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  • Hot extensions
  • Cold extensions
  • Tape capacity
  • Caring for hair extensions of any type

The natural beauty of every woman certainly deserves attention. Each of the ladies in his own irresistible. And the statement that there are no ugly women, it is difficult not to agree. However, to find a girl that neither wanted to be the more attractive it is almost impossible, even if the nature and gave her full. We all know that there is no limit to perfection.

It is known that hair is one of the main decorations of women. And if earlier, to achieve flawless hairstyles, women resorted to various unsafe procedures, chemical perms, for example, now everything has changed. Get smart curls possible without causing almost no damage to the hair. Secure hair extensions has become the salvation for many women. And most importantly, this procedure is available to all the ladies who want to have a perfect hairstyle.

Today, there are several methods of hair extensions. You just should walk to the nearest beauty salon, where the master detail will paint all the details and advise what kind of building is best suited to your hair type and face. The only common rule for all - for the successful extension of your hair should have a length of five to fifteen centimeters.

Hot extensions

The basis of this type are of Italian descent. The technology is called EURO CO SAP. And it is probably the most harmless extension procedure. Here, the master uses already prepared in advance of natural hair strands that are attached with keratin and special termoschiptsov. Creatine - a type of resin made from natural ingredients. To connect scalable strand of your hair, the master heats it puts in the right place and connects the forceps.

Lasts hot capacity for about four hours. After him you within three to five months will be able to amaze everyone around her flawless hair. When the time hair extensions removed without any problems for your own curls. If you want to increase hair again, it will be necessary to apply to the master, which will make any correction or re-perform the procedure.

 safe hair extensions

Cold extensions

The best-known method of cold type - build on the metal clips. This technology has come to us from Japan. For procedures may be applied, both natural and artificial hair strands, which if necessary can be used again. The downside of this type of building is that people with thin hair and brittle, it is strictly forbidden.

The procedure is performed by means of special clips made of copper or aluminum. With their help, the strands are attached to the hair. Lasts cold build three to five hours. It all depends on the length of your hair and the amount of accrued strands. After about four months it will be necessary to make a correction or remove clips - to unclench them with pliers and pull hair.

Tape capacity

The most popular extensions - tape, as this procedure is combined the advantages of the other two types described above. Capacity using tapes - safe and fast way. Procedure lasts only one to two hours, after which you will become the owner of a chic hairstyle.

Hair extensions of this technology does not involve any chemical or thermal treatment. A tape on which strands are placed, it is not visible, because it is very thin, flexible and transparent. For tape procedure uses only natural, high-quality processed hair. Tapes with the hair strands are attached to them in the direction of growth. It should be noted that this procedure, unlike the others, is ideal for women with brittle hair.

The advantages of this type of building lot:

  • Due to its ductility belt locks are not confused.
  • Easy extensions tape does not create discomfort during sleep and wash it.
  • Fixing tapes fairly strong, which prevents them from sliding.
  • The boundary between his and the hair extensions is not noticeable.
  • You can get a haircut, color the hair - it does not hurt the increased locks.
  • To remove the tape, you need about fifteen minutes. The process quick and painless.

    Caring for hair extensions of any type

    • Wash your hair you now need only standing under a running shower.
    • Wrap the hair forward, tilting his head at the same time is not recommended.
    • Wiping the head, do not overdo it - just gently blot them with a towel.
    • Means for hair care should be applied over the entire length, avoiding the roots.
    • Select means which do not contain wax and oil additives.
    • When you exercise or during sleep is best to braid hair in a braid or tie a tail.
    • For tangle, you can use an ordinary hairbrush.

    Hair extensions - the best way to not only change the appearance, but also gain confidence in themselves, and as a consequence, and in a good mood. And though many say that the main thing - it's inner beauty. Outside you does not hurt, does not it ?!

     The safest hair extensions - Choose your way

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     Wedding hairstyle with fresh flowers


    • Rules for the choice of colors for wedding hairstyles
    • Options for wedding hairstyles flower

    The last time the bride are increasingly choosing elegant wedding hairstyle with fresh flowers. This is not surprising, because the decoration is able to turn every girl in the princess and give the image of romance and freshness.

    The best way to create such works of art, and in another a masterpiece and can not be called to turn to a professional hairdresser. Together with master florist will select the best option placement and ornaments that complement your look profitable. But you can try to get along on their own. To do this, it is important to know what colors to use and how to combine them. We understand this will help you our advice.

