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Blonde - glamorous girl. In men, they are associated with tenderness, fragility and femininity. Glamor depends on correctly applying makeup. Especially this fact concerns most important event in the life of any girl - wedding. Bridal make-up for blondes (as however, and for women with a different hair color) is very different from the evening or everyday make-up. It is these differences and we'll talk today. And also consider the types of wedding make-up, based on eye color, the overall image and, of course, the wishes of the bride.

Modern wedding - it's not just a trip to the registry office and feast. It's kind of a theatrical performance: dances, disguises and contests. The bride is always in focus, so you need to apply makeup so that he has held since leaving the house until the end of the holiday. How to do it? First, you need to use only resistant makeup. Do not skimp and buy high-quality tools, because they will depend on your mood, self-confidence and well-being.

Key Secrets wedding makeup

So, your goal - to emphasize romance, tenderness and innocence of the image, to achieve a flawless appearance. Make a make-up, ready for a passionate hugs and kisses, to change the weather. What does that require?

  • The main focus when applying makeup is made on the eyes. Properly accentuated the natural beauty of the eyes will look perfect opportunity not only for wedding photos (adjust the photos), but alive;
  • Make-up and bride must be combined with the groom's attire. All details you need to think in advance, in order to create a solid image of a loving couple - a vivid and memorable;
  • In order to be completely confident during a holiday, be trained to apply makeup in advance. Experiment with shades, see how you look in different lights: street, artificial;
  • When choosing colors necessarily listen to yourself! Tips loved ones - it's good, but also your own preferences play a large role. After all, you have to feel comfortable. By the way, the same goes for the choice of dresses;
  • On the appointed day, be sure to bring a beautician. If your dress is not provided by the presence of her purse, give it to a friend or mother. During the day, you do not have time to correct makeup. In the evening, you can make it a little brighter: change the tone of lipstick, blush to pick up the other.

 beautiful wedding makeup for blondes

Wedding make-up blonde - a perfect image

  • When choosing makeup, preferring light tones. Pay special attention to the tone cream - its composition should be easy. To remedy laid down perfectly straight, you can mix it with a moisturizer for the face. Apply concealer better cotton swab (not your fingers), moving from top to bottom;
  • To skin looked flawless pick up a good concealer that will hide all the flaws and shortcomings. Remember - the concealer brush to apply small and evenly distributed across the face;
  • The color of the powder should be ideally suited to your natural complexion. Apply the powder should be large brush made of natural hair;
  • Well-defined eyebrows can change the image beyond recognition. Treat this issue with all care. Blondes are not suitable jet black color, so Ott prefer gray or brown pencil. And do not forget to adjust the shape of the eyebrows;
  • Color may be different shades: brown, chocolate, gray, blue, or blue. It all depends on the overall image and the color of the eyes;
  • Bridal make-up for blondes should not be too bright, so from the liner can be waived. The maximum that you can afford - a thin black line, gently deposited directly on the growth of eyelashes. It should be almost invisible;
  • Bright shades shadows are applied only to the inner corner of the eye and under the brow line. Darker colors - on the outer part of the century;
  • If your eyelashes are so long and fluffy as I would like, use a curling iron;
  • Dye cilia must be strictly bottom-up. The second coat of mascara is applied as necessary;
  • Blondes are best coral or peach blush. To lay down uniform tone, apply their high-quality brush, moving from the bottom up, and focusing on the protruding part of cheekbones;
  • To lipstick lasted several hours before using it lightly powder the lips.

So, we have learned all the secrets and subtleties of wedding makeup. Now let's look at the most popular images suitable blond girls.

Makeup «hude»

This type of makeup is popular among modern brides. The secret of its simple - to look as natural as possible. In order to create an image of a porcelain doll (as it is popularly called), you'll need a minimum of cosmetics. The only disadvantage of this makeup is that it will fit only to young girls who do not have obvious flaws in the skin.

  • DISCLAIMS foundation. Just put on the face of a thin layer of moisturizer on top cover friable powder;
  • Shadows should be dry and dull. Color choose based on their preferences. But remember, no bright and flashy colors. The lighter tone is applied to all the mobile eyelid, the tone is darker - on the convex part of the century and at the outer corner of the eye;
  • Draw a line lash light brown pencil;
  • Sami eyelash extension mascara brown coat in a single layer;
  • Line highlight cheekbones blush. If the skin you have light-colored, use soft pink tone. If tanned - peach;
  • The agent for the lips should be glossy, you need to create the effect of wet lips. The best thing here is suitable soft cream lipstick.

 trendy wedding makeup for blondes

Cat's eyes

We have talked about that wedding make-up should not be provocative. However, bold and extravagant girls may not be enough of an innocent image. For them, the stylists have reserved a special make-up - passionate and languid "cat's eye." This image will not allow the groom to doubt the correctness of the choice. He will not be able to tear you to look for a second! The main condition of the cat's makeup is that all of it should go to the brightness of the eyes. Lipstick also choose natural color. So you have a bold bride? Then get ready to conquer the groom only one eye!

  • Is applied to the entire eyelid foundation, powder on top of its white matte shadows;
  • Now we draw the eye through a well-sharpened black pencil. We stretch the skin at the area and draw a clear line of growth of eyelashes;
  • In the same way, and are working with the lower part of the century, only the line should be complete - start painting from the middle;
  • Now we need to treat the eye area. Draw the arrow from the outside by folding it up;
  • Next, take the shade (blue or gray) and they blend well, starting with the inner corner of the eye - this is where the color should be very busy. The closer to the outer corner, the paler color;
  • Apply black mascara, twisting eyelashes - the image is completed.

Makeup for brown-eyed blondes

Among natural blondes hard to find a woman with brown eyes. It is difficult, but possible. Brown-eyed and fair-haired girls are so attracted to men that they can get by even without makeup. But today we are talking about the wedding, and then reset the cosmetics off, just do not have the right. So, what's the highlight of makeup for brown eyes? In the first to flatten the contrast between light and dark hair eyes.

  • Use foundation that is suitable for the color of your skin. The tool is best applied with a sponge, well feathered across his face;
  • Next we put loose powder in tone;
  • Blush use light brown or yellowish-pink;
  • Since brown eyes have a very different shades to dwell on any one color shades makes no sense. Try gray, purple, brown, blue tone. Importantly do not overdo it with the brightness;
  • Mascara is best to use a brown with extendable effect. If necessary, apply a second layer;
  • Pay special attention to the eyebrows. They should not be too bright and wide. Adjust the shape, giving them the right look with a brown pencil;
  • Lips paint pearl pink lipstick. If the skin is tanned, fit better coral or orange tone.

Having decided to make their own wedding makeup, be sure to work out. Do not wait for the big day to learn all the lessons. In this case, you have no room for error! If you have something does not work or you feel that you have picked up the wrong way, trust a professional. Yes, you have to pay, but because your peace of mind and a good mood on the wedding day is much more expensive services of a stylist!

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