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Use the arrow always been in vogue. Even in ancient Egypt, this makeup items paid a lot of attention and is often used. Remember only Cleopatra makeup which is elongated black arrows were the main focus. The beauty of the arrows is their versatility. With their help you can give as a charming almond-shaped eyes, add expressive and visually enlarge.

Makeup Arrow will never go out of fashion, because it is suitable for everybody, regardless of the shape and color of eyes or hair color. If you decide to make the arrows, remember that the types of arrows to the eye there is a huge amount. Before you begin any of the make-up, decide the shape of your eyes and pick up suitable for their arrows. We, in turn, want to help you with this, and therefore have collected all the possible types of arrows to the eye here. So go for it!

 types of arrows on the eyes

Helpful hints

  1. Owners round and big eyes can safely emphasize their beauty bright, broad arrows. Such conduct arrows just above the lash line. Begin to draw an arrow from the inner corner of the eye, bringing it up to the outer corner, while gradually expanding the arrow. The end of the arrow is necessary to round up a bit.
  2. For small or close-set eyes, the best option is not to delineate the inner corner of the eye and draw an arrow to start from the very beginning of the inside of the eye. Arrow should be as close to the lash line and at the same time it should not go beyond the edge of not more than three millimeters.

    As for the lower eyelid, the line is spend just about one third of the outer corner. Finally, be sure to carefully shade your arrows. Also, the eyes will look much more expressive if the upper eyelid, namely the inner part and on the lower eyelid eyelids light pastel tones.

  3. Far-set eyes suggest a different kind of shooter. For this type of eye contour arrow passes through the upper eyelid, while it outlines the inner and outer corners of the eyes. On the lower eyelid is necessary to carry out the arrow somewhere on the middle of the eye, ending the outer corner.

    To the eye visually looked closer, draw an arrow along the entire length of the upper eyelid, while at the inner corner of the eye to expand it, and at the outside - is shrinking.

  4. The girls, whom nature endowed with downcast eyes, the outer corner should sum up the upper eyelid, starting from the outer end, moving to the middle, while emphasizing the area. Lower eyelid should be given more attention prorisovyvaya its brighter in the inner corner.

    The best option would be to draw an arrow on the upper eyelid only the following: the arrow begins to draw close to the lashes, then gently lifts it to the outer corner of the eye.

  5. Considered the standard of beauty eye with raised outer corners in the style of Cleopatra. But not always such a pleasure to bring elation to owners, because it can make your eyes slanted. Although it is easy to adjust with the arrows. For this eyeliner emphasize the lower eyelid - from about the middle to the outer corner, and on the upper eyelid is the opposite - draw an arrow from the middle to the inner corner.
  6. Deep-set eyes or narrow successfully will look with thick shiny arrows conducted on the upper eyelid. Colors for the shooter is better to choose is not very dark, do not forget their feathered top and towards temples. In this form of the eye is definitely not let down the lower eyelid and extending the arrow departing from the corners of the eyes, it's all just visually narrows her eyes.

Having dealt with the shape of the eye and types of arrows, in more detail, let's focus on those who are definitely worth a try in his make-up. There are many ways to sum up his eyes from the "cat's eyes" before the creation of the arrows in the form of wings.

 different types of arrows for the eyes

Forms arrow to the eye

Arrows "cat's eyes"

Arrows "cat's eyes" is very popular, in fact helps to create a flirty, charming and at the same time the original image. To draw a arrow, is necessary to bring the upper eyelid, raising the line to the temple. After that fail the lower eyelid and stain circuit by connecting arrows. There are many options to help you spice up the makeup. For example, it is possible to make more acute the arrow or arrows around the main draw the another thin line of another color.

Colored arrows

Absolutely no need to use eyeliner black or brown. Experiment c color of the arrow can be purple, and green, and blue, and pink, it all depends on your preference. But if you are not sure that you will get a neat, is to start to draw a very thin black arrow, and then restore it with the color you have chosen. You can also use another trick to help emphasize the eyes: Use shadow eyeliner and mascara one color.

Liner to the middle of the eye

To give the eyes an unusual shape, draw arrows as follows: draw a line along the lower eyelid at the lash line, but only until mid-century. If you want to make the eyes more expressive, you can apply a little light shadows pearlescent shade on the inner corner of the eye. These arrows look very stylish and perfect for daytime makeup, and will serve as the winning element of the evening make-up.

