how to choose the right foundation


  • When the foundation is better not to apply
  • How to choose the right foundation
  • Select foundation according to skin type

Since childhood, little girls are taught to believe that every woman should be an excellent hostess, obedient wife and wise mother. All this is certainly true, but for some reason very few people at the same time learn to dress and apply makeup. Like look good girl does not necessarily, and cosmetics - and all of the evil one. That young damsels go through the streets with painted faces and the tone cream applied to the skin like butter on bread. Meanwhile, if you are able to choose the right foundation, you can be sure that will be able to make a success because the foundation - is not just a unique opportunity to hide small defects of the skin, but also the basis of the entire image.

When the foundation is better not to apply

First of all, let's consider the cases when the use of foundation is not desirable.

  • Beauticians are advised to be careful with toners girls up to 25 years. They have the skin itself is very young and fresh, so it is not necessary to apply the tone for the person who is so shining and health.
  • Women with dilated pores concealer can be used, but with great care. Too oily texture of cosmetic products can clog pores and cause skin irritation.
  • Summer fat foundation may also do a bad service. When Tampering with makeup person at risk covered with glitter and all the beauty can "leak." What to do? Just choose the right foundation in accordance with the weather conditions. Remember that summer cosmetics to be easier.
  • Do not use concealer to women, whose face for some reason inflamed. This may be either conventional acne and various scratches and allergic reactions. When exposed to a tone means the skin can become inflamed even more, and instead of the expected worsening of the beauty you get dermatological diseases.

 how to choose the right foundation for your skin

How to choose the right foundation

If you wish to purchase foundation is not yet lost, let us learn to properly choose it. In the shop are a number of creams of all kinds of species, and sometimes very difficult to determine. Many women make the mistake of buying when the toners of the same color as their skin. As a result, a cream rather than merge with the owner of the skin together, works in exactly the opposite, and the girl's face begins to resemble a lifeless mask. To this did not happen, it is necessary to adopt a few tips:

  1. Do not try to color tone means the wrist

    Whatever was said, sales consultants, and the color of the skin of the face and hands is very different to each other, so it is best to come to the store without make-up and apply the tone for the person than to make an unsuccessful bid and then long to think about where to attach almost a new foundation.

  2. Another mistake is to consider a sample of foundation on the face under artificial lighting

    Of course, you may object and say that the conduct in office much longer than in the open air, but the street still have to go. In addition, if choose the right foundation in natural light, it is guaranteed and will look good in the light of conventional bulbs.

  3. Owners skin pink color toners encourage you to choose beige

    It balances skin tone, making it more natural. Girls with yellowish skin, on the contrary, suitable foundation pinkish hue. Only apply it is necessary to thin and carefully shade, otherwise the boundary between the face and neck will be very noticeable. Darkie should pick up powder and apricot tone beige or dark beige shades, and girls with pale skin tone cream is fine with the effect of light tan.

  4. Easy to say - "select the desired shade"

    But how to determine what kind of foundation is most suitable? Very simple. Apply to face several favorite colors toners and wait (you can during this time to look yourself mascara or lip gloss). After 5 minutes, the cream "settles" on the skin, and you will be able to objectively evaluate the results. The shade that is less visible - yours.

  5. Do not forget to check the expiration date of foundation and package integrity

    You understand that self-respecting manufacturer would not sell the vehicle without the box. Check the tube for the presence of a hologram. If the authenticity of the product is in doubt, you can ask the seller a certificate for this type of product. Once is better to be safe than for a long time to heal the skin from rashes.

  6. Price also plays a big role. Good makeup is not cheap

    Think about it: the more components in creams, the better it is. While each component of a cosmetic product is worth the money, hence it is increasing its original cost and final price. So try not to pick up foundation on the principle of "the cheaper the better."

  7. The well-known brand - also a certain guarantee of success

    It is not necessary to choose the foundation from the manufacturer, the name of which you hear the first time. Who knows, maybe their production facilities are located in the basement of a local? Of course, the bright label and the name of a famous company also does not guarantee the quality of products, but in the second case, the risk to stumble on a bad foundation much less.

 how to choose the right foundation

Select foundation according to skin type

From what else the right choice depends on the tone means? Of course, the type of skin. And be prepared for what will have to buy the cream at least twice a year, since any skin behaves completely differently in the winter and summer seasons. Frost usually dries the face, while the sun, on the contrary, makes the skin oily. Many cosmetologists even advised to abandon the use of cosmetics in the hot, as well know how a woman could look after two hours of exposure to the sun. But back to the definition and selection of the type of skin foundation.

