  • Please note that when applying the usual daytime makeup, after the corrector is not necessary to use loose powder;
  • But for evening make-up powder to be problem areas. Since cosmetics on her face will look more natural;
  • Keep in mind that too intensive application of green corrector c you can play a cruel joke: in artificial light face look flawless, but at the first sunlight appears effect of green (lunar) flickering light.

Most recently he appeared on the market a new product - green primer. At its core - it's the same corrector, only in a more convenient form. This tool is available in the form of a foundation, which is applied to the entire face and allows the makeup to stay for a long time.

It is not customary use corrector

Despite the fact that the green concealer used for masking redness in the face, and has an unusual method of its use. If you are prone to excessive paleness, should do the following:

  • Squeeze in a little bowl of moisturizer. It is better to take baby cream with anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Remove with a small equalizer layer and add the cream;
  • Thoroughly mix;
  • Apply on face soft massage;
  • After the application of funds, it is necessary to wait for 15-20 minutes until it is completely absorbed;
  • Moisturizer serve as a basis for make-up and concealer hides problematic pallor. Green not only put out the redness, but obviously pale bands;
  • Do not forget that requires a smooth transition from the face to the neck - can not be left clear limits applying cream or corrector. Therefore, using the tool, be sure to evenly distribute the light massage it, grabbing the neck.

Note that for the preparation of the cosmetic mixture can be used only ceramic ware. In no case do not metal! To the spatula to mix it too concerns. For no estate ceramic devices use the wood.

The green concealer manufacturers add aloe, dandelion leaves and tea tree oil. Therefore, be sure to read the composition on the tube in order to avoid allergic reactions (if you have any). If you do not already know how to use this tool, be sure to try it in my spare time. Apply concealer to different areas of the face, look at yourself in the mirror and under artificial light and in daylight. So you are sure that the tool is right for you, and avoid problems in the future.

 green concealer on face

Facial or how to rid yourself of the hassle

To not have to use correctors and painful redness and hide the slightest flaws to properly care for their skin.

  • Be sure to use only one decorative cosmetics, which does not cause you allergic reactions;
  • If you have a problem of fine blood vessels, the face wash, use only warm water - from cold or hot may appear mesh;
  • For oily skin, try to cure it - wipe your face broths or use special tools. So the appearance of red lesions will be minimized;
  • When the sensitive skin of the face can not use scrubs and peels conduct;
  • For a person with a problem, inflamed skin will be very useful consultation cosmetologist - it will help to identify problems and to appoint competent treatment;
  • Do not use a green concealer every day - at least for a weekend vacation, let your skin.
  • Do not give up on popular recipes beauty, they will help restore the skin, giving it a natural and smooth without the use of improvised means:
  • Prepare a decoction of sage and mother and stepmother (available at pharmacies), let it brew for 20 minutes. Strain and wipe your face every 30-60 minutes;
  • You can make a mask of white clay - that it is able to pull the blood vessels and reduce the risk of rupture;
  • Not bad helps honey massage - tapping fingers are able to withdraw excess toxins, cleanse the pores.

When propensity of the skin to the appearance of spider veins is not recommended to use frozen decoction of herbs. Yes, rubbing the face with ice cubes, you will add freshness to it, but at the same time provoke the emergence of other problems. Love yourself, watch your appearance. Even the most fashionable and trendy hairstyles suit will not be able to smooth out the unpleasant impression of an untidy person. Therefore, you should not only treat the problem, but also to use decorative cosmetics.

The most important thing - to choose from a good concealer, a reliable manufacturer. This will be a guarantee of quality. Be sure to work out, learn how to apply it correctly. A little patience, maximum attention and green concealer will be a real escape. For two minutes you will be able to give a person a healthy and vigorous appearance. Agree, flawless appearance, confident in its irresistibility cost more than a few minutes of work on oneself.

 Green corrector for the face - emergency assistance in any situation

 makeup for blondes with green eyes


  • The green-eyed blonde: color taboo on cosmetics
  • Basics daytime makeup
  • Club Makeover
  • How to learn to do beautiful makeup

Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Bynes, AnnaLynne McCord, Renee O'Connor - all these girls together not only to world fame and great taste, but blonde hair, green eyes and expressive facial features. These lovely ladies have become known for their talent, artistry, exquisite grace and the ability to be different. Today - sexy warrior, tomorrow - a quiet home girl. For such experiments are not necessarily constantly repaint the hair out of the closet and get the old school uniform.

The fact that high quality, professional make-up may change any of the fair sex beyond recognition, understanding, even faced with such transformations man. Cosmetics - this is the secret of successful women. Indeed, the main thing - to learn how to select a palette, do not be afraid to experiment with style, to follow the advice beauticians and study trends in the fashion world. Who knows, maybe in a few years will be considered a style icon just for you.