     Wedding hairstyle with flowers

    Rules for the choice of colors for wedding hairstyles

    First you need to decide what colors you'd like to see in the hairstyle and in what quantity. This is a very difficult job, so you should think in advance the concept of the whole image of the bride for the wedding and out. It is very important that the hair in harmony with the dress, the mood and temperament of a happy girl, otherwise it will stand out from the picture.

    • Do not choose too large flowers, if you plan to use them for more than three. Otherwise, you risk to make hair more like a flowerbed.
    • When choosing colors do not forget to take into account the color of your hair and your wedding attire. They should be in harmony with the decoration hairstyles, not cut around the eye. Those flowers that easily fit brunette to blonde will be bright to say the least, inappropriate. Although it is not necessary to be afraid of bright colors.
    • Pick up such flowers for your wedding hairstyle, which can longest maintain its natural and original appearance. After all, no one wants to watch a beautiful hairstyle wilting petals.
    • To order flowers for his hairstyles need to advance as much time is spent on the choice of colors, their delivery and then manufacture of floristic composition.
    • Please note that the groom's boutonniere and bride's bouquet should be in the same style with flowers in her hair.
    • If you decide to make a wedding hairstyle with a flower, do not use other large ornaments. It will only spoil the beauty and elegance of unusual hairstyles.

     Wedding hairstyle with flowers

      Options for wedding hairstyles flower

    If you do decide to make a wedding hairstyle with a flower without the help of a master florist, you should choose a fairly simple in execution option that you will be able to implement. Moreover, overly complex structures decorated with flowers, would look ridiculous on your head. Look closely at the options that are offered below.

    • Curly locks

    This is the simplest version of a wedding hairstyle with a flower that looks very impressive and is suitable for any girl with long hair. Strands best curl large curls at night in curlers or curling in the morning using. To curls last longer, it is necessary to perm on wet hair, apply a small amount of foam.

    After all the hair will nakrucheny, place them as you like, and with the help of pins and invisible secure good colors. Can be used to decorate the hoop, then he made out of flowers and curls are used only for studs with small beads to put locks.

    • High tail

    It would seem that can be beautiful in the ordinary tail? But this is the easiest option is often taken as the basis for the creation of elegant wedding hairstyle with flower. First we need to collect hair in a high tail tight, it's best to do it with the help of an ordinary comb with a few teeth on the wet hair. Do not forget to apply mousse, it will prolong the life of your hair. Then use hot curling and special nozzles screw the tail curls strands of different sizes and fix them invisible to completely mask the base of the tail. Fresh flowers in the hair is better to use a small amount of fine. Spread them on hair and gently secure the pins to decorate not lost. Do not forget to put on a good hair nail fixation.

    • Bohemian braid to the side

    Braids - it is also an excellent choice of wedding hairstyles with a flower to create a gentle and innocent image of the bride. There can be lots of options: regular braid, French, spike, asymmetrical braid etc. Braid braid can probably any girl just a little practice. Here is one example of such a hairstyle for the wedding - asymmetrical braid with flowers or bohemian braid on the side.

    To braid a braid, you need only a little skill and perseverance. Begin to weave back over the ear. She weaves by the type of French braids, when the process is done several "catch" strands, which are added to the overall braid. Start with a thin braids gradually collect in her hair on both sides, leading to the opposite side braid down. It is important that hair was not too tight. For her, the best choice will be medium-sized flowers with long stems, which are easy to weave.

    • Bundles

    There are many different hairstyles with braids, which can be used for a wedding. One of the favorite of many options - thin strands. To do this, you must separate the small strand of hair so as to obtain a smooth parting and gently twist it along the entire length of hair. At the end of the flagellum is attached hairpin or invisible. Once the whole head braided plaits such, they can leave the ends hang freely, and can be assembled into a neat ponytail. The main difficulty of this hairstyle - interweaving of colors. Properly secure them into a bundle does not always work without the proper skill. But do not despair, you can decorate a pair of large buds very ends of the tail or flagellum.

    And finally I would like to give one piece of advice: do not do wedding hairstyle to clean hair. They will pushitsya and hang around in all directions. Best of all for 2-3 days before the triumph of the hair is not washed at all, even if they have to quickly get dirty. It will only benefit you and will create a smooth hair. And the rest - only your imagination and skill!

     Simple wedding hairstyle with fresh flowers at home - it's real

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