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Wavy hair - the dream of many women, and if you would like to become the owner of curly locks, then you are certainly not alone in their desires. Lush wavy curls never go out of fashion because they look very beautiful and incredibly sexy. But do not envy the owners of natural curls, wavy hair done because no longer a problem. Moreover, the methods of curling in our time there very much.

To become wavy hair, change their structure by means of exposure to chemicals, heat or drying, as it something nakrucheny. You can visit the hairdressing salon, where you will make a long-term perm or laying on curlers. This will give you guaranteed quality results, because your hair will pro. But if you do not want to expose their hair to chemical agents or hot air, you can achieve the effect of wavy hair at home - alone or with the help of, for example, a friend. Among other things, it does help you to save and money!

How to make your own hair wavy

We can offer you some simple ways in which you can make beautiful waves on your hair. And we start, perhaps, with the oldest methods.

On cloth

Even our great-grandmother made myself curls this way - it was called "to wind the hair on curlers." It is necessary to take small strips of cloth, and in the middle of their length cheat "the roll" of the paper. Paper will be the basis on which the need to wind the hair. Moreover, the hair should be moist enough.

Better to start from the bottom strand. Lift the hair up and popliteus them. From the bottom of the hair strand separate and wind it on a paper roll. When the hair is nakrucheny, take the tips of cloth that hang on the sides of stranded strands and tie them node bonding stranded hair. Do this until all screw the locks.

If you want a larger curls, then twist the strands of hair volume. If you want to get more small curls, the strands should be thin and they can cheat directly to the cloth, not paper. Keep the hair on the curlers should be no less than five hours, so they cheat a manner best for the night. Screw the hair on the cloth, and in the morning to unleash them - quite hard work, but the result will please you very much. Wavy hair stranded so quite a long time to unwind and curls keep their shape even at high humidity (eg, rain).

 how to make the hair wavy


It is also quite old method. Wash your head, then let his hair a little dry. Separate a section of fingers twist of hair ring. Then our grandmother's hair ring bonded by the same cloth. We can offer to fix her hair with small zakolok- "crabs." In this manner the air has more access to the hair, and evaporates moisture from them more quickly. Once hair is dry, remove the cloth or pins and gently comb the curls. To make them last longer, the hair is sprinkled with lacquer. And you can use the hair styling before you start spinning strands.

With the help of mousse

You can quickly achieve a slight wave, using only a towel and a hair styling mousse. All you have to do - is to dry thoroughly after washing the hair with a towel and then apply them hair styling mousse. Then you drop your head down to your hair hang freely, and begin to compress the hair in his hands, crushing each strand from the bottom up. Strive to lay the hair in this free wave.

You can help yourself a little podsushivaya hair dryer, installing a small air pressure. Continue to rumple her hair until they are completely dry. Curls in a way you certainly do not, but the hair will look very lush and will be based on a light wave.

On curlers

On curlers woman wind hair for a long time, but right now there is a huge variety of different forms and types of these devices for curling hair. This plastic hair curlers, and hair curlers from foam rubber, Velcro, electrical, paraffin ... They come in different sizes - small or large curls. Typically, the small diameter rollers are used for shorter hair, and larger diameter rollers - for long hair. In the cold wind the wet hair curlers and hyping them until they are completely dry. And on hot rollers (for example, electric or paraffin) need to wind dry hair. In this case, the curlers are removed only after they have cooled off.

For curling

Do you know how to do wavy hair using curling irons? Let's start with the fact that the curling iron is necessary to choose the right. If you - the owner of long hair, then you need to purchase a curling iron, which has a longer barrel. Shorter hair can be successfully screwed conventional forceps. Here's how to proceed:

  • Washed dry the hair dryer or let it dry naturally. If you want to protect your hair against heat during the wrap on the hot tongs, put locks on special protective spray.
  • Divide dried hair into three or four parts, secure them with rubber bands or fasteners. This will simplify the process of curling, so how to remove the strands will not disturb you. In addition, so you're sure to screw the whole hair, not missing a single strand.
  • Grab one small section, wrap it around the barrel curling. After securing the lock clamp pliers, hold it in this position ten - fifteen seconds, the hair properly warmed and fixed form.
  • Each curled a lock pin up pins, so it does not remain hanging until you scroll the other strands, or curl is not how to keep in shape.
  • Proceed to curl all the hair as you will not all strands are wound.
  • When the curls cool, remove all pins and sprinkle your favorite hair lacquer, which will extend the life of your curls.

 how to make wavy hair at home

Another original and convenient way via the nose

It sometimes happens that a woman is absolutely no time to fiddle with hair curlers, hair curlers and curling irons, and look good all the same like. For example, if you are a young mom with long hair - it takes its youth, want to look attractive, but concerns about the child take all your time. And of course, your long hair are at the end of the list of necessary cases and worries.

Then you should definitely try this method - perm hair without using any improvised means, except ... a sock! Read the description of this method, you can treat it with a grain of salt - whether the hair is held firmly with the toe and whether it will give the desired effect? But - let's take first things first! Here are step by step instructions how to make wavy hair with the help of the sock:

  • The first thing you should do is to "borrow" her husband one sock. Better to take a subtle, but can be longer copy. Cut off the toe Mysik, then roll towards the gum "donut" of the resulting fabric tube. Done! We can guarantee that from now on it will be the hairdresser's your favorite "tool"!
  • The next step - gather dry hair in a high ponytail. Place the tail so high at the back, as soon as you come out - even at the very top. Secure the tail as usual - scrunchy.
  • Now sprinkle water from the tail hair. It is not necessary to wet them too much, otherwise the hair will not dry out overnight. Rather, the hair should be slightly moist. (Curling the hair in this manner several times, you will be able to determine the optimum for your hair moisture).
  • Take toe "bagel" and insert the tip of his tail through its internal bore. Move the roller sock just below the end of the hair. Then the hair evenly on the "bagel", tucking the ends of the hair under it. Begin dimmed in the "donut" hair, moving toward the top of the tail.
  • Welling hair to toe, until you reach the base of the tail. Try to keep your hair vertically so they clocked in the "donut" evenly.
  • When you are done, you will be on your head pretty "bagel", only this time from the hair. There is no need to fix it with something, it will hold well, even at night. Most interesting is that you have already received quite a beautiful hairdo!
  • Now go to sleep with anticipation of what beautiful hair you will be tomorrow. On the morning of deploying "donut" of hair, and - ta-da! You have to mop head beautiful soft curls! Your hair will look great, and they waved for a long time.

Perhaps this method is the most convenient, because:

  • To wind the hair on the "bagel", you will need less than a minute;
  • Do not act on your hair heat (hair dryer or curling irons) that violates the structure of the hair and significantly dehydrate them;
  • For most types of hair does not require applying any styling products;
  • Sleeping with the "bagel" is a very comfortable, which is not the curlers and even hair curlers;
  • Hair after winding look just fine, as if you were in the hands of the hairdresser.

As you can see, methods of hair curler is really a lot like the old, invented by our great-grandmothers, and new ones have appeared recently. Try it, choose the most suitable way. But perhaps you yourself come up with something new that will appeal to many and start transmitted from mouth to mouth and from generation to generation. It is not the gods of the pots in the end!

 How to make your own curly hair

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