  • Girls with dry skin should choose a product with a moisturizing effect. If the foundation is still not adhere to the face before applying makeup, use a normal day cream, let it soak, then continue to apply makeup on already prepared skin. Only this is not the right thing to do with your finger, and a sponge soaked in water.
  • Women with oily skin suit lighter tone cream without oil content. The structure is a means denser than the previous one, but special particles that make up the cream will not only hide shine, but also to absorb excess fat.
  • For those whose skin is a mixed type, will have to learn to put the right foundation. In the dry areas of the face, you must first apply a nourishing cream, and only then applied directly to the tone.
  • It is more difficult to do make-up mature women. Their skin is everything else still furrowed fine wrinkles, are not able to hide, no foundation. So be careful with cosmetics as much as possible. Its excess can hide in wrinkles and more they emphasize.

Finally I want to advise the girls first learn the sense of proportion, and only then experimenting with creams and other cosmetics. It is not necessary to impose on all shades of shadow and powder, which is only found in the purse. Otherwise, no matter how good was your foundation, to save the situation, he can not.

 Remove the "mask," or how to choose the right foundation

 the most beautiful makeup


  • What is in the modern lady purse?
  • Casual makeup or painted day
  • Do I need professional help?

Finally in vogue bright, vivid and rich hues that immediately draw attention to the good features charming girls. Lovers of red lipstick and purple shades can begin to rejoice, because in 2013 they had not been convicted of a bold and colorful make-up, in which the focus is on the eyes and lips. But in any case you need to use cosmetics properly, that the image was a concise, complete and attractive.

What is in the modern lady purse?

  • Red lipstick or awaken in male basic instinct

As you know, men like bold, attractive and creative women who know how to present themselves and know their value. Throw away all your doubts and Get a couple of lipsticks and glosses saturated colors that will add richness and lips will make any representative of the fairer sex seductive, sexy and desirable.

By the way, I have long noticed that almost all the guys first of all pay attention to the flashy, not gray and faded colors. Now I understand why they lose their heads from the ladies in the red dress. And if the girl still in high heels, with beautiful hairstyle, perfect makeup and manicured nails, the brain of even the most persistent and strong men immediately turned off.

Contrary to popular belief, this lipstick is almost everyone, regardless of age. As practice shows, this color abandoned those beauties who once tried to make up brightly, but, unfortunately, not been able to select the right shade. In fact, dark skin fit darker versions (closer to brown or purple), light - gentle and soft (slightly pink). An important role in this case is the color of hair and eyes, the expected image detail, and time of day.

  • Blush for elegant ladies

Remember once and for all, blush - one of the most important components of any makeup. Thanks to them, girls can create an image of gentle, romantic and sensual person, which helps to seduce even the most impregnable men. Plus, in our country at all times, a faint blush on her cheeks was considered a sign of excellent health Russian beauties.

Thus, this makeup should include the category of must-have every self-respecting woman (along with glitter, lipstick, tonal foundation, shadows, mascara). But the trouble is, not all the girls know how to properly use blush. In some cases, the fair sex is applied to them tons, risking to be like doll. It is especially inappropriate, if done daily makeup.

So, should first choose the right shade that will look natural on your skin. Choosing paint, consider the color of the face, tonal foundations, lipsticks, etc. Apply them to be smooth, accurate movements, moving from the center with a soft brush to the cheeks temples.

  • The cornerstone or foundation

The most beautiful makeup - is the one that hides all the flaws and emphasize the advantages. Unfortunately, on our planet are not so many lucky women whose skin is perfectly flat, smooth, flawless. If you used to do bright daytime make-up, without the foundation you just do not get along. The main thing - to choose the right tone.

  • Mascara

Even if she goes outside to take out the trash or buy bread, it is still trying to make an easy and fast, discreet makeup. Make up eyelashes, apply lipstick, emphasize the line of Provo - it is the bounden duty of every modern beauty. You never know, suddenly the corner prince on a white limousine, and it is not at the parade. In such a case, not to look pale, you should use brown or dark brown mascara for the eyes.

  • Shadows

Choosing the shade, do not forget about the color of the eyes and face shape. So, for example, blue-eyed fair sex are almost all colors, but the green-eyed gray shades did not fit. The error in the make-up can "kill" the flavor and make the image of the caller, vulgar or too faint, inconspicuous.

 how to make beautiful makeup

Casual makeup or painted day

  • Light

First of all you should take care of the right light the room in which you will do daily make-up. Girls prefer to apply makeup in the bathroom at home, very much at risk as a dim light does not give an opportunity to see some defects makeup. Unfortunately, the smallest flaw in the street will be very noticeable. It is important that light be uniform and bright, and falling from one side. Otherwise, apply the correct powder and blush you just will not succeed.