Thick arrows

Do not be afraid to experiment with thick arrows, because they have their own advantages. For example, thick arrows visually give the lashes extra length and thickness. Draw it is not so easy, so you will be easier to first carry out a thin line, and then draw the line again, while making thicker arrow. This kind of arrow can draw both by means of fittings, using short or thick brush, and using the shadow. Option with shadows makes it possible to play with color, because on top of the thin line held a pencil, you spend edge applicator suitable color shade.

Egyptian eyes

Not for nothing did we mention Cleopatra, thinking of the so-called Egyptian arrows, which is not less popular than a millennium ago. Many celebrities today are using them in their scenic makeup. For example, Lady Gaga in her video for the song «Judas» chose such an unusual Egyptian arrows, which look very impressive. To create them continue the arrow on the lower eyelid, or may even lower them down, which will give your eyes originality.

Eyeliner shade

If you want to add a new touch to your make-up, the easiest way would be feathered eyeliner or pencil loop. Together with the feathering pencil, lift the arrow on the outer corner of the eye. Also for the feather can use black or dark brown shades. However, if you have a fairly large and slightly bulging eyes - black feather line liner - this is exactly what you need.

The double arrows

The double arrows are more complex to implement, but the effort expended on them are clearly the result. Thin neat double arrows, which extend from the middle of the eye to the end of the upper eyelid is often called Kitten Eye («kitty eyes"). The first step in creating these arrows will draw a line from the outer corner of the eye to the inside, while it passes close to the lashes. Bring the line before the end of the inner corner of the eye is not absolutely necessary, because the main goal - is to put the emphasis on the tip. To make makeup expressive, draw a line on the lower eyelid. Remember that the line must not be connected! The small space should be left between the top and bottom lines, as to add depth look, we will impose a lighter shade here. As you can see, it is necessary to tighten, but the result is definitely worth it.

The hands-wings

Very unusual and unique view of the shooter, you're looking girl with blue eyes - is arrow-wings. Their name is directly related to the shape, because these arrows are very similar to those disclosed wings of a bird. The main feature of these arrows is that they especially attract attention to your eyes, making them the center of the face. Drawing such arrow, make sure that the liner has to be interrupted for about one-fourth the length of the century. Also, arrows, wings can be combined with any shade of eyeliner, although the classic version will bring the inner corners of the eyes with black pencil. The hands-wings can be both thin and thick, but the second option would be to look more boldly.

Thin line

Of course, the most familiar and dear to us arrows - a thin arrow. We often use them in everyday make-up, because they make the eyes more subtle and seductive. These arrows are the most versatile, suitable for light makeup morning to work or study, or may be part of an evening make-up. To draw such arrows, begin to hold a thin line from the inner corner of the eye. Near the outer corner of the line should move smoothly up, but at the same time do not go beyond the outer corner of the eye.

Arrows in the style of Marilyn Monroe

These arrows definitely give charm and glamor, it is no wonder they loved sex symbol of the 50s of the last century - Marilyn Monroe. The creation of such arrows is no big deal. You need to hold a thin line from the middle of the century, or corner, and as a result bring a thin tail towards the end of the eyebrow. Do not forget that the direction of the arrow gets thicker eyebrows, and the tip - a bit thicker than the main line of the arrow.

Arrows in the style of Audrey Hepburn

Actress 70s of the 20th century, too, liked to use the arrows to create your unique image. She preferred a rather thick arrows, and the tips should not go beyond the border of the upper corner of the eye. Arrow spend on the inner corner of the eye a thick line and the finish is fairly short corner at the outer edge. Cleverly combine this type of shooter with other elements of makeup and feminine, gentle way to be ready.

The make-up is very important to make a focus on the person, whether the eyes or mouth. If you prefer to accentuate your eyes, at your disposal there are a lot of options. One of the most popular is to use different types of arrows to the eye. You can use various types of podvodok, combining them with shadows and eyeliner, creating all possible options - from the Egyptian eye make-up in the style of Marilyn Monroe. Explore the new, do not be afraid to dream and experiment. Good luck!

 Forms arrow to the eye. Select the appropriate