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  • "Fish tail"
  • "Bundles"
  • Spit on - French
  • Weave hair salon
  • African and other pigtails
  • Weaving with artificial locks

Today it is fashionable to make beautiful hairstyles. But if you want to find a unique style, offering master braiding hair. Such a miracle on your head will look elegant and attract envious glances.

There are different types of hairstyles: festive, everyday, simple and complex. Pick your favorite and make it their own hands. Also, a lot of tangles in the hair salons offer - you can always use the professional services.

"Fish tail"

One of the most common types of pleteniya- "fishtail". It looks great on the long and thick hair. This hairstyle is suitable for every day, but if you're going to a party, use beautiful hairpins.

You will need:

  • regular gum
  • comb with a row of teeth (to separate the strands) and massage brush
  • Decorations
  • locking means (for example, nail polish or gel).

Getting braided hair zacheshite them back with the help of a massage brush. Then separate the two thin strands - one to the right temple, the other from the left - and crossed them at the back. Now grab a new hand curl from the left, while others stick to the hair and gently press them to the head. Put a lock on top of the left, right, and then vice versa. Thus, you should go scythe-like fish scales. When finished with braided hair, tie the ends of the band. To hairstyle looked bulky, a little Fan his creation, plait hands stretched in different directions. To decorate, use beautiful hairpins - distribute them over the entire length of the spit. The finished sprinkle luxury lacquer or take a gel.

Learn weaving of hair can be, there is only need diligence, patience and technique.


It is similar to braiding hair hairstyle with braids, plaits, located on the sides of the head. The main difference - flagella twisted to face, not backward. This option is very useful today, when many women do not have time for yourself - here is certainly not to weave. In the morning, I want to soak up the bed before getting up for work or study, she certainly would prefer more than ten minutes of sleep rather than spend the time in the styling. However, this hair does not take long. It can be built with long and medium strands. This technique can in an instant to get out of everyday image and turn into a beautiful fairy!

You will need:

  • comb
  • clamp
  • barrette

Make a parting in front anywhere of your choice (but it must end in the center of the crown), then continue in the process of weaving it down the middle of the back of the head only.

Weave harnesses need alternately first on one side after the other. To do this, comb the hair parting on the left towards the back of the head. The next step is braiding hair curl a separate front thickness of about two centimeters. Twist it towards the face approximately three revolutions, and then hold it in the left hand. Take the next right hand lock of the same size, which is located behind the first. Twist it in the same way and apply the previous curl.

The next step tangles from the hair Put the finished material in his left hand and hold your fingers (one curl between the ring and middle, and another - between the index and middle) so that both strands were crosswise. Good compress a fist, so that the whole structure is not collapsed, a new and separate the curl, twist it, then pass under the bottom strand and top. Swap hands, connect the two tress in one strand and reload left in the left hand. Continue the same braiding the hair to the neck, then put the clip.

Likewise, treat the other side, then take the two ends of both bundles and connect them at the base of the head, a normal plait braid and secure it with a rubber band.

There are different types of hair styles: twisted plaits forward or backward. Such braiding the hair you need to learn, so first call for help girlfriend.

 plaiting of hair

Spit on - French

Weaving hair need to devote some time, but the result will make you happy. Of course, in everyday life, you can simply tie a high ponytail, but going on a holiday or for a celebration, it is better to make a beautiful hairdo. For this embodiment, take a long tape, ideally with a metal thread. It is better to hold and looks spectacular. But note that the braiding of hair by this method is not easy, and you probably will not manage alone.

You will need:

  • covered with a thin elastic
  • barrettes
  • comb.

Braided hair, always start with the scratching. Then make the diagonal front middle and then at an angle of 45 degrees to move to the middle of the crown and down to the nape of the neck.

Now perform a few tangles from the hair in the form of French braids on each side of the head. This locks should not be too thick, stiff and tight. So, place the tape under the first strand, leaving on top of about fifteen centimeters. In the process of weaving hair miss it for each newly added curl - it must pass from one side to the other, back and forth across the spit.

