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  • Pencil or liquid eyeliner: what to choose?
  • Learn to draw arrows liquid eyeliner
  • Liquid eyeliner: six basic secrets of perfect make-up
  • The most common mistakes when using eyeliner

Beautiful and elegant arrows make the eyes of the fair sex more expressive, with some subtleties of professional make-up may eliminate certain defects. The only caveat is that not all women know how to use eyeliner. But not necessarily make-up artists attend courses to learn how to deal with cosmetics, it is enough to sit in front of a mirror and a little practice.

Pencil or liquid eyeliner: what to choose?

Today, there are quite a number of different means by which to make the arrows (gel, creamy, markers). But the most popular and in demand are still liquid liner and pencil. They can be completely different color, composition, quality, so the choice of an appropriate option should be treated responsibly.

One of the most important parameter in this case is water resistant to cosmetics not flowed at the most inopportune moment. Remove this makeup should be using special creams and wipes, as they are perfectly clean and do not cause allergies.

The advantage of liquid eyeliner is that it lies evenly without smearing, and its color is much richer and brighter. The only negative - a small palette. But to compensate for this by using shadows. Moreover, each year manufacturers produce more and more colors and shades. If you prefer to pencil it in the first place, pay attention to the hardness. The softer it is, the easier it is to draw the arrow, and the faster they wear out. Solid is kept much longer, and the line turns out more rough and clear. They should be used carefully to avoid damage to the eyelid or the more eyes.

 how to use eyeliner

Learn to draw arrows liquid eyeliner

In fact, about how to use eyeliner, you do not tell no one master, as everyone has their own technique, worked out over the years. The only thing you should not do the curved lines on the floor face, because it looks vulgar and ugly, and not have to rush to the fluid does not come under the eyelids.

The first step is to prepare the face for makeup, focusing on the eyes. Deal with delicate skin nourishing cream, then apply a tonal basis. Sit near a large mirror, you do not have to constantly bend over to him, leaning on the dressing table, cover your eyes and gently pull the eyelid index finger to the side. Put down a small point, denoting future line and slowly (strokes can) start drawing an arrow. Later you will learn how to do it at a time.

  • Increase small eyes

In this case, the fair sex is not necessary to fully delineate the outline of the eye liquid liner, as this will only reduce the size of the visual. Draw arrows must be only in the middle of the upper eyelid, while in the outer corner of the line should go up slightly. Below you can make a few strokes of shades that will lift the look.

  • Extendible round eyes

Note that the line in the corners of the upper eyelid is drawn a little wider than the middle, thereby taking almond eyes and not a rounded shape. At the bottom should be limited to a thin outline. To make up looked neat and restrained themselves arrows must not extend beyond five millimeters.

  • Summing deep-set eyes

Girls with this type of appearance is much more difficult to make a beautiful makeup, since due to such a cut eye shadow usually roll down and erased. They are encouraged to draw on the movable century thin line, which should start in the middle, but closer to the corner of the circuit should expand. The very thick arrow is drawn, it is directed to his temples.

  • Rounding narrow eyes

To narrow eyes were like slits, and seemed large and a little round arrow liquid eyeliner should only draw on a movable century, not getting out of corners. And another very important point - the center of the line should be slightly thicker.

 how to use a liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner: six basic secrets of perfect make-up

  • The thickness of the brush

The most important thing - it is a brush (its size and hardness). If you want to make subtle line, it should be small and hard, but the lovers of the big arrows should buy long and thick. By the way, if you are a novice in this business and have never used eyeliner, try a brush-arrow marker. But with thin brushes are not necessary to experiment, as you work with them can hardly. Most often they are used for professional makeup artists makeup.

You have opened a vial and found that a fluffy brush and bent, and the seller assures you that over time it will get the desired shape? Remember once and for all - it is a fake or low-quality or a normal marriage, so do not waste time on such products.

  • The base liner

The most resistant eyeliner is alcohol-based, such cosmetics will not flow during the hot summer day, and the rain does not spoil. Plain water, unfortunately, can not withstand moisture and high temperatures. Most often, it attracts customers to its relatively low cost and colorful packaging.

  • Times of Day

It is important to know what you usually use eyeliner - glossy or matte. The first is to choose for evening make-up, so that even in a dark room of your bottomless eyes attracted the eyes of others. The second is only valid for daytime make-apa.

  • Colour

Beauties who have never painted a liquid eyeliner, is to try and zemlyanistye brown color. In this case, small mistakes are hardly visible, and the curve of the arrow, you can fix using shadows, powder or foundation.

In after hours, you can choose any colors and shades that will allow you to emphasize your eyes. Green and blue, plum and white will give your image of lightness, naive and romantic. The main thing that eyeliner in harmony with your clothes and makeup.

