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  • Choosing the right pencil
  • How to hide the flaws with the arrows
  • Simple rules to create a perfect shooter

More Women since time immemorial use makeup to hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of his person. Archaeological excavations indicate that even primitive people painted their lips agent composition reminiscent of modern lipstick.

Special makeup gained popularity in ancient Egypt. Then the woman began to use powder-like powder to make the invisible small skin imperfections, and began to dye your hair to emphasize the eye. It is from ancient Egypt to have reached a tendency to hold the line on the edge of the eyelashes in the direction of the temple, called today a "arrow". Remember the famous beauty Cleopatra and her "cat's eyes". In the face of this last ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt invariably present direction, gives a special sexy and seductive look.

For a time the arrow was in favor with the fashionistas. Bright conclusions drawn by the eye is considered bad manners. This makeup is afforded only to the girls of easy virtue. However, recently the arrow again started to gain its former popularity. This is no accident: they are able to enhance the beauty of the eyes and, if necessary, correct their shape. Good shot, and that are suitable for both young girls and older women. In order to properly draw arrows pencil is very important to correctly select the cosmetics and to be able to use them.

For eye make-up often used eyeliner or pencil. The second option is more suitable for girls who do not yet have sufficient experience to apply make-up and just started to learn the secrets of makeup. Liner does not allow room for error. Arrows also inflicted a pencil, draw not only easier, but also correct. In addition, using the liner, it is impossible to achieve this effect is now popular as a «smokey eyes» («Smoky Eyes"), in which the arrow is drawn also feathered.

Choosing the right pencil

Selection of high quality cosmetics - is the key to beautiful and gentle makeup. Good eyeliner does not contain in its composition mineral oils and paraffin. Due to these components, it will be too soft and bold. Properly selected cosmetics should be resistant to high temperatures, in hot weather to make "does not spread." Particular attention should be paid to purchase a pencil ensure that it does not scratch the skin around the eyes, particularly when it is used on the inside of the century. High-quality cosmetics falls easily and evenly without causing any discomfort.

To test how the pencil meets all the requirements necessary to pivot on the outside of the hand. The line must be clear and continuous. In addition, this experience will determine the stability of the proposed cosmetic.

Eyeliners are different in color and texture. Every girl should have in their arsenal of different kinds of makeup. Hard pencil thin arrows easier to draw that last longer and are less amenable to the influence of moisture. For the application of the broader arrows used soft pencils. Lines, conducted them easier also feathered. A drawing arrows on the inside of the eyelid is better to use waterproof cosmetics.

Color pencil is selected in accordance with the selected image. Black and brown colors - mainly in the classic makeup for women of all ages. Blue and green color pencil more suitable to young girls to create a cheerful bright image.

Choosing the right colors affected by the color of eyes and hair, which has a girlfriend. Brunettes with fair skin is better to use a dark gray or dark brown pencil. Dark-skinned girl to face and will be black, and brown, and violet and plum, and olive tones. But the blue-eyed blonde is better to choose pencils cold shades: light gray, blue and silver. Black pencil is more popular for creating evening makeup. But the owners of light skin need to be careful with him. Bright dark arrows on their skin often look vulgar.

 how to draw an arrow in front of a pencil

How to hide the flaws with the arrows?

For girls who are fortunate enough to be born with the eyes of the correct form, you can use any eye makeup. Arrows loved by many for the fact that, if properly draw, they will not only enhance the beauty of the eyes, but also hide some flaws appearance. Small eyes will look more expressive, if you use a pencil warm pastel tones, and draw an arrow to start from the middle of the eye and lead to the temple, gradually making the line thicker.

Recommended owners of arrows and round eyes. Especially this girl will make to face with the effect of the so-called "cat's eyes", when the eye is completely encircled, and the upper hand goes up. Line drawn on the upper eyelid, and raised from the middle of the eye upward, will give an elongated almond-shaped eyes. The width of the arrow should gradually thicken. Summed so eyes look slightly slanted. Owners of small eyes so eye makeup is contraindicated.

How to paint eyes pencil arrows in the wide-set eyes? In this case, the arrow at the inner corner of the eye should be thick. Those who are concerned about the small distance between the eyes, should begin to conduct a thin line, thickening it towards the temple. Narrow eyes easy to visually "to open", having a thin line as close as possible to the edge of the lash and then shade it. To make such an arrow is not suitable eyeliner, namely pencil.

 how to draw an arrow in front of a pencil

Simple rules to create a perfect shooter

Learning how to draw arrows pencil - not an easy task, but as they say: "It's wizard is afraid." You just have to know a few simple rules.

  1. Do not paint your eye on weight. It is best to sit quietly at the table, put a mirror in front of you at eye level, and lean elbow on a hard surface, to be sure that the hand will not tremble in applying makeup. In this case should not hurry.
  2. Eyes while applying makeup does not need to be closed. They should be slightly open: so much more convenient to draw an arrow. Besides immediately clear how exactly is depicted by a line.
  3. Eyelid recommended to slightly pull up. This will make the arrow more beautiful and give it the right shape.
  4. First you need to draw a fine line, and then its width can be adjusted or feathered. Initially, a thick line is much harder to fix.
  5. Arrow should try to spend as close as possible to the edge of the lash. It is important to ensure that that does not remain painted white stripes between the line and the corner of his eye. It looks very unattractive.
  6. Among women, it is believed that the arrow is easier to draw a continuous line. It is also one of the errors when applying makeup. The arrow is drawn in two passes. Of course, the painting technique at everyone, but it is best to draw a line from the inner corner of the eye to the middle, and then from the middle to the outer corner.
  7. Drawing arrows, it is important to ensure that, to make them the same size. If the lines are uneven, they ruin the whole look. Even the most perfect eyes will appear asymmetric.
  8. To make it easier to hold a straight line, you can apply subtle pencil point at the lash line, where will take place the arrow, and then connect them below. This method of applying make-up is particularly suitable for beginners.
  9. Girls who are not fully proficient in the art of eye makeup, it is recommended practice to draw an arrow on the paper. To do this, you need a simple album sheet schematically put the image in full size eyes and learn to draw a straight line, and only then to experiment on his face.
  10. If the addition of a pencil makeup present shadow arrow is better to draw on top of them. So eyes will look more vivid and expressive.
  11. By extending the line of the arrow, it is important not to overdo it. It should not go more than 0, 5 cm from the corner of the eye. Too long arrows look not only vulgar, but funny.
  12. The line must necessarily be directed slightly upward. Otherwise eyes will look sad and tired.
  13. After the arrow marked, should carefully examine the results of their work. All errors are easily eliminated using moistened with eye make-up remover tool cotton swab or adjusted shadows dark colors.

You must know that the first time the right to draw an arrow in front of a pencil is not that at all. However, following the above recommendations, it can learn every girl. Do not be afraid to experiment. But before you make a new eye makeup, it is necessary to consider whether the type of person he is and the selected image.

Type the shooter should be selected according to the kind of event you plan to attend. Bright lines and strongly marked eye will not be appropriate during a business dinner. But for a fun party is fine make-up with long arrows. It is important to remember that very young girls and elderly women bright make-up is not recommended. In this case it is better to draw arrows using pencils warm tones and gently feathered them.

The art of being beautiful and stylish - this is a serious science, which must master each of the fair half of mankind. After all, women are by nature seductress, and the arrow on the front of it look special attraction and magnetism. So do not invest time and effort to learn how to draw a pencil in front of the arrow.

 The arrows in front of a pencil: the secrets of perfect make-up

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