cascade of long hair


  • Why should I stay on this option
  • With bangs or without?
  • A new day - a new image
  • How to make laying

Long groomed tresses look stunningly beautiful. It takes some time, and the monotony starts to bother. Increasingly, there is a desire to do some creative hairstyle. But to leave the luxurious mop so sorry! The ideal option haircuts in this case will be a cascade of long hair.

A spokeswoman long hair with a haircut can only envy. Delicious variations of all kinds of hairstyles and hair styling are a delight and women reduce men mad. Most of the girls who have long hair, choose this hairstyle for several reasons. Firstly, it can be performed on the hair any structure; secondly, it is perfectly suited to any type of facial contours.
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Why should I stay on this option

Haircut cascade is the gradual transition from the shorter strands on top of longer at the back. This hairstyle is not choosy, does not require a special, daily care.

Professionally tonsured cascade looks very nice, with additional installation is required. We just need to wash your hair and blow dry.

The indisputable advantage is that this hairstyle adds volume to hair, well-groomed appearance gives a naughty and split ends. The overall length remains intact, which is so important to lovers of long curls. Cascade adore many movie stars and pop divas. And all because the possessor of such a haircut becomes available huge number of various creative hair styling in different styles.

Frequent laying spoil hair and curly hair, having a porous structure, suffer especially. But without a hair drier, special mousses and gels mop of curls are not curbed. Haircut cascade - a real salvation for women with wavy and curly hair.

 cascade with bangs
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With bangs or without?

Since haircut cascade of long hair is considered to be universal and relevant almost every girl, then the problems with having a bang will occur. But before you decide on a bang, it is necessary to consider and analyze the structure of the hair and face shape, and then choose the most suitable option.

Additional cascade original haircut, long bangs, which give the image of femininity and softness. It is easy to lay, so that problems will not arise from you. Cascade hairstyle good harmony and with short bangs, but if you choose this option, please be patient. Short bangs are very rebellious and moody. To put it leaves a lot of time.

Bangs can play a key role in the adjustment of the face. Girls with oval and rectangular shapes makeup artists recommend long bangs diagonally. A round face is capable of transforming the asymmetric fringe and adjust narrow - straight and long. The semicircular bangs help balance the elongated oval face and thick combed to the side - visually pull it.
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A new day - a new image

To haircut was not boring and not boring, every stylish woman periodically tries to add to your image of some flavor. And thanks to the diverse possibilities haircut cascade, every day you will look updated and feminine.

Firstly, it can be uncomplicated styling with a hair dryer, which did not take long. It should be just a little tweak the ends, curl the hair, using hair curlers or curling irons, and now you have a new look. Secondly, the aid may be invoked gels and styling mousse, they will change your image beyond recognition.

It is advantageous to cascade hairstyle looks on hair chocolate shades. Blonde and wheat-colored hair cut and decorate. And if you listen to the barber-class and decide to weave or klarirovanie, the cascade begins to shine with beautiful shades. This visually make the hair thicker, bulkier, and emphasize the structure of haircuts.

 cascade fashion for long hair
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How to make laying

Owners cascading hairstyles for long hair spend a minimum time for everyday styling. If you have straight hair, then you are very lucky. To give them a form, it will be enough just to dry them and then put his hands, stressing volume at the roots. This will be enough and a girl with wavy curls.

It will be difficult to cope with unruly locks. They will have to try to put the tips inward and lift the hair at the roots. To fix the hair, you will need a special wax and styling mousse. If you need additional volume can be a little comb strands on top.

To create an evening styling, will need a little more time. You can straighten the strands ironing, be sure to throw himself in the eyes of others, who are used to see you with a wavy, flowing hair cascading over her shoulders. If your goal - a volume hairstyle, then screw the ends of the occipital strands out, and the person - in. With beautiful hair pins can be fixed in a spectacular high hair, and to heighten the effect, you can let a few strands.

Beautiful hair requires care and attention, the barber can not do all the work for you. To have a shiny healthy hair, you need to use a good shampoo and moisturizing conditioner regularly do a hydrating mask. Choosing care is necessary in accordance with the structure and hair problems.

 Benefits for owners haircut cascade of long hair

 beautiful hairstyles for curly hair


  • Hairstyles with curly hair - very light and at the same time fashionable ideas
  • Popular hairstyles for curly hair
  • Trendy hairstyles for short hair
  • Hair curly hair long curls

Any girl is constantly concerned about their appearance to be beautiful and to attract the attention of the stronger sex. Hairstyles for women - is one of the most important virtues, and so she always tries to pay her a lock of special care, because men first draw attention on the beautiful hair of his companion. There are in the world are women, which nature endowed amazing beauty - beautiful curly hair.

For many women this is a very serious problem, because sometimes they just do not know what to do with such a huge number of strands, and to go with her curly hair is not always convenient and beautiful. However, despite some problems, the curls in many countries is the standard of beauty, and many stars and use them in his famous images.