  • Application Technique

Pre-advised to try to draw a line on a sheet of paper or on the palm. So you learn to control brush, and will know how much ink should remain on it. Movement should be light and smooth, not broken, otherwise the skin will remain black stains and spots.

  • Touch up makeup

Use eyeliner advisable only if you are sure that it either will not flow, or you will be able to wipe it gently. Therefore, in your purse should always be wet wipes, eyeliner and shadow in the same color that you used for make-up.

First, gently wipe off the line, apply a small amount of powder, and then paint on the arrow. To make-up was harmonious, then did the same with the second eye. The upper eyelid is required to tint shadows, bottom - erase a cotton swab to remove the crumbling remnants.

The most common mistakes when using eyeliner

Women rarely think about how they paint, what colors are used as makeup is applied, whereby instead of a beautiful and cute little face turns scary clown mask. So, for example, it is inappropriate to use in normal everyday wear make-up of bright, flashy colors. The operation should only draw black, brown or gray arrows.

Look ugly eyes, the contour of which is outlined in a thick line. Inner corners to emphasize is only a certain category of women with the right cut and fit. The fact that potekshaya cosmetics can clog the tear glands, which leads to inflammation and quite painful sensations. In any case, after applying eyeliner wait thirty seconds that it has had time to fully dry.

If you follow all the safety rules will not use low-quality products and learn how to apply nice and neat arrows on the eye, the attention of men will be provided to you. No wonder Cleopatra is so popular among the high and noble ladies.

 How to use eyeliner right?

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 how to paint eyes eyeliner


  • A brief excursion into the world podvodok
  • Little secrets of preparation for eye makeup
  • How to paint eyes eyeliner
  • How to paint eyes eyeliner - soft-tip pen
  • How to paint eyes eyeliner - pencil
  • Little Secrets correct eyeliner
  • Features selection of colors for the eyeliner

At all times, women have always worried about how to properly paint eyes eyeliner, emphasizing their beauty and irresistibility. In the course were different means at hand: starting with malachite paste the ancient Egyptian, ending the coals in Russia. Thanks to the modern beauty industry now have an arsenal to highlight the attractiveness of their eyes and a lot of articles about how to paint eyes eyeliner. But if you look around, it turns out that many of the fair sex the wrong makeup emphasize only their weaknesses or completely spoil the wonderful original external data.

This article will reveal the secrets of how to paint eyes eyeliner. And quite a bit of practice, you can easily add their own image of sexuality and spice by drawing the right arrow and beautiful eyes. They will make your face expressive and sensual. To do this, just the right kind eyeliner and skillful hands.

A brief excursion into the world podvodok

The stores of cosmetics - a dime a dozen, it is easy to get confused. On the shelves adorn hard and soft pencils, creamy and liquid liner, eyeliner-markers, shadows. In short, everything your heart desires. But if you want to look stunning, you only need a liquid eyeliner. Eyes that are made up using it, making the image of restrained sexual and unforgettable.

Liquid eyeliner pencil different from the resistance and more intense color. An important part of any eyeliner - brush. It may be in the form of a tip, like a pen, or a short (1 cm) of the small brushes. It is believed that the first option is most suitable for beginners to master liquid eyeliner, because with the help of eyeliner - pen easier to hold the line. A brush - is hand "sharks" drawing arrows. The same applies to a creamy liner. It is used to draw arrows on the eyes, or professionals, or make-up friend.

The advantage of eyeliner-pen is that it does not require a separate dosing brush, so makeup done faster. With this type of liner you can create a natural eye makeup in seconds. But there is a drawback: eyeliner-pen dries quickly in a tube.

Little secrets of preparation for eye makeup

For 10 minutes before laying makeup put on the skin around the eye moisturizer. This is necessary in order to make-up went smoothly and does not dry the skin. In addition, training helps creamy makeup last longer and be saturated.

Next you need to hide the circles under his eyes. At the same time be sure to apply concealer on the eyelid itself - this will enable shadows and eyeliner last longer and give a uniform shade century. As a masking agent is recommended to use concealer.

Although it is similar to the effect of foundation, but in texture - a much softer and smoother skin, so perfect for the skin around the eyes. It is also a good tool moisturizes the skin. Usually choosing a concealer one tone lighter than his usual tone funds. By type of concealers come in the form of a pencil with a brush on the end. The latter option is more gently applied and stretches the skin. After this training we begin to paint the eyes.

 how to paint eyes eyeliner

How to paint eyes eyeliner

Professional makeup artists offer to train newcomers in hand prorisovyvanii arrow on paper. To do this you need to draw the eye (and preferably the actual value) and train in drawing the arrows on them.