After these tangles in the hair at the base of the neck go to a simple plait. Decorating place them under each strand that crosses next. When finished, secure the ends of the band.

The same technique of weaving braids in French and used the other hand to the head. Cross the braids at the base of the neck and to the center of each tuck, funny pins, and from a tape Pitch bow.

Weave hair salon

To make a beautiful hairdo, it requires not only time, but also some capacity. Braided hair should devote far more than one day. Many, igniting a desire to master this skill, enthusiastically begin to learn as quickly and throw it up. Not everyone has the perseverance and patience of plaiting the hair. If you do not want to torture yourself like this, contact your specialized salon.

English noun braid means "braid", "band", and the person who deals with braided hair, and has mastered variety of techniques, known as "breyderom." It is to such a professional and should go if you want to create on his head something unique.

African and other pigtails

Types tangles from the hair completely different, moreover, they can be combined with each other. Inside qualified not only pick up suitable option, but consult about follow-up care for hair.

Let's look at several types of tangles in the hair:

  • Classic African consist of three pryadok, suitable for any length, thickness and quality of hair. This technique of weaving the hair involves the use of special material - kanekolona. Such beauty can carry from one to four months.
  • Pigtails Thai weave exclusively from natural hair, they quickly lose its original appearance.
  • Ideal for the cold season - netting a afrokosichek. For this hairstyle used for knitting yarn that's warm like a scarf. So that you do not freeze! Their size is adjusted individually: someone like long, some prefer shorter. Today, many addicted plaiting hair and colored material.
  • French braids. This is the kind of tangles in the hair also called "cones" or "dragons". It is suitable for those who have at least ten strands centimeters. Master can do it in two ways: with the addition of artificial material or not. Prefer plaiting hair kanekolonom - it is practical, it looks bigger and more beautiful, longer worn. Thanks partings and braids on the head to create interesting patterns - on parallel lines to complex images.

This kind of tangles from the hair belongs to the category unisex and is suitable for both men and women. They were pretty basic care needs: washing, drying, and if in some places, disheveled hair, it can be corrected with gel. Another plus - no need to do every morning packing. The next visit to the hairdresser will need at least six weeks.

By braiding the hair of African, Thai, and French braids indifferent people leading an active life: the players, dancers and athletes. These hairstyles look stylish and fashionable, they are suitable both for office and for the party.

Hair braiding can be done in a horizontal or vertical direction, with any pattern. It all depends on your imagination and professionalism of the master.

 weaving hair

Weaving with artificial locks

Time socks from the hair salon tangles depends on different factors: the length, the growth rate of hair, its density, frequency of cleaning and the like. Here are the approximate dates of the number of Brady:

  • If you have made about six to eight braided hair, they will hold a week and a half
  • braiding the hair braids with eleven - a period of fourteen days
  • Brady in the amount of twelve to fifteen pieces can carry about two and a half weeks

That is, the more you make the braids, the longer will enjoy your hair braided on. Wash your hair no more than once every seven days, dry the hair dryer with cold air (better and did not use it), sleeping in a headscarf - then your hair will be fine.

We have considered the options braided hair with artificial material or without it. Did you know that you can use ready-Brady?

For example, communication-channel. This kind of tangles in the hair with the use of ready-made braids, which are connected with natural, considered the fastest option. This hairstyle looks like a long, thin African, it is not very expensive, does not take much time, so many teenagers prefer to her.

To weave this method requires that the strands were not more than twenty centimeters. Depending on the material braids communication-communication are:

  • corrugation
  • direct
  • twisted
  • in the form of a spiral

Pros hairstyles consist of speed and practicality of its creation to wear. In addition, if the master carefully remove the spit, then they can be used in the subsequent braiding hair. This option is ideal for active people.

Another interesting variation - secure dreadlocks. In this case, the strands are attached to the natural artificial in different sizes and colors. Such decoration looks much neater head than natural dreadlocks, and does not damage the hair.

Stand out from the crowd can be different. Informal youth prefers Brady cabin, and a girl with a classic look - elegant hairstyles. When making a choice, guided by intuition and your taste.

 Weave hair at home and in the salon

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