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Do you know what each other brings together women of different generations? Discontent own appearance. Blondes, brunettes, young and not so - all want to look different than they look. That is why the company producing cosmetics and hair dyes are flourishing, and the poor husbands do not always recognize the woman opened the door. I must admit that in the 21st century experiment with their own appearance become safer. New tools for removing make-up care for the skin and hair color without ammonia allows you to keep a thick head of hair, even after frequent changes of image.

How? You have not heard about such innovations and continue to change the hair color with the help of aggressive dyes? Then let me tell you about the miracle of the cosmetics industry in more detail. Modern hair dyes without ammonia kill two birds with one stone: they help to achieve rich color and at the same time take care of the hair. To enjoy the benefits of these dyes, it is necessary first of all to understand what kind of damage inflicted hair a familiar ammonia.

We'll know in the face of the enemy

The compound of nitrogen and hydrogen (namely, the formula corresponds to ammonia) is added to the hair dye is not accidental. Its role is to provide color stability. That ammonia causes the dye to penetrate deep into the hair structure and permanently secured there. However, the aggressive substance brings so much harm and so destroys the hair, often after staining with strong women notice hair loss. After frequent interventions pillar structure of the hair is destroyed, and the hair becomes thin and weakened. Do you agree that this is too high a price for the right to change the image?

We should also mention the so-called creative duo - a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Many believe that these two agents perform one action. This is not true. Hydrogen peroxide - is an oxidizing agent that destroys the natural color pigment, allowing to achieve maximum clarification and subsequently change hair color to absolutely anyone, which enables modern palette. That is, peroxide hair prepares to staining and color change occurs precisely because of the ammonia. He concludes initiated with hydrogen peroxide.

 hair dye without ammonia

  Ammonia-free color - solid advantages

Time passed, and the producers have thought of creating a paint that would not cause so much damage to the hair. Ammonia-free color already existed, but it was not sufficiently stable and performed tinting rather than coloring role. That is, women had to repeat the procedure a few weeks after staining. Such means often used by elderly women for toning gray hair. Now the question was about the improvement of existing technologies.

Especially the issue of creating a new generation of paint puzzled company Schwarzkopf. The firm, which for decades produced a professional paint for lightening and toning realize how harmful such products for the clients hair. And we can say that the first gentle and stable at the same time there was a hair dye, not without the participation of scientists of Schwarzkopf. At least, this is the company one of the first to launch on the market a new generation of cosmetic cream color without ammonia. And it was the first Schwarzkopf proved that such paint is distinguished not only a rich palette, but also the extraordinary stability of color.

Good hair dye without ammonia has another advantage over the old type dyes. It smells good. The secret of the new advantages lies in the same exclusion from the ammonia. It is this substance gave the paint odor. Now, when stained barber shop customer can inhale pleasant fragrances fragrances. This quality is appreciated by those women who still remember the acrid smell of hydrogen peroxide in hair salons. He remained on the hair even after the procedure of clarification. What can I say! Hydrogen peroxide entire bathroom smelled every time a woman decides to wash her hair. Add to that the full extent of the damage, which was prepared after the procedure, the hair lightening and rejoice that you are living in the 21st century.

Incidentally, ammonia-free color perfect for hair coloring in pregnant women. Expectant mothers can be absolutely sure about the baby's health. Absence in the dye ammonia reduces harmful dyes to zero, and the joy of a new hair color - to the maximum. You can also give the packaging paint her mother or grandmother. After bezammiachnoy cream completely fills the gray hair and makes gray hair silky and soft. Proof paint keeps hair healthy, preventing them from drying out, leading to brittleness and excision, and is capable of profound positive impact on the internal structure of the hair. Staining of the paint - is both cosmetic and medical procedure.

This coloring process is so simple that it will cope with even a child (agree that the cream is much easier to use than gidroperita compressed tablets and bottles of peroxide). In addition, proof paint helps to maximize the preservation of the structure of hair. It makes the color of the hairstyles are very bright and saturated strands and turns into a radiant, brilliant splendor.

Result staining

You agree that the process of staining is not as important as the result, which can be achieved by coloring agents. For the sake of you staged a kind of casting among modern hair dyes, asked her friends, some paint, in their opinion, better stain strands. And then there are women a kind of ritual. They must touch the hair of her friend, who had just changed the color of hair. It is believed that good coloring cream leaves the hair soft and silky, and aggressive dyes turning them into a kind of straw.

As for the paint without ammonia, it provides a completely gentle staining. In addition, coloring cream gives a very stable result, even gray hair, making repeated hair coloring can be made much less than with conventional staining inks. It also protects the hair from the negative impact of excess dye, and they remain natural and flexible. You can disguise evening in a fatal blonde, to undergo casting for the lead role in the series, and in the morning to change the color to the red-haired beauty, as like your favorite person. It is not known, you will pass the audition or not, but your hair is guaranteed to withstand the load abrupt change immidzh.

No less important role played by shades that gives hair a hair dye. It is worth noting Schwarzkopf products, which are extremely rich palette. But remember, before you drastically change the color of the hair, you should consult with a hairdresser. A better - enroll in a beauty salon and trust their hair professional. As the cream of home coloring is very different from professional dyes without ammonia.

 Best hair color without ammonia

  The benefits of professional paint without ammonia

By the way, this question deserves special attention. Many women wonder: why hairdressers hair color is a more uniform and stable than at home painting? It's all in the paint, but not that from one hand grow. The fact that the producers (and Schwarzkopf among them) are trying to simplify the procedure for staining for those who change hair color at home. You can choose the best paint (according to the omniscient advertising), the name of which will result in awe girlfriends, spend a lot of money, but did not get the proper result.

Just a professional hair dye (which are used in beauty salons) have a very different composition than dyes that orderly adorn the shelves of supermarkets. Even the consistency professional series is different from home. This is not the usual cream for all of us, and a complex combination of oxidants, dyes and stabilizers, which determines the proportion of the hairdresser. So do not try to repeat the result of their own, which is seen from a friend, but rather join a beauty salon where a professional will help you choose the right shade, tells the latest trends in the fashion world and to determine the type of hairstyles that will suit you.

It remains to sum up our little survey about hair dyes without ammonia. In our opinion, modern manufacturers has done its job, and now all women can change the hair color as often as they would like. So feel free to experiment with their looks, not afraid to spoil hair and wondering what hair color is the best today. The answer is obvious. Just do not forget that the individual is born from within. And if you can not boast of a rich inner world, a new hairstyle will not help you become a truly beautiful.

 Hair dye without ammonia: the careful painting and lighting

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