The main task of holders of wavy curls - is to understand how to style their hair cut, and what hairstyles for curly hair to be fashionable at any time of year, anywhere. This is quite simple, the main thing to find his own style, which shows all the beauty of the girl's hair, so that the lady stood out from the "gray mass." Hairstyles for short curly hair in this season became very fashionable, many girls with straight hair, even trying to twist them constantly to get a "ringlet". Do curls that so bad? This is a huge advantage!
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Hairstyles with curly hair - very light and at the same time fashionable ideas

They are always popular, make them in the cellar, to fit any style, the main thing for sure attract the attention of men.

Simple and trendy hairstyles for curly hair. Perhaps the easiest - laying "Lush curls." On the wet strands, apply a means for the volume (for example, a foam or mousse), then tilt your head down, you need to "push" on the curls hands, pressing down slightly (required from root to tip). Threw his head back and dry tresses with hairdryer, while giving any form of his hair. Do not forget to fix the paint.

A popular hairstyle for curly hair began to spit. It fits perfectly in any environment and any style. First we need to apply a special cream that significantly increases the volume. Once the cream dries the hair must be combed to one side, and randomly began to weave braid. What namely, French or an African plait weave you decide, you can dream up and create your own scythe that she has a unique and original.

 hairstyles for short curly hair
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Popular hairstyles for curly hair

African passion. Apply to dry curly tresses small amount of mousse. Divide them into five equal parts. In each of these parts need to tighten the flagella and secure pins. The remaining strands are twisted in the back shell and fix invisible or hairpins. Sprinkled with curls varnished for better placement. This hairstyle is primarily intended for women with curly hair medium length.

Hair curly hair "basket." Divide all the hair into two equal parts. One part can be removed to fix a person or a hairpin. We work with the second part, we begin to weave braid from the forehead to the back of the head, as additional interweaving strands from the crowd. The resulting braid, secure eraser. The other part is doing the same action. Then, toss braids criss-cross to the back and fix them invisible. The ends of the braids beautiful anchoring pins or bow. Be sure to cover all the varnish.

Tip: use any hair clips and various ornaments. Never out of style with bright bows butterflies, stars and flowers. Hairstyles on curly hair is still revered since ancient times, so it would be nice to add to your style piece of forgotten times, for example, a hairpin - a bunch of grapes.
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Trendy hairstyles for short hair

The effect of "wet hair". On the wet strands of curly hair, apply a small amount of mousse or cream. Make a parting and dry cone curls on medium power. To visually increase the amount you can raise your hands and hair dramatically tilt the head back. Especially beautiful this hairstyle will look if there is a bang, and even more so if you have a short length.

Here it is presented one of the most famous among the stars hairstyles for short curly hair.

Delicate curls. On wet long locks apply the gel or hair cream. Smoothes the hair over the entire length, sometimes clenching their fist in the direction of the roots. Divide them into small curls or part, you need to separate the strands forefinger. We fix her hair lacquer.

Ponytail. Putting it all locks into a ponytail. Screw on the lock of curly tail in curlers. We agree with his hands curls and fasten the result of varnish.

Unusual hairstyles for short curly hair

"Malvina". If you have beautiful long curly hair, then you can try this hairstyle. Divide curls into two parts. The second part is to be divided and leave the top and side locks. Because of the lower strands do comb-over. Comb the top strand is necessary to cover the locks on the side and in front, hold them in "Malvinka."

And finally a popular hairstyle to "whip up". We make a small tail, anchoring its inconspicuous rubber. Getting a little pulling strands of gum to form a small tip. Curls, who remained on the tail, divide in half, then We thrust a loop inside. Fix the varnish.

Tip: If your long hair was curly and you want to straighten them, before you start to straighten them try to make a mask of egg yolk and olive oil. Do not get carried away too much straightening ironing, as this could harm your hair. They will become dry and brittle. By the way, hairstyles for curly hair, you can choose from hairstyles for straight hair, they will look at the unusual "curls."

 hairstyles for short hair to medium hair
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Hair curly hair long curls

Beautiful hair long wavy tresses "KOLOSOK." Divide all the locks in two parts on each side, choose the same strand and tossed them into the middle, tie the resulting braid band. The most winding strand can hook clasp. Secure hair at once, was not lost to the whole effect.

Hairstyle "Wiring" long ringlets. You can just tighten all the little flagella and fix invisible or hairpins. Unusually will look bundles combined with hair "ponytail".

Very often, to use all hairstyles Curly girls have to cut their hair, or increase, as, for example, in the short and long tresses more different variations hairstyles rather than mean. Wavy hair requires special and constant care, because they are almost always vulnerable and can easily lose its beauty. Curly locks of hair - a true gift of nature, and only in your power to preserve their natural beauty!

 Trendy hairstyles for curly hair owners