  • The combination of tones

You have a small slit eyes and a big nose? The right makeup will quickly make the correct shape and facial features softer. Remember once and for all, bright eye shadow, blush, powder and tonal foundations visually enhance and expand, and the dark very much reduced.

Professional makeup artists use this technique when you want to apply make-up models or actors. So, for example, to make such a wide nose, his wings should be applied darker tone basis, and to reduce the length - at the tip to impose a lighter.

Emblazoned on the job or for a walk with friends: do daily makeup

First, you need to clean and moisturize the skin to cosmetics more even fell on his face. It's enough to wash using a lotion or milk, then apply the day cream. In winter, it should be done at least one hour before leaving the house, that all has managed to absorb.

The next step - applying foundation. To begin, remove with a dry cloth or cotton swab remnants of the cream from the face, then use a special brush or Sponge spread evenly foundation and powder. If the chin or cheek, popped a pimple, it is better to make a point camouflage pencil.

Once the foundation is dry, you can begin to eye makeup. The first step is to set priorities. For work accepted to do a neutral, soft make-up with shadows pastel tones. In a cafe or for a shopping trip, you can choose brighter, more saturated colors, that can be used to emphasize its advantages.

  • Natural beauty

In the inner corners of the eyes, apply a light shade of beige or peach in the middle, from the outside - darker. Then blend it all fluffy brush to make the transition is smooth rather than abrupt and rude. To highlight the brow line and visually raise them, take a couple of strokes shadows pale shades. Comb your eyebrow special brush, and then touch up a pencil and draw a fixing gel to the day they are not undone.

If you want to spend at home as little time on makeup, then you should make a permanent makeup professional paint and paint eyelashes in specialized beauty salons. Through this procedure, you will look beautiful even on the beach, in the bath, the swimming pool, which with painted eyes, do not go. By the way, the black color is to choose only dark-haired and tanned girls. Light Brown, red and blonde better to make thin brown eyebrows.

  • Smoky makeup

In recent years, the fair sex preference for the so-called smoky makeup that suits the girls with any facial features. First follows the contour of the eye gently to hold a black pencil. And if in the inner parts of the line should be fine, then to the edge of it should be made slightly thicker.

Now make a second line on the movable century, dark shadows (black, blue, brown). The remaining space and the area under the eyebrows paint lighter shades (beige, gray), then blend. If the make-up came too dark, walk on top of a clean brush, which must be soft.

The final stage of eye makeup - mascara application. Swabs should be done smooth, neat and easy movements. And do not forget to remove using cotton swabs remnants of shadows. Otherwise, it makes up properly and uniformly fail. It is unlikely that you would like to walk with matted eyelashes, which is huge lumps of carcasses.

Now you can proceed to the final stage of any make-up - for the application of lipstick. To date, the most sexual part of a person considered lips, therefore, contrary to popular belief, they also should be emphasized. The main thing is not to overdo it with the brightness and to choose the right shade.

Apply a small amount of lip powder to lipstick to stay as long as possible, and move slightly above the contour pencil. Draw a line should be shaded with a sponge so that it was not too obvious and visible. Those who do not want to mess with this, it is better to make a tattoo. By this procedure, the resort is also the ladies who have abnormal facial features (for example, the right corner of a little less than the left, and so on).

After work on the loop is complete, you can paint the lips. Make it better special brush, or you can climb out of, and smeared lipstick looks ugly and vulgar. As for colors, there is a start of the image as a whole. If eye makeup you prefer bright colors and bedding, then better to choose low-key tones. By the way, ladies with thin lips should opt for pearlescent, as they will visually enlarge.

Have you noticed that lipstick, after half an hour after application, rolled into lumps? That she was lying flat, the lips should be soft and smooth. To do this once a week to do a hydrating mask and use a special scrub that cleanse the skin from dead cells. Also, in the winter cold and summer heat does not go out without first having made up at least the usual hygienic lipstick.

 how to make the most beautiful makeup

Do I need professional help?

To learn how to do make-up day, consult a beautician. The specialist will show in practice how to quickly apply foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, how to choose the tone to your eyes, and tell me, from what it's worth in your case to refuse.

At home, after visiting the beauty salon, try to make just a few options that you taught makeup artist. Do not despair if the first time you could not make the right make-up. A little patience, experimentation - and you will be guaranteed success.

And finally, remember that day make a beautiful make-up with the help of cheap and low-quality products will not be able even artists. Therefore, choose a really good makeup and always check its expiration date. You should not regret the way the carcass, which is two or three months ago was worth to throw, because its use is very dangerous for your eyes.

 The most beautiful make-up: Red is in fashion again