The green-eyed blonde: color taboo on cosmetics

Before you start applying makeup, carefully check the contents of your cosmetics. And if there is lying around the blue, blue or silver shadow, send them immediately into the trash or peredaril friends. These tones are perfect only gray-eyed beauties, but not you.

Also, contrary to popular belief, not all blondes are pink. A wrong shade can make a girl's eyelids painfully swollen, as if she had cried all night in a pillow. You should choose a warm and gentle options that enhance the beauty of your bottomless green eyes.

Blonde ladies should be careful about the eyeliner or pencil. Black elements are needed only when the woman makes smoky make-up, or tends to be like a vamp. The day and evening makeup, you can use gray and brown tones. The same applies to the carcass.

Another mistake, which often allow blonde - a combination of poisonous pink or maroon-red lipstick and dark pencil. This image looks too provocatively, plus bright the emphasis on the lips, diverts attention from the green eyes.

 Makeup for green eyes blonde

Basics daytime makeup

Classic day make-up for blondes with green eyes does not allow the use of very bright and colorful flowers. Everything must be concise and restrained, but others do not need to see a ton of powder and a kilogram of carcass Facial Beauty.

So, first she has to apply tonal basis, then powder the same color in order to fix the result. To cosmetics lay flat, rather than lumps or spots, certainly beforehand need to cleanse and moisturize the skin. This should be done at least one hour before the procedure to have time to absorb the cream. The remains are removed with a cotton swab or a dry paper towel.

Once the foundation is dry, you can begin to eye makeup. Draws the outer corners of brown pencil and lightly shaded arrows. The inside of the rolling-century paint light shadows, outer - to the tone or two darker. In this case, you should choose a peach and sand tones that emphasize your strengths and hide minor flaws. Top little stroll fluffy brush to smooth the transition. A cotton swab, wipe the eyelashes, that they are not showered remained cosmetics, and only then they can be a little touch up ink.

If you have thick eyebrows with long hairs, they should also be put in order. So, comb it with a brush, pencil or shadow tint (not black or gray), apply a fixing gel. Otherwise, one day they can become very messed a little spoil the perfect makeup. However, be careful with the amount of the retainer to the hairs do not stick together, if you're just wet them with water.

Natural blonde painted much easier, as their brows are not too different in color from the hair. Dyeing the ladies have to constantly izlovchatsya to hide his secret. If you do not have time to go to beauty salons, hairs can lighten and at home. To do this, you must purchase a special liquid and apply it two minutes on the area above the eyes (a specific time is always specified in the instructions).

Dear gel can be replaced by hydrogen peroxide, which also copes with the task. However, one should take special care that no liquid enters the eye. It washed off the usual means of tonic, and then applied to the skin or a nourishing moisturizer.

For lips, you can start at the very least. Lightly powdered skin, then apply beige, light pink or peach lipstick on top - a colorless shine. Pencil in the day make-up is acceptable, but to sum better contour thin, barely visible line.

 Makeup for green eyes for blondes

Club Makeover

Evening make-up should emphasize all the advantages of a girl who gave her nature: chiseled features, a beautiful blond curls and magical green eyes. So the fair sex is better to prefer gold or copper color, which looked favorably at the dim light. Shine needs everything: skin, lips and hair. Therefore, you should choose a shade of pearl and powder with shimmering particles.

However, be careful when choosing cosmetics such as the option look good only on the young girl with perfectly smooth skin. If you have facial wrinkles or age, better yet to make a matte makeup. For green eyes blonde make-up artists sometimes pick usual without sparkles dark shadows and flickering. This allows you to change the fit, cut, shape the century, as well as to make the look more expressive and interesting.

If you choose a bright shade of lipstick should be less visible and not attract attention. Conversely, smoky make-up just requires a Woman highlight her lips. In that case, give preference to red or burgundy color. Do not be afraid to experiment with the bright colors, because the main task - to transform from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

How to learn to do beautiful makeup

Girls should be remembered that on the face should not be more than three or four colors, otherwise it - mauvais ton (in other words - bad taste or bad taste). The fair sex who are not able to combine colors, it is best to buy a small set of well-known brand. Typically, manufacturers are placed in such a perfect mix between the boxes are variants of shadows, powder, blush and lipstick.

Decide what suits you best help a good beautician, or a seasoned shopper. You should not feel sorry for money for a visit to a professional master or purchase samples because only through trial and error, you can develop your own style.

There will also be a good idea if you sign on the make-up courses, where you will learn how to properly apply makeup, how best to allocate the eyes, lips and cheeks, interested smoky makeup and other such moments. Perhaps in the future it will not be your profession and become a hobby. But you will always be irresistible, while you do not have to keep spending money on trips to the beauty parlors. For good reason Coco Chanel claimed: "Not every woman is born beautiful, but if it does not become so by 30 years - it is quite simply stupid."

 Makeup for blondes with green eyes learn to highlight key points