The question "how to paint eyes eyeliner" There are different answers: you can start and from the middle, and the inner corner of the eye. You can also first place points at the lash line of the upper eyelid, and then connecting them with a smooth line. The preferred draw arrows, when there is a mirror, and the elbow rests on the table surface. It was only later, already get the hand, will draw in any position and in any light. Start drawing a fine line, it is easier than the broad strokes, correct. Try to carry out the contour as close as possible to the edge of the lash - it visually to make them as thick and fluffy.

Before you make up your eyes, make sure that there are no lumps or brush excess paint. Eye, which draws a line, it is better to keep the half-open (it is better visible possible flaws). The tips of the arrows should be directed upwards (otherwise your eyes will look sadly omitted). The ideal situation is considered to be kind, when the tip of each arrow is an extension of the lower eyelashes and lifted up. Inviolable rule: contour on the outer corner of the eye to be wider than the inner.

Disadvantages of liquid eyeliner: not just dries up, especially if you have caused a thick layer, and can be imprinted on the century. Pluses: resistance drawn line and its clarity.

Whereas it is necessary to make some effort and take the time to master the art of applying liquid eyeliner (and few have enough patience for it), often beautiful half of humanity uses eyeliner pen-and-pencil eyeliner. Their features and we'll talk further.

How to paint eyes eyeliner - soft-tip pen

It is also called a felt liner. It combines features of a pencil and liquid eyeliner. It is easy and convenient to make up the eyes, even in the absence of a sufficient amount of time. The circuit obtained a clear, thin, translucent, almost natural. But in order to use this type of liner is necessary to observe a certain technique:

  • first century to identify a thin pencil line;
  • then carry on the marked line eyeliner-marker.

Eyeliner pen-suited when you want to gently touch up or apply makeup, and when there is no time on the detailed drawing.

How to paint eyes eyeliner - pencil

This type of liner is loved by many women and girls due to the fact that for him the necessary minimum skills. Pencil eyeliner creates a soft, slightly smoky line. It is ideal for daytime makeup. The sharper sharpened pencil - better get a line. There are pencils that do not require sharpening. They create a thick line with blurred boundaries, gives the eye mystery. It is best combined with eyeliner pencil shadows.

In order to properly and carefully make up eye pencil, cover the eye and gently pull the upper eyelid to the temple. So you can draw a straight line simply and quickly. To this eyeliner longer and better kept, cover eyelid mineral powder. You can draw the eye using small strokes in the direction from the inner to the outer edge of the century. And remember the cardinal rule: Keep a pencil close to the lash line.

 how to make up eye liner

Little Secrets correct eyeliner

  1. Black eyeliner has the ability to reduce the eye, so the smaller the size of the eye - the thin line of eyeliner should be. If you have very small eyes - replace the classic black eyeliner pencil to the silver or golden color (so you will visually enlarge the eyes).
  2. With round eyes bulging contraindicated thin line of eyeliner. Here fit pencil traced the broad arrow. They can be shaded, thus obtaining a smoky effect.
  3. According to stylists, to create retro looks with cherry and red lipstick are best classical thin black arrows on eyes. And with light and neutral shades of lipstick or gloss look good broad arrows.
  4. To visually increase the need to start drawing the eye liner somewhere in the middle of the century, and then bring it to the outer edge of the eye and to put forward for the corner. If you wish, you can draw a small inverted comma at the end of the arrow. This will give the "flavor" to your look.
  5. Another way to increase the eye - drawing two arrows. One carried on the lower eyelid, and the second - at the top, and output up.
  6. To highlight the expressive and sensual eyes, you can use the inner liner, prorisovyvaya loop on the inside of the century. The wire thin line kayalom (special soft pencil). It does not irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes and from there slowly washed away, ensuring the safety and durability of the makeup.
  7. If you want to make a natural, discreet make-up - use brown eyeliner.
  8. If you need a rigorous makeup - eyeliner is to use dark blue hue.

Features selection of colors for the eyeliner

It should be taken into consideration when choosing a type of appearance to the eye contour. Owners of light skin more suitable liquid eyeliner light brown and blue colors. Brunettes benefit from the use of reddish-brown and black liquid eyeliner.

When choosing a color, consider the color of the arrows of his eyes. When green eyes is best to use eyeliner or marsh emerald color. When brown - try to draw a plum-colored arrows. Sisyrinchium and Seroglazka suit celadon.

Few women know how to paint beautiful eye liner or drawn only a few strokes. A pity, because this kind of art highlights the eye, attracting men's glances, the mourners followed. Beautifully-up eyes like diamonds, bright, shimmering and inviting. Such eyes etched in my memory for a long time.

 How to paint eyes eyeliner: Tips and Secrets

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