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  • Stylish feminine image
  • With or without a bang bang?
  • Fashion model long hair cuts
  • Haircut and face shape

To date, long hair is extremely popular among the girls and women of all ages. This is not surprising, because they are associated with femininity and tenderness in men. Of course, healthy beautiful long hair, trimmed exactly, looks neat, but simple.

So if you want a simple way to change to a more refined and creative, but do not want to lose the length, Trendy hairstyles for long hair will suit you perfectly.

It would seem that all models of hairstyles for long hair has long been invented - a ladder, stage, Cesson chance classic elongated square. However, the stylists are all new and new original varieties of these models than simply amaze its clients.
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Stylish feminine image

Of course, to achieve a gentle, feminine way possible with the help of hairstyles with light flowing curls or waves. As today in the cabin can be a great long-term stacking curls with a size that you like best. Modern tools for the creation of such curls more forgiving than their predecessors. The best basis for such an important installation - haircut cascade on which it will look more voluminous and alive.

Another popular option feminine - haircut "ladder." Plus a hairstyle - a multivariate her styling. The most traditional of them - twisting the ends inward, more daring - a twisting outward. Evening styling is quite simple in design: locks in a bun behind and in front of the strands fall freely curly locks. In addition, the ladder visually makes hair more voluminous thin, narrow face - over a wide and round, paradoxically - more narrow.

 haircuts with bangs for long hair
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With or without a bang bang?

At the present time, most women prefer the easiest hairstyle - straight model without a bang. In this case the emphasis is parted, it can be straight, oblique or zigzag.

However diversify hair, without losing a centimeter length by adding bangs.   In addition, it is able to visually lose a few years older women. The most urgent today is the direct or oblique thick bangs up to the eyebrows. Executed in any form, it attracts the attention of others to face, so it is best to wear it, making a smooth beautiful makeup.
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Fashion model long hair cuts

  • Creative ragged haircuts

The most popular today are torn haircuts. These hairstyles are doing looks bright, allow to stand. Most often they are created by cutting the tips of the razor, though, of course, the way of their implementation depends on the master.

But it is worth considering that such a hairstyle for thick hair, making them easier, making Woman unforgettable and incredibly simple styling. But thin hair with the hair will look even thinner.

This hairstyle looks great with creative color options, for example, an excellent version - natural color over the entire length curls and bright contrast to the tips of a few shades lighter.

  • Skew haircuts

Very popular today are oblique (asymmetrical) haircut. Long hairstyles oblique obtained mainly by design oblique bangs. This haircut makes an elegant and fashionable way.

Conveniently, you can make any long asymmetrical haircut, forming the proper bang: ladder, elongated squares, chance and the most fashionable option - Haircut cascade with bangs oblique long.

  • Elongated quads

For any type of hair will suit another fashion model - the elongated square. Suitable it to any face shape and any color curls. It is equally important to look like in the workplace and in the opening. In the hair styling, designed a haircut, take only about 15 minutes, and the result - the volume, a neat haircut. Elongated bob can be worn with straight hair, and curled into a large wave.

 different hairstyles for long hair
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Haircut and face shape

  • Long face

Haircuts for long face must first visually make the face look proportionate. This task excellent job simple hairstyle with an oblique or zigzag parting, laid waves. Also suitable hairstyle with bulky strands on the sides.

  • Round face

The most successful option for round face - a cascade from any bangs, except single-level direct thick bangs. Suit and straight long hair, trimmed exactly do without a bang.

  • Broad face

For women with a broad face shape is well suited cascade or ladder at the cheeks or hair-cap, ie curls trimmed into 2 layers, where a short layer covers long.

That long hairstyles allow their owners to look every day anew, to change appearance depending on the purpose. At home and at work, at celebrations or just camping with her friends shopping - you can choose one of many possible variations of the original stacking solutions. Straight or wavy, one length or layered, with bangs or without - fashionable long hairstyle will make any girl image gentle and charming.

 Fashion model long haircuts

 ladder for medium hair


  • Hairstyles for fashion ladies
  • Refreshes before shearing
  • How to make the right hairstyle
  • Hairstyle "backwards on to the"
  • How to choose a hairstyle

Hairstyle "ladder" is one of the most popular women's haircuts. It has many interpretations for different lengths of hair, as well as for different face shapes. Ladder is pretty original hairstyle that is acceptable for both direct and for curly strands.
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Hairstyles for fashion ladies

Mowing looks particularly impressive on the hair of medium length.

Through the use of different technologies, you can adjust the volume of hair. To achieve the desired effect in the future can be easily and independently, just find the right transition length.

Soft transition will adjust the amount of hair and give the hair a classic shape. Sharp, step transitions more suitable for young girls. This hairstyle requires no additional installation. In general, the ladder on a haircut medium hair is not technically difficult, it can be done and a novice hairdresser. The hair may be either symmetric or asymmetric. Features shapes hairstyles should think in advance to avoid mistakes in the process of implementation.

 ladder with a bang
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Refreshes before shearing

Before cutting should dye my hair. If the expected coloring in different colors, for example, highlighting, or creating blondirovanie effect Ombre, is to postpone the procedure of painting until the strands do not acquire a new shape and length. Remember that you need to carry out precision haircut to clean damp hair.

First of all, we should determine the length of the future hairstyles. The entire array of hair should be divided into five areas, which are elements of the haircut ladder: two occipital area, as well as two temporal and frontal one (to bang). If the fringe is not necessary, you should share some of the strands of the frontal zone and connected to the temporal. They will be cut as a temple.
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How to make the right hairstyle

For greater convenience and accuracy in the process of shearing better each beam to fix the clamp. Hairstyle ladder to medium hair done gradually, starting from the back. First, we need to separate a small amount of the bottom strand. That it will be cut all neck area. This strand is pulled up, the shear should be conditional on a line perpendicular to the floor.

The remaining strands are shortened by radial partings. Best of all in the process of trying to pull them haircuts to the first, that is the main strands, thus creating a lengthening face. You can crop the parietal zone shorter than the head and temples - this will create an additional volume of hair.

Strands of the person shear is particularly neat and precise. The first strand of a temporal need to cut at right angles, pulling up to the central parting. The following should be cut, the first focusing on the temporal. For the convenience of already processed is secured strand clamps.

 fashion ladder for medium hair
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Hairstyle "backwards on to the"

There are other technologies for creating unusual hairstyles. For example, some artists are beginning to shear all not from the back and from the temples, and the lock is applied to the already treated. This technology will be difficult for newcomers to hairdressing. Therefore, it is better to start from the back side to adjust not only the length but also the symmetry of the hair. Only after treatment with occipital and temporal areas can proceed to the hairstyle of bangs.
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How to choose a hairstyle

Choose the appropriate option for each type of person to be easy, using different types of bangs. Oblique fringe will hide heavy chin, oval face will do clearer, thinner. Slanting bangs, depending on the length and the presence of tapering tips, can be an element of classic hairstyles ladder or variant youth. For medium-length experts do not recommend bangs too long, so as not to disturb the proportions and keep in shape.

Ragged bangs will go to women with oval face. Also ragged bangs hairstyle perfectly complement the Large women face, because they visually lengthen its oval. Women with round face will go extra long bangs. It is important to choose the right length of the bangs so that it blends in well with long strands, moreover, does not interfere with its owner. Vystrigaya frontal part, must take into account accommodation parting hairstyles to choose its correct location and shape.

As a bang, and the tips of the occipital and temporal regions can be treated with scissors for cutting out. This will help give the hair the desired volume and shape as much as possible to adapt it to the type and face shape owner. It is necessary to think in advance depth tapering not to reduce the amount of hair. On bang can make tapering deeper than in other areas. At the same time in the temporal and occipital areas is done cutting out the same depth to keep neat hairstyle, not too shortened.

The final stage - edging. To perform all the strands to comb edging down from the top. It is necessary to check the length and symmetry curls hairstyle. If you notice deviations in the shape or length of the individual strands are not provided in advance, it is necessary to correct these shortcomings. After eliminating errors can double-check the work on accuracy.

Mowing ladder for medium hair requires minimal installation, otherwise the form will not be visible. This hairstyle can be installed as a hair dryer and using special means and to wind locks in curlers. Due to the versatility, hairstyle short flight of stairs to the average length shag is a universal solution that will allow attractive look and a weekday and holiday.

 How to make a "ladder" to medium hair